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James Daesan

23 May 2019

Best place to workout in the area! 24/7 is very convenient because of my work schedule. Machines are always clean and the management and staff are always helpful. They do have tanning here if you are interested in that as well. More...


Alyssa Ford

9 May 2019

Love this gym! Staff is friendly and helpful. Machines are clean and it is never crowded. Would check this place out if you live in the area and are looking to start working out or a new gym!


Tanner Gillis

30 April 2019

I've been going here ever since I moved from Arizona 3 years ago and still till this day it is one of my favorite gyms to workout at. The gym has everything you need for a great workout and the staff is extremely friendly with the exception of a couple of the past managers. New management has really made this place awesome over the last 8-9 months.Highly recommended if you're looking for a gym to put you headphones on and get your workout on. I love that it never seems to be overly crowded like some on the other gyms I tried in the area. I got 2 of my friends to join about 2 years ago and they are still coming to this gym too. More...


Sam Mitchell

30 April 2019

This is the best gym I've ever joined. The staff and trainers are very helpful and professional. The morning staff member Irene is amazing with cleanliness. She makes this gym the cleanest gym I’ve ever been a member of. They worked with me extensively on what i needed to achieve my fitness goals when i first joined. They set me up with one of the best trainers I've worked with, Ethan. All in all I highly recommend this Workout Anytime. More...


Anthony Harris

30 April 2019

I’ve been a member for the last 6 months after switching from charter fitness and it’s been an awesome experience. If you're looking for a welcoming gym with great equipment and an awesome staff you will love Workout Anytime. Most trainers at gyms never seem to want to help you without charging you but Ethan at this location is super cool about just giving a few tips anytime you ask. Highly recommend this location. I switched from a bigger gym and love this place. More...


Zach Davis

31 March 2019

Great gym. The staff is awesome and it has everything you need for a great workout. You can’t beat the price for a 24 hour gym. Had two of my friends switch over from charter fitness and they love it. Highly recommend. More...


Sara Jane

31 March 2019

I don’t understand half these negative reviews because my experience over the last year has been amazing. This place has everything you need for a great workout and is always really clean. The best part is the staff is extremely friendly. No complaints!!! More...


Tara Lynne

31 March 2019

I came here as a guest with my friend two separate times and I was surprised it was as nice as it was. I ended up switching from planet fitness 2 weeks ago because this place has better equipment and is much cleaner than planet fitness. If you haven’t been to this Workout Anytime you’re missing out. This is a great location!!! More...


Scot Rounds

31 March 2019

This is a great gym. This place has all the equipment you need and the staff is amazing. New Management and staff has really made this place awesome over the last 3 months. Irene is super friendly and always cleaning. The best part about this gym is it isn’t as crowded and packed as other gyms in the area. Highly recommend this gym. More...


Erica Jiminez

23 May 2018

I really like this gym, the manager Mo was very personable when I came in to sign up and the gym is always very clean when I come in and doesn't smell like sweaty as some do.. It doesnt get crazy busy and they have cool classes too which I like when they fit into my schedule. Definitely would recommend More...


Kevin S

2 May 2018

This location has a great mix of equipment that can help you get or stay in shape.


james kildare

16 April 2018

Very clean health club, came in and took a tour with the manager moe. He was very informative and made me feel comfortable as I was discussing some of my health issues with him. we completed a movement screening as well! I was unable to get enrolled due to my current medical conditions but once I am cleared I will be joining with a family membership and hiring a personal trainer ! very excited. More...


Jesse Chavez

7 March 2018

This gym is great. It's got everything you need and more. The freeweights are plentiful and the dumbbells go up to 100 lbs. They have an awesome sled/parachute machine and the staff is always extremely helpful. Would highly recommend. More...


John Breida

14 October 2017

I'm a member at the Buffalo Grove location, but I figured I would let everyone know how amazing my experience at workout anytime has been. Over the past 6 months this gym has absolutely changed my life. I came to this gym weighing in over 275lbs and my body fat was over 38%. At first I was very against personal training so I literally told my trainer I was going to try it for 1 month. Long story short I haven't stopped. I have been seeing Jeremy 3x week and have lost over 40lbs and my body fat is currently sitting at 18%. I haven't felt and looked this good since I was in my twenties.

As far as the club goes this place has the best environment for a gym. The employees generally care about getting people results. Some of these reviews saying they are all about personal training is correct. 98% of people that I know that have joined a gym, either don't go or don't get results. Bottomline is i couldn't have done this without my trainer.

Next step, Jeremy and I are doing a 5k run this fall for thanksgiving. I wish I could give this place 10 stars because it has absolutely changed my life.


Mike Green

14 October 2017

This gym is perfect because it's never busy and I get 24/7 access. By 10 o'clock at night I basically have the entire gym to myself. I used to be a member at Xsport and have to deal with a crowed gym even at night. Ever since joining workout anytime I'm able to get better workouts. They have all the same equipment as Xsport but it's newer and not as packed. I just wish they played the nuance louder but I guesss that's what headphones are for. More...


Patricia juarez

13 October 2017

This club is extremely clean and the staff is amazing!! I've been a member of a few gyms in the area and this is by far the best atmosphere of them all. Sometimes they play the music too loud but the staff is so nice that all I have to do is go up the front desk to have them turn it down alittle and they do!!!! I highly recommend this gym. More...



12 October 2017

I have been training with Frank for about 2 months now and have seen amazing results! The staff is so motivating and friendly! Very clean as well!


Kathy Mitchell

12 October 2017

Amazing gym. I've been working out with Nancy for the last 2 months and my results have been amazing!!! I was struggling to lose weight for the last 5 years and I've finally been able to do it with some help from Workout Anytime!!! Love this place


Lorraine Kaspar

20 July 2017

Great gym, I 'm getting a great workout 3 x week with a trainer. Cost is so reasonable for this individual service, making this level very affordable. I definitely recommend this gym. Lorraine Kaspar More...


Joe Grotto

9 December 2016

Lots of machines, not too crowded, cool staff. Definitely worth the membership

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