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We coach women and host powerful annual women's retreats.

We believe that an awakening of the feminine spirit is transpiring in the world, and that remembering their power is just the beginning... ​

Self-exploration leads to self-discovery and only through deep personal intention and commitment can we uncover the secret of our strength as women.



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Women experiencing a-ha moments; breakthroughs that catapult them forward in life! The personal growth we share when we all help lift each other up is empowering and beautiful and oh so fulfilling. We love most that we are following our true calling in life... and that we get to help other soulful women follow theirs too.

We were all highly committed to our own paths of self-development. Still are! As we grew we sought to raise other women up with us!

We each have diverse backgrounds in coaching, including decades of teaching Martial Arts, certifications in health and wellness, permaculture, spirituality, career changes, finding your purpose, relationships, and more traditional educational schooling; we both have Bachelor Degrees too :)

We work with people who are highly motivated to find their own answers. We serve as catalysts for their wisdom and strength to unfold and we get transformational results! It's all about knowing how to ask the right questions, listen and think outside the box!