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I provide professional photography services to the business community. I have a full time business located in Old Town Lansing. For over 30 years I have been providing my clients with solid service, creativity and communication. I strive to fully understand the desired results and outcome of every image I create.


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Kurt Weaver

25 April 2019

Had a great first experience with Mark. Photos turned out wonderful. He was very knowledgeable and used the natural light to make the pictures pop!


Palma Lacey

25 January 2019

Mark is a real professional. Detail oriented and turns out unbelievable pictures of a broad range of topics. Lots of fun to work with.


Thomas Anton

25 January 2019

Great experience working with Mark. Exceptional service and value!


Chere Coleman

26 November 2018

Mark did a fantastic job with my taking my photo for professional use. The head shots that Mark took turned out so well, and the final touches enhanced the photos just right. The photo I posted on social media have received numerous likes and positive comments. Thanks Mark! More...


Saeed Jafaei

26 November 2018

Mark Chamberlin is a great Photographer. We hired him to take some pictures for us, and he did a great job. He is nice, flexible, and has a wealth of experiences when it comes to photography. In addition, Mark has some great equipment that enables him to take unique pictures. We enjoyed working with him, it was fun, but most importantly we appreciated his quality of work – we recommend him to others. More...


Alyssa Harasim

27 September 2018

Mark is a wonderful photographer! He brought so much creativity to our organizations photos. We will definitely be using him again!


Sahasra Inc

29 June 2018

Mark was assigned to take some pictures of some of the menu items from our restaurant Sree Saffron (in East Lansing). It was an assignment for UberEats. Mark was simply exceptional in the way he went about planning for, setting up the environment for, and taking the pictures, They are amazing. He has a sixth sense (I guess) to create that final outcome in his mind. And then he works methodically towards creating that reality. As I already mentioned in person to him, he brought LIFE to our food. I am sure this will not only improve our business, but will definitely leave a lasting impression on those that visit our place and the sites where these pictures will get posted. I would recommend Mark to anyone who seeks expertise and perfection. More...


Sarah's Webb

29 June 2018

Mark is amazing! I called him as a last minute emergency and he accommodated me with no problem. My picture that you see is his work. I will always use him for my photography y needs. More...


Madison Thomas

25 May 2018

Excellent photography session! Got some headshots done and it was fun, yet professional. Couldn’t ask for a better experience or better pictures.


Hank Meyer

25 May 2018

This man is a great photographer! Very down to earth and nice to deal with. Gave my company some great ideas on photos and helped us alot.
Thanks Mark


Courtney Frost

18 May 2018

Mr chamberlin is a kind artist. He brings out the best and then captures it. Dedicated, kind excellent work!


allie komarek

18 April 2018

What can I say, it's beautiful, amazing work!!


Britt Slocum

10 April 2018

Mark was hired to take photos for our sandwich products at my business and did a very professional job! The pictures all turned out spectacular and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the end results His attention to detail, professional, and courteous demeanor was well appreciated.


Jake Putala

18 November 2017

Incredible professional headshots for a fair price. Great personality and great person to work with!


Dagmar Woltereck

11 July 2017

Mark is an incredible human being, amazing photographer and just an all around stand up guy! He's quick to help his students with his vast knowledge of photography and is absolutely wonderful with models on photoshoots. Couldn't recommend him more!


Nell Newton

1 July 2017

After a miserable experience with another photographer I was so grateful to have the exact opposite experience with Mark. Mark was attuned to my discomfort at having my picture taken and took time to get to know me first. The shoot was a very collaborative experience with Mark stopping between groups of shots to ask my opinion. By the time we were done, he was able to pick out which ones were best as well as I could because he had a sense of me. He turned my enhanced photos around in less than 24 hours and I love them! More...


Bill Botteron

16 January 2017

Mark was able to get some really great promotional shots for the blues band I worked in. He paid careful attention to creating a photo that was consistent with the theme of the band and the vision we had. And he made if fun for everyone.


Mike Tomlinson

7 September 2016

My husband and I hired Mark for our wedding last month. We were very pleased with our pictures. Because of the weather, we couldn't get married under the arbor in our yard and instead were married inside our home and he did an amazing job working with the conditions he was given. Thank you Mark, for capturing our day for us!! i would definitely hire him again. More...


Paying close attention to what the intent of the client is in creating the photo. Then using the technical and creative skills at my disposal to carefully craft that message using lighting, ambiance and the environment creatively.

What do you want to communicate with this message. Who is your target audience.

The constant challenge of taking on varied assignments and hearing my clients say "Thanks, it's exactly what we wanted."

Having control of a project creatively and service wise. I am passionate about meeting the needs of the client creatively and with delivery of services.

With over 30 years of experience I have the broad knowledge, skills and understanding that can guarantee a projects goals are met and everyone is happy. I am dependable, professional and consistent. Clients trust me to give them the results they were after and compliance with budgets and timelines.