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Jodi Selene

1 November 2018

Danny is one of the best realtors in the Bay Area and one of the most respected by other agents! I used to work in this office and when I'd go on tour, which is where agents go to see properties open on the market, without fail when other agents saw my card, they'd always say, "Oh, Danny Winkler...I did an escrow with him. He's a great guy." Or, "he's really good to work with." Why? Because Danny is committed to listening and following through, doing whatever it takes to make sure a home sells and the buyer and seller are happy. I miss him and the office since I moved away!!! More...


Ellen Forman Obstler

26 August 2018

Jose is the best. He works hard and always has your best interests at heart.


Jesse Stroup

30 May 2017

Daniel Winkler and Associates is one of the bay area's elite real estate offices. As a mortgage lender I have worked with a few real estate agents and helping buys and sells with mortgage financing and I can't refer them enough.


C. W.

13 December 2016

Gary designed a remodel of our media room and garage, converting it into a full bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.  He did an amazing job from start to finish and came up with design ideas that really took the space to the next level.  He also worked with us to find a contractor who was amazing.  I can't recommend Gary enough. More...


Remy H.

14 June 2016

I never thought about hiring an architect for help us with our kitchen remodeling, but after talking to a couple of contractors, I realized a professional intermediary is needed to not just  realizing the vision but also to manage the whole seemingly endlessly convoluted process.  Fortunately, a mutual friend introduced me to Gary, and after our initial meeting, I knew I got my guy.  Gary understands modern esthetics!  He streamlined the design process and was able to show us what we wanted to see but weren't able to say.  More importantly, Gary took over the entire project, ranging from selecting and managing the right contractors, picking out the right appliance, the counter top materials, the permit, etc.  We can focus on our daily work.  Gary is super focused and detail oriented.  He delivered the results on budget and on time.  There was not a day that we spent in our new kitchen that we didn't feel amazed by what a difference a good architect like Gary can make.  We are very glad that we had Gary for this project.  Highly recommended! More...


Ian K.

18 March 2016

Gary Meyer did an amazing job producing an architectural design for our interior residential remodel.  He put in extra hours and demonstrated real creativity in helping us to build a nursery and also capture some unused space.  Gary was professional, courteous, timely, and also helped us to save money during the construction phase.  His experience with San Francisco's complicated permit system was also key.  I highly recommend Gary for your job. More...


Carolina S.

17 December 2013

We used Gary for our bathrooms remodel. After much consideration, we spoke to him and went through our first see through the site to figure out if this was the right fit for us. He indeed was, coming up with different sketches for what the new and larger bathroom would look like. From there we locked a specific look and immediately went forward with purchasing the materials and demoing the space. Gary was great to work with while picking up materials and keeping an eye on the project as it progressed. If anything the price was worth for the final project which everyone has commented and loved. More...

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