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Chris focuses primarily on editorial, artistic and commercial portraiture.
From this approach, many of Chris's commissioned projects have been from artists, musicians, magazines and artistic-minded and free-thinking commercial clients. Sound like you? Let's talk! Instagram: @chrisdanielsart


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There is no one secret. A great photograph is much more than a set of technical rules but is also about being a part of a moment and feeling. My approach to portraiture is first an approach to my fellow human. I always aim to listen to and come to understand something real and true about a person. We all want to be heard and understood. I find that giving people a kind of safe platform to speak truly allows them to show me something true about themselves. That image then becomes one of truth. It has a meaning behind it and you can see it.

I don't consider myself a skilled small-talker. I want to get into the real and meaningful material quickly. I want to know all of the 'whys' of someone or something.
I have asked the specific question of many people; "On a fundamental level, what gets you out of bed in the morning?"
The responses that I've received from this question have been life changing.

I'm also just curious about people and their lives, so if you own a pet grooming studio that specialized in pink mohawks on poodles (or whatever it is that's truly unique about what you do) I'm going to try to get to the bottom of how you arrived there.

I'm a portrait photographer because it is people that I love.
The human condition is beautiful and messy and only predictable to a point. No matter how much one can learn about another person there will always be something new and changing that completely surprises you, and I can't get enough of that!

I grew up with a love of art, film and story. In high school I became enthralled with photojournalism. It's what showed me the power of a still photograph. What you see in my work today is a full appreciation of journalism but approaching it from an artistic standpoint rather than a documentary one.

If you love story and meaning, we would love working together.
If you value kindness, honesty, conversation and optimism, we share these things and should probably have a cup of coffee, at the very least.

More to the point, I'm a dedicated person and artist. I truly value my clients and the subjects that I photograph. I also believe in clarity, transparency and communication. You can expect me to bring all of this to a working relationship.



Every project is unique and different in what it needs to accomplish and how we need to get there. I'd love to hear about where you want to go and figure out how we can get there together!

I've always finished and refined my own images. I've gotten so proficient at doing so that I also offer this service to others that need their images refined, edited or retouched.

Getting something all of your own going in the photo world? I've been there and I'd love to guide you in the direction that is right for you!