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Breakthrough, LLC is an avenue to focus on family and relationships. It provides tools for families to do some in house cleaning, so to speak. With the help of a game, I call Vlinder, which is Dutch for butterfly, families learn to set boundaries, list responsibilities and follow through with positive reinforcements.


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17 May 2019

I enjoy the practical advice that I get when I read your blog posts and plain wisdom shared in easy-as-pie sound bites.


Jennifer Fullerton Smit

18 September 2018

I'm having fun! Learning more and more about social media...what motivates children and families!

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I've been working in this field for over 20 years and it never gets old. I truly appreciate people in general and can understand that we all experience difficulties in our lives. I love helping people navigate back to personal health and happiness. The truth is our ideal selves are in there somewhere and we truly do have the answers that we seek, its a matter of clearing away a little bit of society, a little bit of family and friends and a lot of self-talk. I get to help people learn how to do that again. It's very cool. and then they don't need me! Which is also very cool!

I wanted to say I have no response to that but the fact is when you are inspired you are moved by forces that are sometimes out of your control. Which is odd for me to say, because of 1. I love control and 2. I believe you are the driver of your own bus! That being said, I've told my story about my kids and how I started creating Vlinder but the bravery to start the company and put pen to paper was all Mommom, rest her soul.

I think with these types of services you need to go with your gut. You are putting your trust in someone and its better if you can start on the right foot. Choose the people that resonate with you!



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