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Brand & Buzz is a full-service communications firm. We do more than just advertising, PR, social and video -- we build strong communications programs that connect you with your audiences, solving your challenges and growing your business.



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There are two things. First, I love that there has never been a more exciting time to work in communications. With nearly instantaneous global outreach and so many different mediums, you can build smart connections with your customers and deliver immediate impact. It's like being an artist - you can use digital, video, social, print, experiential events to connect with key stakeholders and influencers.

Second, I love using my expertise to help my clients grow. Brand & Buzz is staffed with senior level communications experts. We literally become part of your team. When you work with us - you are getting 25+ years of experience and cutting-edge expertise.

I have spent my entire career making my client's dreams come true. After 25+ years working in advertising, PR and events with the Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine and Edelman Public Relations -- I saw a lot of brilliant campaigns and some awful efforts. I learned how important it is to have cohesive messaging that works across an organization. A lot of organizations think they're saying something when their audience is hearing something different. Brand & Buzz makes sure that your communications work for your organization.

Working in Washington DC has given me hands-on experience in working with every industry, association, non-profit, corporate and government organizations -- as well as small businesses and advocacy coalitions. I wanted to give clients our high-level expertise in building strong communications programs that would help them grow. We solve problems and connect people.

One of our client's said it best, "we make your passion, our passion." I am a high-energy, positive-thinking communications expert. I love the work and have fun doing it. With a strong background in advertising and sales - I know how to create campaigns that will engage and draw people to my clients' message -- and grow their business. We live and work in a global economy. Our team has international experience working across North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. Last year, we had staff badges and parking passes at 3 of our client's offices. When we say, "we're part of your team," we mean it.