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David A Moore

Was there for my cousin's daughters reception. Loved the mix of nature with the walk areas. Only used outside pavilion but it was a relaxing place.


Kayla Cox Cantrell

Beautiful. We attended a wedding and the venue was absolutely amazing. There was even an art exhibit we were able to view. Great destination.


T.K. Vernon

Tried contacting Mr. Grace back in February to secure a date for a special event. He emailed the rental price list, and never heard back from him afterwards. I left several voicemail messages, as well as emails to try and secure a meeting with Mr. Grace. I've yet to hear back from Mr. Grace More...


Lindsey Grable Leggitt

Awesome place to spend a Saturday! It's free to explore when they are not having an event. Totally enjoyable experience!


Lacey Elton

Loved it! Just recently had our wedding there. The place is beautiful and the staff are amazing and so helpful! We loved working with Ira!


Briana Lavallee

This park is a hidden gem!! Free admission, beautiful lake, swans walking around, flowers everywhere, and a gazebo with steps right down to the water. So beautiful and such beautiful memories of my engagement <3 More...


Wes Gross

Wildwood is truly a hidden gem in West Little Rock! Beautiful setting with numerous walking trails and gardens. Also great events, classes, and camps for all ages! We love the Lanterns! Festival and my daughter really enjoyed the Spring Break Junior Naturalist Camp! More...


Ginger Morrow

Last night was my first time there. I enjoyed the evening with friends. The festival seemed lacking...It definitely had that this is the last night let's wrap it up feeling. However I liked what was there. Hopefully next year I can go on Saturday. It was probably much better then. More...


Thekla Gillespie

My husband and I got married here October 24, 2015. Everything that could go wrong did. We booked an outdoor venue, but the weather forecast changed. Our original coordinator left as he suddenly had a new job. We had to relocate to an indoor spot, but the stage was being painted for the Vienna Boys Choir, so we couldn't even rehearse on it the day before the wedding. Luckily, the most awesome guy, Ira, came in and totally saved the day. He did everything under the sun to make sure everything was perfect. He hung out at the wedding and all our guests just loved him. He was absolutely wonderful! I love that place. More...


Shawn Tait

I have been coming here for walks over the last 5 years or more. Beautiful place to walk the dog! I came to walk the new Thailand am disappointed because I can't even find it. If you are going to take the time and money to blaze a new trail, then spend a little more money and make a sign! More...


Vandra Morgan-Delaney

The event was good. Lots of wine, plenty of food choices from local vendors. My favorite was the Capitol Grill shrimp and grits. My favorite of the numerous wines being tasted was Intrinsic - a heady cab with a full body and great legs! :)
The grounds, what I saw of them, were lovely. The swans a nice touch outside and very used to people tossing food evidently (sorry swannies).
The Mercedes folks were picking up people to/from the event and doing a fine job of it despite the short distance.
If I had one complaint it was there weren't enough staffers to keep up on the dirty glasses being left everywhere to keep the *air* of the event as upscale instead of *after the summer fair funky*.
Announcements couldn't be heard outside or at a few places in the *circle* which means we completely missed the acrobatics and the drawings. Next time someone needs to hook up a sound system so those enjoying the lights on the gazebo outside of the stifling heat inside can come in to join the fun.


Lauren McCullough

Gorgeous year round but will now hold a special place in my heart during these fall months...we had our wedding under the gazebo in November! And staff was great to work with. I look forward to having some photo shoots out on the trail this year. More...


Alexandra DeFoore

I love Wildwood! I love the intimate setting and the beauty of the outdoors in this area. My one suggestion is a random one. It would be beneficial to your shows to stop selling really crunchy snacks with crinkly bags, or maybe have people keep these snacks in the lobby. The last two times I've been to a show at Wildwood, I have had someone directly behind me loudly crunching chips and crinkling the bag—which they bought in the lobby—during the performance, and it's really distracting and takes me out of the wonderful shows you guys put on. One would hope people would know not to do rude things like this, but unfortunately, you can't expect people to do that. More...


Jill Cosgrove Lapaglia

We attended the Lanterns festival last night. I know they are volunteers but it was not up to par. We had ice cold beans and rice and luke warm rum punch at Caribbean station...no cheese at the moon and very little entertainment. The highlights...painting the moon and making craters..actually seeing the moon..Venus and Mars through the telescope. Those guys rocked. You also need to be able to buy bucks at each station. It was a good night because we were outside but we won't be back to the festival. More...


Heather Tieu

This place is beautiful. Today was a warm - just after the rain - kind of day. The walking trails and the hiking trails are well cared for and the scattered art sculptures adds to the beauty. The buildings hosts artists and we sneaked a peak at the rehearsal for their upcoming Annie. We will be coming back to do more exploring ASAP. More...


Samuel C. Pettit III

Beautiful space. Wonderful theatre. One of the best in Arkansas!


Rosie Roades

Good times at the lantern festival! Only recommendation I would make is, need more trash cans around the park and more people emptying them.


Yuyi Boo Assaf

What a wonderful experience, the Lanterns event was fantastic... we did learn about each country, please post in the Ft Smith,AR News paper again, we didn’t know about such a great event until this year. It was
Worth the drive and accommodations. 🙏 Thank you


Ange Welborn

My favorite place to find peace and tranquility when traveling to Arkansas. I do love the nurture for the heart and mind that this environment brings!


Andrea Helmer Hines

It’s a beautiful place to walk. There are paved walking trails, as well as natural trails. I have taken my dog several times and walked around the lake. In spring when the tulips and azaleas are in bloom, it is absolutely beautiful! There is a resident swan, named Alexander 😊, that has followed us swimming around the lake shore on our walks. There are also art shows, plays, exhibits, etc. that are shown inside. My husband and I have been to an art exhibit and a live radio story telling show. Both were very enjoyable. More...

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