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Yesu Janitorial has been providing quality cleaning services to commercial clients, across the Bay area, since its inception in 2012.

Since the inception of the company, we have become office managers of choice. Customers like you appreciate never having to go through a receptionist (as we answer all of our calls directly).


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28 February 2020

I've been working with this company for 3 years now, and I've referred them multiple companies to benefit out of this great crew.

If you are looking for a friendly, and serious company who can eliminate your stress or worrying, it's simple reach out to this guys and they will get it right for you.

28 February 2020

If you are tired of going through multiple layers of bureaucracy to get a simple thing gets done, I encourage you contact this guys. I enjoy working with them, it's always easy to reach out to the decision makers, and they get it done. More...

27 February 2020

Couldn’t ask for a better company, we went through 3 companies last year and we it’s been over 9 months with no issue

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We stand out from the crowed not because of the name we carry, it's because of what we do every single night, we take our responsibilities very serious.

We are dependable, who cares about our client's business as much as we do for our own, we pay attention to details, we don't cut corners, we are always a call away from our clients, we provide full service including ordering supplies and stocking.


We provide customize commercial service based on your needs from once a week to 7 days a week,