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Alan Weissman has established himself as one of Los Angeles' foremost photographers.

He has been a working professional photographer for over 28 years. Alan and his photography have been featured on CNN, ABC News, The E! Channel, The FX Channel, How to Look Good Naked, Japanese Fuji Television, and on the German show Mission Hollywood.


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hemina moon

26 July 2019

Alan and his crew are adorable real people who walked through the whole process as if we were becoming a team together. Everyone helped me feel okay to be vulnerable to take the best picture they possibly could. I cannot thank Yasmine, Owen, Tonya and Alan enough for their beautiful raw and honest unique energy. I’m gonna miss Lulu and Winston (their adorable dogs) :) much much love to every single person and dog there. Thank you!! More...


Hemina M.

17 July 2019

I did my first professional headshot with Alan!He is very sweet and silly - he helps you make you feel like yourself. He's very organic and transparent. He was perfect for me because he was patient and when it comes to the lightings, he was super meticulous and OCD - his attitude of professionalism made me feel professional that it transferred through my pictures, even though in the beginning I was nervous and frozen up. He has very beautiful dogs Winston and Lulu. I'm gonna miss them!I cannot describe how professional and down to earth him and his staffs were. Friendly and serious at the same time. I cannot thank Yasmine enough also for being the perfectionist just like Alan, coming to fix my hair and makeup throughout the shoot every few seconds. They are like a family and you cannot not be your best in front of the camera when you're with their energy!If I had the opportunity, I would love to come back here for more shoot, to help them have more fun than this time. I am tremendously grateful for the entire experience. Thank you so much Alan for giving your everything, with your passion and patience I am very inspired as a person!! And thank you Yasmine, Owen, & Tonya for making my shoot comfortable and smooth. I would love to see you guys again!! More...


Taylor Smith

9 July 2019

The experience with Alan was prob the most fun times I had while shooting! He puts in hard work but most importantly makes you feel confident and at home and very comfortable! Thank you so much Alan for the amazing photos! More...


Jack-Henry Day

2 July 2019

This was my first experience getting professional headshots and I have to say I don’t foresee going in any other direction with any other photographer. Not only was Alan incredibly dedicated to accomplishing the perfect shots, he was wonderfully welcoming, hilarious, accommodating and utterly professional. He knows how to make sure his clients are comfortable in front of the camera and won’t stop working on a look until it’s undoubtedly just right. He understands the individuality that comes with his subjects, and uses each clients’ personality to capture the most authentic pictures by highlighting their inner character. I am beyond thrilled by his work and imagine everyone else in need of a professional photographer would be to if they chose to work with Alan! More...


Dustin Bryant

30 June 2019

Alan is absolutely AMAZING. I’ve done a lot of research and saw many potential photographers to book for new headshots but the moment I saw Alan’s website and his work, I knew I had to book him. BEST. DECISION. I’VE. EVER. MADE. Alan will treat you like a friend he had known for years so if you’re someone like me who can be a bit shy at first, I promise you you’re in good hands. He’s also really fun to work with, very collaborative and very supportive. I told him I’ve had headshot troubles in the past so I developed this insecurity that I’ll probably never gonna have a good headshot. But he reassured me that that’s not true and he really helped me bring out the best of me. Alan is simply the best and the greatest. More...


Eva Hernández

28 June 2019

Alan is an awesome professional photographer. My son took headshots with him and made his first time experience absolutely amazing. Thank you Alan for all of your great talent. Pictures are fantastic. More...


Jeff B.

10 June 2019

I  have never liked having my picture taken. I don't think I photograph particularly well and it's not something I look forward to. Honestly, I'd rather go to the dentist's office than have my picture taken.  But Alan's detail oriented approach as well as patience and experience in trying to get a natural reaction definitely produced the best photograph I've ever had taken of me. Whether you're an actor or not, I'd strongly encourage you to spend the extra money on Alan. I highly doubt you'll regret your choice. More...


Kwin C.

8 June 2019

Alan is a really amazing photographer. I love my headshots. He and his team do great together, beautiful space and very welcoming he has the cutest dog too. :)


Sean Dube

14 May 2019

Alan was terrific to work with and made getting great headshots fun and easy. He goes above and beyond to make sure you look your best in each photo while his humor and care put you at ease and allow you to effortlessly be yourself in front of the camera. I can’t recommend him enough!


Chris Pardal

14 May 2019

One of the things I can't stand is posing for pictures, whether for headshots, on the red carpet or during family events.I always feel frozen and fake which is the opposite of what an actor should feel.Alan was so wonderful to work with. I immediately felt at ease and I had FUN! He will NOT stop until he's satisfied which takes the burden off of me because I honestly don't know what the heck is the difference between a good photo, a great photo and a PHOTO THAT GETS YOU IN THE DOOR!His home, his team, his wife and his dogs are just as lovely as him. More...


chantelle alissa England

22 December 2018

Alan was amazing! He made my first shoot a blast and easy. Alan has a great sense of humour, put me at ease and made me feel comfortable from the start. He was very patient and inturn able to capture the real me. I will definitely be using Alan for my next shoot 100%. More...


Danny Mika

22 December 2018

Have always had friends and family do pretty Good photos for me, but I was ready to up my game. I wanted to get Great photos. Alan did that and more. A true professional among the greatest who knows how to bring the best energy out. His attention to detail with lighting and even posture makes photos stand out. Real quality photography. Thank you Alan. More...


Nanette Estrada

22 November 2018

What can you say when you've experienced amazing creativity and professionalism during a photo shoot? "Thank you Alan!" Alan Weissman and his studio staff are truly a joy to work with and you will not be disappointed at all with the finished images taken. Located in the heart of Studio City, Alan Weissman Photography will capture exactly what you want in a relaxed and very friendly environment. Whether you need headshots, portrait ,fashion or commercial editorial Alan can do it all! Cannot recommend Alan enough ! "THANK YOU ALAN! Can't wait until the next shoot!" More...


Harrison R.

15 November 2018

I am not an actor.  I've worked in the industry as an executive, a producer, and writer, and not used to doing head shots but needed one in a hurry to run for office in one of the guilds I belong to.  Alan's name was a name well-known to me.  I don't love having my picture taken.  This is what happened:  Alan is the loveliest man and his studio up in a canyon is tranquil and beautiful.  He is an artist at the top of his profession who's photographed the likes of Morgan Freeman, Doris Roberts (of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND fame), and Robert Redford.  As one who works in the industry, I would tell actors to forego those quickie 100 dollar shots and really invest in artists like Alan.  He not only does head shots, but also does stunning art photos of subjects.  He has the biggest heart.  His assistant Lily, who is just the loveliest person, was beyond meticulous in setting up the shoot, providing me information every step of the way, and providing great advice.  She's a rare find.  Yasmin, a stylist who does fashion week, came in and did my hair and touch-up makeup and picked out my clothes.  Her style choices made a dramatic change to the images we got.  She too is at the top of her game.  Like Alan and Lily, Yasmin is calming.  The whole team created an almost Zen-like experience for me, who walked in the door, tense and hassled by professional obligations.  The whole experience felt more like a relaxing getaway.  I felt supported and cared for and everyone went above and beyond and then some.  Don't make a mistake and go anywhere else, invest in your future and get the best of the best at Alan's studio.  Love you guys. More...


Conor Burke

23 October 2018

If you want the most personalized experience possible and know that every dollar spent was worth it, then look no further than Alan. The moment you meet him and his staff you are greeted so warmly you feel as if you had already been friends for years. His studio set up is very professional and he makes sure you feel as comfortable as possible, especially since he asked what music I liked to listen to and ended up playing it the whole time (Travis Scott and Lil Uzi Vert, my boys!!). His assistant, Susie, was there next to him the whole time helping with the process and really making me feel comfortable in front of the camera and created a great dynamic with Alan. They wanted to get to know me as a person and didn't just see me as another numbered client. Originally I just wanted to do two looks, a commercial and theatrical, for acting but ended up doing a third look because I enjoyed the experience so much. If I had more money, I might have just kept throwing money at him for how good these photos were turning out during the entire session. He spent some time picking out the best photos for me for all the looks and I've never felt more excited for starting to get out there in the acting world after seeing the winners that we found. All in all, I can't recommend this guy enough. He takes his art and craft of photography very seriously but at the same time knows how to have fun and is extremely charismatic. It's a celebrity experience unlike any other. More...


Mohan Kumar

25 July 2018

very nice pgotography:-) i dont know nothing about it:-)


Reny Kalchev

25 July 2018

An absolutely exceptional photographer! He took head shots of my daughter and made her feel relaxed and comfortable and she had a lot of fun! So glad we found him! He's THE BEST!!!!! :) More...


Josh Piper

25 July 2018

Alan is truly an artist! Not only is he brilliant but he is a great guy to shoot with. He makes you feel so comfortable and really welcomes you into his world.


Tami Lynn Colby

25 July 2018

Amazing photographer, great to work with, has away of making you relax during a shoot, and capturing the real you! You taught me a lot Alan, and made me a better Retoucher... Thank you for all you have done, miss you!! More...


Ramona Montgomery

25 July 2018

Alan is a badass. He has an exquisite eye for detail. He cares about quality, and it shows in every way. Wonderful staff, very professional, yet have a sense of humor!


Christine Sorgi

25 July 2018

Alan is the best photographer I know. And the kindest.
You should use him for your corporate head shots as well as your other photography needs


Victor Sarmiento

25 July 2018

Had a great time at my shoot today! Alan is enthusiastic, meticulous and never stops looking for the best lighting, angle, expression, etc. to give you the best of YOU. I highly recommend! More...


Donarae Dunwoody

25 July 2018

Talked to Alan Weissman studio today, so nice and helpful, finding the right photographer is a big job, but I think I found the right one. I will keep things updated as we go along. More...


Carla Monje Ramirez

25 July 2018

We had such a great relaxing time today. Alan did an amazing job at making my son feel comfortable and truly got the best out of him. Alan is so detailed oriented and a true professional. Highly recommend him! More...


Shelley Starrett

25 July 2018

Thanks for the great shoot today Alan. Love how you and your team made me feel so comfortable. And loved that you took your time to direct me to get the right shot. I received mor than I paid for. I cannot believe he used the lighting off of the bbq! The photos turned out amazing. More...


Dee Dee Aldridge

25 July 2018

Alan and his staff were amazing! They really knew how to bring out the best in my daughter and made us all feel very welcome. They even let me bring my new puppy to the shoot More...


Gaelle Comparat

25 July 2018

Alan is the real thing!
These days anyone who owns a camera thinks they can call themselves a photographer, but photography is an art that not only requires a good eye and technological knowledge, but most of all it requires a talent for capturing the essence of the subject. Alan's true talent is lighting. He is a true master! If you want your headshot to rise to the top of the pile Alan will deliver! More...


Ryan Nesral

25 July 2018

Everything I've ever been told by industry professionals is to never short change your headshots. NEVER. Yah you can probably just go with those cookie cutter 100$ quick in quick out headshot sessions and walk away with one good shot. I went on my quest to find my guy/girl, someone with 20+ years of headshot experience, takes their time to get to know YOU and uses that information to create a relaxing environment to shoot in. Also someone that wouldn't rack my bank account, ambitious I know...I was somehow fortunate enough to stumble upon Alan's website. I couldn't be more happy with the results, while usually you only get a few good shots, Alan literally took 300 absolutely stunning photos making it suuuper difficult for me to pick which ones I wanted retouched and man, that is a fantastic problem to have.

Agents can be super particular of which headshots you use and the looks they provide, so in the case that they don't like any of the ones I had retouched I can just be like well here, check out this online gallery of 100's of beautiful headshots and pick one!!!!!!!!! WOOOO! I not only found my headshot photographer I gained a friend, CAN YOU SAY THE SAME ABOUT YOUR HEADSHOT PERSON!?!? oh and Stav, his intern, is an absolute sweetheart!!!!


Harven Danelian

25 July 2018

Such an amazing and talented photographer, it took me two months to find a photographer for my headshots, yet TWO minutes to fall in love with Alan’s experience, techniques and knowledge.

From the time I entered his studio, Alan welcomed us (my sister and myself) with a great smile, lovely crew and adorable dogs. With his funny character and humor he made us feel very conformable and only after few minutes we felt like we are sitting in our own living room with someone we know for years!

He took a lot of his own time trying to know me further, helped me pick the right outfits for the session in order to get the best out of me. Such an amazing person.

He then brought all his +28 years of experience into live with his amazing techniques on poses, lightings and angles. And what I liked the most was the fact that he changed the whole lighting system and place dozen of times just to get the best out of me !!

He truly made me feel and look like a STAR and the pictures turned out to be AMAZING !! so Thank you, Thank You and Thank You ☺

Special thanks to Alan’s assistance “Stav” as well, who was amazing in coordinating and responding all my queries/mails in a short period of time with her funny, approchable and professional personality.

My advice to you !! Stop wasting your time searching for headshot photographer!! Just go to Alan Weissman site and book your session with one of LA’s best headshot photographer, I guarantee hours of FUN ☺ and AMAZING PICS ... Looking forward for further headshots !


Failing Forward

21 May 2018

AMAZING! You are not making a mistake going to him. He genuinely brings out the best in you. He took more than enough shots and payed attention to small details working until perfection. He takes a serious interest in the product he gives always looking for the best shot for you. The photos looked amazing before any touch ups. Alan himself is one of the coolest people who genuinely makes you feel right at home. Ashley his assistant helped make little adjustments that enhance the photo. All in all I will definitely be coming back and will refer anyone his direction! More...


one bitchenmom

21 May 2018

Alan & Yasmine got to know my daughter. Played her favorite music all shoot. Incredible experience. Such life and energy in these 2. My one regret is that we weren't there for something more creative. Headshots came out beautiful. The interaction was one we will never forget! Just can't say enough. You have to experience it for yourself. Beyond pleased. Can't imagine using anyone else. A true Artist. thank u both. More...


Sandy R.

21 May 2018

Alan was Fantastic! He clearly loves what he does and it shows in the beautiful photos he creates. If you're considering him, you won't go wrong. Stephen was also the most amazing makeup artist! Can't wait to show the agent and manager these amazing photos - the worst part is going to be deciding which one to choose!! More...


Teri C.

18 April 2018

Alan and his team are amazing! I'm a commercial real estate agent that was in desperate need of a professional head shot. I was wanting something exceptional, so after thumbing through all his celebrity photos, I booked a photo shoot with Alan. I happen to be incredibly un-photogenic and uncomfortable having my picture taken but Alan and his team were fantastic!  I booked his make-up artist, Yasmin and I'm so glad I did.  She was great!  The whole experience was really relaxed and I felt like a celebrity!  Can't thank Alan and his team enough for the great photos. Alan is an extraordinary photographer!  You won't find anyone better! More...


Ryan S.

18 December 2017

I promise you one thing; if you need high quality, pristine, and amazing headshots that capture your absolute best, you need look no further. Alan and his team are simply wonderful. Alan is warm, friendly, disarming, and passionate about his clients and his work. His immense talent and skill in the world of photography and headshots is blatantly obvious while working with him.Alan really takes his time getting to know you prior to shooting. He offered coffee and water and sat me down to get acquainted with me and what shots that would serve my individual career best. Stav, his assistant, asked what music I'd prefer and adjusted it throughout the shoot to my liking. Alan even helped me choose my wadrobe which made me totally comfortable with our selections because his expertise with what would work best were obvious. He then creatively picked 3 different locations to shoot and began to build the lighting. We then started shooting and his ability to direct me was perfect. I'm a good actor, but modeling or doing stills isn't my forte. Alan made me feel like a pro while he coached me through each of the shots. Myyyyyyy goodness, when he pulled me over to the monitor to review a few shots I was 100% blown away. I never knew I could look so good! He said, "man, you look like a movie star" and with absolutely humility, I agree with him. My shots look like serious A-list caliber work.Everything about my experience was a 10!! I can't wait to get back and work with Alan again soon, as well as share this gem of a person and photographer with friends in the business.If you can't tell, I'm head over heels for Alan Weismann photography and his team. Thank you so much you guys. You exceeded the best expectation I could've ever imagined and for that, I'm immensely grateful.Thank you Alan More...


Ryan L.

12 December 2017

Everything I've ever been told by industry professionals is to never short change your headshots. NEVER. Yah you can probably just go with those cookie cutter 100$ quick in quick out headshot sessions and walk away with one good shot. I went on my quest to find my guy/girl, someone with 20+ years of headshot experience, takes their time to get to know YOU and uses that information to create a relaxing environment to shoot in. Also someone that wouldn't rack my bank account, ambitious I know...I was somehow fortunate enough to stumble upon Alan's website. I couldn't be more happy with the results, while usually you only get a few good shots, Alan literally took 300 absolutely stunning photos making it suuuper difficult for me to pick which ones I wanted retouched and man, that is a fantastic problem to have. Agents can be super particular of which headshots you use and the looks they provide, so in the case that they don't like any of the ones I had retouched I can just be like well here, check out this online gallery of 100's of beautiful headshots and pick one!!!!!!!!! WOOOO! I not only found my headshot photographer I gained a friend, CAN YOU SAY THE SAME ABOUT YOUR HEADSHOT PERSON!?!? oh and Stav, his intern, is an absolute sweetheart!!!! More...


Olivia A.

4 October 2017

Alan is fantastic photographer, he put his soul in the photoshoot to achieve perfect picture. He is really passionate about what he is doing and open to experiments and spending longer hours to get the best of the best. He's team is also very helpful, make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Don't waist your money on other cheaper photographers like I did before, go straight to Alan and you'll not gonna regret. More...


Adriana L.

29 August 2017

What a nice experience to have a photoshoot with Alan! My teenager son needed new head shots and a friend in the industry gave me his contact. This has been so far the best photographer we have gone to. He is very knowledgeable, professional, perfectionist and warm person.  We just loved him!  I can't agree more with what all the reviews said about him and his team. More...


Christina H.

19 August 2017

I wish I could give this 100 stars.Never in my life could I have imagined the incredible product produced by Alan Weissman (photographer) and Stephen Dimmick (hair/makeup).  I walked in truly not knowing what to expect because I had actually already had a "professional photo" taken that I was not happy with. I guess this was my final try. I AM SO HAPPY I GAVE THIS A TRY!!  The photos turned out 1000x better than my expectation. Alan and Stephen were very professional, very fun and kind as well as funny. I walked in feeling a bit nervous but with some coffee and some chatting, I immediately felt comfortable with both of them. I felt like they were both on my team--trying to get the best photo possible!  Not once did I feel rushed or uncomfortable!  The photo shoot is done in Alan's beautiful home--he has an assistant, who was sweet. He has a whole room set up as a studio with all the lighting made to be perfect!  I highly recommend the makeup and hair artist Stephen too because he made my skin look so beautiful and fresh and he even did several makeup touch ups during the shoot!  He was constantly jumping in to fix my clothing just so or to move my hair to make it perfect. Alan took his time during the shoot, he made me feel special and as though I was inspiring him--he is a true and genuine artist, you can tell he loves his work. He gave me the perfect amount of direction: turn your head this way or tilt your head that way. His attention to detail was amazing!After the shoot, I called my mom and she told me she could hear the confidence exuding from my voice! I told her that I thought the whole experience was worth 4x more than it costed me... How much would you pay for the PERFECT shot?P.S - I was getting a professional shot for application to residency from medical school and I highly recommend this for the ERAS application.  The final shots that Alan got just scream "I am intelligent, confident, and you WANT to hire me."  This was exactly what I wanted and exactly what I got. I will be recommending Alan to all of my medical school friends. More...


Thomas Velasquez

28 July 2017

I can proudly say that Alan is the best, professional photographer I know. He makes you feel like home and really takes his time to get your pictures perfect. The whole experience was just amazing and fun. There is no doubt that I will be coming back very soon! :) More...


Moora Tee

11 July 2017

Alan makes you feel comfortable and brings out the best of you in
photos. An outstanding, kind professional who truly delivers!


Tim Brundidge

10 July 2017

Alan Weissman along with his assistant were more than just professionals, they made me not only feel extremely comfortable, relaxed, and welcome, but left me feeling more than just satisfied with my headshots. I've never met someone who cares so much about your time, and truly does his best to connect with you on an emotional level, and make you absolutely love your photos, while at the same time having a fun, relaxed and memorable experience. Whether it's your first time getting headshots or millionth time, I highly recommend Alan Weissman Photography. I assure you, you're getting your money's worth! More...


Andy Steinhauer

9 June 2017

Great experience all-around. It's very clear Alan is a master at composing headshots, and was more-than willing to honor my thoughts and expectations. Highly-recommended.


Alec Kenney

30 May 2017

AMAZING! You are not making a mistake going to him. He genuinely brings out the best in you. He took more than enough shots and payed attention to small details working until perfection. He takes a serious interest in the product he gives always looking for the best shot for you. The photos looked amazing before any touch ups. Alan himself is one of the coolest people who genuinely makes you feel right at home. Ashley his assistant helped make little adjustments that enhance the photo. All in all I will definitely be coming back and will refer anyone his direction! More...


Bryan Peterson Fitness .

21 May 2017

Alan and Ashley where great to work with. They put on my favorite music and made me feel comfortable and welcome in Alan's home/studio. My photos turned out great too. There were so many great options for me to chose from. The hardest part about the whole experience was deciding which shots I wanted to use. I definitely plan on coming back to Alan when I am due for some new headshots. Thanks Alan and Ashley! More...


Andrea B.

8 May 2017

I have not had my photo taken in years, and had to get it taken for my work's website. Alan helped me relax and feel comfortable, and more importantly confident in this whole experience! I was so happy with the photos - and I was able to participate with input on how I wanted the photo to be taken. He is all about empowering his customer! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. More...


Remy G

12 April 2017

Short version:
Alan is amazing! As an aspiring actor I need the best headshots to send to auditions. By the end of the shoot, I literally had too many good pictures to choose for retouching by the end. A good problem to have. You should jump at the chance to book Alan.

Long version:
Looking to do my first headshots, I found a list of reputable photographers online. I sent emails to several of the ones I judged to be better, explaining that I was looking to go into acting and that I had never done a photo shoot before.

Alan was the only one to go to the trouble of calling me. He patiently walked me through what the process of a photo shoot and and explained what actors need in a headshot. I was particularly worried about my wardrobe and Alan sensed my concern. He gave me detailed instructions on how to prepare the appropriate wardrobe, which made me considerably less nervous. By the time he finished explaining, I was sold and booked an appointment.

The shoot itself was great. I expected getting headshots done would be unpleasant and difficult. Most of all, I expected to be a bumbling idiot and was worried I that I would have no control over my facial expressions. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. Alan knew it was my first shoot and could tell I was nervous. He went out of his way to help me relax by telling jokes, and walked me through the entire process. Soon after the shoot started, I was actually having fun!

The pictures themselves turned out incredible! I had no idea I could look that good in photo. Alan is a master of his craft and you should jump at the chance to book him.

Alan joked that I had so many good pictures that I would have difficulty choosing ones to get retouched. Not a bad problem to have haha.


Morgan Palmer

23 March 2017

Best of the best portrait & headshot photographer!


Jess B.

23 February 2017

Let me first start off by saying that I am extremely shy to be in front of a camera, but from the moment I walked in the door,  Alan and his team were incredibly welcome, friendly and silly. Alan began by just having a natural conversation with me and talking about how the day would go. He was patient, professional and engaging the entire time and had me laughing constantly. He strives to find the best light and expressions that showcase you and your own style and he doesn't stop shooting until you both are happy. I am ridiculously appreciative of Alan and his team Ashley and Jeffery (the makeup artist I had). They made me feel confident and beautiful the whole time and I could tell they genuinely cared. Thank you all so very much!! It was a pleasure working with you all. More...


Michelle F.

19 January 2017

The most wonderful, professional and brilliant photographer. His reputation says it all and his in personality and charm top the cake!Mr. Weissman is everything you would want and more in a photographer. Kind, considerate and a perfectionist.You will not go home disappointed.I must add also, that his staff is wonderful, including his wife. Just a wonderful team and package. His makeup artist, Mr. Ames is divine as well. I don't think it's the same artist at every shoot, but if you can book him, then my goodness, your day with Alan just went from an A+ to an A++...I shopped and shopped seeking just the right photographer. I went to a few before and nothing compares.I went to Alan for headshots but he does portraits and other photography as well. If my career takes off as I hope, Alan will be my go-to.GO TO ALAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More...


Glyde Barbey

19 August 2016

What a fantastic day I had with Alan. It was easy being myself and he has excellent taste. I would love to work with him again.


Patricia V.

7 August 2016

I'll begin by saying my hunt for headshot photographers went on for quite a while until I made a decision on who to go with. The minute I stumbled upon Alan Weissman Studio I knew it was the right place for me. I initially spoke with Morgan who is his assistant and was extremely sweet and informative. Then she proceeded to ask me if I'd like to speak with Alan himself to answer any further questions I may have, I said yes of course. Alan was so so personable, got to know me and joked with me while on the phone to get a feel of my personality. He uses this during your shoot to bring out personality on camera. I instantly had a great connection and felt so comfortable. My Headshots turned out amazing and he walks you through each step from beginning to end. Meaning Headshots, retouching, and where to print. His make up artist Rita was also outstanding. She brought the best out in me while still making me look naturally beautiful. The entire experience and energy at his studio was the best and I feel so lucky to have found him. Thank you so much Alan, Morgan and Rita. More...


Deidre King Aldridge

17 July 2016

Alan and his staff were amazing! They really knew how to bring out the best in my daughter and made us all feel very welcome. They even let me bring my new puppy to the shoot More...


Jak Leroy D.

28 April 2016

Alan is not only a great photographer but he is also a great guy. He is warm, personable, professional, and of course, super talented. I felt very comfortable in his beautiful home during our shoot and loved hanging with Lulu and LePew (his sweet pups) in between shots. Quality photographers are surprisingly hard to come by in this town, but Alan is one. The proof is in his work. More...


Tamara N.

5 August 2015

Alan Wiessman is hands down one of the best photographers in LA, his work is amazing and he is so passionate about photography and making sure that not only will your photos look beautiful but the best to where you have a greater chance of getting booked. His studio is so cool and the views are wow and he makes your feel right at home. I did a lot of research before I chose who I wanted to invest my money in and one of the reasons I chose alan because when I spoke with his assistance on the phone she was kind, honest, upfront, and went into details and if i needed her to repeat she was kindly and patient enough to do that, and your able to speak to him anytime for more info.  When i went to get my head-shots done his work and ora reminds you of why you love LA so much. Whatever you do if you want your photos to be perfect and still look beautiful like you are...go to Alan I swear you'll be writing a 5 star review next! More...


John C.

15 April 2015

I had heard that Alan was the "Master of Lighting"; the photos on his website proved it.  I've had some unsatisfactory headshot experiences, so I wasn't looking forward to making an appointment.  But when I called Alan, he immediately made me feel at ease - he's got a great sense of humor.  He's passionate about his work & even over the phone you feel confidant that this person is going to work hard to give you images that you want, & THAT is something that I didn't get from anybody else.The real kicker is when you meet with Alan & he starts setting things up for you.  He has a gift for making an uncomfortable, artificial process become organic - I actually enjoyed my photo session.  I will definitely go back to Alan Weissman in the future & highly recommend his services. More...


Seth M.

14 February 2015

I had the pleasure of working with the great Alan Weissman and his lovely assistant Madeline. Madeline helped make all the arrangements to accommodate my schedule and is quite possibly one of the nicest people I've ever met. When I arrived I was greeted by a magnificent home tucked away in the hills of Los Angeles. Alan's use of his studio and home space for pictures is nothing short of brilliant. He created a relaxing environment that was easy to work in. His eye for detail and creating a natural look surpassed my expectations. I will definitely be returning anytime I need any photos of any kind taken. Do yourself a favor, get your picture taken here. More...


Robin Harvey

13 October 2014

I did my research before choosing a photographer that I wanted to work with. I loved the photographs that were posted for review and read other peoples opinion on his work. Needless to say, I chose Alan as my photographer. I was very pleased and comfortable with Alan. He is very professional and you can tell he truly loves his work. He has compassion for creating beautiful pictures. I loved the fact that he can show you what your photos look like as you are shooting them. His sense of humor kept me laughing. Again, I can't stress enough that Alan is amazing at what he does. He is a perfectionist!!! More...


Karen R.

2 July 2014

ALAN WEISSMAN is THE BEST headshot photographer in the business. There were so many great shots, it was hard to narrow them down. For me, doing pix was like going to the dentist, but Alan made it so easy. He is professional, likable, fun, funny, has great prices, and works with a wonderful makeup artist. I promise you will love him & his terrific, incredibly helpful associate, Shoushan. FIVE out of FIVE STARS More...


Teremy J.

10 June 2014

I don't understand why Yelp is not recommending the majority of Alan's reviews, and I'm actually a bit upset because he is literally THE BEST photographer I've ever worked with. Sure he's accustomed to celebrity photography, but he treats all of his clients as if they are the most important thing to him and his pictures reflect that. I have booked numerous jobs when I first started out with only 2 of the shots that we took, and he gave me loads to choose from and helped me to pick my best look. I've tried others just to test the waters, but I've regretted it since. Alan Weissman is the best and there simply is no substitute for great quality, hard work, dedication, and a passion unlike any I have seen before. Thanks Alan! I only regret not writing this review sooner, and if Yelp doesn't feature this I'm contacting corporate because that's absurd! You do phenomenal work and everyone should know. I look forward to booking with you again in the near future! More...


Alan S.

15 May 2014

Alan was awesome! Did a fantastic job, never once did I feel tense or under pressure. I felt as if we had been friends for along time. Laughing and joking around. Talking to me about who I am. Actually trying to get to know me. Who cares about me? Normally it's just about businesses get the best shot and move on your just a number. Not with Alan. He has a high passion and love for what he does. I couldn't have wished for a better experience. Words don't express the quality of his work. He captures the real you, from the inside. He is hands down one of the best in the industry. You can't find too many people that have pride for what they do anymore. His staff as well are great. Very knowledgeable and helpful in every way. Thanks again for the great experience!! I highly recommend Alan Weissman. More...


Yi L.

27 February 2014

Best shots I have ever taken.  He really got me, and the whole process was effortless.  Alan knows how to put people at ease, and his enormous home studio space was beautiful, comfortable, and relaxing.  The makeup artist I got through him was excellent as well.  And great customer service!  His assistant Shoushan deserves a shout-out too. More...


Shez S.

15 February 2014

I recommend Alan Weissman's service to anyone who wants professional photos.  I was looking  for an established head-shot photographer in L.A. on Yelp and came across Alan Weissman's site.  I read a lot of good reviews and decided to call and inquire about rates.  I spoke to Alan's assistant Shoushan, who was very upbeat and talked to me about the whole process.  I could instantly tell she loved her job. I expected the rate to be high, but I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable the session was; since he is an established Photographer who has shot many celebrities.  I went to Alan's studio with my girlfriend, and both Shoushan and Alan treated us like they had known us for years. As we were preparing to leave, Alan asked me to come back since the natural lighting was perfect before sunset.  It is still one of my best photos.  Not only is his service going above-and-beyond but he genuinely wants to do the best for others. More...


Claire S.

18 December 2013

I have nothing but good things to say about Alan. He did an excellent job on my son's headshots. He truly has an eye for the best color and lighting for the perfect shot. I've recieved many compliments on my son's photos. I'm from San Diego and know a lot of other local photographers. I am so glad I went with my gut instinct and drove all the way up there. Totally worth it! More...


Ada C.

18 February 2013

Alan is an amazing photographer who crafts you to perfection with light! I've seen the works of many around the world, yet no one beats the way Alan creates headshots. Have a look at his website and compare them to others, and you will see what I mean! Also, when Alan is shooting for you, he is patient and takes the necessary time (however long it may take) to capture your personality, your essence in the photograph. He takes no short cuts... he even experiments with new ideas if he suddenly thinks that might bring out a new, interesting side to you. A funny, intelligent person to work with, you will enjoy a day of taking your headshots, and will love the results Alan has created for you at the end of the day. Lastly and maybe most importantly, you can suggest what you like, but also let Alan have room to create an individual style for you! He is very knowledgeable when it comes to what works for an actor's headshot. I also recommend using the makeup artist from Alan's studio as they gave me a peace of mind by staying there for the whole shoot (tidying my hair, makeup and outfit when they shift during the shoot). More...


sarah s.

4 December 2012

I had a fantastic headshot session with Alan. This was my first time getting professional shots and I am happy with my final product. He took so much time to get the perfect lighting and made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera.He also taught me which poses and angles accentuate my look which was extremely helpful. I highly recommend him! More...


Susan M.

26 April 2012

We haven't received the actual photos yet, but we did see them on the computer.  He made my daughter and I both feel very comfortable.  He was kind and hospitable. The pictures he took of my daughter were hands down the best we have had in the past 5 years.  If you are in need of getting new head shots, call him.  He is competitively priced for a professional and the quality is up there with the most expensive! More...


Jon O.

31 May 2011

Shot with Alan today at his studio and had an amazing experience.  I came with my current headshots and he quickly told me that they were just fine.  So we decided to go for something a little edgier with a bit more of a 40's noir feel since there was no real need to replace the ones I have.  Plus, I really wanted to try something that didn't look like everything else out there anyway.  The great thing about shooting with Alan is that he is a master of lighting.  All I had to do was be me and the lighting added all the drama.  He really takes a lot of time to get the setup right (I felt like I was back on set) and once he's ready to go, we fired through a hundred shots in no time.  Then, we went really experimental with the lighting and tried things he hadn't done before.  I didn't have anything else lined up for the day so we spent half a day trying all kinds of different setups and throughout the whole thing had a really great time.  I laughed a lot so in between the serious shots, were whole sets of fun shots that came out great.  All in all, had a great time and since we were reviewing the pictures throughout the session, I knew what I was walking away with.  It's a huge relief knowing that you bagged some good shots early on and that enabled us to cut loose the rest of the time and go pushing the envelope.  Fun Stuff! More...


mini m.

3 June 2010

I've worked with Alan for  since 1998 and he is great at what he does. He is talented, easy to work with, and always willing to go the extra mile. I would recommend him to anyone!!

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