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24 May 2019

Bark is such an amazing place! I was so nervous to leave my puppy at daycare during my long work shifts, but the staff here has been so great to work with, and even sent me pictures of him having fun with the other dogs for the first few days to ease my nerves! After seeing how much Jax loves the staff, I will never leave him anywhere else!! More...


Leslie Macon

The only place we have ever left our Rosie. Rosie doesn't do well with other pets so she can't enjoy the daycare play times but she is loved on by the staff so much. She has separation anxiety badly but the staff here keeps her happy as if she were home. The staff is so sweet and Rosie is always happy to see her friends when she stays (human friends). More...


Tiffany Noone

Our dog has always done well at Bark. The staff is nice and he's always happy after play day or boarding. We've recommended Bark to many neighbors who are now Bark clients too!


Debbie McAndrew

The dogs are always happy to go right in and start their fun stay, either for the day or extended "resort" stay. Emma is elderly and loves the extra attention she receives. She also needs medication which is never a problem for them to give to her. Juno also loves hanging out with all her friends. The swimming pool is great along with all the attention. Their cousin, whiteout, sometimes goes with them. He enjoys that someone is always in the yard with them. A fun thing to do is play ball. The staff is always friendly on the phone and in the office. It's so nice to see your dog on Facebook having fun! More...


Chelsea Dawn

We absolutely love Bark! We have tried other kennels in the area and haven’t liked them near as much. They understand that our dog Loki can be a handful and that our other dog Flash is super shy but also super sweet. In the event that something unexpected comes up, Bark has always been willing to help out any way they can. As soon as we say “daycare” to our boys they run downstairs and jump in the car! They love it here! More...


Michelle Petrie Rhodes

I called last week to make a reservation for my dogs and explain all the things I needed once they got there. The lady on the phone was so nice and understanding to everything they will need. She reassured me that they would be fine and she would play with my dogs . I’m so happy that she will take care and love my fur babies just as I do. More...

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