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Social media is the best way to build trust and relevancy, with your past and future clients.
-Brand building
-Customer connections
-Promote services and increase engagement
-Social monitoring and measuring
-Gain visibility (brand recognition)


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24 August 2018

She is awesome at what she does and very creative


I love social media in general and I think it is fun to use. I love growing my Instagram following, which is now over 10,000 followers. Engaging with new and old clients, is fun, and it is exciting when you can see your business grow right in front of your own eyes. Helping companies and individuals grow their business, and get customer engagement, is what draws traffic to websites, which in turn, creates sales, and that is fun to be a part of.

I started my own business at the age of 30, once I was divorced. After being a stay at home mother for 6 years, to than having to raise 2 toddlers on my own, I needed a career that I was passionate about. Social media has always be a thing I used for fun, and I finally decided to help others learn and grow their business with my creative knowledge. I also have a real estate license, but for some reason, social media is where my heart is at.

Clients should choose me because I am young, vibrant, creative, and love what I do. I love to create content, and to help others. It is what makes me happy in life. Bring unique posts and content to each and every social media outlet.