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Wentzville Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center



Wentzville Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center



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Megan Harkey

12 September 2019

Dr.Day is excellent and really cares about her patients!


Rachael Klemme

5 September 2019

Cannot speak highly enough about the service I have received from the staff here. From the ladies at the front desk to the Doctors, everyone is very kind and pleasant to work with. I love that after I am adjusted they don't say come back next week every time like other chiropractors I have saw in the past. They use the drop style tables so you aren't laying there with you leg thrown over you waist while they twist you like a pretzel. Very knowledgeable team. Acupuncture seemed really silly to me initially, but after watching her perform my reading, seeing what was off and having her explain what my symptoms of that would be - I believe. 25 minutes later and I felt much better each time! More...


John Nicholas

15 July 2019



Patrice Schuck

1 July 2019

Dr. Day was referred to me by my kickboxing instructor. I found myself with an injury, not by anything I had done. Sometimes stuff happens. Dr. Day not only fixed me up, but I will continue to see her monthly. More...


Dori Orf

25 June 2019

Everyone is super friendly . I have been seeing Dr Ridgeway for over 10 years and trust him completely. I also see Kelly for my massage. If you are looking for deep tissue ,she is the one you want. More...


Greg Marquart

12 June 2019

Dr. Owens is the best! Would recommend unconditionally!


Dee Hockmeyer-Meurer

12 June 2019

Everyone in the office is always friendly and welcoming! I have been seeing Dr. Owens for several years. She takes time to listen, which is rare for many doctors to do today! No matter if you just had a consultation/adjustment/acupuncture, you leave the office with peace of mind knowing Dr. Owens is going to help aleviate pain the best way possible. More...


Maggie Freise

2 November 2017

Went in for my first ever chiropractor appointment and the entire staffed was stressed up Halloween! What a great environment to go into! Dr. Day was incredibly informative and realigned almost my entire body when I thought one leg was shorter than another (thanks to the advice of another doctor). My first day back in the hospital as a nurse and I feel like a brand new person! More...


Bobbie McCoy Albertson

30 June 2017

Dr. Day is phenomenal! The entire staff is friendly and caring. I continue going after my insurance changed because of the quality of care provided by everyone in the office.


Tricia Dyer

14 February 2017

There are dedicated doctors whom have helped me many times with my back and other health issues. Also, the massage therapists and staff is great.


Ken Lubanowski

14 January 2017

Dr Day works miracles, I wish I would have found her long ago.


Rene Nelson

4 December 2016

Absolutely love Dr. Day !!!! And everyone I have referred to her think so too!


Jennifer Aubuchon

22 September 2016

Honest, knowledgeable and caring staff. The only chiropractic center I will go to. Dr. Brower and her staff are amazing!!


Stephanie Whitlock

14 August 2015

Amazing, honest, knowledgeable and, compassionate people, they are the best. Check them out and see the wonders they can do.


Samantha Richardson

7 August 2014

Amazing Doctors & Massage Therapists and Awesome staff!!