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Weatherford, Texas, Parker

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Weatherford, Texas, Parker


Founded by a seasoned CPA and a highly regarded Tax Attorney, our company is no stranger to small business or the entrepreneur life. In fact, we were raised by entrepreneurs so we know that time is a limited commodity. Our goal is making your small business back office work run smoothly so you can grow your business and spend time with your family.



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We primarily offer Quickbooks Online to our clients and use that to plan and execute your tax plan all year long. Our overall goal is to minimize your tax liability with a plan, and then stick to that plan with minimal time consumption work on your part. You do what you do, we do what we do. That 's efficiency.

People are greatly mislead by software providers that this type of work can be done by anyone. This is far from true. There is no greater danger to your business than a poorly ran bookkeeping system. It will cost you money, not save it. We've had years of specialized experience in several areas of business, and we approach each from a tax risk basis first. Why? Because that's what we do best. As a business owner, you need to focus your time on your business. If you give your business 60% of your attention, you'll only get 60% of what you can gain.

We love providing large company tools and methods to the small business owner. We also feel it's our duty to prevent people from losing their livelihood because of things they never knew existed. We've seen things most should never have to experience, we always wish they had come to us before.

Both of our founders were raised in homes where the whole family had to contribute. We learned from an early age how hard it is to own a business and maintain a family and a life. Sacrifices are the norm. We've seen people who have lost everything for mistakes they never knew they were making. Bad advise, ignorance of the law, poor planning, poor cash management, just to name a few. We started this to reverse that trend.

We have a system to keep you on track. Our clients love that they know their role, and know that they are protected. They love that they can finally take a breath.


The foundation of a good system. We sync you quickbooks online data with your plan and provide you access to a dashboard so you can check your progress. We also provide tax strategies for you to inquire about implementing.

The most common introduction with our clients. We try to make this process administrative, as it should be. Your tax return is built all year long. You'll know what to expect during "tax-time" and you'll be thinking about the upcoming year, rather than worrying about last year.

We reduce burden on our clients by implementing Quickbooks Online to virtually eliminate data entry, and thus minimizing user input errors. We offer reduced rates off of Quickbooks Online for anyone. If you choose to fully implement our system, the rate rolls into your monthly plan.