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Autumn Caravona

30 April 2019

The staff is extremely friendly! I definitely suggest stopping in and trying something from their cafe!


Lycia Marie

30 April 2019

They have a very good selection of vitamins and healthy choice foods, on easy to see shelves and there is always someone that works there that will take the time to help you.


Fox McCloud

30 April 2019

Nice place with lots of things vegans/vegetarians ingest. Or just people who want meat replacements. Lots of vitamins and supplements. Nice little bar where you can get kombucha and other drinks. Nice staff More...


Pat M

31 March 2019

Wright's new location on Main Street is great with ample parking in the back. Lots of new fresh choices in addition to the nice selection of other healthy options.


Sherry Goettler

31 March 2019

Very nice store. it's got a nice selection for a small store some harder things to find we don't eat refined sugar and they actually had quite a few products in here with alternative sugars in them.


Diane & Kevin Peroutka

31 March 2019

Nice little store! Would say I wish it had a bit more produce, and a few things were a little higher priced compared to other places. However, they had some things at great prices, so it balanced out really well. We got a ton of great organic dry bulk items in biodegradable bags no less! Wish they would do the same at check out....so bring your own bags. All in all, would definitely return! More...



1 March 2019

Great knowledgeable staff and owners. I have been going to Wrights for over 20 years at the old location. This new location is beautiful and well stocked. Fresh local produce and groceries. As a bonus, they have a smoothie and coffee bar with inside and outside seating. More...


Becca M

30 January 2019

This is a fun store to peruse. I spent about 20 minutes looking at the various whole and natural products that are available and discovered quite a few that were new to me. The atmosphere of the store is modern, clean, and quiet. The staff is always available and happy to help. More...


Elizabeth Brown

30 January 2019

My favorite location! This place can help you so much. They offer a blood analysis for 50$ which really turned my life and health around. The owners are so knowledgeable and helpful, ask them stuff. Theres a smoothie and espresso bar also. More...


Chris Allison

31 December 2018

Wrights Natural Market is at a new location in historic downtown New Port Ricky is is beautiful. You will feel welcomed when you enter with excellent knowledgeable staff. Their prices are really really good. From now on, I will go here for all my health and wellness needs. It has always been a positive experience. More...