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Hello, Thank you for visiting. My name Is William, I am better known as Captain Willy, I am a very well known DJ in Wisconsin. I have performed in-front of thousands all over the state. If you need a DJ for your wedding or any event at all I would love to bring you a high quality show! I look forward to making your event one that you will not soon forget.


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Keeping the party dancing all night takes a lot of skill, You need to read the crowd and feel the vibe. One wrong song change can change the dance floor from a full to floor.

My style is very unique. I get told by SOOOO many venues and fans that they haven't seen a DJ like me before. I am not your typical wedding/Bar DJ. I don't put songs into a que on spotify and press play with 3 seconds of silence in between. I mix all music live and mix many genres at one time.

I love connecting with crowds. It is always a great time!

I quit my job at Amazon 2 years ago and never looked back.

If I was a client I would choose Captain Willy because I am not your typical wedding DJ. I get the crowd involved and I make your event memorable. Wouldn't you love to sit down at thanksgiving dinner and laugh about how uncle chris did the worm at your wedding?