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Numa Quevedo

31 December 2018

Great place to work out and burn lots of fat. Coach Will really pushes you to your limits


Kelly K

30 May 2018

Coach Bakes ab-salute class is a great workout


Mev Ram

30 May 2018

Always an incredible workout! Be ready to sweat


Robert H.

24 May 2018

If your primary goal is to get in shape, WRKNYC is hands down the best place to go for intense classes and coaches who pay attention to you. If you are concerned about having a fancy studio, this is not the place for you. Each class is just a few or several people, and while there is a head coach who leads the class, there are other coaches who take part in the classes in help set up equipment, correct form, instruct, etc. Definitely very unique compared to the other classes out there.The classes here are tough, but you feel so accomplished after doing them. (I remember when I did my first Strength Training class, I was sore for the next week!) I personally love the Strength Training and HIIT classes. Many other similar classes in NYC don't work you that hard, but these classes work you incredibly hard. I've taken classes with Coaches Will, Cook, and Bakes, and they are amazing! More...


Anon P.

13 May 2018

I love this place and the people who run it! Coach Will and Bakes are my favorite but I've never taken a bad class there. The classes are always small so you get plenty of help and attention. The facilities leave something to be desired (the only place to change is a single bathroom) More...


Gerard Camme

4 May 2018

Nobody will WRK you harder...nobody will push you farther! Will Jackson changed my life!


Jadine Gomez

19 February 2018

This Is the best workout I have ever received. I'm addicted. You haven't worked out unless you've worked out at WRKNYC!!


Arielle B.

22 December 2017

Coach Amanda Baker is truly awesome.  I sent my brother to her class, who has autism but loves to work out.  I've taken her class before and knew she was a great trainer, but today she truly displayed excellence.  He had forgotten to drink enough water and got a bit dizzy.  She clearly explained all instructions for him, was super kind and supportive, and sat with him and offered pretzels and water until he was able to rejoin class, all while keeping everyone else on target.  He loved her style so much and her ability to stay super supportive, calm and flexible, while giving a great and balanced workout and appropriate adjustments, is rare in NYC.  Highly recommend!! More...


Mykal O.

8 August 2017

I'm between 3-4 stars here. I came here on a Groupon and it was an decent workout. I had read that it's one of the toughest workouts in NYC and that's not exactly the case. The instructors are super nice and motivating but that's the issue for me- they are just a little too nice. The classes are small and the space has everything you really need. It's clean, organized and that bullshit about waiting in the hall is a non-issue. This is a city of 8 million people, we all have to wait our turn. But... the familiarity they have with their regulars leads to a little more chit-chat than I'm used to. It was kind of distracting. I'm all for being responsible for my own effort level in a group class but this is a community type atmosphere that I'm not suited for. That said, I think it's great for people who live in the neighborhood, don't belong to a regular gym and want a decent workout. It's a good place to work up a sweat in a comfortable environment where you don't have to fret about being able to keep up with class- they will definitely make it do-able. More...


Emily Shempp

7 July 2017

I have tried just about every work out in town. WRKNYC is the best, bar none. I can't say enough about he discipline, the coaches and the results. Sign up and you will be amazed.


Kim B.

24 June 2017

I first found WRK on Groupon and now visit via Class Pass. I've been to tons of classes in the city. If you are looking for a fancy gym with free towels and water, this is not the place for you. If you're looking for a kickass work out, one of the best in the city and hands-down, with the BEST instructors in this city, then come here. Personally, I'll sacrifice the fancy gym for an incredible workout with the most attentive, motivating and personable trainers. More...


Lisa Myers

30 May 2017

I love wrknyc! It's different and just as challenging each time I go. Coach cook is super inspiring and above all fun!! I highly suggest coming to wrknyc and taking her "total body" class.


Karen Bell

14 April 2017

Staff is bubbling with infectious enthusiasm! They are professional,knowledgeable,courteous & approachable. The work-outs are beyond great! The space is clean & cheerful!


Monique Lindor

13 March 2017

The hidden beast came out! Class was high impact all that one would expect in a total body work out, you are part of the family from day 1! The coaches are awesome! Love me some coach Cook and coach Will, you up there 2 coach Bakes... More...


Anne E.

28 February 2017

Best boutique workout class I've taken hands down. It's definitely not your typical boujee Soul Cycle/Barry's Bootcamp vibe. It's a no frills class but you'll definitely be sweating when you leave. I think the best classes are strength training, boot camp, and legs & glutes. This isn't the gym to go to if you're just looking to be seen working out, but if you're looking to get stronger and in better shape stop by WRKNYC. More...


Adriane Caproni

24 January 2017

First time today and it was exactly what I hoped it would be. A sweaty Fat burning full body workout. Look forward to taking your other classes. Thank you Coach Bakes. That was awesome! More...


Marie A.Romulus

12 December 2016

Coach Will was awesome and very welcoming...made girl sweat!! Which is want I wanted....a great workout


Dana W.

25 August 2016

Great class! Coach cook is down to earth and very motivating! Not fancy or anything but everything you need for a great workout.


Monica B.

25 August 2016

I read the reviews after I had already signed up for this class via class pass and was apprehensive based on some of the negative reviews.  Having had a baby 5 months ago I have been slowly training on my own to build my endurance and prepare myself to jump back into group classes.  This class was perfect.  It was a small group (7) and a few of the girls, who seem to be regulars, were pretty friendly.  The teacher, Amanda Baker, was awesome.  She understood I was coming back to classes after a long time and made sure to coach me without making me feel like the weakest link.  I took the legs and glutes class and it was just the right intensity.  It was challenging, fun, and 45 minutes flew by.  That is not typical for a legs and glutes class!  I achieved that wonderfully 'day after' sore feeling I had missed.  The gym itself is not huge, but it's not very small either.  It's a good space with plenty of equipment and weights to keep classes fun and interesting.  I encourage everyone to try it out. More...


Ruby L.

6 August 2016

Took my first class here and it was hard. the place isn't the typical boutique fitness. It has the basics which is what all you really need in a gym. Coach will was motivating and kept the class going with each set/rep for this class. I absolutely hate any kind of ab related work outs but this was enjoyable for the most part. I wish there were some modifications only because I have a bad back. More...


Maggie Carlson

22 July 2016

Tido helps make even the new people have fun. In the quaint setting you get personal engagement you need with the encouragement of classmates around you. Defiantly worth the sore muscles =) More...


Michael Edmead

20 April 2016

I'm a physical trainer in the UK. I attended quite a few Gyms over in New York most of the places lacked atmosphere and friendliness, this is until I went to WOKNYC Studio. Class was energizing instructor Will very enthusiastic, friendly group made me feel welcome. This is what you want when you're attended some where for the first time. Mikeyspice More...


Brandy C.

1 April 2016

I love the Bootcamp class they offer here. It's soooo much fun!  I know it's tough, but you will not regret it. The instructor was awesome. Will was very welcoming and energetic. Love his class so much. I definitely see myself signing up for membership here. Highly recommend this place!!!!  Best work out you can get in the city!! More...


Diana H.

12 March 2016

I LOVEEE this class! This was the first TRX class I've ever tried and since then have kept taking TRX classes with coach will for a few weeks now and can say it's been such a hard but rewarding workout. The class literally targets everything and he really pushes you to challenge your body. My legs feel like steel walking out of there which means something is working :) There is a bathroom you can change in and they have cubicles so you can place your stuff as well! More...


Gracie Rios Pajonk

22 February 2016

Love it! Coach Will is the best! You will work every minute you are in class, but you will leave feeling stronger and feeling like you actually worked out. Small groups and everyone is very friendly. Very welcoming environment. More...


Grace R.

7 February 2016

Great workout! I visited today for the first time and LOVED it. I did the TRX/Kettle Bell Class with Coach Will. I was a bit intimated at first because everyone seemed to know each other and the ladies looked like they were in really good shape. I am not out of shape, but I am not the strongest girl out there. :PThe class lasted 45 minutes, and we worked every single one of them. Everyone was super friendly and encouraging. Coach Will was very nice and encouraging as well. Great workout! My arms felt like jelly after leaving. I has a little trouble putting on my jacket because my arms were shaking! Definitely coming back here. :) The place is not fancy, so don't expect a posh studio. You get the basics - but that's all you need to get a great workout. Don't arrive too early because there is no waiting area. Arrive 5 minutes before, and you should be more than ok. Ohh and make sure you change ahead of time...I did not see a changing room. More...


Ashley D.

30 July 2015

Today I experienced WRKNYC for the first time, taking their Runner's Recovery + Foam Rolling class. I discovered them on Fit Reserve but will definitely be back. It is a convenient location, near multiple subway lines, and the studio has a true community feel. This class is a great one for anyone who works out or runs a lot but doesn't spend enough time on the foam roller. Will was SUPER friendly and EVERYONE supported me and welcomed me to the studio. It is a motivating, safe space perfect for anyone! More...


Daniel C.

12 June 2015

This is as good a workout as you will find. Will's non-stop routine will focus on your whole body without the use of heavy weights. Be prepared to work hard for an hour but the end results are excellent.In response to any criticism, I should point out the class I attend is 70% female - all who come back each week. Will takes time out to know who you are makes everyone feel part of the class. More...


Raeskii Zord

2 June 2015

If you're looking for an intense faced paced workout this is for you. Will and Antonio are awesome and have supported me during my weight loss journey. Def a duo you want on your side.


Elyse Antonia

29 April 2015

It's a place where everybody knows your name and it feels like a personalized workout session. I never worked out this much 2 years ago. Now every time I step foot in a new studio they ask me "What do I do to stay in such great shape..." I tell them " I do #WRKNYC " More...


Ashley A.

14 April 2015

This is a nonstop, bootcamp style class. I went to the Ab-Salute, Coach Will's abdominal focused class... it killed me. 50 minutes of crunches, sit ups, planks, bicycles -- you name it, we probably did it. Better than the workout, though, was the sense of community. The class was almost entirely regulars, so he knew people's names and checked in with them mid-class. Being new, he also made a point to check in with me a couple of times (without being an annoying helicopter-trainer). Also, the music is really low. The reason it's kept that way is so that you can hear Will's marching orders. I generally like to listen to music at damage-my-eardrums level, so this was a change. Would recommend and try another class! More...


Mindy C.

2 April 2015

I found WRKNYC on ClassPass and chose it initially because it is convenient to my office. I was extremely self-conscious and nervous entering this small and intimate class. Coach Will and the regular class participants immediately put me at ease. Will combines "boot camp" like motivation with a very open, friendly 'you got this' spirit. I will use up my 3 times per month allotment from Classpass with WRKNYC. I just enjoy the atmosphere... Did I mention that I can hardly even pull off half of the routine? This is no "call it in" at the gym where you do some bicep curls at a leisurely pace and call it a workout. Will keeps the pace face, the tempo upbeat and the movement constant. I actually never knew I was out of shape until I saw the petite woman next to me pulling off righteous chin ups as I struggled to hold onto the bar. Go here. Great studio. New equipment. Clean. Good crew of regulars. More...


Megan P.

15 March 2015

THE BEST WORKOUT IN THE CITY! No joke, you know what you are getting every single time you show up for class. You know you are going to leave dripping in sweat with very fatigued muscles. But in the best way! The coaches are awesome, so fun and encouraging and they make every unique. I workout a lot and have been to a ton of studios in the city, this one is amazing if you are ready to work hard, sweat, and see results! More...


Amber Vittoria

11 February 2015

One of the best workouts I've had. I'm excited to go back and become a stronger runner because of it!


Sandi Tarnowski

22 January 2015

Love my #fitfam. Where everyone knows your name and you are guaranteed to sweat and have fun doing it. Trainers push you. Teammates support you. No other place compares to WRKNYC. More...