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Brinlee Rich

2 July 2018

Great place, good food. I only rated it four stars instead of five because the quality of the staff seems to be decreasing since the staff tends to have an attitude. Usually the females.


Aaron V

1 July 2018

Went there for the first time the other day. Great food, they give you a lot. Friendly staff


Lynnette Hunting

19 June 2018

Fast food. Good quality. Noisy though.


Manitoba Hawkins

3 June 2018

That mint lemonade! And Mexican style food is so very good every day. Plus the servings are very generous at every Cafe Rio I have visited.


Heather L

16 May 2018

Love the fresh made tortillas and the barbacoa recipe. The creamy cilantro salad dressing is to die for... totally worth every penny!!


Sean Fagan

30 March 2018

Went later in the evening and one employee was awesome. Which is one more than any other cafe rio on the planet!! It made my night. And the food is always great, and they weren’t out of anything! More...


Peaches A

20 March 2018

Great Mexican food,, made to your specification... Fresh and hot off the grill.. A bit more pricey than Taco bell but much much more tasty..


Abhi Rao

10 March 2018

Food is amazing. Will is excellent with customers, very friendly guy! Paulina is also great behind the register. Overall a great experience, portions are huge too.


James Stewart

8 March 2018

Great food not that expansive really good clean environment defiantly coming back


Jeremiah Feicht

5 March 2018

This place was really good. Clean and with excellent service. They were so helpful. The tortillas we very fluffy and delicious. They also have a free quesadilla for ninos! So cool. The look and feel of the restaurant was really neat. I will try this again. More...


Taylor Johnson

23 February 2018

Great food that's is made fresh right before your eyes. There staff is usually friendly if not a bit rushed but that makes sense given that this is popular location. They give a nice law enforcement discount if you are on duty. I really like the barbacoa, it's really really good. More...


Vanessa Martinez

21 February 2018

The place isn't exactly as kept up with as it used to be, they seem to be short staffed but they make an effort to serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible, the other staff members who seem to be on their break/lunch go out of their way to clean up and restock the beverage area even when it's the only time off. I overheard the dishwasher guy say his name was "Brian," this was the guy who went out of his way during his break time...it's staff like that who will have us going back. It's obviously not "real Mexican food" if anyone complains, but it is good. More...


Brendan Rucinski

18 February 2018

This place is amazing! Sure it's gritty, but that's part of the relaxed experience!


Bryna Ochoa

16 February 2018

We love this place great food no matter what location you go to. Always fresh and made to order. Great place foe a quick bite. Try their catering it won't disappoint. More...


Andrew Corwin

13 February 2018

Great food. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS a line. But when you taste the food you'll understand why. The line also moves incredibly fast. The service is great.


Dana Langowski

13 February 2018

Awesome steak and chicken burritos!! Attention to detail, friendly service, and fresh ingredients..... Cafe Rio is a must try if you're into "other" chain burrito spots. My only request is that they get a salsa that's actually hot.... otherwise, everything was super fresh and tasty. We will definitely visit again! More...


Jennifer Cabos

9 February 2018

Cafe Rio is awesome! Fresh food, lots of space to sit and eat, rustic, but with the meal you get, who cares?


Lena S.

3 February 2018

We normally love Cafe Rio, but tonight the servers were super slow and the food serving area hadn't been wiped down. It had a lot of food remnants everywhere. I believe they normally try to wipe down the food area, so I was surprised to see it such a mess.

The food is always good and the servers are friendly.


Brent Ellis

25 January 2018

This place is terrific. Great staff, amazing food and kid friendly! Check out their daily specials and they have a rewards program.



25 January 2018

This location is efficient and the line doesn’t take forever to move. They don’t scrimp on portion sizes. They are kind and helpful. The only problem I have had is with online orders. I have ordered 3 online orders from there. The first two were wrong. After the first two I spoke with the manager who gave me a credit and said she would address the issue. The third time the order was perfect! More...


Simon Lee

23 January 2018

Food is okay but the special price is unbeatable.


James Worrell

21 January 2018

We ordered online. When we got home we relized that some of the items were not in the bag. We called and spoked to the manager Mike and told him what happened. He said we will make it right and delivered the missing item plus free deserts right to our house! Great service and we will be coming back! Thanks Mike! More...


Olga Kapko

20 January 2018

We come here often. Nice place, always clean, staff is attentive and friendly. I like the tortilla chicken soup and Cajun shrimp tacos (Saturday special). They have a special menu item every day of the week. The dessert selection is limited, only 2 choices: tre leches cake or key lime pie. The portions are big. They have kids menu. More...


David Borton

12 January 2018

This location can be hit and miss, normally a hit but when it's a miss it can be a catastrophic one...

Cafe Rio is a Americanized Mexican Grill where you have your choice from a rather simplistic (but good) menu...

This location for some reason appears to be hit by regular food shortages (and I'm not talking the end of the day type shortage) however and no fewer than 4 times have my wife and I stopped by to only find the doors closed with signs saying they didn't have some major important item or get all the way to the counter (given the lines that is not always a short wait) just to be told they are out of beef, chicken, or even salsa...

When it's good, I recommend it highly, but always go there with a backup plan just in case you find your choices 'out of stock'.


Jenefer Jackson

10 January 2018

Homemade tortillas on point! Good, fresh fast food. Early on a weekday is great to eat here, the line was TOO LONG the other times we attempted to come.


James Morton

5 January 2018

Better than Chipotle and Qdoba in my opinion. I wish there were more around.


Anna Jesuino

5 January 2018

Best customer service from a Cafe Rio ever. (From utah with them all over!) Best customer service in WY that I have experienced in a long time. The adorable friendly lady working today with braces, you get 5 stars just for you! You were so friendly, happy, your lime toss was legit, and you made the visit enjoyable after traveling for 3 hours with kids, We all enjoyed a nice break with great food! Thank you! More...


Natalie Shaw

3 January 2018

We go to Cafe Rio at least twice a month and the food is consistently good. The service can be really slow at times as they seem understaffed


Elizabeth Jefferson Espinoza

1 January 2018

This is one of my favorite places. This location was nice and clean, and not too crowded for a Friday afternoon. Most entree options come in around $8-9 and they do offer a free kids quesadilla. I really enjoy their pork barbacoa quesadilla, but for someone who hasn’t ever had it, I would recommend a steak salad with the house (creamy tomatillo) dressing. The adult portions are very large, so no one will go hungry with that salad (I usually save mine for 2-3 meals). More...


Kelly Wolske

1 January 2018

This is one of our go-to spots for quick service Tex-Mex, and their drink selection is fantastic. My standard order is grilled steak tostada with no beans or rice, and extra lettuce. The house dressing is worth paying extra to have on anything! More...


Clare Nolan

19 December 2017

I am a huge fan of this place. The sweet pork is my go to. The service is quick and the employees are usually very nice. The only downside is that it can get insanely busy around lunch and dinner time, especially on the weekends. Still, it is quite tasty. I am not a huge fan of their chips, though, and they always give you a gigantic serving. Far too much for one person. Maybe even two! More...


Stephen Derringer

15 December 2017

I got their chicken enchiladas with mild sauce and sour cream and it was AWESOME! Café Rio it a great spot and if you're a fan of fast Mexican, I'm sure that you'll love it here. they also make all of their tortillas in house! More...


Stephanie Breneman

14 December 2017

My daughter's and I have enjoyed the delicious street tacos double wrapped in homemade flour tortillas with the fresh salsa and guacamole...We have had lunch here 3×'s in a week! Its,that good! More...


David Parikh

4 December 2017

It’s an interesting concept. They have way more choices than Chipotle. And so sometimes the line gets slowed down.

But the food is really good and it’s grilled fresh—not served out of a warming tray like Chipotle. Also they make fresh tortillas right in front of you. I paid over 13$ for the 2 taco plate & regular size soda. More...


Ebony Elle

3 December 2017

Everything is fresh. Food is , portions generous, priced reasonable, and the drink selection is AMAZING! I recommend the mint limeade with a couple of pumps of cherry syrup.


Zack Morey

1 December 2017

This restaurant is absolutely incredible! The food is delicious, it's adjustable (you choose specific toppings), and there's enough variety that I could come here regularly and not get bored. Have I mentioned the drinks? Their horchata and lemonades are excellent.
Give Cafe Rio a chance! I'll pass on a warning though...it'll change your life.


Rmjacks Moreno

28 November 2017

Really good food. Friendly workers. You get your moneys worth. Great family environment. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for some fresh food.


Jeff Kelso

26 November 2017

Great food, good prices! I love this place!


Brandon Ledbetter

3 November 2017

We always love going to Cafe Rio. Seriously good food for a good price. It'll be about 9-$12 for an entre and drink that will fill you up for sure. Delicious. Pretty healthy. Offer wheat tortilla option. More...


Paulina Lei

26 October 2017

Great place for some tacos. Definitely get the pulled pork. Was so flavorful and great. I honestly think about it a lot. I got just a single taco which came with rice and chips and I felt so full afterwards. Really worth the price you pay.

They have some pretty big portions, so would definitely recommend splitting or saving some food for later.


Scott Schoenenberger

25 October 2017

Tasty Tuesday is fabulous for our family - half off burritos!! They make the tortillas in store right in front of you and they are delicious! The ingredients taste like they're better quality than what you get elsewhere. The portion sizes are generous and price point is fair for what you get. Hands down our favorite burrito place! They also offer a good rewards program. More...


Chen L

24 October 2017

Excellent service and fresh flavorful food!
My fav


Philip Leow

24 October 2017

I’d say the food is great, but the workers there are pretty rude and too pushy. I was new to cafe rio and when I asked what “everything on my salad” meant they sorta just mumbled and quickly rushed over the ingredients. I had no idea what was going on so it was disappointing. Also they ran out of a couple things when I was there so the place overall has really great tasting food but this particular location is hit or miss. I’d definitely say it’s a better value than chipotle. They also have a rewards app that I’d look into if I were you. The restaurant itself was clean and good amount of spacing and chairs. Great environment and good but service is iffy. More...


Amy Altstatt

24 October 2017

Not only are their tortillas the best I’ve ever had, but all of their ingredients are fresh and delicious. They offer an insane amount of coupons so my husband, daughter and I often eat there for under $10. I don’t know how they’re doing it because everything is so fresh and delicious. It’s like if Taco Bell were healthy... only way tastier and less expensive! More...


Bianca Ferrucci

20 October 2017

Wonderful up-beat staff! Had the Habanero Chile burrito and it came out better than the picture. Lunch well spent!


Omar Andrade

2 October 2017

When I was told about this place I thought quickly that it might be like chipotle. When I walked in the vibe was up lifting. You can automatically tell the food is all fresh. The quality of the food is great. When I walked up to order. I thought I had to order extra meat, when I looked up she had scooped it more than I thought I was surprised of the portion size. The taste. It was a all the way around great experience. Definently coming back. More...


Nick Wearne

30 September 2017

I left the review below when they first opened. I am happy to say it has gotten much much better. I think they were figuring out supply and demand when they first opened. Great place to eat!

Love cafe rio but this location is always out of something and line is always crazy. Maybe it'll get better w time.


Spencer Randolph

27 September 2017

Always amazing food. Always great service. Great employees, suoer friendly. Clean and neat. Be prepared to wait in a line around lunch time. Popular place to eat.


CM Galaxy Jam

22 September 2017

This place reminds me of Chipotle. The food is good as are the prices, but the tostada seems more like a salad and the salad seems more like a tostada. Just be careful if they find out it's your first time there - the employees might break into song. More...


Cesar Villanueva

22 September 2017

So good, line can get a little long at times, but moves along. Their food is delicious! The tortillas are fresh.


Miriam Bonk

16 September 2017

I enjoy the fresh ingredients and ability to choose exactly what goes into my meal. The price is reasonable and staff friendly.



7 September 2017

Seems very new. Guys are very nice and helpful.


Casia Furrer

31 August 2017

Excellent food, efficient staff. Highly recommend the barbacoa.


Paul Hogle

31 August 2017

Really great food. Had chicken enchilada lunch special. VERY tasty, I'll be back


Morgan Powell

22 August 2017

The food here is always good, but around lunch and dinner hours, it is frequently busy, so I go between 2-4pm to avoid the busiest time. The service can be slow, but I keep going back for the yummy food. The AC here isn't great, so I always get it to go, so I can eat it in my nice, cool house. More...


Andy Leon

18 August 2017

The Chicken salad was flame sooo goood I recommend it to salad lovers!!!


Suzanne Nickerson

15 August 2017

Love the pork!! Usually have the salad,the tomitillo dressing is fantastic as well as the fresh tortillas


Leah Sambrano

6 August 2017

I ate a nice steak quesadilla and a side of salas and chips it was absolutely wonderful the worker that took out order was very kind


David Moore

5 August 2017

Never a bad experience with Cafe Rio.
Staff is amazing and the food hits the spot every time. Portions are great for the price. No complaints here. If you haven't ever been here. Go there now. I mean right now. You know you wanna. Go ahead, your taste buds and stomach will thank you. More...


Alison Higham

2 August 2017

This Cafe Rio is so good. The food is exactly what you're expect if you've been to one and if you haven't been to one, that just means it's delicious. I recommend the sweet pork salad. Kids under 6 eat free.

This particular location was remodeled a few years ago and has, to me, a much more appealing atmosphere than other Cafe Rio locations. It's also a very big dining room (especially compared to Germantown).


Dan Warlick

28 July 2017

My absolute favorite restaurant!! Download their app to earn points towards free meals. They often. Have double point days or even a whole week so it adds up quickly. Their nightly specials can't be neat in price or value. Their staff is great! They may be crowded often but usually pretty quick. It is chilly inside and the music can be loud but their outside dining is a great option. I can eat here 3 or 4 night's each week and never get tired of it. They make the tortillas in front of you and their meat marinade should be bottled. Everything is fresh and amazing! My favorites are the steak burrito enchilada style with extra cheese and sour cream or the steak salad. I'm not a huge salad fan but that one is huge and filling. Both are only $5.99 on Tuesdays and tacos are $1.95 on Tuesdays. And I'm not the owner or related to an employee so my opinion is unbiased. :-) More...


Anthony Reynish

23 July 2017

Absolutely the best and freshest food in town! Love the salads and the service is great.


David Gillich

14 July 2017

Good food at a decent price. Sweet pork is especially good.


Nicole de la Cruz

30 June 2017

I love cafe Rio. Order the wet burrito or tostada and your tummy will be happy


Ethan Kalcheff

13 June 2017

Came in for my first time on a Tuesday (had no idea it was a discount day) I ordered a salad, fully prepared to pay the $9 the menu listed, and when I went to pay I found out it was only $6! I would've gladly paid even more than the listed price, the portion is huge! This is one of the only places I've ever gone and felt full from my meal. Food was delicious, service was fast and friendly, and their tortillas are incredible!!! You definitely get your money's worth whether you go on their discount day or on any other day. More...


Aj Boyd

23 April 2017

So good!! I used to like chipotle but then I started going here and it's a lot fresher and flavorful!! The chicken tortilla soup is really good! All the food is good! Definitely a must try!! More...


Nadine Brubaker Howell

7 March 2017

Fresh made flour tortillas look wonderful, but that's kinda threatening for those who have to avoid gluten. I've had tostada ( corn tortilla) there safely, but their soft corn tortillas have flour, which I was happy to be informed about. Lots of drink choices ( non alcoholic). It's nice that they run food plates through an oven to melt cheese, make things bubbly hot. More...

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