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Bo Congdon

16 July 2019

California Home Solar is the highest quality solar company in the LA area. They take care of YOU, not just your solar. Every home has inefficiencies, and they took the extra time to improve and increase the overall efficiency of our home. They were totally upfront about all aspects and made sure the job was done right. Didn't cut any corners. I highly recommend them. More...


Susana Z.

10 May 2019

Our deck looks beautiful after CHS team did a great job painting the wood. The outdoor paint job of our home looks wonderful, like a brand new house. They did it in only one week while we were out of town.It was a great surprise to get home and see how beautiful it looks!We highly recommend this company, Yaniv, Daniel and the team have proven to be professional and keep their word. More...


Phil H.

27 March 2019

We recently moved to Santa Clarita and wanted to be sure we are comfortable in the summer but we know how high A/C bills can be. We began researching solar. Edad and Yanniv from California Home Solar gave us a presentation, explained everything, and answered all our questions. We decided to go with them.There installation crew was fantastic. They coordinated permits and inspections and attended to every detail. The system was installed within a few days in spite of on and off rain. They did a very professional job and the system is up and running using their latest technology. We highly recommend you contact California Home Solar. More...


The Infinite Velocity

7 March 2019

Thank you for amazing job in our office!CA home solar complete an awesome solar installation with 65 panels, Flooring, windows, Hvac, and paint for our entire office. Very proffessional, quality, and amazing service. Thank you for a great experience.Reccommended! More...


Yolanda Hernandes

7 March 2019

I want to share my experience with California home solar.The rep who helped me was Daniel, very professional and trustworthy. Was always available for anything i needed. CHS install 18 panels on our home, and a complete bathroom remodel. Our bill went down from $150 a month to $15 a month. As well as, our new bathroom looks amazing. Thank you for amazing job. More...


Henry Johnson

7 March 2019

Thank you CHS team for a great experience. Solar installation with panel upgrade for my home done! 200$ a month down to $10!!!Can't be happier with their service and quality of work. Daniel did above and beyond for us.Thank you. More...


Lindsey DIlls

7 March 2019

Our home got an amazing upgrade! Thanks to Daniel and CA Home Solar for the professional job they did, they were on time, and just really nice people overall. They completed my new roof, added 18 solar panels, 12 new windows, and a new AC unit. our $200 electric bill went down to $10 a month on average!!! The roof looks amazing, the windows were installed great and have totally proven to be energy efficient, and the best is the AC, it works great! Again, thanks to CHS team, you guys went above and beyond! More...


Nina Barto

7 March 2019

Very impressed with how the job completed. I was looking into doing solar for a while, and really had hard time finding the right people to do it. When Daniel came to our house, he showed us everything in a very professional way, answer all our questions, and we decided to go ahead and do the job with them. We're so happy! we received our new bill, it is amazing. If you looking for a trusted company, Daniel and CHS is your answer. Thank youNina B. More...


Daniel Loubaton

7 March 2019

California home solar, thank you guys. Great job!


Shai Nue

7 March 2019

Great job by California home solar. I'm so pleased with the work that was done in my house. completed 16 windows to energy efficient, entire new roof, exterior paint energy efficient, insulation, and- 17 solar panels on my new roof. My house feel so much cooler then it was before, it looks amazing, and my electric bill has gone way down. Super happy. Thank you! More...


Ori B.

26 December 2018

Finding a great contractor becomes a really hard thing here In California. I can really say, I've found the right company. California Home solar is a trusted company, experience workers, and amazing representatives. Their customer service is one of a kind, and they taking care of everything real fast, and smooth. We install solar on our house with them about 6 month ago, from $300 a month avarage, we paid $10 on total electric use!! I can't be happier we their service. We also replace 20 windows, new flooring, and a new AC which looks and feel amazing then ever. recommended! More...


Renee V.

30 November 2018

I am an advocate for solar energy and took it amongst myself to filter through proposals and company's pertaining to Green living for a 72 unit condo complex. Yani, made a proposal for Toluca Hills HOA board,  which I was apart of. He was informative, professional, and gave us options to get our energy issues under control. Many were easy fixes. Even though he wouldn't make money off it; they were necessary to turn our community into an energy efficient community and he willingly shared. This concept of taking the consumer's financial expenses to heart and giving an honest proposal even if it doesn't necessarily financially benefit him 100%, impressed me. The board ended up deciding not to make the progressive decision to turn our complex into a green community. However, I never forgot about CHS and their professional integrity. I have moved since and have called on Yani for all my energy efficient solar needs. As always, professional and cost conscious. I would recommend Califirnia Home Solar to anyone who is ready to invest in solar energy. More...


Mark Taylor

7 September 2018

California Home Solar installed my new cool roof and solar system. The job was completed in a very timely manner. The installation was so good 2 of my neighbors commented on how nice the installation is, and went with Yani as well. I'm very happy with the system and can't wait to run as much air conditioning all summer at no cost. . More...


Crystal Harmon

7 July 2018

Great customer service, fast & efficient in getting job done. I highly recommend California Home Solar.


Vov S.

27 June 2018

I had 27 panels on my roof wow such a project Yanni the project manager did everything that he can to ensure that my roof will look great and beautiful after we install the humongous system I highly recommend any person that consider any solar system from small to humongous as mine, I still can't believe 27 panels I will make it really big party out of itThx yanni


Renen N.

13 June 2018

As a general contractor, when I need hire a subcontractor for a specialty trade like solar installation, I must be sure I'm choosing the right installers for my clients. California Home Solar are definitely the best choice when clients need to save on their energy bills. Great service, professional workers, couldn't ask for more. More...


Rob L.

7 June 2018

Highly recommended. After a long screening process we decided to hire CHS. Now a month after the project is completed I can say, that even when thing did not go Smoothly ( a busted water line along the side of the home) the crew reacted courteously and repaired the issue that same day. From that point it was a smooth sail. Thank you CHP for the $12 power bill. And for the Great costumer care. More...


Nancy A.

23 February 2018

I checked out solar last fall because I desperately needed to replace my rock roof. In the end, I had to pass on the solar at this time but still used California Home Solar for the new roof. I couldn't be happier with the company and its owner, Yanif Madmon. Not only did he and his workers perform as promised, he assisted me in getting a PACE loan to finance the roof as well as obtaining the LADWP rebate for the "cool roof." Yanif can be reached at (818) 401-5341. More...


Yaron K.

8 August 2017

CA Home Solar Installed new panels at my parents house From start to finish,  was great communication and everything was on time, clean and fast work!   Highly Recommend!


Ron k.

8 August 2017

CA Home Solar Installed new panels at my parents house From start to finish, was great communication and everything was on time, clean and fast work! Highly Recommend!



7 July 2017

I cannot express my gratitude to CA Home Solar. They did an amazing job. Great service and I'm very lucky to work with *****, who was always there to assist with questions and concerns. Thank you CA Home Solar for the service and great quotes. I will definitely use your service again! More...


Sam Y.

20 May 2017

Marcelo the project manager goes above and beyond for you. I installed 14 recessed lighting (5k led bulbs), took down fixtures, placed 3 dimmers, and moved lighting fixtures. I am a very thorough and meticulous person so I just about met with every competitor and looked up every option from amazon home services, Angie's list, and yelp. I received quality work, quality materials, and I got it with the exact budget in mind. Unlike other companies nickel and diming me for everything and giving me poor quality products (such as 3k led bulbs and claiming that that is the top of the line), Marcelo upgraded my materials without budging from the price. This is the best company to work with for your electrical needs. Most importantly, the licensed contractor is present at all times. You would be surprised how the cheaper companies send out their men without the licensed contractor overseeing their work. I am forever grateful to Marcelo who bent over backwards. He has patience, integrity, and is extremely trustworthy. More...


Allen N.

22 February 2017

I'm a general contractor, one of my customers asked me to recommend on a solar system to is house. Based on my previous experience with  California home solar  I immediately recommended my client to work with them. As expected California home solar came on time, analyzed the electricity usage, recommended and provided my client with an efficient solar system along with a very reasonable prices and an excellent service. My client that was very pleased with California home solar recommended one of his friends to go solar and the same friend gave me an extra General remodeling work as well. So thank you California home solar for a job well done and for earning more business for both of us. More...


Renee B.

13 February 2017

I cannot express enough about my overall wonderful experience working with California Home Solar!  I highly recommend this company.  No tricks, no sales pitch and no overselling of unnecessary solar panels.  They provide what you need!  This company is customer focused with quality service.  Let the reduced electric bills begin!! More...


Tamar Levy

7 June 2016

They gave me great customer service and always kept in touch to let me what was going on. They did a great job, I would use them again.


nick y

7 June 2016

What a great solar company. They very friendly and always had a smile on their faces. They were hard workers and showed up every day until the job was done. They stuck to their pricing. They will finish the job on the time line they promise you. I highly recommend this company to everyone. More...


Shiri Tanami

7 June 2016

I got my solar system installed by CA Home Solar in 2011. The solar analysis was done professionally, and system has been producing as promised. I got 9 kilowatt system (36 panels)I would would highly recommend CA Home Solar for new customers. They are very professional and fast. Project manager was on site during installation, and followed up with us throughout the job.5 Starts! Thanks you! :) More...


gene b

7 June 2016

I was very impressed with the professional and speedy work that was done on my solar installation. Thecompany has lived up to all its promises. My contact, Yaniv, has always been there on any and all occasions. Yaniv presented me with affordable financing. Today the system is connected with DWP, and i have received my incentive check. You will be lucky if you get Yaniv and company as your solar source! Gene B. More...


Tracy Me

7 June 2016

I was skeptical at first, but after a lot of conversations with other companies and neighbors I decided to try it out. I'm glad I did the hole project was handled professionally and in a timely manner. Now that iv powered on with CA Home Solar my d.w.p bill went from $1500.00 every 2 months to $15.00 every 2 months. I am extremely happy and will recommend them to everyone, More...


Cheryl L.

4 May 2016

OUTSTANDING COMPANY- service and product are beyond my expectation.  I went from $400/mo electric bill to $1.24/mo-  I am paying for the installation of my roof and solar with the savings. Thanks to Shelley in the office and Tal in the field for a great experience. Doc Cher More...


Tracy L.

18 March 2016

We installed solar at our home about 2 years ago.  I was thrilled to see the  D.W.P bill went from  $1500.00 every two months to  $12.00 every 2 months. Then something happened. We had a severe wind storm and a tree beach fell resulting is a broken pannel, and I thought I knew it was to good to be true.  I was surprised that I even still had power at all. When I called CA home Solar  I must have sounded like an irate lunatic. I yelled swear words at them and everything.. Shelly is so wonderful. When I finally stopped screaming at her she explained that everything  will be fixed pronto. To my surprise about 15 min after that phone call the owner Yaniv called me just to let me know a technician would be there today! The technician explained what was wrong how they were going to fix it. Everything was fixed and perfect by the next day.  I am extremely happy with our decision to go solar  with CA Home Solar, and will recommend them to anyone considering solar for their home.Tracy an extremely happy customer. More...


Melat H.

12 November 2015

We have been shopping for solar panels for our house for a while, and we were really versed in what we wanted and how much it cost, these guys were great, their customer service was excellent, the sales person that came over did a very thorough presentation.  Both my husband and I were very impressed.Mostly importantly their price was on point, like I said we knew how much it would cost to install the panels and these guys gave us a better price than we expected :)The job was finished smoothly, the project manager came over and made sure all the panels were placed properly, he also followed up in couple weeks to check if everything was fine...we love the panels our electricity bill has dramatically decreased...:)  it also makes us fell that we are playing a part in preserving our environment for our future generation :)We recommend this company for anyone who is looking to add solar panels to their homes!! More...


Steven B.

22 September 2014

CA Home Solar installed a solar system for me a while back and I am extremely pleased with the product.  Everything with the installation was clean and organized and nonetheless, extremely professional.  My utility bill is completely gone, even during the summer months.  No doubt that I made the right decision and I would recommend this company to any of my friends and family. More...


Ray L.

19 September 2014

My wife and I chose CA Home Solar to install solar system for our house. Today,our bill is almost $0 every two months with DWP. I am very happy with the installation and quality of work. Thank you. More...