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28 August 2018

I own a small business and it was my pleasure to meet ‘Valerie Jimenez’ and her team at just the right time. Valerie came in and did a branding strategy session with me and my team. I have to admit it was a bit of an emotional experience as I’ve been in business for 18 years and this is my baby. I have started this company from grassroots, very small beginnings. We hired Bold Entity to become our marketing and branding company and they have made a significant impact on our culture and bottom line. Our biggest challenge is hiring skilled trades employees to become part of our family culture and complete the very challenging work ahead of us. NTD Mechanical’s relationship with Bold Entiry has Helped to bridge the employee recruitment deficit that we face as our biggest challenge. Bold Entity has helped us become, in the eyes of social media, the company that we were born to be! More...

25 July 2018

Awesome Dallas branding agency doing awesome marketing. Keep up the great work!