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Emily H.

7 June 2019

I enjoyed my first class at barre3! I'm no stranger to barre classes, and this one was a little more cardio than the barre classes I'm used to. The instructor incorporated a lot of squats, there were some burpees, and even a few yoga flows. Overall I thought it was a pretty dynamic class and I was definitely shaking! The studio is really pretty: the back wall is all windows that overlook a nearby park. They also have showers and even a play area if you have to bring your little ones. I would recommend everyone give it a try! More...


Marti Fraley

21 May 2019

I was a long time weight lifter and boxer yet after a serious back injury I needed something else. I was physically weak and mentally frustrated with my limitations. Almost a year in and I am in love with Barre3 and this studio. The girls and clients are amazing. I am stronger than ever mentally and physically and pain free. Barre3 saved my life. More...


Tammy A.

20 April 2019

I was so nervous for over a year to try barre as many of my friends said it would be so hard. I challenged myself yesterday and did something I felt uncomfortable with and came here with my 614 fit week pass to try it for the first time.Upon my arrival I was warmly greeted by Beth who owns the studio. There are two classrooms for barre, the first one she showed me was quite big and scenic with an outdoor view while the second was smaller. Beth explained the area a little bit and then I changed to get ready for my class with Stephanie. Stephanie was such a kind instructor and walked me through each step of the movements we were doing from the warm-up to the barre itself, I felt more confident as much as it hurt so much on my first day. I had so man helpful classmates too explain what to do when I got lost which was so nice. It's all about the movements. Those movements were small and big but they really did the job I was looking for in a fitness studio. Finally, after the 60 minutes we stretched and talked with instructor to get to know the studio and pricing a little bit. They offer a child care area but I don't need it right now.  They even offered me a great discounted rate to join and I said I would think about it. If your looking for a challenging but do-able workout try barre, you having nothing to lose trying something new! More...


Staci R.

10 April 2019

My favorite thing about Barre3 is that the instructor will always remind you to breathe, but will never breathe a word about your "summer body" ... they will remind you of your power in life, and power leg ... you'll be reminded of that all.day tomorrow!  Poses that challenge you, women that inspire you, and movement that reminds you that yes.you.can. Whether you've been coming for 2 days or 2 years, barre3 is a workout that will leave you so happy you made the time to move your body. I workout to unload the things I am not meant to carry, to lay down what isn't mine, and Barre3 reminds me to breath in what's next, and to thank my body for all it does for me. This brand, these people, this Brookside studio - amazing  I wish more companies understood that women aren't on earth solely to get smaller thighs (although that is an incredible side effect!) and helped women rise up so they can fully shine... (Get yourself into a class!) ‍ More...


Emma A.

19 March 2019

I love barre3! The instructors are friendly and the studio is beautiful. The workout itself is energizing and strengthening. I feel much more grounded and strong when I leave the studio each day. They also offer modifications for each move during the workout so that all levels of fitness/comfort can participate. They have many specials that run (new client deals) at different times of the year so check their website to see if you can take advantage of that. Also follow them on Instagram because they have around 1 or 2 free classes every month or so!! They collaborate with lulu lemon or the Brookside farmers market and host classes there!! You can definitely try a free class this way before committing to a membership. The studio is in the Brookside neighborhood which means you can run errands or meet someone for lunch after your work out.Oh they also have daycare so you can bring your little ones with you! More...


Andrea L.

16 February 2019

Barre3 is my absolute favorite workout ever. I'm completely addicted to the burn. The team at the Powell location is so awesome too. Each instructor is awesome in their own way. Thanks to everyone there. More...


Faye C.

22 January 2019

LOVE this studio! I've tried so many Barre classes and seem to always leave feeling like I need to go on a run after the class...so I was skeptical. The first couple of classes were challenging because I was new to Barre 3, but after about a week of classes, I caught on and felt a true full body workout! What I love most about barre3 is the flow of the class and that it has a cardio section where you can move your body, get your heart rate up, and sweat--which is very important to me! But, with Barre3 you can customize it too, so if you aren't feeling it that day and don't want to push yourself, you can back off. So now, 2 years later, I'm hooked and do Barre3 wherever I travel. Hands down, this Bend studio is by far the best! Amazing teachers, awesome staff, great vibe...you walk in and feel part of a wonderful community! Highly recommend for anyone on the fence! More...


Lindsey S.

10 January 2019

I come to Barre3 on class pass and it is awesome! You're welcomed by an awesome staff when you first walk in and if you're new they show you the whole studio and explain how things will work. The workout itself it killer but they make it so fun you don't realize your legs are shaking they're working so hard. They offer excellent times during the day, and while I don't need it they have childcare for those who do!Jess, the new owner, is amazing and has created a workout space that is body positive, is not intimidating to walk into, and that gives true results! More...


Alaina Austin Schwall

8 January 2019

Had my first class today and really enjoyed it!! Love the mix between cardio, strength, yoga. The instructor was welcoming and attentive, and had a great attitude. The studio is clean, looks new, and the locker room facilities are great! I didn’t know anyone going in, nor knew what to expect, and had a great time More...


Sarah Schaffer

3 January 2019

I’ve only taken one class, but I’m hooked! It is the perfect exercise class for me and I can’t wait to go back!


Samantha S.

1 January 2019

I have been to the Ft. Thomas barre3 studios a few times now, and each class has been a great experience. Not only is the staff friendly and helpful, they made sure I was comfortable during my first class from beginning to end. There is a strong sense of community at this studio, and I would highly recommend doing a class! As a side note: if you have never done a barre type class before, this is a warning... your legs will be sore the next day. It is a mix of Pilates and yoga type workouts where you definitely feel the burn! More...


Lindsay M.

5 December 2018

Love love love this place! Have been going for about a month now 2-3 times a week and am feeling some serious results!Love that they switch up the classes and so it's not repetitive. I also like that aside from the typical barre elements (I've moved a lot so have tried barre places all over), there is an emphasis on getting that heart rate going for some added BURN!! Two thumbs up give this place a go! More...


Chassie G.

24 September 2018

Love love love this place. The instructors, the hard work you put into each class, the amazing energy you feel when you leave is really something to get excited about. The facility is beautiful, clean bright, and great childcare if you need it. If you have yet to try Barre 3 Bellevue....try it when you get the chance. More...


Mary M.

23 August 2018

Tried my first Barre3 class today. I got a great workout in a welcoming environment with supportive and encouraging teachers. I will be coming back!


Melissa Sterman-Gallant

8 August 2018

It's challenging, yet a lot of fun. The people are so nice and helpful. Adaptable to anyone. The time goes by so fast and I want to stay and do more.


Lyna N.

27 July 2018

I had a Groupon for 3 classes and decided to check this studio out. It is one of my favorite barre studios I've tried because of the awesome instructors! They are skilled, enthusiastic, and really put you to work. I wish I could remember both of their names - one of them has an accent and I think the other one's name is Tracy. Kudos to you two!! I had fun coming here, and it was only about a 5 minute walk from work. I usually went during lunch time between 11-1.When coming in, the staff are  welcoming and friendly. The facilities are also clean. More...


Liz C.

10 July 2018

Well shoot.....signed up for this class as an out of towner and now I wish I could be a regular at Shelly's class. The attention to form and suggestions for modifications were the best I've ever seen at Barre3. Her energy was amazing and the studio was so welcoming to me....thanks Barre3 Bend!!!! Next time I'm in town you'll see this face! More...


Anna W.

26 June 2018

Classes / Instructors - I've taken two classes here (6:00 AM). My first was with Hilary Ohara. My 2nd class was with Hannah Peterson. Both of them kicked my ass! In my opinion, Hilary's class was faster paced and therefore gave me a little more of a cardio workout. I preferred Hannah's style - the ab work was intense and my triceps are killing me today! She was very positive, encouraging, and easy to follow along with.The Space / Amenities - There are 2 showers available, 1 in the womens' locker room and 1 stand alone private shower room. These showers are equipped with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. In the womens' locker room, the shower includes ample space inside its curtain to change without getting your clothes wet. The womens' locker room is stocked with hand towels + body towels, as well as tampons, dry shampoo, lotion, and other toiletries. Lockers include keys so you can lock up & bring the key to class with you.Parking - Fairly ample street parking is available nearby. I had no problem finding a spot on the street right outside the studio the morning of my first visit, but it was 5:45 AM. There's also free guest parking in the garage directly below the studio.Location - LOVE the location! As I mentioned before, parking is a breeze (at least in the morning). Huge windows on the back wall of the studio look out onto a large field which is a nice, green backdrop and provides some people watching when you're at the back bar. After class this week I made the short walk over to Honor Coffee for a matcha latte. There are other coffee shops / juice bars / bakeries in the area as well.*I use ClassPass and do not have a specific Barre3 membership, yet :) More...


Dani Garner

4 June 2018

Barre3 is such a fun and intense workout! I have done Pure Barre, yoga, and boxing, but this workout is definitely unique. I like how you can do things at your own pace and you aren't expected to look like everyone else. I definitely enjoyed it and can't wait to do more classes in the future! More...


Kelly B.

24 May 2018

Barre3 is easily the highlight of my day. The energy there is awesome, and so are the instructors. You feel that Barre3 is more than just a workout studio, but that you're part of a community. I love that each class is slightly different from the day before, and the results I'm getting! I feel stronger and more confident in my own skin! More...


Allyson L.

21 May 2018

I love this place!Since I was a new member I did the 3 classes for $30 which was awesome because I got to try out different instructors. Two of the instructors were pregnant and I still had an amazing workout! This place was amazing. It was clean, everybody there is nice and friendly, the instructors make it a point to introduce themselves and know your name. They have cubbies to put your stuff, while it isn't locked up I did not feel worried that it would be taken. They do also have daycare which is nice for busy moms. The classes itself was amazing! They were fun, challenging and sweaty! They make you push yourself but only in a safe way. They have modifications if you have certain health issues. I really love this class because any level of fitness can participate and modify accordingly. The upbeat music keeps you going and the instructors are what really makes it! More...


Jessie May K.

17 May 2018

Great little studio with awesome instructors and owner. Got in on 2 free classes while in town with an instructor in training. I'm so sore I can barely walk, but in good way:-) Glad to be able to keep up with working out while on the road. Plus I found my new favorite leggings and just had to buy, such amazing quality and comfort! More...


Angela G.

26 April 2018

Became a member in 2016 and I AM HOOKED!! Andi, Kathyrn, Heather, Kelly, Crystal, Emily, Karlee, Meghan, Barbara, Shelly, Morgan & Emma take the lead with quality instruction, inspiring moves(at ALL LEVELS) & MUSIC so hypnotically cool that it TAKES YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO GO!! Barre3 allows me to breathe with the beats, workout with the most devoted clientele and take home something new EVERY TIME I take these powerful classes. The Barre3 mission to move SMALL, move BIG & HOLD has changed my life, mind, body & spirit forever. More...


S G.

11 April 2018

Very clean and fun workout, I am a "mature" client and found the instructor accommodating, she offered modifications to exercises so that I could get a meaningful workout without hurting myself.  The facility was clean and spacious, I highly recommend this program. More...


Megan W.

5 April 2018

I love barre3 Montgomery. It is a fantastic workout and the staff are wonderful - I can't recommend it enough! I am seeing awesome results in my body, more toned, eliminated my lower back pain and more energy.


Cara B.

2 April 2018

The Brookside Barre 3 experience is wonderful. It's a very welcoming environment with the nicest and most accommodating instructors and staff. I highly recommend the facility! It's the cleanest workout studio I've ever seen! More...


Jocelyn Davco

15 March 2018

Love this place. Love the people...the work out...the music...the fun....I'm all in:)


Laura Anne

2 March 2018

This place has changed my life in so many ways. I’m so grateful to have found barre3 Allentown! I tell everyone to give it a try...you’ll be hooked �


Sandra Levy Goldfarb

24 February 2018

Wonderful exercise for the entire body. It keeps me limber and , great for balance and flexibility.


Morgan M.

26 January 2018

I can't express how much I love Barre3 and the community here. Barre3 is all about making you feel great and accomplished after a workout, there is less focus on doing the moves exactly like the instructor and more on doing moves that work for your body and still bring a burn. Each class at Barre3 is a mix of small and large movements and includes a lot of cardio that I did not expect originally. All we do during the classes allow me to work a wide range of muscles and really work up a sweat! I am always dripping during the classes and often have to use 2 towels (one to wipe my face and one to wipe the floor from how much I'm sweating!)Lastly, the staff are all super friendly and all make sure to know you on a first name basis. Before and after class they are always smiling and wanting to chat with you - even seeing them out in Cincinnati they make an effort to come over and say hi! Highly recommend to anyone who loves or is interested in barre! It is also priced GREAT! Compared to Pure Barre which can be ~$165 a month for unlimited, Barre3 is only $125 a month and that includes in studio AND online classes - being able to take a class at any time from any where is an AWESOME perk. Additionally, the Ft. Thomas studio always does promotions and events where they give out free class packs, tote bags, and more!! This is a community I encourage anyone who loves barre to join - it's a little different pose / posture wise but you'll soon see the atmosphere and people are above and beyond that of other studios / brands! More...


Lauren M.

23 January 2018

I love barre 3! I purchased a membership after attending a couple classes and absolutely love it. I am not usually the type to sign myself up for a group class but I enjoy this so much and look forward to going. It really is for everyone and I also appreciate how the instructors walk around and help you perfect your movements. Highly suggested! More...


Ashley E.

8 January 2018

I'm on ClassPass, which means I've received mixed reviews from studios. I was pleasantly surprised when I was so warmly welcomed to barre3 Powell! I was running later than I would've liked (it was so, so cold on Saturday) and arrived with 5 mins to class. The girl at the front introduced me to the instructor, let me catch my breath, and told me that I could fill the form out after class. My instructor was Jenna and she was wonderful - she checked on everyone through class and did a great job of demonstrating/explaining each move. It was an energetic, motivating and tough class that I thoroughly enjoyed! The studio was clean, had lockers, restrooms and also offered childcare for you mommas out there! They also have a large parking lot (bonus!) and a small retail section. It's on my list of studios to return to as I felt very welcomed and received a great workout! More...


Brady B.

5 January 2018

barre3 is quickly becoming my all time favorite workout.  I'm in my mid 30s, was never super active, and barre3 is a perfect mix of cardio and strengthening, not too strenuous but still an awesome workout.As a special bonus, the owner Vicki and all of the barre3 instructors are incredibly friendly, down to earth, and great at their jobs!The class format is typically 30-40 minutes of aerobic cardio mixed with movement yoga positions.  The remainder of the hour is deeper stretching and strength building using mats on the floor.  Class is a full hour and the time flies!The studio is also new, clean, and easy parking.  They have a variety of time offerings and I think provide child watching during class too, although it's not a service I personally need.  The only thing that makes me sad is the price increase in Jan 2018, I think class is now close to $20 (class packages are a bit less) - but still steeper than some of the other places I go in the Cle suburbs. More...


Ann F.

24 November 2017

Barre3 has a wonderful approach to fitness. My body physically feels great after these classes. What is nice is the classes have a lot of room to modify or increase intensity and the teachers encourage both directions. Studio and equipment are clean. Shower/locker-room are a huge plus, which you don't always find at a boutique fitness studio so it's easy to get a workout in and then go to another event without stopping home. The teachers are strong and the 'lifestyle' is overall uplifting. Will definitely keep working out here! More...


Julie Skrzat

15 October 2017

Newbie turned immediate lifer. Thank you for sharing the positive energy!


Tyga M.

7 October 2017

This was the most challenging, yet gentle, extreme workout I have taken on in a very long time. I workout daily (cardio, weights, yoga, pilates), so I figured that it was going to be a mix of yoga and pilates... yes, but not really. For me, this was a step above both, which was really great. I can't imagine how sore I'll be in the morning, but I know it'll be worth it! As for the studio and instructors, both were very welcoming. The studio is beautiful and pristine, and the instructor I had was very accomodating (showing alternate moves) and inspiring. I honestly can't wait to go back, simply because I can't think of many places where I can get this type of challening, calming workout in a home workout video or at a gym. I highly recommend! More...


Jenny V.

7 October 2017

I've been wanting to do a class at Barre3 since It opened, and I was so excited when I got the chance! Barre3 offers awesome workouts that combine yoga, Pilates, and strength training. The hour long workout was intense but very satisfying. I loved how we would rotate between exercises in the middle of the room to the bar and back throughout the hour. Caroline, our instructor, did a great job at providing instruction, motivation, and alternative moves/positions if the ones we were doing were too hard. The facility was also very beautiful! The studio was clean and well lit. They also had lots of free weights to choose from (1lbs, 2lbs, 4lbs+). Something that pleasantly surprised me was the play area for the kids. I thought it was super cool to see a facility so accommodating to parents! Overall, I had a wonderful experience and will be returning for another challenging workout in the future. More...


Rhonda S.

7 October 2017

I have been curious about Barre3 since I heard about it. So I was excited when they offered Yelp a free class. The class was a great workout with pilates, yoga, weights and floor work; fast moving and sweaty. I figured since I run a few times a week that the class would be kind of easy, but wow was I wrong. Barre3 gives a great, intense workout that's different from any workout I've ever done. It's a step up from basic yoga, or maybe a few steps up. I thought it was more ballet-based, but I was wrong. I learned how badly I need to do more pilates, and realized it's what is missing. Instead of running all the time, I have a weak core.I didn't know how weak it was until today. They did an intense calve workout that will make me sore tomorrow, and one I need to do every day of my life. My calves are so weak. Thanks to Simple Science Juice for the samples. In the end, Barre3 gave us a card for another free class. Thanks, Adam and Barre3 for the great class! More...


Danielle Davenport Marchesini

1 October 2017

Great fun and an actual workout! I always leave class sweaty and smiling. Instructors are friendly but make you work.


Samantha C. Wreaks

24 August 2017

I love the Barre 3 Allentown classes. I feel happy and stronger after each class. I really like all of the instructors. They are consistently knowledgeable and have great synergy in their approach. The facility is so thoughtfully appointed an very clean. It's a challenging workout in a positive environment. I am so excited to go to my class tomorrow morning. More...


Bleeb Y.

9 August 2017

Good instructors and service. Knowledge staff. I feel welcome here. No judgement even for noobs. Fantastic workout.


Candice B.

3 August 2017

Amazing workout, gorgeous studio and everyone is super friendly and supportive. Best class in KC!


Julie Fix Weiss

25 July 2017

Barre3 has been a life changing experience for me. I leave feeling balanced mentally and physically. The studio staff are so friendly and welcoming. I recommend this to people of lol fitness levels. More...


Heather Deiss

20 June 2017

I loved my first class!!! I felt so happy and energized afterwards!!!! I am hooked!!!


Megan H.

14 June 2017

I couldn't say more positives things about this place.  Not only did I lose inches and get incredibly toned for my wedding (including lots of compliments on my arms!), but this group has treated me like family and have been over the top accommodating with vacations and having a new baby! I can't wait to get my figure back and I can't think of a better place to do it! More...


Tonya Misiak

9 June 2017

Barre3 is simply amazing!!!...after a few months I went from a marshmallow to a toned, leaner body!! I couldn't be happier with the strong, supportive network of instructors!!


Hope Whitehead

5 June 2017

Clean. A bit high on gas price but still easy to get in and out of


Emily Trauth

4 June 2017

LOVE Barre3 Mariemont! Such a chill, positive environment and the instructors are really there to help you get better individually. They're great with showing modifications if you're a beginner, not feeling it that day, or want to take it turbo. They push you to do your best but don't make the class a competition between members, which is comforting especially when you're first starting out and trying to get the hang of it. Highly recommend!!! More...


Katherine Diersing

4 June 2017

Mind, body, community. find it all here at Barre3 Mariemont. Karey and the Barre3 crew will help you find the balance you've been looking for at your pace. A fantastic workout that will leave you wondering where Barre3 has been all of your life. Graceful strength in each class and I loved that starting out was a positive experience. I've improved every class, my body is much stronger. Each person in class is working at their comfort level, which they highly encourage. They promote listening to your own body and working up to turbo when it's right for the individual. I can't say enough about what a wonderful, positive experience I've had at this studio! More...


Natalie Bowman

4 June 2017

From the moment I entered the studio, I felt immediately welcomed. The serene, clean environment (not to mention, amazing retail wall) and friendly faces make you feel right at home. From the front desk workers to the instructors, Barre3 Mariemont is filled with amazing people. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable in their field of work (you can tell they love what they do) and in each class I learn something new. They also provide child care with the most caring individuals so that you can focus on yourself for 60 minutes of the day, without worry. If you have not tried a Barre3 class I highly recommend it- you will not be regret it! More...


Amanda Vance

4 June 2017

When they say Barre3 is for everyone, it's really true. Whether you're first starting out (like I was) or a regular (like I am now) you will get the absolute best workout tailored to your needs!! And on top of the incredible workout, the staff is amazing! They go above and beyond to make your time at the (gorgeous) studio full of positivity and balance. Love this place! More...


Lauren N.

24 May 2017

I was so nervous to try a class here since I don't work out and I'm not flexible at all. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive, I felt like I fit right in, even if I needed to do modifications! I'm on my second class, and ready to go again! More...


Latifa S.

18 May 2017

Barre barre barre! Baree is the word!!It's no secret that I'm a major barre fan! Barre3 especially! I've done almost all the studios in the area a few too many times. Kirkland being my goto and capitol hill being my favorite! This studio is the one I frequent less. Not sure why!They have a parking garage! Its a hit or miss though. Come early for that spot. Outside street parking is nonexistent! it's always busy!!The studio itself is probably the most open, brightest and all! I like it! Minus the fact that when I'm all up on the bar against the glass wall and can see people walking by me from outside so close! Kids, dogs, random dude with a dog that passed by 6 times in 5 minutes! I saw you even though I was upside down! I guess you can't have it all!Currently, (and the past couple of weeks), the studio is not in service. They had a flood and had to cancel all the classes. I'm impress by their dedication though! They keep you updated on the conditions! Also added extra classes in other studios to make it up! Also gave the members barre3live online session for free! Yey!Overall, I like this place! Most noon classes are almost always booked! And you will have people walking by you at your most awkward physical positions! But you wont leave unhappy! Squat, tuck, tone! And sweat it all out! Yea!! What's not to love! More...


Nikki G.

12 May 2017

Have never had a better workout than Barre3. Very quick and visible results after just a couple classes! I swear by it.


Katie C.

25 April 2017

Barre3 is finally in Kansas City!  I've been following the progress of this studio location like a hawk for months.  I've gone to pretty much every barre studio in town - many as direct members and others while using ClassPass.  With ClassPass's updated pricing structure (booooo), I was looking for a new studio in town.I heard that Barre3 was going to be opening a space in Brookside and I was ecstatic.  I was looking for a studio with early morning options (I mean early... hello 5:45AM) that was between Overland Park & downtown.  I decided visited the studio with my girlfriend the very first day for their grand opening.  The staff was extremely organized when I walked in and I was able to meet with Caroline the owner.  The space is BEAUTIFUL, clean & modern.  The fact they have daycare is likely a perk for many folks (just not me).  They have a very nice bathrooms for me to change in that include many bathroom products (whats up free dry shampoo) for clients use.  The studio is in the heart of Brookside right next door to Charlie Hoopers.The work-out was fantastic - I know majority of the instructors must be new and they did an effective job of staying on rhythm and providing efficient verbal instructions as well as demo-ing moves.  I recently purchased the Founding Membership for $100 and it includes 100s of online workouts provided by Barre3.  I could see parking being a deterrent for evening classes - if you want to join me at 5:45AM you can parallel park right in-front of the studio :)  The studio is located very close to bars, a grocery store as well as the new OrangeTheory, so I would avoid 5:30-5:45 classes due to the rush in the area. More...


Katja G.

16 April 2017

I love Caroline! She is an amazing instructor. So positive, so encouraging, great music and detailed instruction. Love her!


Danielle L.

13 April 2017

The cutest barre studio just opened in downtown Brookside and I love it already. I love Caroline's teaching style, and I'm looking forward to trying the other instructors, too. I've done barre at other studios before, and I like barre3 because it's challenging, but not too technical or difficult to follow along like some other classes I've taken. Plus they play great music. Highly recommend! More...


Ann C.

12 April 2017

Had the best time at my first barre3 class! The instructor, Crystal was amazing. It was a comfortable environment and fun. Will definitely be back next time I'm in town. More...


Kate B.

28 March 2017

There aren't enough positive words to describe Barre3 Ft. Thomas. I joined in early January after making the personal decision to commit 60 minutes per day to my physical health and mental wellbeing.  I quickly became obsessed with the classes, the instructors, and the level of personal attention that is given to each and every barre3 member. Not only are they patient and willing to offer modifications to every pose, but they also encourage you to push yourself in a way that doesn't feel overbearing or confrontational. I'm actually excited to attend classes, and can honestly say that I miss it when I'm unable to attend.I am continually overwhelmed with the gratitude I feel to be a part of such an encouraging, supportive community. I'm finding strength I didn't know existed, and I can't wait to continue my journey! I highly recommend Barre3 Ft. Thomas! More...


A P.

27 March 2017

Best group exercise in Bend! I feel alive when I leave. Great childcare option while in class. All of the instructors are wonderful. Andie will challenge you like no other. Love it! More...


Manali T.

13 March 2017

I started going to Barre3 at th end of January and I cannot get enough. I love that all the teachers have their own techniques/styles and are not "cookie cutter" yet they all look amazing and radiate positivity! The owner Vicki is just a doll and genuinely nice and really cares about her clients. I love the sense of community that this studio promotes. The studio is always also super clean and the classes are always full so that tells you something! Unlike some of the other barre studios I've visited, the music is always good and there are modifications so that you can still get the full benefit of the exercise without causing pain or risk injuring yourself. More...


Schelene H.

9 March 2017

Such an amazing work out, I've never seen my body transform so quickly from any other work out. The teachers are great and help beginners and those who might need to adjust due to injury or pain.


Audrey Martinetz Polce

6 March 2017

I am hooked! Joined early January and needed to gain flexibility and balance. Already do cardio everyday. This is exactly what I needed, and you certainly get your heart working at Barre 3 too! Every instructor is different in workouts, which keeps it interesting and they are all excellent. So glad I made this decision. More...


Cara Nicolas

22 February 2017

Exercise usually has me wishing for a swift death, but barre3 has been life-changing! The instructors are friendly and approachable, the workout is challenging but fun, and I leave each class feeling like I'm making a real difference in my body. I love this place!


Kate Moore-Colasurd

22 February 2017

Loved my first class this morning! challenging but not so much so that it's discouraging.


Alyssa H.

16 February 2017

Ready to get your butt in shape? Okay, this is where you begin. Goodness was this workout challenging... But was it worth it? Oh yeah! This Barre3 location is great! They have one room with all the equipment that you need; the barre, mats, pilates ball (the little squishy ball thing). This was one of the most fun and difficult work outs I've ever done. One thing that's nice is that even if you've never tried barre, the instructors are more than willing to help you out! My instructor, Sheri, made sure that I was comfortable enough (but uncomfortable enough to get out of my comfort zone) the whole time.If Barre3 wasn't 20 dollars a class, I would totally be a regular! But because I'm a college student with little money and time, I don't think personally I will be back soon. I still encourage you to check it out! More...


Ramandeep B.

14 February 2017

Beautiful, clean new studio. The owner is welcoming and friendly and the workout is one of my top barre workouts!


April Bonomo

14 February 2017

core work, community, fun, commitment, great workout, time integrity, amazing humans. barre3 Atown rocks !!!


Araya U.

12 February 2017

I've been coming to this specific barre3 for about 6 months now, and lessons I have learned since I started coming here:- Amanda is quite possibly the most amazing instructor you'll ever take. 6 months later, she's still kicking my butt. She'll fire up every muscle in your body - your core, your glutes, your triceps... I work up such a sweat in her classes! She introduces herself to everyone, and remembers your name as she corrects your posture. Favorite barre instructor of any place I've ever been to.- Bo is such a delight to take a class with on weekends! I love his energy, and his dedication.- I've had to use the showers here once, and while there was only one, it was quite clean. Toiletries were well stocked as well, so I was able to use a hair dryer, and even some hair spray so I could head to my next appointment fresh.- The studio you work in faces outward, towards the dog park, which is opposite of most other locations. However, this natural light makes this location feel more open and spacious, and (at least for me) gives you more energy to power through the work out.- The ease of parking is so great! I have never had troubling find a parking spot, and the fact that it is free and in a secured/covered lot makes it even better.Overall, in my six months of finding a 'home' to work out in and dabbling at various places, I think I have found it in this Bellevue barre3. I'm six months in so far, and don't intend on stopping any time soon! More...


Deirdre McGonagle

27 January 2017

I LOVE the workout, and I love the community at Barre3! It's always an uplifting, positive experience here. :-)


David Stephen Kalonick

24 January 2017

I'm on week 4 of 4 days a week and I feel amazing! I'm hooked on this brilliant way of exercise. I'm also one of the only dudes in the class. I hope that I will pave the way othat changing. :) More...


Kelsey Kenter

24 January 2017

I look forward to coming to the studio every time I teach and take class. The community is inspiring, the staff's positivity is intoxicating, and I've never felt so empowered and confident in who I am physically, mentally, and emotionally. This isn't just a workout...it's a whole body health journey that impacts every aspect of my life. I can't imagine getting through the week without it! More...


Jennifer Freer

16 January 2017

Always a total body workout, pushing you to your limit while improving your mind/body connection. The instructors are all excellent and inspiring!


Charlene Lacey

10 January 2017

I love going to the Barre3 studio and classes! Every class is challenging and the instructors are knowledgeable and friendly and fit. I always feel like I've accomplished something good at the end of each class and the feeling stays long after I have left. � More...


Heather Nofziger Bogner

7 January 2017

Just took my first class at Barre3 and loved it! I'll be back!


Anna Maria Vincenti Shah

29 December 2016

love barre3, awesome workout and overall experience!


Connie W.

13 December 2016

I have been taking barre3 classes here in Bend for about 5 years now.  The barre3 program combines yoga, pilates and ballet bar work.  It is an excellent combination of strengthening, toning (yes, we've been known to call it "ass class") and cardio.  It goes even further than that.  The instructors encourage the mind-body connection, coaxing you to push yourself further, while honoring your body's current needs.  Each class is a little different; each instructor offering their own barre3 style.  Yes, it is a discipline.  And yes I leave each class enriched both physically and mentally.  Absolutely. Love. It. More...


Lauren Herzog

7 December 2016

I love coming to Barre3. It's been about two months that I've been coming and I feel like a beast every time I leave the studio. I love the feeling I get inside and out when I leave there, I am so happy to have found something that I actually look forward to doing. I'm becoming addicted!! Love the atmosphere, too. You guys rock �� More...


Megan Lynch

27 November 2016

Brittany is motivating and inspiring as an instructor. My mind, body and spirit are better for attending a class at Barre3 Allentown!


Lindsey Ann

24 November 2016

My friend got me completely addicted to Barre3! I have dropped one and a half dress sizes in a month and half! Love my unlimited membership. This is a fabulous studio! Great instructors and so much positivity!! Can't wait until my next class! More...


Kayla Mae

8 November 2016

I absolutely love the classes! I try and go at least 3 times a week, however they don't have childcare for the 5:45 class which can make it more difficult.


Lisa Davis Ralston

5 November 2016

Love Barre3. My favorite workout ever, and such an awesome community feeling.


A W.

30 October 2016

Tough workout! I highly recommend taking Amanda's class. Clean studio and great instructors!


Kristen Nay Kloth

28 October 2016

I'm going to be honest, I am NOT an exercise person. At all. Closest I've been is 2 weeks of Pilates in my living room before my wedding. I have never liked working out. Until now. I LOVE this place. I am now going 3x a week and wondering if I can get there more often. It's an amazing workout with the sweetest people. I've seen a difference in my body (and my spirit) - I'm stronger and more focused. My 2.5 year old daughter loves hanging in the childcare area and the staff is incredibly sweet to her. You can usually find her 'practicing' her ballet in the studio after class, with the kind team encouraging her :) I am so glad I stepped outside my comfort zone and tried barre3. I highly recommend it (and this studio!) to everyone I know! Love, love, love! More...


Stephanie Riggs

26 October 2016

Amazing class! Loved all the shakes �Can't wait to go back!


Stacy Garrity

16 October 2016

WOW! What a fantastic workout! I am into body building but this was a great way to cross train. I will definitely be back!


Sarah Lamont Ochoa

15 October 2016

Nothing can describe the feeling you get leaving this magical place! Owe y'all my health!


Alex Wilmot

3 October 2016

I loved the class at Barre3 I took this morning - it kicked my butt and I wanted to laugh cry a few times which means it was perfect. On top of it, their childcare is terrific. For someone just having a baby and trying to get back into shape this is the perfect place. The owner, Karey, was snuggling my baby at the end of the class! I can't wait until my next class! As soon as my sleeping baby wakes up and is no longer on top of me I'm buying a class package. More...


Clara Fuentes Chlon

3 October 2016

The space is just beautiful, and everyone was incredibly friendly, as I've come to expect from everyone affiliated with barre3! It is a tough feel-good low impact workout that is totally customizable to your needs. Such an awesome addition to the east side of Cincinnati! More...


Jenni D.

29 September 2016

The instructor was very warm and welcoming! This was my first time at this location, since I normally sweat it out in Stumptown. This was also my first time back after knee surgery this year. It was a solid workout, with plenty of modification options for people like me. I'll be back on my next trip! More...


Krista J.

29 September 2016

Always a good workout, never boring, full of new exercises and stretching, great music and instructors!


Alison Fowler

19 September 2016

Love this place! Seriously addicted. I'm 24 weeks pregnant and they give great pointers on how to modify your moves for safety. I never feel over whelmed going there while pregnant like others places I've been to. I took classes pre-pregnancy and will absolutely continue after. More...


Denise Rogers

18 September 2016

Fantabulous ! Helping shape me, mind, body and spirit ! �. Nothing better !


Diane Rey

10 September 2016

My favorite hour of the day ��. Love this place!


Sara Madonna

8 September 2016

Love my Barre classes. The studio is so relaxing! I call it my "happy hour."


Susan P.

3 September 2016

I've been coming to classes for over a year and am up to 5 times per week and I am over 60 yrs old!  Bellevue is great - the instructor NEVVVVERRRR miss is Bo - there is NO one who puts more of himself and his expertise and enthusiasm into any instruction anywhere and with a heart of Gold! Also, love Courtney, Heather K and Trina. My only advice would be to have Bo be your trainer for staff teachers. More...


Brooklyne C.

6 August 2016

Great environment. Great teachers. Highly recommend if you're out of shape and need to slowly ease back into working out.


Jasmin Busch

25 July 2016

Best workout for the whole body. So glad and happy i found barre3 Allentown! Love it so much!


Patti K.

7 May 2016

The instructors and staff are wonderful! Barre3 is a great for core strength and body alignment.


Jacqueline G.

4 May 2016

Nice combination of yoga/ pilates/ barre work. I liked the larger range of motion exercises integrated into pulses and holds. The staff was very friendly and I thought the instructor was challenging and encouraging at the same time. Locker room area was small, so don't bring a large gym bag, but the facilities were overall very nice. More...


Phoenix Alyssa Keyser

4 May 2016

Obsessed! The most fun & difficult workout I've done in a long time.


Wendy S.

29 March 2016

Came today to redeem my Groupon, and was welcomed right away. I was a little weary, b/c sometimes folks get a little annoyed when you come in with the Groupon, but everyone was so nice.The instructor pays attention to everyone, and address you on an individual level. She called me by my name multiple times in the class, even after only just meeting me. I'm absolutely terrible with names (in fact I can't remember her name, haha), so I was really impressed with this.They have childcare (I don't have kids, but I think this is an awesome feature), and huge bathrooms with shower stalls - and they provide shampoo, conditioner, and hair dryers.I was really impressed with their schedule...  I have taken a class at Pure Barre in Dublin, and their class schedule was much more limited.Definitely give it a shot - especially if you can snag that Groupon :) More...


Jessie Corbin Salas

8 March 2016

Karey is an amazing teacher! Her classes are incredible, challenging and fun...and she is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet!


Jessica D.

6 March 2016

Barre3 is essential not only to my physical health, but my mental health too!  I leave each class feeling energized and upbeat, regardless of how I felt walking in the door. When my boyfriend asks me how class was each day, I respond "so hard, and so good!" I love the focus on balance, listening to your body, but pushing through my own self-imposed limitations. More...


Melissa A.

20 February 2016

Excellent work out! I feel different after going. Clean studio. Excellent instructors. It isn't cheap but worth every penny.


Wendy C.

22 January 2016

What a beautifully designed place! You can tell it was designed with balance in mind and it inspires peace of mind. Everything is so cute and clean. This place would be perfect for new mommies - they have $5/class child care for even babies! And their bathroom is super equipped like a high end spa. The first class I took, I was lucky enough to get the owner. She was intense and passionate and encouraging in a non-cheesy way. The class definitely worked out my gluts. I think what sets this class apart from other classes I've taken at the gym is the focus on balancing the work out to all parts of the body - core, arms, legs, etc. The energetic instructor takes care to make sure to mention adjustments for those with knee or lower back pain. And points out that your neck should be relaxed in this or that pose. I also appreciated the focus on stretching the hip flexers and parts of the body that people sitting all day in front of a computer might need. Take advantage of their newbie deals too! I will be back!! More...


Amy H.

15 January 2016

If you're looking for a new kind of workout routine, an addition to your current routine, or are completely new to working out, then barre3 is a great place to accomplish these things. I always had been intimidated by anything "barre" this past year since it is something pretty unfamiliar to the average person, and its definition sounds like a mixture of yoga meets pilates meets ballet (confusing?). I went to my first barre3 class while I was in Greenville, SC and discovered that this was the extra "kick in the butt" workout I needed to supplement my weekly running routine.I was excited to find out about the barre3 Cincinnati location (conveniently located in the cute village of Montgomery) after my first experience in Greenville. There was a 4 class for $39 Groupon and I gave it a go. The first several classes I felt extremely awkward in that I wasn't sure if I was doing the moves right, but I soon got over that. The instructors are very helpful and will help you add adjustments to make the moves more adjustable to you (not necessarily easier!). They are always giving you modifications of the moves that will still work the muscles you are aiming to fatigue. Heck, pregnant ladies come to barre3, so you know it can be manageable for almost anyone! Barre3's classes normally flow in the following pattern: start out with some warmups (get the muscles heated, do some yoga-ish stretching), move into leg work, combo work, arms, core, then stretch it out at the end. I find the leg work to be the most challenging, and your muscles are definitely shaking at the end of each rep! They tell you to embrace those shakes, because that means you are making those important changes to your body, which I can definitely attest to. The one takeaway is to make each move your own, and make sure you are working the muscles intended. You can make this workout really easy or really hard on yourself, depending on how far you want to push yourself. That's what I do love about this type of workout; even though I run almost 25 miles a week and think I'm "in-shape", this workout is HARD. For those runners out there: this is a great supplemental workout to your routine. I go to a barre3 class at least once a week to help strengthen my other leg muscles, hip flexors, core, and my gluteus maximus. I have definitely noticed my body getting stronger in places I don't strengthen as much as I would like to with running. My core is noticeably stronger and harder and I can push myself faster on my runs. Strong hip flexors and gluteus maximus muscles are going to make a world of a difference on your runs as well. When I leave this class, I feel like I've just enhanced my running performance that week, and I know that I am rounding out my workout routine to touch every muscle of my body. It's also good to note that you can buy individual class packages if you are like me and would only go 1-2 times a week maximum to supplement your current workout routine. They also have full membership packages where you pay a fee to go an unlimited amount of times a month. Do the math to figure out your desired class frequency, and which class package works best for you. It is also good to note that dudes are more than welcome to come as well! Although these classes are mostly filled with positive-minded women, there are plenty of guys who attend them as well.I am very happy that I joined barre3, and will continue to add this workout to my regular routine. I believe that this is especially a great type of workout for those who are just starting a new fitness regimen. Barre3 makes everyone feel comfortable at any level they are at, and it focuses a lot on mind over matter. Having a positive mentality while working out will help you stick with it and associate it with a positive outcome. I wish they would have more "fun" supplemental events at the Montgomery location. They have added a "Tea Tuesday" which is awesome, where they have a few different types of complimentary teas for you to have after class. I think if they keep that up, along with adding more engaging activities, they would have more people would come and associate their workout as a time to be fully engaged with everyone there, and not just a time to go to a workout class and leave. This will allow people to feel more connected and more likely to keep coming to the classes. I am full supporter of barre3 and feel strongly about what it has done for both my physical and mental health. Don't feel discouraged if you are shaky in the beginning, because those shakes will help make you stronger down the line! More...


Lizzie B.

12 January 2016

This is a long overdue review for Barre3! I was a member in Portland at the SE location, and spent my first few months in Bend getting my workout on at this awesome studio.Today I returned, and was reminded of a few things...1. 2015 presented some challenges that caused me to get out of my normal workout-aholic state - I am out of shape!2. Everyone at Barre3 from the instructors to the participants are an awesome group of people.3. Holy crap - it seems like an easy workout as your not doing large movements, but wow, those little contractions equal a whole lot of "shakes and quakes" and make significant changes in your body.Classes are an hour, and start out with a warmup floor segment, then move on to a lower body segment at the barre, then back to the floor for more legwork incorporating upper body weight training, and finally, an ab and glute section on the mats. The classes go by quickly, generate a ton of sweat and soreness, and the music keeps you going when you think you can't do one more rep. I'm going to be one sore and happy gal tomorrow after this awesome workout.Sidenote: They offer childcare during classes and have a small play area, and I've noticed over my time at the various studios that this is a workout that expectant mama's love, as it's easy to modify and still get results while creating a tiny beautiful human. More...


Melanie Elizabeth

7 January 2016

I love everything about this place! From the clean, uplifting atomosphere, to the beneficial workouts, and motivating instructors.. Everytime I leave I can't wait to return!! Love barre! ❤️ More...


Angela McGlinn

18 November 2015

Absolutely love! Great atmosphere, great people, great merchandise, lots of smiles ❤️❤️


Steph K Skilton

13 November 2015

Barre3 is more than just an incredible full body work out! It is a community of wonderful people who are there to support each other in our mutual quest to become stronger & healthier both body and soul. It has TRULY changed my life!


Jesenia Marie

13 October 2015

Had an awesome time!! Can't wait to go back for more !!


A R.

12 September 2015

I found Barre3 when they were doing a fundraiser for the American Heart Association, a wonderful cause, which is close to my heart. During my first class i was embarrassed and laughing at how weak I felt even though I'm active and run on a regular basis. The next day I knew Barre would be my new workout obsession, as muscles which I have never felt before were sore.The instructors are all very nice and welcoming! They give me lots of personal attention and gentle corrections, when needed, to get the most out of each move and prevent injury. They emphasize listening to your own body and modifications are offered to help people who have knee/back/shoulder pain. I am continually impressed by the knowledge of anatomy n physiology they reference. These classes are tough for me, however the classes are filled with people of all fitness levels. The studio is clean and front desk staff are friendly. I really appreciate that they don't use paper products and encourage use of reusable water bottles. I really enjoy Barre3, and feel like I can already see and feel good changes in my body even though I have only done it a few weeks. More...


Mary Hrabal Kazmer

12 September 2015

Love every class! Never the same, never boring. Everyone I have met.... Phenomenal. Best workout for me.


Stephanie Layton

19 August 2015

Time efficient and body, mind and soul effective! Great studio, great instructors, and a serious workout that delivers results without the wear and tear on your body.


Alexzandra R.

17 August 2015

I'm not graceful or really even well coordinated (I'm sorry instructor molly, i'm always doing the wrong leg!) but I am absolutely head over heels for Barre3. The Barre3 class format is a really enjoyable combination of pilates, yoga and barre with lots of strength, balance and stretching (set to great music). Every class is intensely challenging, but I always leave relaxed, refreshed and walking a bit taller. You can expect to have your legs shaking and sweat pooling as you make your way through the workout. To be clear, these classes are what you make of it and they offer a ton of modifications for just about every possible physical need (even for new moms). You'll often hear instructors saying to push yourself to your personal edge which is a recognition that it could be different for everyone. This class is not one size fits all and anyone can find a great workout. The actual studio is bright, airy and VERY clean. The mats used in class are so clean that the first time I had to go into child's pose on one, all I could think about is how nice the mat smelled (they wipe down the mats after each class!).You'll also notice almost immediately that this is the type of studio that is very community oriented and the staff, instructors and owner quickly remember your name. From day 1, I found Barre3 to have such a welcoming atmosphere.  Also convenient is that childcare is offered for a small fee for the morning classes. Tonight was my 7th class after having tried my first few classes while my friend was training to become an instructor.  I loved it so much I immediately bought the one month unlimited pass. If you are looking for a really well balanced workout that will leave you with lots of energy, then Barre3 is perfect for you! More...


Lauren B.

14 August 2015

AMAZING!!! Blown away at how incredible of a workout and overall experience this was! I took Kate's Wednesday evening class ( who I heard was one of the best and was!) and felt like I had been going to Barre 3 Bend for years. Kate was extremely welcoming and took the time and care to make my first barre class in years comfortable yet challenging enough to get the full Barre outwork and FEEL the BURN!! As a busy mom, I was looking for a safe place to bring my kids if there are times I need to, and Kate discussed how safe, clean and well staffed their daycare area is. I previously came from working out at a high end celebrity filled Equinox Gym in California and I have to say Barre 3 Bend blew them out of the water!! Thank you for making me feel welcomed and refreshed - awesome job having Kate as an instructor too A+++++ More...


Stina C.

29 July 2015

So I went to this studio about a year ago to try it out.  And that's all I ended up doing...was trying it out.  The staff was nice, but I didn't like the class atmosphere.  It was definitely "very Bellevue," as in an older stay at home mom crowd wearing lululemon everything.  Needless to say, I didn't go back.  Fast forward to now, I bought the groupon because I wanted to give it another try.  The staff are still very welcoming.  The attendees seem more "normal."  There is a mixed age group and doesn't feel as stuffy.  The workouts are still awesome, and the instructors are motivating.  I'm definitely going back.  One thing...the lockers are kinda small but nbd. More...


Jennifer Nolfe Schmoyer

12 July 2015

I loved the free community class at Athleta in the Promenade last week! Brittany was amazing and I've already booked another class with her!


Kate Smith

10 July 2015

Fantastic workout. Wonderful instructors. Great music.


Judy Reinford

10 July 2015

I love how this class makes me feel. Getting stronger and leaner! I look forward to going!


Sheila L.

7 July 2015

I've been doing ClassPass for about 4-5 months and of all the studios I've tried with it. I love barre3 at Bellevue the most! To be fair, I've gone to their studio in Issaquah and Cap Hill (for a ClassPass event) as well and all are equally good. It's just that Bellevue is the most convenient location for me. I tend to go to their 7:30am class on the weekends (different instructors each time) just because I want to get it outta the way or else I won't go (lack of motivation right here). So definitely check it out! I personally prefer barre3 more than Pure Barre and FlyBarre just because I'm more used the class and techniques. AND if you face towards the window, you can see some cute doggies walking by. It helps to keep your mind off of the muscle pain and earthquake shakes. ;) More...


Alex F.

7 July 2015

I have never been a "workout class" person, I lack the skill and coordination required to jump over those plastic workout benches and keep up with dance skills at a fast pace. I end up in the back of class laughing at myself (which is a great workout for abs!). On June 1st, per the recommendation of a friend, I signed up for a class via the MindBody Online website, but was skeptical about a barre workout.. When I first walked in, Natalie (the owner) and the ladies at the front desk greeted me. She led a brief tour around the studio and showed us where to pick up equipment we would need for class. First impressions: Barre3 was open, clean, and very welcoming. There are lockers to store your things, a filtered water station, clean bathrooms, an area for child-care, and some apparel for sale. I walked into the class area and noticed the entire front wall was a window. This was the perfect amount of natural light and kept the feeling of an open setting. Fortunately, the studio is in a small mall area, so there aren't many passers-by if you are concerned about that.Before class began, Natalie asked about any prior injuries that people had, so that she could offer modifications, making sure that I could work "smarter not harder." By the end of the class, I was a changed woman! The class was challenging, I certainly sweat more than I expected, and I was sore for a few days after. I walked out feeling so refreshed that I went home and promptly signed up for 3 more classes that week.Since my week at Barre3, I have had the opportunity to attend barre classes throughout the city and have yet to be as impressed as I was at Barre3. The class size at Barre3 didn't make me worry about if I was going to accidentally kick or sweat on someone, the combination of cardio to barre class appealed to my skill level, and the workouts varied enough that it never felt redundant. Even something as simple as room temperature didn't make me question if I had accidentally signed up for Hot Barre.Overall, Barre3 has challenged my expectations for what a strong workout can look like. I recommend it to anyone that I can, but most of all I can't wait to head back for another session at the barre. More...


Krista N.

6 July 2015

This new studio provides an excellent workout that is fit for all ages, no matter the fitness level. The owner and instructors are more than accommodating to make adjustments within the workout to match your fitness needs, as well as physical needs. Got joint issues? No problem. There are ways to meet those needs through no impact modifications. Just had a baby? No problem. Again the modifications within the workout will meet your postpartum needs. Just getting back into working out or never worked out before? No problem. The instructors know several ways to make you feel more than comfortable at YOUR fitness level. Ultimately, the goal of the barre3 workout is to assist each class member to make each class to be YOUR OWN workout. The online classes are fantastic, as well. In fact, I have just returned from a camping trip where I was able to workout through the online classes on my smart phone, right there behind my camper. Make barre3 your own, and take your health and fitness to the next level. More...


Rachel D.

2 July 2015

Barre3 Montgomery is amazing! This is a workout that anyone could do. There is an oppertunity to have an intense workout or use the multiple modifications that they give you to dial it down to your comfort level. The facility is brand new and super clean/classy looking. Love this place! More...


Kristine L.

30 June 2015

Hope to get in shape soon! Been great for my back problems.Been going regularly for last two weeks (3-4 times per weeks) and noticing my balance and posture is improving, a bonus I was not expecting.


Carmella Infanti Faust

29 June 2015

Love Barre 3!!! Great full body workout and major destressor. Thanks Brittany and team!


M S.

24 June 2015

Pretty good experience for my first time! Friendly staff & trainer. Will definitely start taking a few classes.


Hui-yu Y.

19 June 2015

- Nice studio, strenuous workout - I bought a Groupon and attended my first class a while ago, but I wasn't motivated to write a review. But now I'm, so let's do this~The studio is conveniently located in downtown Bellevue inside the Ten20 Apartment. There's a side door that you can use to go to the studio, and it is small. It's basically just a small front desk, bathrooms, storage, and the workout studio for the classes. There are lockers in the bathroom as well, and there's one shower that you can use after exercising. I've done many types of workout in the past, step-mix aerobics, high and low aerobics, yoga, hip pop, hydroaerobics... whatever you name it. Barre3 is enjoyable and it really helps you scalping your legs because they focus on small movement and endurance. Don't be surprised to see the heaviest weight in the studio is like 4 lbs... It can still kill you during the workout! Based on my experience, Barre3 is good for shaping your legs and your butt, some abs, but pretty much nothing on upper body. If you want to experience what's "you're working hard and your legs couldn't stop shaking voluntarily," then go there and sweat like I did!! TIP #1: Choosing 2 lbs dumbbells or lighter will make your life easier.. I've seen some that can't even do the exercise with dumbbells in their hands after a while.. not to mention they were holding 1 or 2 lbs dumbbells.. For beginners, pick 2 different weights and switch in mid way. More...


Kimberly J.

7 June 2015

This place is wonderful! A workout like I've never experienced. It's not cardio heavy, but man are you sore after. Lots of precise, intentional movement meant to target specific muscle groups. The teachers were so supportive and accommodating. It leant to a welcoming environment that made working out here easy to settle into. I found the workout (a fusion of barre, plates, and yoga) challenging but fulfilling. I will return. More...


Kristi Harlow Kitchen

5 June 2015

Love, love, love Barre3! One class and I was hooked. :)


Amy D.

2 June 2015

Barre3 is a barre, pilates, and yoga fusion studio in Montgomery.  Barre3 is a bit tucked away in a shopping center so look closely for it. The studio space is warm and beautiful. It is clean, brightly lit, and pleasing to the eye. There is plenty of space available for changing and cubbie and locker storage for belongings. There is a childcare area and two bathrooms. One bathroom has a changing room and appears to be handicap accessible. The fitness studio has cork floors and the workout is done with bare feet (or socks if you desire). The instructors are very friendly and welcoming. They are happy to explain any part of the process and are careful to ask about injuries prior to class.The class itself is excellent. The music has a great beat and is motivating. The instructor does the class along with you providing periodic coaching and modification suggestions.  Barre3 has a little bit more of a cardio component than other barre classes I have attended. The isometric holds are a cornerstone of the class but when combined with dynamic movements it really makes you sweat. The class environment is very welcoming. The instructor does the class with you which makes it a bit less intimidating than most barre classes where the instructors walk around correcting students.  You do lose some corrections this way but I found the environment to be a little more relaxing than most barre classes.  Movements in this class are generally low impact- this does not mean they are easy by any means though. The workout was very hard, but doable and I will definitely be back. More...


Sandra F.

2 June 2015

OMG! Had an amazing workout!!!  For those of you who are curious, Barre3 is where ballet barre meets yoga and pilates.  A friend of mine (Amy) referred me to this place.  The studio just opened up on June 1st, 2015.  The first week they are offering free classes.  I signed up for two and look forward to my 2nd session!!!  I have never taken or done Pilates or Yoga, so I was quite nervous going in.  The staff was VERY friendly and helpful.  They told me that no experience is required, so I was very relieved.  For newbies, make sure to arrive 15 minutes early so that they can show you around (you also fill out a waiver),  bring a water bottle and wear yoga like attire.  The studio offers complimentary filtered water.They also provide hand towels in the studio if you need one.  Props are already included (core ball, light weights, yoga strap, pilates mat, and ballet barre.  You can wear socks, but highly recommend Toesox (which they sell at the studio) if you want to purchase.  It's like wearing open toe socks. The facility does have changing rooms (your own privacy), lockers and childcare (there is a fee - not sure of pricing. Must make reservasations). Natalie (my instructor) was very attentive and kind.  She went around the room introducing herself before the class.  She asks if we have any health issues (back/shoulders problems, etc), which I thought was smart.  The class is 60 minutes which we worked all the muscles groups, especially with our core.  We started off warming up, then did barre work, weights, core ball, then cool down).  I can see why people love Barre classes because it builds long, lean muscles, strong core, increases stamina, increases flexibility and develops muscle balance leading to a well-proportioned body with less risk for injury.  After my workout, I left feeling less stress and tensed.  Also the hour flew by so quickly!  Great music and the room is very spacious (capacity holds 28 clients). Info on pricing (from web):New Client - 3 for $30 (one time only)Love barre3? Commit and save with our monthly membership option. Click the "Barre3 Membership" link above to learn more.Expiration Date: 12/2/2015$30.00Package - Single Class$20.00Package - 5 ClassesExpiration Date: 6 months from first use$85.00Package - 10 ClassesExpiration Date: 6 months from first use$160.00Package - 20 ClassesExpiration Date: 6 months from first use$300.00Package - 30 ClassesExpiration Date: 6 months from first use$420.00Unlimited Classes - 1 MonthExpiration Date: 6 months from first use$170.00 (right now there is a special and limited time only for $125.00)Online reservations is convenient on the web. You can cancel a reservation up to an hour before class. Late cancellations or no-shows incur a $15.00 charge to accounts with an unlimited monthly membership OR the reduction of one class from a class package.Parking lot (plenty to choose from)They also sell Barre water bottles, bags, accessories, and attire in the front lobby.What a great experience!!  I will surely return!  I also want to thank them for the free swag bag and complimentary class card (grand opening week only) given by them after class.  If you've never taken a barre class, you need to!  Especially at this place!!  They are fantastic!! More...


Quinn C.

1 June 2015

This workout is no joke.  I do martial arts as my primary exercise, more specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so this was a huge change of pace for me.  I received class voucher from a friend and remembered there is one right down the street from my apartment.  Why not?  I took the 4:30PM Saturday class.  There were 2 other new students there so it was nice to know I wasn't entirely alone but it looked like they've had more dance experience than me.  Katherine (?) at the front desk made everything very easy and smooth in terms of checking in and showing me around.  I was introduced to the instructor for that time slot, Jodie and off we went!I have to admit I was the pig in the fire, sweat was everywhere.  The studio itself was warm because of the afternoon sun so I'll just blame it on that.  Jodie's instruction was great, she's thorough, walks around the barre to make sure everyone is using correct form.  The class I was in was small enough for her to give individualized attention for minor adjustments and tweaks.  It was a great experience.  Specialized workout classes such as these, yoga, are very expensive, worth the money but expensive nonetheless.  This is not an easy workout so prepare yourself as there are no tutus and people skipping around. More...


Meghan Pendrak

1 June 2015

Amazing!!! Great environment, awesome instructors. Love Brittany, the owner. So nice to have this in the Lehigh valley ;)


Shawna Hoffman

26 May 2015

I am completely hooked on these classes! You get an amazing full body workout and you are using muscles you didn't realize you had!! LOVE it!!


Elizabeth Lucas Richmond

26 May 2015

Awesome!!! I'm seeing results in just 1 month. Other people are too! Thank you so much for the incredible workouts!


Erin Miller

16 May 2015

Barre3 is simply amazing - Brittany and her team bring me strength, focus and relaxation through this amazing workout-- it's a lifestyle! And the barre3 community is amazing. Thank you, thank you!! More...


Courtney Wiegand

7 May 2015

Love, love, love the people and the studio!! So happy to have a fun and effective workout right around the corner!!


Moms Connect

30 April 2015

Loved my workout today at 6AM. " Small moves, big results."


Lisa Schleicher Furey

29 April 2015

I cannot say enough about Barre3! It has totally changed my life...... I have more energy, I feel stronger, taller, leaner, and much more relaxed. By the time you finish your hour workout, you leave the studio feeling stress free and totally rejuvenated. Brittany and her staff are absolutely amazing. They are super motivating and genuinely care about their clients. You can walk into any class as a beginner or someone who is advanced...... the instructors offer modifications for all exercises so you can work at your own personal level. I have done a lot of different workouts over the years, but there is nothing quite like this. You must give it a try! More...


Yang L.

24 April 2015

My 4 stars go to the studio and the workout. I usually go to the Kirkland studio, but this one is close to my workplace so I decided to give it a go during my lunch break. The studio is bigger and brighter than the Kirkland one, which I like. I read other reviews talking about how friendly the staff here are, but it wasn't not my experience. I walked in and two girls at the frond desk totally ignored me and kept chatting with other members. The 12:15 pm session was packed, which was surprising to me. I grabbed the usual stuff and set myself up at a spot. The workout was good as usual, and the instructor had done a good job explaining everything and making sure your are in the correct form. However, some ladies in the class were not considerate at all. They would stand right in front of you just so they could look at themselves in the mirror, and they don't care if the only option you have is to stare at their back. Or they would stick their leg into your face while stretching. Like I said, this studio is much bigger than the one in Kirkland, and I have never encountered anything like this in a smaller space. I don't want to generalize and say this is a Bellevue thing, but I did miss the cozy Kirkland studio at that point. Bottom line, I would come back to work out here, but just for the location and the workout itself. More...


Kim D.

17 April 2015

Love love love this studio! You get to look out at a park and see the world. So pretty. I've been doing barre for 1.5 years. I will never stop its the best workout. They remodeled the waiting area and it looks great. Iike the Kirkland studio as well. Great instructors and so motivating, I highly recommend barre 3 once you do it you won't stop. Heather kaas is the best instructor I have ever had. Take her class! More...


Salma Nemeh-Faris

2 April 2015

Barre is a fantastic workout! I am glad it's coming to the Allentown, PA area!!


Jason Erickson

14 March 2015

My wife raves about these classes and how awesome the studio owner Brittany is!


Janet Carbone

28 February 2015

Close to home!! Luv it! Everyone come and see. Has lots to offer for great workout!


Tanya T.

20 February 2015

Barre3 is awesome! Great workout. They offer a variety of class times each day, even some that offer childcare. Also a variety of different instructors. Today I took Courtney Moore's class in bellevue and she kicked my butt!! More...


Natalie Denka

9 February 2015

Studio owner Brittany will inspire you to go to your personal edge!


Mrs. H.

23 January 2015

Super easy to pay for and make class reservations online.Very very nice and helpful staff.Not intimidating to newcomers.My favorite workout class!


Meghan Pruner Ott

5 January 2015

Barre3 is results driven!! I saw results in my first month with Brittany!!!!


Jessica H.

12 October 2014

Good body-shaping, painful but rhythmic. If you want to push yourself, go here! ALso, childcare is super convenient and sweet. Love it.


Erin L.

19 September 2014

I love barre3! From the moment you walk in, you feel the warmth of the staff, the cleanliness of the studio, and soon after, the  amazing workout! The best part is, no experience necessary! They thoroughly take you through the whole experience. I love their mind-body approach, working the entire body in 60 minutes and giving modifications so everyone can do so mindfully and efficiently.  The instructors are very personable and knowledgable,  which makes for a fun and motivating environment! When I leave the studio, I feel energized and walk out a little taller. If you haven't tried a class, I encourage you to get into the studio and give it a go! More...


Haleigh B.

9 July 2014

I have never taken any sort of fitness class and was very skeptical and nervous when my sister in law talked me in to going. I was quite pleased she did though after my first class! This work out class is AMAZING! It's always extreme and super fun! I recently got engaged and we are planning on having the wedding in Maui so I really needed to get in shape and this class is kicking my butt!! I love all the instructors I've had thus far, but Maggie is my favorite! She is a super hands on instructor who will help you out if you're in need of it, which I often am. Also the studio is very nice. Always clean and well stocked, they even have a daycare for those who need it! I love this place and will definitely keep coming back! More...


Apple C.

2 July 2014

I purchased a Groupon for one month of unlimited classes, and so far I'm loving the fact that I'm sore every single time after the class for at least a day or two. You definitely get a good work out while putting those muscles that you didn't even know they existed to use. The studio itself is clean and welcoming. In addition to filter water and clean towels, they even provide childcare for some of the classes during the day! Not to mention there is free parking right underneath the building, though i couldn't find it the first time so ended up parking at the library parking lot. The staff here are friendly and warm, and the instructors are great so far. They change up the routine so you don't get bored. I hope I'm on my way to be super fit! More...


Denise L.

8 June 2014

My attention span for exercise is incredibly short. I'm not good at big gyms (LA fitness, 24 hour..I've tried them). I love studios where you can focus on one type of exercise. At Barre3, I've been to different classes with different teachers, and each time, I've gotten my butt kicked...in a refreshing way. The instructors know what they're doing; they know exactly what movements affect which part of your body. By the end of each class, my legs are shaking, my arms are limp, but as weird as it sounds, I feel stronger. The next day my whole body feels like jello, but that just means it's working.Don't be scared to try barre. It's so easy to follow and there's no pressure to keep up at everyone else's pace, since everyone else seems to carry their own pace, too. To sum it up, what I think of Barre3:-Helpful and motivating instructors - they come help you when they notice your form is off.-Great music - music makes a fitness class, and Barre3 has the best music hands down.-Clean facility - from the bathrooms to the studio, this place is squeaky clean.-Tools provided - all of the equipment is provided! Just bring yourself.LOVE BARRE3!!!! More...


Gloria C.

28 May 2014

I purchased a groupon to try out 4 classes here and really love it!  The instructors are full of energy and super nice, especially at 6:15am in the morning when I'm struggling to wake up.  It's the only time I have to fit in a workout, and the facilities are really nice there, complete with shower and towels so I can get ready for work right after and don't have to leave a wet towel in my car throughout the day.After my first class, I was pretty happy with myself, but then the soreness hit me the second day!  I didn't realize I had worked all these muscles I had no idea existed!  I really enjoy this and am happy that groupon offered the deal for me to try it out. More...


Christine W.

4 January 2014

Don't listen to people regarding the "Bellevue" thing. Best around, fun, instructors are fab. Music is great and I am always sore. Heather, Amanda, Charlee and the rest, really amazing. So wear your lulus or your sweats, whatever works, just come. I started here because I couldn't run due to injury and am now hooked. More...


Jeanette R.

10 December 2013

I just cannot give any exercise place 5 stars, because of my bittersweet relationship with working out, but this place is one in a million when it comes to getting my sweat on. The Barre workout is one that anyone can do, and they have created really wonderful classes in an environment that is inviting, friendly, and feels good - due to proper lighting, space and ergonomics. The staff and teachers are excellent here and each class is a little different so you can visit several times and never feel like you are doing the same thing all the time. Be prepared to be sore, but watch out, and get ready to build your buns o' steel, no other work out creates tight muscles and a strong body like Barre. Just do it! Barre 3 is the place to go! More...


Alice C.

23 November 2013

Barre3 is my fallback when I cannot get into a pure barre class.  Both are different and effective. I actually like both techniques. Pure barre helps me build my stamina and endurance. Barre3 forces me to slow down and work my muscles beyond exhaustion, and then some more.  I like the Bellevue facility. It is clean and well lit. Clienteles are older than pure barre. Pure barre clienteles are between 20-30 years old while barre3 seems to have many over 40 year old clients. More...


Michelle A.

11 August 2013

Barre3 is still awesome.  I visit about every 6 months to see my family and take a few classes.  The instructors are nice and friendly, I leave with burning muscles and a desire to return immediately.  The music also pumps me up and gets me excited to work harder.  Great little spot; I wish we had a Twin Cities location! More...


Nicole N.

1 July 2013

Still a very happy barre3 addict, and my 6 month old loves it, too! I went back to working out when he was 3 months old and the daycare there is fantastic. Since it's just in the lobby they can come get you if anything goes haywire, but I've never seen them come get a mom since the people they have watching the kids are great and can handle pretty much anything. I always feel very safe leaving him with their staff and he is happy each time I finish with class and pick him up. So happy to be back in the routine! More...


Janey Y.

18 April 2013

Barre 3 has done wonders for me, I had just started my 2nd round of PT for knees and feeling frustrated about not being active.  It was more out of desperation and wanting to find something other than spin, hot yoga and cardio kick boxing (which I have done without much satisfaction)  I thought I would take advantage of their new member deal.  After 3 sessions and describing my workouts, my PT told me that if I continued with Barre 3, I did not have to come back to PT (YIPEE!).  I have seen results in my core, hips, and strengthening to alleviate chronic knee pain. I am slowly getting back into running (doing interval running with lots of walking).  The only way I could describe Barre3 is that it is almost like an intense PT session, challenging but not impossible, and rewarding.  The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and find that their approach aligns well with me.  They are not a hard-sell type place (not trying to push their gear/dvds/deals, though it is available but not in your face), which I appreciate, I am not treated like a consumer but as a member.  They also provide childcare (I am not a Mom), but appreciate their approach to families and understanding of Moms trying to juggle 50 things at the same time.  After my month, instead of renewing with Barre 3, I did go to Pure Barre to see if I would like it.  It was a faster paced class, and I would have been lost if I had not had "barre" experience, and I found that it was not for me, and I returned to Barre 3 before my new member deal ended. I signed up for the 10 class punch card and plan on doing the unlimited monthly, because I can see myself doing this at least 4 times a week. More...


Dayna M.

5 January 2013

I've tried most other forms of barre workouts.   Here are the many positives of barre3: 1. Easy to locate, easy parking, lots of signs directing you.2. BEAUTIFUL space, huge windows looking out on Bellevue Public Library, shower and bathroom facilities with toiletries provided.3. Many classes throughout the day - not so much on weekend afternoons though.4.  Lots of daily variation in the workouts which keeps things interesting.Some drawbacks: 1.  Most of the instructors and front desk staff are very kind, there are exceptions but not notably.  The bigger issue is with the students who, on more than one occasion, I found to be unnecessarily rude (this is probably typical of Bellevue).2.  Only Heather really bothers to learn your name.  Dailey Method and Bar Method are good about this, Pure Barre is terrible.3. One of the principles in Bar Method is to elongate the muscle after it has been worked, I think some of those core aspects have been lost in barre3.  The yoga integration is nice, but bar stretching consistently, I think would be better as well as the straight leg lifts that lengthen and strengthen the hamstring (as in Bar Method)Other helpful tips:1. The instruction quality does vary.  Heather's classes are the rigorous and she has a great personality and makes things fun (also great music).  Anna McEvers has a good class with great queuing.  Irene's class is probably the toughest and most rewarding.  Hannah is great with modifications.  Classes I tend to avoid include Datzka (name) b/c it's incongruent (stand up, sit down, stand up), weird music, and the instructor doesn't usually have a good attitude.  I tend to avoid the Seattle teacher swaps too as it is a coin flip on quality of instruction.2. For the first two instructors I listed, BE SURE to sign up early.  For all other classes, don't bother b/c they don't fill up & if you miss them, they'll charge you a fee.3. The price point is comparable to other barre workouts but in general I think they're all overpriced.4. The median age in this studio is about 40/50, not the typical young vibe you see at some of the other studios.  That isn't necessarily a bad thing.In general, I think barre3 and the Bar Method are the best in the family of barre workouts. More...


Stephanie G.

4 August 2012

I am sooo not a traditional gym kinda girl.  I have never been able to stick with a workout for more than 2 weeks until I was introduced to barre3...The workout is fun and effective.  The instructors are amazing.  The studio is designed in the most fabulous kind of way- simple modern with a small childcare area at the front... a life saver for the working mom.  I have no excuse not to make it in for an hour a day even with the kids in tow!I have been going to barre3 for almost 2 years now and can't imagine working out anywhere else.  I am in the best shape of my life.  Sounds cheesy, but yes, it's true.  The packages aren't exactly cheap, but in all reality, you can't really put a pricetag on your health.  Especially if you find something that you enjoy and can actually stick with for more than a day.  Highly recommended! More...


Stephanie F.

27 July 2012

Fantastic workout! I was visiting Bend for a week and wanted to get my barre workout, so searched online and found barre3. Firstly, I own a different kind of barre studio in CA so my standards are pretty high. I took 3 classes during my week there and was so impressed with every instructor and class. Not only was the class instruction phenomenal but the customer service was top notch too. If you live nearby and haven't tried this workout, you are missing out! More...


Courtney N.

18 July 2012

Whats not to love?  Not sure how you couldn't give them 5 stars.  All of the instructors keep the class fun yet rewarding and reach out to everyone, beginners and regulars.  Not very often is the class too large.  Various times work out well for various schedules.  Good music, clean, easy to get in and out of with convenient parking, and easy online scheduling. Love it. More...


Doug A.

14 June 2012

As a past practitioneer of yoga and pilates I've become a huge fan of Barre3.  The workout combines intensive core work with strength work.  I've worked out for years with heavy weights and a Barre3 workout with 1 lb. dumbbells still kicks my ass. Heather's class at the Bellevue studio is awesome (great instructor, great music and not clicky as some of the other reviewers have mentioned).The Bellevue studio is clean and spacious.  Even when a class is crowded it doesn't seem like it.  Registering for classes is easy to do online.  My only complaint is the facilities for guys are limited to a single bathroom so it's a race to the shower after class. More...


Brittany D.

18 October 2011

The studio is beautiful and clean and the parking is easy.  I highly recommend Christy Flynn's class.  She is fantastic!  Here is why:*She made this class fun*She is very welcoming so I felt comfortable, especially being new to bar*She does an excellent job at explaining how to do the postures and exercises*I really liked how she told us what muscles we were working and what should be "firing" *Her class was a great workout without being miserable. The class passed so quickly because I was enjoying it so much! :)*Totally worth the money!  Think about it this way... How much would you pay to have a small, tight little body  That is what I thought!Go check it out! :) More...


Kristy S.

3 October 2011

I really like this beautiful, spacious studio. I just started a couple of weeks ago -- I do have a dance background and I am  Baptiste Yoga teacher -- and I am HOOKED! I really enjoy the 60-minute ballet, Pilates, yoga combo and most of the teachers are really watching out for your form to be sure you are getting the most out of the exercise drills. Sarah Rose is my absolute favorite teacher -- very nice and a stickler for form. Plus she kicks your booty!A few nits -- some of the classes are really "clicky" and I felt like one woman in particular kept staring me down (why? no idea!). Avoid the 8:45 slot -- this is where it felt ridiculously "clicky" (or "snooty"!). Also, I wish it was about 5-10 degrees warmer in the studio. And please, bring back the weekday 7:30am slots! More...


Kayla H.

22 August 2011

I went to the free community class for the first time last week with my girlfriend for the first time. I have heard from other people that it is a really cool class, a fusion of yoga, Pilates and ballet. I do Pilates and yoga and have always wanted to try ballet so I thought I would give this a shot. The class started at 7pm and I have to say that I was a little busy and rushed that day. So I didn't have time to cook, I picked up sushi...bad idea. I am one of those people who can't eat before they work out - so this is my disclaimer. LOL. I felt like the class was challenging, my muscles were definitely shaking, but the next day I really wasn't that sore. Maybe it was partially because of my semi-full stomach but  I feel like I get just as good of a workout and sometimes more from my Pilates and yoga class at my local gym. So I would give the work out 3-3.5 stars. I thought the instructor did a good job. I think I over heard her saying that she is in training. Depending where you are in the studio, it can be hard to see the instructor since you are up against the side of the walls and a big concrete support column is in the middle of the floor. But other than that it is a beautiful studio. Would I go back? Maybe for another free community class and this time not eat sushi! On the Yelp Scale I think I would actually give this place a 3.5 because it is better than A-O.K More...


C R.

1 August 2011

This is a very unique, enjoyable strength workout. It works some muscles that you won't work ANYWHERE else. So it's great if you've hit a plateau. Also, in the three classes I took, I saw impressive results.While the class itself is incredibly intense, and you won't be able to lift your arms afterwards, a few hours after class you'll feel 100%.On that note, it's not quite as refreshing or powerful as a good yoga class. Much more similar to pilates.With its lack of cardio, I would never really rely on this for a regular workout. But I think it's great to do once every 2 weeks or so. The only reason that I gave them 4 stars is that they seem to market themselves as a complete standalone workout, which I don't believe is true.The space is really enjoyable. Teachers are great. Between the moves and the teaching style, both unfit beginners and advanced athletes will feel totally comfortable - which is awesome. Do be aware - in typical Bellevue style - that most of the ladies will be in lululemon, with perfect nails, and makeup on.Try it out! More...


Emily H.

4 April 2011

I've been dying to find a Barre studio and recently heard about Barre3 in Bend.  I live in Eugene and was so excited to have an excuse to go to Bend this weekend so that I could get a class in while I was in town.  The studio is super clean and modern and the owner Darcy really takes the time to show you around and set you up for class (make sure you arrive early so she has time to show you around).  I was able to purchase the 3 for $30 package as a new client.  The class was fabulous!  I workout regularly and felt pushed but also saw that women of all levels felt comfortable.  I would recommend this class to women who are looking for something new to break out of their regular exercise routine in a welcoming environment.  Oh and not to mention if you are looking to tone, tighten, and look like a million bucks! More...


Annie P.

1 April 2011

If you are looking for a workout class where you are truly cared about and not just another face, this is the place for you. The classes are amazing and I felt and saw results after one class. The studio itself is light and airy, clean and modern.Owner Darcy and her staff are workout gurus who no matter how full a class may be always take time to give personal attention and help to newbies and veterans alike. They are super approachable, and they encourage working at your own pace, and remind you of that constantly, which is very welcome since there are others in the class that are more advanced and look like they work out daily, but don't let that intimidate you. Try the 3 for $30 classes to get started, you'll soon be hooked on this amazing hybrid of ballet barre, yoga and pilates. They also offer day care at select classes. More...


Megan H.

23 March 2011

Took my first class  today and let me say wow! Having taken a bar method class in the past I knew what to expect. But its def challenging, the instructor makes you push yourself, encourages you to power through. You'll work muscles you didn't know existed, and leave feeling great! The studio is nice, with lots of sunlight and cool cork floors. Come prepared with a water bottle, comfy workout clothes and ready to challenge your body. No socks in the studio, so maybe get a pedicure too. I'm getting one now, so I'll have pretty feet for tommorows class.  : ) More...


Melinda R.

22 March 2011

Oh dear, Yelpsters, you have turned my exercise world up-side-down!I am, and have been a BIG fan of (a different barre-style exercise place,) Pure Barre - I've written a far-too verbose review on it recently - and in doing so got into an endless Yelp-circle clicking through related businesses and reviews. That's how I stumbled onto Barre3... which is crazy because it's mere blocks from my house and people seem to raving about it, and yet I had no idea it existed until today. Well, I went on a spontaneous whim and within minutes of reading the reviews went to their website, bought a class and was out the door, on my way...Well. Oh. Man. Am. I. So. Glad. I. Did.I love the Pure Barre classes I've been to before, and being someone who kind of *HATES* exercise trends and most group classes that aren't yoga, I was semi-shocked, amazed, and SO EXCITED by my experience at Barre3. It is much more yoga-fied than other barre classes I've been to, and the class was a true, honest, and amazing workout. Here's the thing - it kind of improved on a lot of things I love about Pure Barre, and even fixed some frustrations I have with it. Here is my list of pros for Barre3 - the list of reasons I will go back again and again, I'm sure:1) First and foremost - the cost! It is $100 less per month for the unlimited package, (if you commit to auto pay for anywhere from 4 months to a year).2) They have an actual changing room with LOCKERS and LOCKS. Sold.3) They have child care! This isn't going to help me, but I'm super impressed with the option.4) The class kicked my ass, and I'm not easily ass-kicked. Self aggrandizing aside, I'm so jazzed by the level of workout and I walked out of class feeling toned and sexy, energetic and happy. The yoga-pilates-ballet combo is much more zen and core based than other barre classes I've taken and this is totally my tastes! For a comparison: Pure Barre seems like more rep and grunting work in positions that are derived from pilates and exercises I've seen before (but that have been spiced up and tweaked). Barre3 is this as well, BUT with yoga and some serious innovation that made me smile from ear to ear. I felt like everything we did was something I hadn't seen before, and every new movement got me good-burning quick!5) The studio itself is big, clean, windowed and has a soothing, calming, focused energy to it. I felt like I was in a TV ad - the space is just gorgeous and the whole tone is just... fabulous. (*Gush*). The layout is kind of quirky, but nothing major.6) The people were all very, very sweet. The front desk staff was extremely friendly, competent, and efficient. The classmates were kind and helpful to me navigating my way through a new experience.7) The teacher was GREAT!! She asked at the beginning if anyone was new, and then made a point to stand close to me during class and give me extra instructions so I didn't feel lost or confused. This isn't ever the case elsewhere and I know for friends I've talked to, feeling left behind is enough a barrier after a first visit to not come back. Barre3 is one of the only places where I was catered to without it affecting the enjoyment of the other students or the pace of the class whatsoever. Again: I'm impressed. Also, the teacher I had was uber knowledgable about bodies, workout science, and the overall technique for teaching physical content to others. Often I feel like I'm getting a regurgitated script at other group class places, but today at Barre3 I felt confident that she, (and I'm assuming other teachers there based off my experience today), was very well versed in kinesciology and body health, and was very adept at communicating that to students of all skill levels.8) The online sign-up was super easy. Same as other places around here, but always a good thing! I signed up about an hour before my class and there was still room and they had my info waiting when I got there. I don't know what else to say - yes I'm aware this review is ridiculously long - other than I am a fan, and after one class signed up an unlimited month. It's exactly my exercise cup of tea. I really didn't think it got any better than Pure Barre, but now here this place is, and I'm so happy to have found it! I owe it all to you, fellow Yelpers, you never lead me astray! More...


Joy H.

16 January 2011

First of all ladies - before you start, make sure you stop by Lululemon and Louis Vuitton to get your uniforms prior to class! Hahaha, it seems like EVERYONE here is decked out in L's - lululemon and LV's as their "gym bag"! I found out about Barre3 via one of the LocalTwist deals - I LOVE trying out new work-out routines! I had gone to The Bar Method in Redmond and loved it and hoped that this will be as great (and closer to home)! It's located in an apartment complex which is super convenient for those who live there but may be a tad bit difficult to locate for those who don't. There is a free parking garage underneath which is always a plus! The studio itself is pretty cozy - they have a child-care area which is great! What a wonderful idea for all those moms getting back in to shape! The studio is spacious and clean with hardwood floors and a view of the park outside. The instructors are very nice and always try to introduce themselves to the newbies. The workout itself isn't as intense as The Bar Method - but it is good for overall maintenance and toning. It's not super intense and you probably won't drip in sweat, but your arms and legs will be more defined. The only downside is that that changing room is TINY! But I guess it does it's job. I love how you can sign up for class online which makes it convenient as classes do fill up quickly and are often waitlisted! If you miss a class you signed up for, they do charge you - so beware! I wished they had more time slots though! I More...


Shawn S.

1 December 2010

Im crazy about this w/o. Really works ALL your muscles and the music is great...makes the hour go by fast!  All shapes and sizes are represented so one should not be intimidated at all.I started when it first opened ..havent gone back lately cuz sooo crowded..I beaned some people next to me so Im trying to figure out the less crowded times. More...


Ellen C.

14 November 2010

I heard Barre3 was open in Trace Lofts, and was looking for a new workout, so about a month ago I headed over to the Bellevue studio to try it out. Well, the Capitol Hill studio is opening at the end of November but I am still trekking to Bellevue several times a week for Barre3.I love it. I am not in the best shape of my life, have done some yoga but hated pilates and never danced. Barre3 is challenging, supportive, fun and such a good intense workout packed in to an hour. I am usually a clock watcher in exercise classes, but the variety of exercises make the class fly by. I love the combo of intense workout interspersed with stretching. My clothes are starting to fit differently, my posture is tons better, I feel stronger and really enjoy each class. Oh and the facility is immaculately clean, which is important to me. More...


M A.

21 September 2010

I *love* this place!! I learned about barre3 from Capitol-Hill Street Fair and I thought, I may give this a try as an alternative to a pilates studio that I was having a problem with. I got an email for freebie classes a week before they opened and signed up for 4 classes. Like everyone else here, I got hooked right away!!!The exercise movements are easy to follow but quite challenging. They have good selections of upbeat music during the workout. The teachers push me to continue to challenge myself and very responsive to my questions/modifications that I can do in case the exercise is too challenging. My past experience with yoga and pilates helped somewhat, but a friend of mine who had minimal experience could follow the movements as well. My muscles always feel sore the next day & love the feeling that I'm strengthening myself with each class.The facility is great but can feel cramped sometimes, especially after class when the next wave of students come in. They have lockers everywhere: in the changing room, outside in the waiting room, and inside the studio. And with free parking in the garage? I think I'll keep coming back for this studio. More...


Cindy Y.

18 September 2010

I've taken four classes and am HOOKED!  The workout left most of my major muscle groups sore and given the low impact nature of the workout my joints were aching afterwards!  I've never actually done pilates, but I've done yoga but never ballet and I can confidently say you don't need to be worried about not looking graceful, etc. and that all pepole with all level of fitness can engage in this workout.  I can already feel/see the differences the workout have made and plan on going back for more!  I'm a working Mom, and the best part definitely has to be the child care!  Even though I can't use it during the work week, they do offer child care on Saturday mornings!  The owners seem very professonal and the facility is very clean. More...


Amy B.

8 September 2010

Being new to the work out scene I must say that I really love Barre 3.  It is a super challenging work out but you can work at your own pace.  I really love the stretches and the movements that allow you to isolate a specific muscle and work it!  It takes a few visits to really get the hang of the positions and to target the right muscles.  The studio is super nice and has a great vibe.  Parking is easy too.  The instructors are great and even though I am a little sore- its a good sore!  I am making this my workout routine. More...


Olivia P.

6 September 2010

I tried my first class at this very new Barre3 location not really knowing what to expect. Advertising themselves as a yoga/pilates/dance combo and promising to give you a good workout, I thought that I'd give it a shot. The employees are very friendly, and the instructor equally so. She got the (full, I might add) class moving, with unique strength-training tactics, and upbeat music playing at a suitable level. We used balls, yoga mats, and dumbbells as she took us through increasingly difficult postures and core exercises that felt as though my abs were on fire. I knew, that even through the current misery that I was experiencing, that this class would definitely deliver results. Silent and trembling, an hour later, I emerged from the studio, yet with a new invigoration and focus. Definitely something I'd like to try again! More...