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Paul Sylvestre

Great student to instructor ratio. Suro Jason not only is an expert practitioner in Filipino Martial Arts but is also a skilled (and patient) instructor.


Jeff Barrera

Inayan Eskrima is a martial art that is both highly practical and efficiently elegant. Suro Inay is an amazing instructor whose approach blends a deep understanding of the art's history and evolution, real-world experience, and research into the most effective teaching methods. This school is a great place to train, whether you're brand new to martial arts or a current student of another art looking to expand your perspective. More...


Sean Raft

Suro Jason Inay is, in my humble opinion, one of the best instructors in one of the greatest martial arts systems in the world. He is, in fact, the direct descendant of the system's founders and is well known and highly respected throughout the FMA community. Suro Jason is an ideal ambassador for the Inayan family system, whose art is woven intimately with rich Filipino history, and those in the area that have the opportunity are extremely fortunate to train with him. More...

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