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How much does Couples Counseling cost?

Average Price
$100 per session

Couples Counseling cost guide

Need a little help working through issues in your relationship? A couples counselor is the person to turn to. Read our handy guide to find out what you can expect to pay for the service.

What is Couples Counseling? 

Sometimes relationships aren’t always plain sailing. If you can’t work things out between you, then couples counseling can be extremely beneficial in finding a way through whatever challenges you may be experiencing together. 

Your counselor will hold the sessions with you both present in the room or over video call. Crucially, they will act as a neutral party to get to the root cause of the situation and help you see each other’s point of view. 

Couples counseling aims to help couples work together to form happier, healthier habits and ultimately a stronger relationship. Sessions are non-judgmental and confidential and will be held by a qualified professional. 

Couples counseling is also a popular choice for engaged couples, to promote a successful union once they are married. This service is known as premarital counseling.

Couples counselors can help with a wide range of issues including:

  • Conflict

  • Infidelity

  • Trust issues

  • Blended families

  • Difference in parenting styles

  • Work stress

How much does Couples Counseling cost? 

Couples counseling is something that both of you need to commit to regularly. The first session can usually be extremely cathartic for both sides, but it will take a certain number of sessions depending on the complexity of your issue. 

The benefit of couples counseling is that you do have the option to split the cost between you, making it cheaper than individual counseling if you do so. 

The true cost of couples counseling will depend on your location, the experience of your counselor, and how many sessions you require. Here is what you can expect to pay per session based on average prices. 

Average cost of Couples Counseling
Average cost (per session) $100
Minimum cost (per session)$60
Maximum cost (per session) $200

What affects the cost of Couples Counseling? 

The cost of a therapist can vary depending on different factors which include:

  • Experience of counselor

  • Location

  • Time of session 

  • Duration of session

  • Whether the sessions are held online or in-person

Couples Counseling vs. Individual Counseling

Counseling as a whole allows you to discuss any events or worries you are currently experiencing in your life. It could be something that’s happened recently, or past issues that are leaving you feeling stuck in your present life. The aim is to be able to challenge your thinking and be able to develop a much better understanding of the situation to move forward as a happier and more confident version of yourself.

With couples counseling, the focus is very much on your partnership and how you can learn to communicate better and work as a team. Some individual issues will be covered but about how it affects the other person rather than it focusing solely on either party. By the end, you should have a better understanding of each other, and have learned how to deal with future challenges in a constructive way. 

Individual counseling is beneficial when you would like to speak to someone about your partner while they aren’t present in the room. Counselors can be a great sounding board to help you gather your thoughts and make a clear judgment. You may also wish to attend individual counseling for issues that affect you personally, rather than specific problems within your relationship. Or, if you have left a relationship and require additional support. 

Whichever option you choose, a counselor is there to guide you without judgment in a safe environment. 

Average cost of Couples Counseling vs Individual Counseling
Couples counseling average cost (per session) Individual counseling average cost (per session)


The cost of therapy can vary depending on the level of training your therapist has. You should make sure that your therapist has the minimum qualifications to practice. There are different types of qualifications for different types of therapists: 

  • Counselor: Counselors don’t need a degree, but they should have a diploma in counseling. 

  • Psychologist: Psychologists need a degree as well as a postgraduate qualification in an area of expertise. For this reason, psychologists tend to be more pricey. 

  • Psychotherapist: Psychotherapists require an undergraduate degree in psychology or a related field as well as a postgraduate qualification. 

Average cost of Couples Counseling based on their experience
Type of therapist Average cost (per session)
Counselor $40 - $55
Psychotherapist $65 - $80
Psychologist $120 - $140

How to save money on Couples Counseling

Every couple should be able to access counseling regardless of their financial circumstances. Whatsmore, some counselors will offer flexibility in their pricing to still be able to help those on a lower income. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep costs down:

  • Split the cost between you - Not only will it get sessions off to a great start because you are working together, but it will instantly half the cost. If you need a lot of sessions or want to see a top professional, this method will make it much more accessible.

  • Ask about price packages - If you are booking multiple sessions with a therapist you can normally get a small discount per session. In most cases, you will need multiple sessions with your therapist before you start seeing results. 

  • Ask if your therapist operates on a sliding scale - A sliding scale means that your therapist is willing to charge less per hour based on your income level. So if you’re a student or on a low-wage, you could get your sessions for a lower price.

  • Go online - Therapists sometimes provide their services online, which can be a cheaper alternative to face-to-face sessions. You might find online therapy more comfortable as the session can take place from the comfort of your own home.

Invest in your relationship and work through your issues together when you find a Couples Counselor with Bark. 

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