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Gerard Russo

28 October 2018

I have been plagued with debilitating lower back pain and muscle spasms for over 16 years. I am 48 years old and a former boxer, martial artist, & weight lifter. I have had all types of treatments to help relive my pains . Chiropractor, Acupuncture, Physical therapy and Medications. They either don't last or just don't work. After being treated by Dr Silverman my pain and stiffness was gone after 2 visits and my energy level was high, My range of motion is better then ever after one week. Dr Silverman takes his time to meet and learn about each patient he works with. He is incredibly knowledgeable and loves to share his knowledge with his patients.If you are at a point were you think you have no one to help you PLEASE call Dr. Silvermans office. You will be glad you did. More...


Kristina Jenney

26 May 2018

Dr. Silverman took me as an emergent patient and he has done wonders on my back and neck!


Steven Nogueira

26 May 2018

After years of being treated by several chiropractors, physical therapists and an orthopedic doctor. Finally I have found Dr Silverman who is knowledgeable and uses cutting edge technology and techniques that have finally helped heal my body. I can’t recommend Dr. Silverman enough! More...


Reiko Moriguchi

15 June 2017

I highly recommend Dr. Silverman and his staff. He is my go-to doctor for any sports injury and he kept me playing tennis as he fixed my tennis elbow and achilles tendinitis. He is open late in the evening which is great for me as I work and I don't have time during the day. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Silverman. More...


Christopher Bonante

26 May 2017

Found Dr. Silverman via Tim Feriss' book 4 Hour Body on ART techniques. After a single visit experienced significant improvement in joint mobility, as well as immediate pain relief. Highly recommended.


Alicia Teresa

26 May 2017

Dr. Rob has taken great care of me since I started seeing him 10 years ago. I have had problems with my knees, back and neck and he seems to know what's wrong before he even touches anything. I always leave the office feeling completely fixed and brand new. He's got a great personality and is one of the smartest and most talented doctors I know! More...


William Peel

26 May 2017

Direct and to the point; doctor Robert Silvermen and his entire team of staff are extremely exceptional with their consideration and innovation. A very modern but deeply experienced feeling I got personally from what they offer the customer ( me). I was very doubtful before I came here, almost a sense of lost hope. I am regaining back my quality of life because of his revolutionary approach to my body. THANK YOU! More...


Christina Collins

26 May 2017

Dr. Rob currently helps my husband with his nutritional needs. As a result, he has educated us both and transformed how we think when making food choices. His caring nature to help others shows tremendously in his ever growing practice and his involvement in the community. More...


Dave Rosenberg

25 March 2017

Started seeing Dr Silverman as a chiropractor, stayed for the nutrition advice. Highly recommend his book as well.


Greg Werlinich

26 May 2016

Dr. Rob is a very dedicated, knowledgeable and thorough practitioner. He specializes in working with athletes. He provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to the well-being of his patients. He doesn't just want to fix your back; he wants to help determine and treat the root cause of your pain. I can recommend Dr. Rob without any reservations. More...


Frank Bodnar

27 May 2015

I had an opportunity to take a continuing education seminar from Dr. Rob and it was excellent from start to finish. As a fellow chiropractor and nutritionist I was able to walk away with not only new knowledge, but practical protocols that will allow me to become better at treating athletes with sports injuries but also offer the latest cutting edge sports nutrition recommendations. If you get the opportunity learn from one of the best. More...


Daniel Baldino

27 May 2015

I Sprained my ankle while playing softball this year and was referred to an Orthopedist. Being that it wasn't my first sprain, I knew that physical therapy and aspirin to keep the swelling down was going to be their only solutions. My wife had been going to Dr. Rob for some back pain and was very happy with her treatment. She recommended seeing him as well for a second opinion and possibly a speedier solution. I am extremely happy I took her advice, after the first visit Dr. Rob told me that he would have me light jogging by the end of the week. I didn't think it was possible, but he was right. Extremely knowledgeable in sports related injuries, highly recommended. Thanks Dr. Rob! More...

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