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Yvette Salva Fitness Reviews

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Harriet Blumenstock
5 23/08/2017 Harriet Blumenstock

I have been working out with Shannon for 2 1/2 years. She has been so motivating and creative with each workout. Not only do I feel healthier and stronger I feel like Shannon has become one of my best friends.
The entire staff at YSV are warm and welcoming. Thank you all.

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Victoria Lopez
5 04/08/2017 Victoria Lopez

I have been a member for just under a year and I am absolutely a fan! The trainers are awesome. Cris, who is my girl, is just out of this world. She is warm, dedicated, funny, yet beats my ass! Just what I need. The facility is spotless, yet inviting. I would definitely recommend. They are all body positive people, which is refreshing.

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Linda Modica
5 03/09/2016 Linda Modica

It's been nearly a year since I first walked into the Yvette Salva Fitness studio and the experience has been such a welcoming and positive influence in my life and in my health. I enjoy my sessions and have learned so much about my body. I have been able to change those areas of my body through gaining strength and muscle and hard work. What a great experience this is. It's so much more than just going to a gym. It's a real camaraderie with women sharing similar life experiences and goals.

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Dora Feuer
5 07/08/2016 Dora Feuer

I only know Yvette for 6 years now but it feels like I've known her forever.
I feel very comfortable with her and she has the biggest heart. So motivating, energetic, super funny and very real! I love to do her workouts, she can kick my butt in 40 min, or even just in 10. I was never this motivated before, I only do her workouts online but I feel like I'm in her studio. I love that she is real, and not afraid to show if she is struggling during her workouts, and that is important to me.
I would highly recommend her to anybody who is willing to to try! You cannot get this kind of workout anywhere else, especially for the price!!!!

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by T B
5 03/08/2016 T B

Yvette is amazing and I definitely got great results from training with her. She is an excellent trainer, a phenomenal motivator, and really helps you on your journey to be healthy. I love training with her and can say without a doubt that she is the best trainer I've ever worked with. My commitment to train with her as well as to eat clean (which she taught me is essential) has definitely paid off. Thanks Yvette!

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Karen Murawski La Raia
5 Karen Murawski La Raia

Yvette is the most dedicated trainer. She really cares about the success of her clients. She is inspiring!

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Paolo Cuppari HairDesigns
5 Paolo Cuppari HairDesigns

Thank you for my wonderful post work day workout ...great way to wind down after a busy day! You ladies are all the best!

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Tamika Burns
5 Tamika Burns

I have been a client and friend of Yvette's for 7 years. She is a great personal trainer. She is patient and truly cares about her clients. She is always thinking out the box and kicks your butt!!!! I can't see myself training with anyone outside of Yvette Salva Fitness.

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Joli Harvanik
5 Joli Harvanik

All I Have To say Is Yvette Is the best trainer I've ever known! She Is Incredible! And she cares for each and every one of her clients! Yvette has such knowledge of what It Takes to get yourself In Shape! If your looking to get into shape the correct way and keep it off for a life time! YVETTE FITNESS IS THE WAY TO GO!

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Lynn Dillon
5 Lynn Dillon

Love, love, love this place. Do you want to feel empowered? Do you want to feel confident? Do you want to feel the best you ever felt? Go check this amazing place out!

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Michele Marissa
5 Michele Marissa

I have been Yvette's client for 5 years. Yvette is very professional and will push u out of your comfort zone. Every workout of hers is different and she customizes workouts to your fitness level and if u have injuries. I am also a big fan of the 10 and 10 workouts. It's perfect workouts for busy moms. U will see results training w Yvette!!!

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Leora Kalomeer Meller
5 Leora Kalomeer Meller

Everything you have heard or read about Yvette is true. I have been training with Yvette for the past 4 years.She is as good as others have stated but there are plenty of good trainers out there. Why choose Yvette??
Simply put "she cares about her clients". Always thinking outside the box with custom workouts.
Plus she always reaches out to her clients via a text, e-mail or call with words of inspiration. If your reading this review because your searching for a great trainer, your search is over!

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Moniqua Demetrious
5 Moniqua Demetrious

I have been a client of Yvettes for 10 years(I started with her when I was 17 and had to end it due to getting married and moving). During these 10 years I not only gained one of the BEST trainers evert but, a role model, inspiration, someone who truly loves her clients as her own family. Her heart is but love for all. She not only wanted whats best for me physically but also for my own personal life. She was there for me when my father passed away, when I was going thru personal struggles, and when I got married. Thru it all she pushed me in succeeding in life. I learned the true meaning of proper well-being and fitness. I lost 60 lbs since I stared with Yvette and gained more strength then I ever thought. Her dedication and love is the formula to reaching your goal. I will miss you SO much, Yvette and our Thursday sessions! But, I will always now have a friend and your monthly challenges;) Love you so much.

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Andrea Gorgol
5 Andrea Gorgol

I have known Yvette for about 11 years. She used to personally train me and literally kick my butt! I loved going and looked forward to her hard workouts. She never let me quit and was so encouraging. I was in great shape because of her. Even though I knew what to do on my own, I wouldn't do it without her. Unfortunately, my circumstances changed and I couldn't train with her anymore.
HOWEVER... I thank her all of the time for posting these videos on line. I do them religiously and because of her dedication to the profession she loves, she still kicks my butt and gets me in great shape. Not only that, when ever I have a question, she is still there as a friend to answer any need I have.
Thank you Yvette for all of your hard work, truly caring and just being awesome at what you do. I love you!

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Elise Lawrence
5 Elise Lawrence

I feel wonderful since I started working out with the ladies at Yvette Salva fitness. It's the nicest gift I've ever given myself. When I'm working out with Shannon the rest of the world goes away and it's all about me! I feel strong and confident. I highly recommend it!

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Michelle LoMauro Lackey
5 Michelle LoMauro Lackey

I've been training with Yvette for a little over a year now and it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made. She has transformed me both physically and mentally. I love each and every workout we do. Every workout is different and she pushes you to accomplish things you didn't think you could do. I'm telling you...Yvette is like no other trainer I have ever met. She has a heart of gold but is also tough, no excuses. You have to have the desire to change and work but she will get you to accomplish your goals and most importantly, she will keep you there. She will hold you accountable. Yvette is truly passionate about health and fitness and so are all of her trainers. It is a true fitness family and hands down the best. If your thinking of training - reach out, make that step and I promise you it will change your life. It did for me.....

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Lauren VanHoosier
5 Lauren VanHoosier

When I first came to Yvette back in March, I was in a serious slump. Before we even started the 1st workout, we talked for about a half hour just so she could get to know me. She was so supportive in motivating me to get back on track. A few months ago, I ended up having a medical setback that left me down and out for about 2 months. Even though I wasn't able to work with her during that time, she would check up on me frequently and was so happy when I was ready to get back to it. She just genuinely cares about her clients and it shows.
Due to conflicting schedules, I've been working with Shannon. She is equally as wonderful and supportive in helping me along. I am down about 35lbs and I know that I couldn't have done it without them. I can't say enough good things about this team!
So if you are on the fence, I say go for it. Don't get me wrong.....these ladies will definitely kick your a$$....but in a totally awesome way and you will end up loving them for it. πŸ’ͺβ˜ΊπŸ’š

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Andrea Abitbol
5 Andrea Abitbol

Before I came to Cris, I was clueless about anything fitness. I didn't know where to start, what it meant to train, or what body parts to be focusing on; Cris taught me the proper steps used to become more fit and at the same time was so attentive and understanding that she really made a difficult and stressful situation more pleasurable and easier to deal with. By working with her I have changed a lot about myself, not only being more confident but my outlook on food, health and even life has shifted.

If you are looking to become a healthier version of yourself then Cris is the way to go. She dramatically helped me and she will be able to do the same for you.

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Maria Aiello Antoniades
5 Maria Aiello Antoniades

Yvette is truly an Angel for so many women. Her fitness routines are amazing but there is so much more. Yvette always has a smile when you walk in. She truly gives her all to every single lady that walks through her doors. She will be your biggest cheerleader but still push you to accomplish things you never thought possible ! She has changed my life and I’m very thankful for our friendship

Review of Yvette Salva Fitness  by Denise Ciccarelli Collins
5 Denise Ciccarelli Collins

Yvette ..going and spending time in your boot camp class is more then just throwing weights around ...
It's both a safe haven and a respite from the task of having to wear so many hats and masks throughout the week . We are stripped down, looking nothing like we do during the week and having the freedom to bear our souls there . Never have I been in a "gym" which it really isn't ..and to have the pleasure of being with real women . I call it my hour of the " bullshit free " zone. The way everyone supports one another is beyond refreshing .
Ty for giving us this experience .

Yvette Salva Fitness

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