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How much does Therapy cost? 2023

Average Price
$100 per session

What can I expect to pay for a Therapist?

Want to speak to a therapist but not sure of the cost? Read on to find out how much your therapist will charge for group therapy, one-to-one sessions, and more.

What does a Therapist do? 

A therapist is a qualified health professional who is trained to support you with emotional distress by listening to you about your problems and trying to identify the root cause. A therapist will never ask you to talk about anything you don’t feel comfortable about. Find a Therapist near me.

A therapist’s job is to understand why you are feeling a certain way by listening to you. Once they have identified the problem, they will help you to overcome it and create a more positive mindset with various coping strategies. 

Therapists help with a range of mental health problems including: 

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 

  • Relationship problems

  • Low mood/Low self-esteem

  • Phobias

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder 

Therapists use different techniques to help you overcome your issues, one of the most common being Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This is a talking therapy designed to help you change your thought and behavior patterns as a way to overcome your issues. 

How much does a Therapist cost?

You will most likely need to see a therapist multiple times before you start seeing results, so it’s important to know just how much therapy is going to cost you if you are going to commit to regular sessions.

The price of a therapist is affected by several factors. Although there is no fixed rate, a breakdown of average therapy costs based on local US professionals is given below: 

Average cost (per session) $100
Minimum cost (per session)$65
Maximum cost (per session) $150

What changes the cost of a Therapist?

The cost of a therapist can vary depending on different factors. These include: 

  • Type of therapy - online or in-person 

  • Experience

  • Individual vs. group therapy

Type of therapy - online or in-person 

Online therapy is a popular option, as many people feel more comfortable holding the session from the comfort of their home. It is also less expensive than traditional face to face therapy. Here’s a rough idea of cost differences: 

Type of therapy Average cost (per session)
Online$60 - $100
In-person $70 - $150


The cost of therapy can vary depending on the level of training your therapist has. You should make sure that your therapist has the minimum qualifications to practice. There are different types of qualifications for different types of therapists: 

  • Counselor: Most counselors need a Master’s degree to practice. 

  • Psychologist: Psychologists should hold a Master’s and a higher level doctoral certificate. For this reason, psychologists tend to be more pricey. 

  • Psychiatrist: A psychiatrist costs more than a psychologist based on their medical background and ability to treat more severe mental health issues. 

Type of therapistAverage cost (per session)
Counselor $30 - $90
Psychologist $75 - $155
Psychiatrist$100 - $210

Individual Therapy vs. Group Therapy 

Individual therapy takes place with just you and the therapist present, whereas group therapy occurs with others receiving the same therapy as you at the same time. 

Individual therapy means your professional can focus entirely on you, but group therapy can be useful in meeting people who may be going through the same problems as you. It also tends to be less expensive than individual therapy. 

If you’re nervous about starting therapy and would rather talk to someone in a private environment, individual therapy may be a better option. 

Group therapy average cost (per session)Individual therapy average cost (per session)
$40 - $50 $90 - $120

How to save money on Therapist Services 

Everyone should be able to speak to a therapist if they need to, regardless of their financial situation. There are many ways that you can keep the costs of therapy down: 

  • Ask about price packages - Most therapists offer discounts on their hourly rate if you book a package of multiple sessions.

  • Ask if your therapist operates on a sliding scale - A sliding scale means that your therapist is willing to charge less per hour based on your income level. So if you’re a student or on a low-wage, you could spend less than the standard rate. 

  • Student therapists - Student therapists in training will charge a significantly lower fee than fully qualified therapists. Make sure a fully qualified therapist is there to supervise if you opt for a student therapist. 

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