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Betsy B.

14 May 2019

Awesome job installing my water softeners.  Great crew and stellar customer service all the way around!


Dan H.

14 May 2019

We recently had a sink drain giving us problems. Having used Water Quality once before and remembering their professionalism and quality service many years back in a different home, we gave them a go again. Jason was great to work with and they were able to schedule us in quickly. The technician was organized and efficient, as well as easy to talk to and professional.Water Quality Plumbing has an outstanding reputation in the area - they are a strong honest company and will leave you satisfied. More...


Pankaj K.

3 May 2019

I would have given 5 stars to this business. But they screwed up themselves for few dollars.Hired this company to do a full repipe of the house and install new water softener that I bought from them. One of the plumbers damaged the bath tub while replacing the shower head; smartly put a patch and then denying it since then. After a long debate on over 2 months they agreed to bear 50% of the expense of tub repair and refinish.Lesson learnt:1. Never pay the contractor in full until you get all the work done (period). They agreed to take care of the damage so I paid in full and regret ever since.2. Inspect everyday's work thoroughly without fail. Positives:1. Good quote for full repipe work. They were not the cheapest though. No issue with the repiping or water softener so far.2. Release of Payment after the final city inspection was the important factor for choosing them for this work.3. Business office staff is respectful and cool. Trina and/or Christina: you guys are awesome!!!4. Sheet rock patching and was texture was done nicely. A very skilled chap whoever did that.Negatives:1. Broke the tub and put a filthy patch and denied having done it.2. Plumbing company owner walked my whole house with shoes on whereas the city inspector was wearing the shoe covers the whole time during the inspection. Extremely unprofessional.3. We were unable to clean the tub coz of the patch and the plumbers declared the patch as old. Plumber who came to inspect the tub calls it  "filthy".4. Took 2 weeks to complete the repipe work. That means that either you cannot clean your house till all the work is done and consider it declared filthy by the plumbers or clean your home everyday. More...


Denise A.

12 April 2019

Marty Satalino Jr. and his team are the bomb!  He has been in the business for years and knows what needs to be done.  We bought a house 10 years ago in LG with plumbing problems from the beginning.  We have had many different plumbers out here.  One group recommended a repipe that was not necessary.  There are a lot of scams out there so be careful. Once we started with Water Quality, the problems have disappeared.  They work within your time frame and budget to get things done.  We had several things to tackle and did not have to do it all at once.  Now, we are done!  Clean outs installed, Sewer line, small portion repipe under house and kitchen remodel with new gas line as well as sink/fridge is perfect!  There were a few hiccups but they immediately responded and solved any problems that came up and took full responsibility.  This is why they deserve 5 stars!  No one wants to take responsibility anymore and I truly appreciate the immediate response and QUALITY care we have received.  Thank you! More...


Deborah T.

28 March 2019

Found water on the floor behind the washing machine and assumed that the line was clogged. Was able to have a service person come out right away who discovered that the pipe behind the wall was leaking. He replaced the leaking pipe quickly and recommended that I have the floor checked as well for water damage. Very happy with the excellent customer service, quick response to my request, knowledgeable and professional service person. Highly recommend. More...


S L.

23 January 2019

They gave me good technical info on water softener options and responded really fast to replace our old unit. Their installation was fast and professional and everything has worked perfectly.


Leslie K.

13 December 2018

These guys were able to come out quickly to replace a leaking garbage disposal.  Phil was one time, quick and professional.  Would definitely request him again.  Unfortunately, he moving to Reno.  San Jose's loss but Reno's gain...  Good luck Phil... More...


Ganesh S.

13 December 2018

After reading many positive reviews about Water Quality Plumbing, I called them to service my GE water softener. Jason showed up at the appointed time and inspected it. He explained that the current softener is not worth servicing because it is more than 15 years old and provided me with a quote for a new water softener. The quote was on par or less than others I spoke to afterwards. Jason did not charge for this first visit! A week later I called them to fix up the installation appointment. Again, Jason showed up on time, did the 'picture perfect' installation and went over the details of the new softener. He took about 90 minutes to complete the installation and clean up the area. He did a fantastic job! I would confidently call them should there be any plumbing need in the future. More...


Vlad S.

5 December 2018

I needed a water softener installed in my house (some of the plumbing for it was already there) and requested quotes from 2 reputable companies. Water Quality's bid was significantly lower  for a 48k grain system. Technician, Steven, was on time and did a great job installing the softener in couple of hours including a drain line and a trip to Homedepot. Water hardness used to be terrible, over 20 grains per gallon and now down to virtually zero. More...


Nicole A.

19 October 2018

I have worked in the Real Estate and Property Management business for more than 20 years now. I have been using Water Quality Plumbers for 10 years. We have had every kind of plumbing repair completed by them including re-piping of apartment buildings. They will complete the job and do what is asked in a professional and clean manner. They have a high knowledge of what is needed and how it should be done. I really love their staff and admin office, very friendly. Don't believe those other grouchy tenant reviews as they are just upset their pipes were being replaced and they had Water Quality troopers coming through their living rooms; ) Their apartments were cleaned after the job was completed and they were given free rent by the landlords :) I will continue to use Water Quality Heroes. Thank you! More...


Marisol L.

26 September 2018

The owner connected with me to help resolve our long term issue. He says he will honor refund for last tech call. He believes prob may be with tankless water heater installed by builder. He provided a number and go to person for my brand name tankless heater. I appreciated his attention to try and help us  resolved our hot water problems. Little tip about recirculating pump timers (needed for a tankless only), if pump does not have water running through it say due to a leak or shut off from water main and you don't know to turn off your pump, it will burn out even in a span of 15min! Pump is approx $450-$500 just the part. I hope this helps those who think paying extra for a timer for the luxury of having instant hot water, not worth it. Wish I had known this. More...


Jyoji D.

25 September 2018

I had these guys install a new water softener today. They did a wonderfully professional job. From getting an estimate to installation there was no b.s., no up-selling, and they kept every promise they made, big and small. Jason was professional and never tried to "sell" me. I can't express how pleasant that was (contrast that with Costco's eco-water rep... can you say twice as expensive and up-sell galore?) Stevie did a pro job at installing the softener. He even consulted me periodically about my preferences just to be sure that I was 100% satisfied. Thanks guys. I just found my new plumber for my house and rental property. More...


Kelley F.

17 September 2018

We recently noticed a gas pipe near our pool equipment needed to be repaired and called Water Quality Plumbing.  Phil arrived on time and with a positive attitude; he was a pleasure to be around.  Our water heater was challenging to re-light but Phil got it going and made a suggestion on what we will need to do to make it easier to light in the future. More...


C. N.

17 September 2018

My mom recommended these guys. She had them install a whole house water filter and she loved them!I also wanted a whole house water filter and soft water system. Jason came out and checked out the job. He sent me a quote and I placed the order. A week later  Jason came by and installed it. We started talking about other things I wanted to get done like an under the sink R.O. drinking water system and changing out my water heater. The same thing again, I received a quote and ordered both. Phil came and installed our water heater and Jason installed our drinking water system. I set up the house with almost everything I needed in a matter of 2 weeks! Both guys are very professional and knowledgeable. I found a plumbing partner for life! I will definitely recommend them to everyone! More...


Barbara B.

16 September 2018

I just had a complete repipe done by Water Quality Plumbing.  I haven't seen so much copper.  Great service!  The estimate was right on.  He told me what needed to be done along with the inspections.  They submitted a very complete estimate and a very fair price.  The team that came to my house were here on time, everyone had a job and did it very well.  They were neat (laid down tarps in the house) and cleaned up after themselves when they left.  The inspector came (naturally I passed).  Jose came and completed the drywall.  Hooray, now I have the greatest water pressure--even my sprinklers. More...


charles g.

10 September 2018

Good service period !Phil Smith installed my water heater without any issues.On time, efficient did a great job !Thank you.


Debbi P.

6 September 2018

After seeing many positive reviews, I called and booked an appointment for a plumbing repair. Jenny was friendly and helpful while booking the appointment. Phil arrived within the stated time frame. He was courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. He quickly fixed the problem and left no mess behind. The price for the repair was reasonable. I would call them again. More...


Leah C.

30 August 2018

The team at water quality is excellent with a very fair pricing! They also have weekends and emergency services. You should call the Water Quality Plumbing next time you need help with any plumbing, they have honest pricing with excellent results! One of the best service I have seen in years! More...


Jay S.

30 August 2018

Phil is the best! Our water heater broke midday and we were worried we'd go days without hot water. Phil got our new water heater installed and running by 4pm! Friendly and professional, plus answered every question I had. Would immediately recommend to anyone. More...


Eric F.

25 August 2018

We are frequent customers of Water Quality Plumbing given we own several investment properties. We've worked with other plumbing companies in the past but Water Quality provides the best service. We always request Phil. He is polite, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Nobody does a better job! More...


Bailey R.

24 August 2018

The diverter for my bathtub's spout began leaking water and needed to be replaced. I originally had a 5-star plumber with 400+ reviews come out who only ended up rendering my shower unusable and gave up. Yesterday, this plumber was able to solve a tricky problem that eliminated the spout but at least made it so I could use the shower. Service was professional from scheduling an appointment to the actual work done. He showed up on time, did quality work, was neat & tidy and got my shower working again. The only reason for 4 (instead of 5) stars is the little plate used to cover the hole left by removing the spout was charged at $22 - this kind of item retails for less than $10 at Lowe's. I expected to pay a premium for parts used but a 120%+ markup over retail price is excessive. More...


Sharlene R.

23 August 2018

Phil was excellent today!  He met some challenges that would discourage most guys, but not him!  I love his positive can do attitude.  I believe that is what enabled him to press through a few difficult roadblocks for what should have been a relatively routine job.  If you need someone with experience and knowledge in plumbing, ask for Phil! More...



21 August 2018

Our water heater pilot stopped working recently.  The folks at water quality plumbing responded quickly.  Phil was very professional, friendly and finished the job efficiently.  He  replaced the pilot assembly and got it working again.  We recommend them and ask for Phil if possible. More...


Alexander K.

16 August 2018

Phil is solid. He did fast assessment on a number of issues for our single family home including shower, kitchen, and exterior water issues. He was quick at giving explanations, alternatives, and even corrections to the home inspection report. This is the type of expert and company you want to work with when you want honest, fast, and prompt help. I would work with Phil and Water Quality Plumbing again and will be recommending them to friends.Thanks so much Phil! More...


william e.

2 August 2018

Had outdoor piping repair that was estimated at 2 to 3 hours. Stevie came and did a great job in one hour. Thanks Water Qual.      8/2/18 had Water Quality (Stevie) do additional work. He adjusted my house pressure and replaced a defective piping component. More fast, high quality work! More...


Stephen Z.

16 July 2018

I've used Water Quality Plumbing on several occasions and I always find them professional and courteous.  It's my second water heater replacement with them and Phil did a great job!  I asked to see the anode because the 6 yr warranty lapsed 2 weeks ago (WTF)... not in great shape, but he's seen worst.  Too bad they don't have an extended warranty plan (he mentioned that Bradford & White should last 12 years typically)...  I still think its a manufacturing conspiracy (planned obsolescence).  He also quickly swapped out my leaking toilet flapper valve too (since he was there, why not).  Thanks Phil! More...


David S.

15 July 2018

I had two old water heaters installed by the previous house owner more than 12 years ago.  Popping noises made me concerned about potential failure and residue buildup, so I called Water Quality Plumbing and made an appointment since they had installed the old units, and I saw the company receives good Yelp reviews.  Phil showed up on time on a Thursday morning.  He's totally professional, highly competent and good-natured.  After examining the two heaters and giving me a reasonable quote, I decided to replace both units.  Phil scheduled me for the next day, and Phil and Stevie showed up on time.  They worked great as a team, and Stevie impressed me as much as Phil.  All the work is solid and neat, and they cleaned up afterwards very well.  I'm very happy with the job and will call WQP for any future plumbing needs.  Thanks guys! More...


Sonal A.

19 June 2018

We had a water leak under our kitchen sink and couldn't figure out where the water was come from. Stevie found the leak within a few minutes and suggested we replace the faucet. We were lucky that he had a faucet with him. He was super professional and answered all of our questions. Would definitely recommend! More...


Bev M.

15 April 2018

Water Quality Plumbing is the best plumbing company!  Look no further!  Stevie came out to snake our pipes.  He was right on time and very professional. You could immediately see he is an expert in his field.  Stevie explained what was wrong and what needed to be done.  Not only was Stevie extremely professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and efficient, he was so kind and courteous, and provided outstanding customer service!  We HIGHLY recommend Water Quality Plumbing, and Stevie! More...


Victor K.

11 April 2018

Stevie did a great job replacing my gas water heater. He was right on time for appointment and worked fast. I provided my own new water heater and he did the replacement and haul-away. I had quotes from 8  plumbers based on nextdoor reviews and these guys were the second lowest price for my job spec. Very happy with quality and price. More...


Leslie G.

4 April 2018

Very happy with Water Quality Plumbing!  Our water pressure was very low in the kitchen sink faucet, master shower and master toilet.  We decided to purchase the type of toilet recommended and had them install it. All issues were resolved quickly & satisfactorily.  Staff is professional & efficient & Marty was great.  Highly recommend and will use their services again! More...


Deb S.

21 March 2018

Phil and Stevie are Plumbing Rockstars!! Two other plumbing companies told us that we had to replace our 50-year old cast iron pipes this week when our laundry sink wouldn't drain. Phil looked at the sink and said, "I'm pretty sure I can clear this." He and Stevie brought in a small, motorized machine and a few minutes later I heard jubilant cheers. Thank you so much, guys. You did what two other plumbing services couldn't.... or wouldn't.  I will tell all my neighbors and definitely use Water Quality Plumbing in the future. Hooray! More...


frank c.

5 March 2018

Called Water Quality Plumbing this morning about a leaking hot water heater and they were able to send someone out to the house same day. Repairman spotted issues with the previous installation which he repaired at no cost to me. I'm very happy with these guys and already asked them back for more stuff that needs to be fixed. More...


j j.

18 February 2018

Re-pipe of 2 story house - professional, responsible and competent - Good pricing - better pricing than the radio advertised re-pipe specialists.It takes two weeks to completely re-pipe a 2 story house. The water is shut off only one day - the 5th day of the first week. They run the pipes in parallel to the existing pipes then on the day for connection, testing and flushing the water will be off. The insulation of the hot water lines, removal of the old pipes, drywall repair and city inspection takes place the second week. Drywall repair was superb.They arrive at the same time each morning and did cleanup each day. Be aware that you may need to assist or ask for better protection of wood floors as the tarps can be inadequate protection if something is dropped from a ladder height. Recommend that you ask for what shower valves will be installed in order to participate in the selection; the design may be important to the look of your bath/showers. More...


Kendal H.

16 January 2018

Had a problem with the connection to our water heater over the holiday weekend. We had to shut our water main off so it was a bit of an emergency. I have used Water Quality several times at my mothers home and have always been pleased. Phil was able to come out the same day. Although we were prepared to replace the water heater if need be Phil assured us it was just fine which saved us lots of money. He had us up and running in less than 2 hours. This is a great company. Thanks Phil! More...


Baohong S.

16 January 2018

I used this company 6 times. Generally, their plumbers are pretty skilled and knowledgeable. But, their hourly rate is not cheap. For the complicated plumbing issues or new water heater installations, I recommend to use this company. More...


Pat N.

5 January 2018

Fantastic company.  We had a serious backup in our kitchen sink, dishwasher and bathroom sinks.  Based on some neighbor recommendations and yelp reviews we called Water Quality Plumbing.  Initially Phil and Stevie came out and attempted to snake the pipes which they had to do from the roof of the house.  The pipes were so badly clogged it was like concrete and wouldn't break up.  We would need to have some old pipes replaced and we also asked that they put a cleanout outside our kitchen so when we do need work done they won't have to go on the roof.  Today Phil and Jose came to do all the pipe replacements and build the cleanout.  They were both great.  Once under the house Phil found some cracked galvanized pipes and some other incorrect piping connections. This was all work that was not in the original work plan and estimate.  He replaced the damaged pipes and corrected the bad connections.  While Phil was under the house Jose was assisting him and also building the new cleanout.  They both did an amazing job.  They were very polite, friendly, neat and cleaned up after the work was completed.  They also did not add any additional charges for all the extra work they did.  This is the kind of company you want to give your business to. More...


Pamela B.

13 December 2017

I just want to say how delighted I was with water Quality's Service. I had problems with my shower not draining.I had called 5 other plumbing companies, and I either reached voice mail or they were not available.   Phil came out after hours and was able to sort out the problem immediately, and snake the shower drain.  Yeah, my plumbing problem resolved.  Phil was very professional and personable, and I would ask for him again. Thank you, Pam More...


sherrie g.

2 December 2017

They are great! Trustworthy, knowledgeable, dependable, and honest. That's really what you want when you've got a plumbing problem. That's why Water Quality Is the only company we use in my neighborhood. I've been they're customer since I became a homeowner in 2005. They know what their doing and they're honest and affordable no matter what your issue. My issue was a water heater. I trusted them when they said I needed a new one (after 14 years). I was a dolt and believed it would last forever. They had a new one in the next day. Best price & best service. More...


Lisa C.

23 November 2017

Despite great effort at getting a head-start on meal prep the night before Thanksgiving, putting 2 dozen eggshells down the garbage disposal wasn't the best decision. 9:30pm is when the call went out.  Within an hour, Steve arrived and fixed our problem.  Very polite and fun to talk with.   Definitely recommend Water Quality to anyone.  Happy Thanksgiving, Steve! More...


Debra W.

16 November 2017

I love it when I have a leaky pipe...  said NO ONE ever!My leak was in the garage where its carpeted and was getting soaked.My neighbor recommended Water Quality Plumbing so I called and their repairman, Steven, came out the next day.  He did a GREAT job!  Thank goodness for a quick response that stopped the leaking before it got worse.  I'm happy it's fixed and Steven's a really great guy.  It cost me $140 for labor + $15 trip charge.   Totally worth it. More...


sean m.

25 October 2017

Made an appointment on Monday for the following day. They said they would call in the morning with a 2 hour block for Tuesday. When they called they said "we'll be there between 2 and 4pm."  We canceled our daughter's class to accommodate them even though we asked if they could come just 15 minutes earlier. At 4:35 we called them because no one showed or cared to call. I gave them a 24 hour chance to explain. There was no explanation until 1:30pm Tuesday. They have since rectified the situation by discounting me $25 and doing the work immediately upon the return call, albeit quite later than I had anticipated. More...


Sasha P.

26 September 2017

I had Water Quality Plumbing install a water softener in my home and I absolutely love it! My skin and hair feel so much better and I feel like my appliances are getting relief from the hard water.



25 September 2017

Marty and folks at Water Quality Plumbing were great. Just had my house water softener replaced. Isaias arrived on time and got the job done. When we first consulted with Marty about the issue we were seeing with our water, he came out the same day to have a look, help diagnose the problem and offered great advise. This helped us in making the decision to go with his service. They definitely provided quality service and we are very satisfied. We will definitely use them for our future plumbing needs. More...



7 September 2017

We had a gas leak in a home we had just moved into and WQP was super responsive, worked diligently on solving the problem and sent multiple team members to get the job done as quickly as possible. All were very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend them!! More...


Alissa C.

1 September 2017

I initially found out about this place as my neighbors recommended this place and I checked on yelp just to be sure.  I called and was told i can have an appointment the next day, but they will call me in the morning to tell me the time slot.  they also told me the rate was $140 an hour and $15 trip fee.  Just like they said they would, I got a call in the morning and had a 10am to noon time window.  Steven showed up at 10:10am.  He was such a young kid and initially i was thinking, crap, how is this kid gonna fix my problems?  i had 2 main problems that needed attention.  my water pressure from my kitchen faucet was low and i had water overflow from my secondary drain from my dishwasher.  steven fixed my problem in like 25 minutes.  my faucet has great pressure and no more overflow from the dishwasher drain.  since I knew i was paying by the hour, i asked if he can change my shower heads and he did them without any problems.  steven was very courteous and worked well.  i paid $155 just as they told me on the phone.from the initial call to the final service, i feel like this was a great experience. one of the reasons i'm writing this review is so i won't forget who i used so i can use them in the future. More...


Steven N.

24 August 2017

These guys were great to work with. Had an issue at a rental and called them to check it out. They  coordinated with my renter and quickly took care of the issue. Highly reccomend.


damon h.

21 July 2017

Drain pipes were backed up really bad in half of the house. WQ came out on a Saturday night and performed a snaking. Took the guy about an hour. Problem fixed drain was draining perfect!  On such short notice the price was reasonable! More...


Kathleen O.

20 July 2017

7/19/17:   Phil/Stevie to the rescue today!  Quick assessment and plan of action for a stopped up toilet.  (handy tip:  be careful of 3 ply t.p. & low flow toilets).  They cleared it quickly & I felt I was in very good hands from beginning to end.  Real nice guys & Marty Jr. is nice to speak to as well.  Thank you guys.  I will use you again. More...


Ted Y.

3 April 2017

I found this company on yelp because I live out of the area.  I have used them for about three years for random jobs.  they always come on time and get the work done correctly.  I would highly recommend working with them.  They have good communication also.Spinner Properties More...


Kirk E.

30 March 2017

Water Quality Plumbing consistently delivers on excellent service and professionalism. Phil arrived on-time, was friendly and visibly took pride in his craft. We were able to land on a time with short notice. Our house had a mysterious slow drip originating from the second floor. After some sleuthing, Phil narrowed down the possibilities and found the culprit which was a fresh water leaking from the older toilet. We had two more challenges: low-flow on the kitchen sink due to San Jose's infamous water sediment - and slow hot water coming from the tankless water heater. Phil efficiently fixed both! Kitchen water now flows as it should and the wait for hot water throughout the house was cut more than in half. Thank you Water Quality! We will definitely recommend you and call again if more plumbing work is needed in the future. More...


Kat B.

7 March 2017

I've been meaning to write this review for awhile!This company was great! My water heater broke the  Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend and I thought we were going to have to have to go awhile without hot water. BrrrrPhil and Patrick came over to install the new heater in no time. They were efficient and professional. In and out! No issues, excellent price, great customer service. The type of business and employees that deserve the 5 stars! More...


Stacy V.

26 January 2017

I've used Water Quality Plumbing a number of times....when I first bought my house they installed my new water softener and ran gas pipes for my new gas appliances.  Almost 5 years later I went out to bid on a whole house re-pipe, with re-circulating pump, and Water Quality's bid was competitive and since I knew their work, I chose to go with them.  It was easy to make adjustments to the bid, via email, and I was able to sign and email the estimate and schedule the work, via email and phone.  Their front office staff was very friendly and helpful, and gave me all the info I needed to prep for their crew to be in my house for almost five days.  And their plumbers were great!  First, so friendly, careful and thoughtful...treated my home with care and the fact that I work from home, they were sensitive to me being on the phone, etc.  Their work was stellar!  They were on time every day and left my house as clean as they found it.  Their sheetrocker was also amazing and fixed up all my walls - in the house and the garage.  I would recommend Water Quality to anyone.  And by the way, my instant hot water and re-pipe are fabulous! More...


David W.

14 January 2017

We had a plumbing crisis 2 on December 23 with all our family visiting. Phil and Isaac came out that day and fixed it, and saved our Christmas. The office staff was also very helpful in discussing the problem with us. More...


Kim V.

4 January 2017

This is a big fat giant THUMBS UP for the superheros at Water Quality Plumbing! Our water heater died abruptly yesterday. We live in the Santa Cruz Mountains, it was pouring rain, getting dark, and there was not a drop of hot water to be had. Panic! I started calling around for emergency water heater replacement and the response was extremely discouraging. Our location in the hills makes it more difficult to get service, and I get that, so I wasn't expecting someone that night. But everyone I  managed to get through to seemed vague about when they could get to our house with a propane water heater, EXCEPT WATER QUALITY PLUMBING! "Sure! We can get there first thing tomorrow" said a  very friendly and efficient woman  who answered on the first ring.She put me on hold for less than 30 seconds to check if they had what we needed in stock. They did. Next morning, Alex pulled up EARLY with our new heater ready to go. His smiling partner Phil arrived to assist, and they went to work. Soon, we were back in business with hot water flowing. They cleaned up thoroughly when they were done, I paid them the price they quoted me over the phone and off they went tosave the day for another distressed customer. Thanks again to the entire crew, the gals on the phone, Alex, Phil and VERN who hooked me up initially. Water Quality Plumbing rocks! More...


Tom R.

20 December 2016

Came out today to repair a prior poor repair.  They were quick to estimate, quick to send their team out, Phil and Taylor.  Both were very nice friendly and can tell they like working for their company which tells a lot.  Within one hour my incoming main was repaired and we have water!!!  Repair was quick, easy, cheap and done well. I would recommend!! More...


Steven O.

19 September 2016

Today is Monday, the one day a week I have "free". I asked Water Quality Plumbing to schedule a gas water heater replacement for a Monday. It was functioning fine and not leaking, but 14 years old and full of calcium and sediment to the point it wouldn't drain...   any Monday would be fine. They asked how about 1pm today? Wow.... great! They showed up, did a clean job to code, and Woohoo! I don't have to spend another Monday on this issue.I'll definitely call them again. More...


Susan P.

28 August 2016

My tub drain was backing up on a Saturday. I called several plumbers and only Water Quality had an answering service. Plumber Phil called me back immediately. He said he would come out in about 3 hours but I scheduled for Sunday morning. Phil came, used the electric snake on the drains in both tubs, fixed the problem within an hour and charged me the amount agreed upon in our phone call. Good work. More...


Dahai L.

27 August 2016

My water heater was leaking water from the top. It was discovered after coming back from work at 5 o'clock. Called up Water Quality Plumbing, and told by the receptionist that some technician would call me back soon,Within 5 minutes Phil called me, and asked for a description of the problem. He then informed me that I need to have the water tank replaced, and checked back with the office to see if it was still under warranty. After confirmed that my water tank still under warranty, he provided  quote for the upgrade and labor cost, which were quite reasonable. Phil was very courteous on the phone. I felt conformable for him to do the job.Phil arrived at my house at 8:30 pm after finishing the previous job. He was as polite  in person as he was on the phone. After explaining to me the problem which was very informative, he started to work immediately. He took less than 90 minutes to complete the task, which was originally estimated to take two hours.I am very satisfied with Phil's work, and the my interaction with Phil was very pleasant.  I high recommend Water Quality Plumbing with professional technician like Phil! More...


Gary B.

18 August 2016

I had a nasty leak in the sprinkler system's piping and wanted to get a trustworthy plumber to handle the task, so I called on Water Quality, as they had done my copper piping upgrade and other plumbing work before so I liked their track record.Frank showed up and troubleshooted the problem, and was able to take care of it efficiently, offering me options that included breaking through tile (which would take more time and money) or merely tying-off the leak with a proper seal (which would be quicker though would leave the pipe showing).  I made the choice, and he promptly fixed the issue.  He offered to take a look and give advice while he was on the clock (first hour of repair is paid for by the basic fee), and was very helpful offering great advice.I'd highly suggest Water Quality, and with plumbers like Frank, I'm sure they'll continue their awesome reputation for great service for a long, long time. More...


Paul T.

6 August 2016

Wow, what a great find. They just completed a full copper re-pipe and new water line for us, on our tri-level house. We got a range of quotes, and while Water Quality wasn't the lowest, we liked the professionalism of their quoting process, and also the positive reviews, and viewed it as not worth taking chances on something as major as a re-pipe.The whole team was incredibly courteous, and make it about as pleasant as a re-pipe can be. They cleaned up at the end of each day, but more importantly, you could tell there was no compromise in quality. They scheduled the inspection as part of the service, and the inspector was very complementary on the work they performed. I had a separate contractor doing some other work, and he commented that they were using high quality copper pipe, and doing good work also. Finally, the sheet rock repair was outstanding - esp. given we had nasty popcorn ceilings which were tricky etc. They also did a really good job scheduling - three separate teams, one on pipe, one on trenching/water line, and one on sheet rock, all done seamlessly and consistently. They also did a really nice job of ensuring the water was off only one day, and also immediately addressing some issues (such as debris that had been kicked up from the old pipes blocking some faucets). Also, they were very accommodating fixing some mid-course things like moving the high of a shower, without any hassle at all.I have to say, Water Quality is now my default for ongoing plumbing needs, it's really nice to work with a company that is nice, honest, and does great work - and these guys really know what they are doing, which gives you a lot of confidence. A re-pipe is a major investment, and serious amount of work on your house. And done wrong, it's going to cause you problems for years - and definitely something not worth compromising on. Thank you Water Quality for doing such an awesome job. More...


Glenn W.

5 August 2016

I've used Water Quality Plumbing for both water and gas lines in my house for years.  They've always been professional and done great work.  Phil and Chris did an awesome job of running the gas lines to my fireplace (converting to gas logs).  If you have any plumbing work, including gas lines, these guys are the best. More...


casey c.

20 July 2016

I called Water Quality Plumbing to fixed a pipe noise problem.  Phil was the one who came and he was courteous and knowledgeable.  The job was done fast and professionally. More...


Ryan T.

30 June 2016

We needed a plumber and had a bad experience with another plumber in the area.  I was flying in for one day to do multiple repairs.  I needed a leak fixed and low water pressure in the kitchen.  They scheduled the time I needed and showed up on time.  Phil was able to fix the water pressure as there was a small rock blocking the flow that he found.  For the leak in the shower, we needed new valves and he replaced them no problem.  Highly recommend these guys as they are on time with fair pricing. More...


D S.

21 May 2016

My wife and I were looking at getting a repiping completed on our newly bought home. We had a mess of a pipe situation going on. We had a bit of PEX, some old galvanized steal, and some cheap copper piping. We received several different quotes for our project, but decided to go with Water Quality Plumbing. Their price, honesty, professionalism, and pricing options were better than any other of the companies we tried out. Marty and his staff were very accommodating, were responsive to our phone calls and emails, and got the job done quickly and efficiently. We also took advantage of getting our drain pipes replaced, since they were already doing the repiping. Other than a small electrical issue during the installation, which they had fixed the same day, the installation was fast, clean, and well done.We couldn't be happier with the decision of going with Water Quality Plumbing. Thank you! More...


Esti S.

7 February 2016

We needed a water softener to be installed in our rental. Jason came over and gave me an estimate, the work started the following week. It was done in one day, it was a very rainy day and the installer worked through the day and did an excellent job. More...


Reviewer M.

1 February 2016

Jason gave me an estimate over the phone for a whole house water softener installation. He came on time and finished it within the timeframe he estimated. He also supported with follow on questions. No hidden fees no funny business. This is how every establishment should operate. More...


Mark B.

31 January 2016

I had a bad feeling about my slow drains and cement slab foundation... My first experience with them and I was very very impressed. In a short period of time, the problem was identified, some piping into the wall was changed and the slowness was gone... There is no question that they are my new plumbing solution. oh, btw, on time, equipped (no running to ACE for stuff) and very courteous.Update 2/17/16: I had an emergency in the afternoon when a valve for the hot water in my shower broke necessitating turning the water off for my house and waiting. They were prompt and quickly fixed the problem - with remaining time he snaked the shower drain even. Amazing. More...


R W.

18 December 2015

Got a quote from WQP for a water softener and reverse osmosis system for my new home after seeing the neighbors use their services. I got about 3 quotes from other local services and WQP definitely provided the best value. The plumber arrived exactly at our schedule time and worked until the job was completed. Works exactly as expected and the job looks professional. They even sent someone to patch the stucco and drywall the next week. Looks and works great. Thanks! More...


Kenji Y.

13 October 2015

These guys were the most informative over the phone and came to give a quote the fastest.Monday afternoon, gave a call for an appointmentTuesday morning, was at my doorMarty was very friendly and professional.  Told me what he patiently on all the ways of getting a job done (expensive/inexpensive, permit / no permit) and what he recommends.  Also saw some other issues with the home he recommended fixing.Unfortunately out of all the quotes, they were the highest.  $3000 to add a gas line while others have quoted $1000-2000Quotes are free, give them a call! More...


Bay F.

5 October 2015

We just moved into a house where Water Quality Plumbing installed the water softener.  Our water softener's timing was off due to a power outage and not being an expert, I called the number on the salt tank.  Marty *could have* sent a tech out and charged me the hourly rate.  Instead, he asked me to send him an email with a picture of the water softener, looked at it, immediately identified the system, got on the phone with me, and walked me through a (very easy) two minute process to reset the clock.  It would've been easy for them to make some fast money off of me and left me pretty disgusted, but instead he took the high road. More...


Colleen L.

27 September 2015

Chose based upon Yelp reviews.  Really happy.  They answered the phone promptly when I called, had me talk to an expert to be sure the the problem was understood, gave me options for how to resolve, based upon cost.  Scheduled me in quickly.  Plumber was prompt, efficient.  Cleaned up nicely after himself (he had to cut away shrubbery to get to my external water shut-off value to replace it).  Very professional and courteous.  Highly recommend. More...


Steve K.

4 August 2015

I had a leak in my main and called three other plumbers in the area who were all too busy to take on my issue. So on the professional recommendation of these other plumbers I called Water Quality Plumbing. Since I had burned half a day trying to find someone to come out I was worried they wouldn't have time either. Fortunately they were able to dispatch someone within the hour of my call to come out and assess the situation. They determined the leak was under my cement sidewalk and gave me a few options on what to do. They gave me a few quotes to mull over but while I did that they installed a bypass for my main so that I had water in my house without the huge leak. We decided to replace our whole main water line and WQP was out the next day to start the work. They were fast, efficient and their work was of the highest quality. Jason my estimator/project manager was in constant contact with me about progress of work and was always nice and cordial whenever we talked. He was straight up with me about what pricing was going to be and never tried to sell me on anything extra.Let me put it this way, I don't know of much higher praise than from your fellow plumbers. I recommend them and so does the Bay Area Plumbing Community. More...


Brooke R.

31 July 2015

After dealing with other plumbing companies (prior houses and recently only because Water Quality would take a few hours to come out and I needed someone faster), I can now gauge a fair opinion.  These guys are awesome.I've had them come out to fix a few things (I bought a short sale house and not everything was up to par).  My in laws called them to fix something (not sure what, I wasn't home) and it turned out to not need fixing, so the next time I had them out they knocked off $50 from that visit!  Contrast that to my water heater emergency referenced above where the plumber had to come back because the part was broken and charged me hundreds of dollars for each visit!  If Water Quality had done the work I'm sure they wouldn't have charged me twice (the second day was a simple unscrew/rescrew, all the work had been done on day 1.  I was livid but had no other choice, I was going on day 4 without a shower).Best customer service I've experienced, super friendly, super helpful, super knowledgeable.  These guys are my FIRST choice for all of my plumbing/water softener/water heater needs. More...


Barbara S.

18 June 2015

Great services.Very friendly and Honest. Everything done on time and professional. We were installing a gas line on the side of the house. They completed job fast and took care of permit. We would hire them again. More...


Bell C.

11 June 2015

I have used Water Quality Plumbing for many things, small jobs, big jobs like copper repipe and emergency jobs.  Overall, I think the owner is a very honest guy and I trust them with the bigger job.  Was happy with the emergency job, the guy was fast.  So, why minus 1 star?  When the company was big, not every plumber who comes out has same experience.  Some of the junior plumbers definitely took more time to do a simple job, ending up costing twice as much.  I was comparing to the emergency job I have, which was more difficult bcos of broken pipe while the other was a simple replacement.  The plumber was apologetic and tried to explain why it took him that long, but he was less systematic, didn't shut off the water from st properly and ended up repeating soldering multiple times (he claimed my water meter valve broke that he couldn't shut off water completely which was disputed by water company that I called in the next day...) and he also spent at least 30 min looking for a part as he thought he might not have.  Of course I was charged for that.  At the end of the day, I'm not sure if hourly rate works for every single plumber as I paid almost $500+ just to add a shut off valve to the main while it only cost $200+ to fix a broken pipe after after hour emergency. More...


Linda H.

22 April 2015

Wow....WATER QUALITY PLUMBING is incredible! They re-piped our home 18 years ago. We had a water leak under the house that they fixed yesterday. I paid $385 and after he left, saw the 25 year parts and labor warranty on the original bill. I called them back and asked about it. Today got a call that they would be giving me that full credit. HOLY COW.....who does that? Highly recommend them for their incredible customer service and excellent work. Thanks WQP! More...


Shaunak K.

10 March 2015

When I called, I was able to get an appointment for the next day. They called me the next morning (as promised) to setup a 2-hour service window. Jose arrived during the 2-hour service window. He was very polite.We had a couple of leaks under and a broken pipe under our kitchen sink. Jose was able to fix both leaks and the broken pipe as well using tools, parts and caulk that he had brought with him in his van. As he worked, he explained the issues to me, what he was going to do to fix them, and consulted me when required on any decisions for replacing parts and such.The entire job took about an hour and came to $150 total for labor and parts.All in all, Jose was very professional and got the job done. If we have other plumbing issues in the future, we'll be sure to contact Water Quality Plumbing again. More...


zach e.

9 February 2015

solid experience today with Water Quality Plumbing.Jeff arrived early (after contacting me) and did a bang up job on 2 projects I needed done. He was super friendly and helpful and gave me a bunch of good advice.Keep up the good work guys! More...


Tiffany I.

30 December 2014

I have used Water Quality many times throughout the years on several different homes. The people in the office have been nice and helpful over the phone. They have always scheduled my appointments promptly and have been consistently on time. Every plumber that has been out to my house has done their work in a timely manner. They are polite and clean up after themselves. I will continue to use Water Quality for all on my plumbing and water conditioning needs. I recommend them to all of my friends and family constantly. More...


Shirley H.

30 December 2014

The water heater in our garage had leaked all over the garage floor.  It was obvious  we needed a new one.  I called our home warranty company and the plumbers who came out that morning wouldn't be able to install a new water heater for 5 days (Friday to Wednesday).  I called Water Quality Plumbing and one of the owners had answered the phone.  I explained the situation and within an hour,a plumber with a Bradford-White water heater was installing it our garage.  The plumber was knowledgable, efficient and hauled away the old water heater.  What customer service!!    Thank you for the prompt service on a Friday afternoon before Christmas and overnight guests arrived!! More...


Steve D.

21 October 2014

One phone call and the problem was solved.  I was not over charged and the work was high quality. THANK YOU Water Quality Plumbing ! Christina was also very helpful.


Shafath S.

18 October 2014

Excellent service by knowledgeable staff. We emailed Water Quality Plumbing Weds night and they responded first thing on Thursday. We made an appointment for Friday and were told that we'd get a call between 8:00 and 9:00 and we did get the call. Jason said he'd be at our home between 10:00 and 12:00 and he arrived at 10:40. Very high marks for communication and promptness. Jason tested our water softener and said it was working but need small some parts replaced. He was very knowledgeable about water softeners and made suggestions on how we can improve our water quality. He gave us information about new water softeners and was not at all pushy. More...


Jay J.

25 August 2014

Well, It's done! Last day of copper re-pipe. The only thing that I am nervous about is that fact that you have 30 days to determine if everything is okay. So what happens if something goes wrong at 60 days?   Pro's 1. Marty (one of the owners) is very responsive and shows a high degree of interest in customer satisfaction.2. The workers (Arnold, Noyo, and Jose) were so nice, helpful and easy to communicate with.  They really made the process as painless as possible. Jose even moved the smoke detectors at the city inspector's request---but the inspector was wrong according the the instructions in the smoke detector package.3. Jenny in the WQP office was also always really nice to deal with over the phone in terms of making schedule arrangements, etc.Con's: 1. From the all the collective experiences with WQP over the last couple of months, it seems that there is a range in terms of knowledge and skills when it comes to the plumbers. If they send out a a different guy, you may get another opinion and another outcome. But, hey, that happens when you see a doctor, too.The 5-star rating is because I basically feel like Marty stands by his work---and that is of utmost importance to me. More...


Elise H.

6 August 2014

I found Water Quality Plumbing on Yelp after moving in to our house last fall and have had to call them out twice since.  Both times I got the same plumber, Oscar and he is very knowledgable, polite, and helpful.  He cleans up after himself, arrives on time and gives us ways to prevent bigger problems in the future.  He always offers advice that does not require his time (my money) and I like that!  He does also let me know if we may have a larger problem coming up but gives other things to try before we get to that point.  I feel like Oscar is always honest and I now have their phone number saved in my phone as our go-to plumber. More...


Alice H.

19 May 2014

Best plumbing experience ever!!! Chris diagnosed and fixed leaking washer drain pipe in 30 minutes. He was pleasant courteous honest and skilled.


Yvonne M.

15 May 2014

Professional, polite, effcient.  Recommended by a friend who had WQ re-pipe their home a few years ago. Received an itemized quote and timeline for work schedule. They delivered everything they promised. The contractor who did our inside work and the vapor barrier was supposed to handle the final inspection and didn't. WQ followed up and now all is completed. Highly recommend this local, family owned company. More...


Allen C.

4 May 2014

Perfection and professionalism. Marty and the entire Water Quality Plumbing team are thorough and committed to delivering great quality at an honest price. After discovering a rapid leak under my house, I phoned my home warranty company and had them send someone out to take a look as covered under my warranty. Took them a week to come out and all they did was take one look and claim it was faulty workmanship, which is not covered under warranty.They recommended a full Repipe since whoever had been under there last had fitted a galvanized steel connector directly to copper, which is big no no in the plumbing world, but had nothing to do with my leak. I spoke to several companies and got quotes from three. Water Quality was the only one that provided detailed justifications on timeline and costs. They were very focused on quality and doing things to code. And in the end, their prices seemed the best and I decided to go with them. I worked from home the week they installed the pipe and got to see a lot of their work first hand. They replaced all my horizontal pipe with copper and also my main line. I was impressed by their attention to detail and the thoroughness of their work. They stuck to schedule throughout the job and delivered exactly what they promised. In the end, I had to spend quite a bit of money unexpectedly to fix a minor leak, but  I felt really good about the quality of their work. I have peace of mind knowing that my pipes will deliver cleaner water (we had a lot of rust in our old pipes) and will last a very long time. More...


steve s.

4 April 2014

A family business, how often does that happen in a small company anymore? From the very first: "hello my water heater is leaking" His reply: "glad to hear that". I thought if you can make me laugh in a stressful situation, we are off to a good start.I called another company (well reviewed here on Yelp!, so be weary!!) to find out about getting my T&P valve replaced as the information I had led me to believe it was a simple fix by a qualified person. That company refused to work on my water heater, claiming it was nearing end of life, and should be replaced. I ushered them out the door, goodbye, thank you. Called Water Quality Plumbing, and was told that if the T&P valve was not the issue they would credit the service call and come back out within 30 days to make it right.So not only were they honest and didn't make me pay to replace the entire $1200 heater for a $35 part, but when the times does come to replace it in a few years,  who do you think I'll be calling? You bet: Water Quality Plumbing made a lasting impression.I should also mention besides (everyone) being courteous, they explained the service fee up front, and the actual plumber at my door was very nice and on-time, etc. More...


Paul K.

26 February 2014

We just had our house re-piped by Water Quality Piping.  This included two bathrooms and a kitchen, all the outdoor bibs, plus the main-line out to the street.  Our house was built in '61, so our old galvanized steel pipes were really on their last leg (water flow quite restricted, discolored water, sludge clogging faucet screens, etc).  Now we get great flow, with no noticeable drop in pressure with washer/toilet use, etc.Water Quality was very nice to work with.  They gave us a nice detailed quote, and delivered on every point.  Their main office was excellent with communication and kept us in the loop during the 5-day process.I solicited 3 quotes for this job.  One potential bidder never got around to quoting, the second gave a good quote and seemed like a good outfit, but the quote lacked detail (hard to assess what we were getting for our money).  Water Quality's quote came out on top (very responsive, good price, clear on what they would deliver)A couple other nice points:  They left the place clean each day.  They did a GREAT job running a new main-line through my front yard (put it all back together -- could hardly see evidence they'd worked there... and I'm a guy who likes his yard).  They accessed the plumbing in our bathrooms through opposite side of those respective walls and their dry-wall guys did a first-rate job of restoring our walls (including new texture, etc).  All in all, it was as painless as I imagine a re-piping could be.This is a top-notch business.-PK More...


Michele L.

19 January 2014

Had an issue relighting our pilot light to our water heater on a late Saturday afternoon.  Freaking out with the fact that we wouldn't have hot water in the middle of winter, I found Water Quality Plumbing through Yelp.  Gave them a call and was routed to a central call center and was told I would get a call back from their on call specialist.  Got a call back within an hour and told the technician our issue.  I was able to schedule an appointment for Sunday and the extra plus, not only were they available on the weekends, but they weren't going to charge us an extra fee.Technician was about 15 mins late, but called us before our appointment time to give us a heads up.  Once he arrived, he checked out the water heater and determined a part needed to be replaced.  Unfortunately, he didn't have the part on hand (which we tried to confirm the night before), so he had to run back to his warehouse.  After coming back to the house, he replaced the part and realized the issue was really our igniter to the water heater and ended up fixing that.  All in all, I was glad he was able to get our water heater in working order.   Only comment was I need to make is when he was trying to gain access to take off the water heater panel, he made a dent in the tank itself since there's not much room between the heater and drip pan. More...


Joe L.

17 January 2014

We had a technician come out to replace the kitchen faucet, fix 2 leaky landscaping pipes and replace 2 sink gaskets.  He was professional and knowledgeable.  He explained what he was doing and how he was going to handle the repair along the way.  He was also extremely attentive and careful with what he was doing.  One thing I hadn't even noticed until my partner pointed it out to me later ... when the technician installed the new sink ring / gasket, he lined up the ring so the name / label is on top and centred.  I was very impressed.He arrived on time and I was very happy with the results of the repair work. More...


Jessica P.

16 January 2014

I just moved into a new house and then all the problems of being a homeowner rear their ugly head. A puddle of water begins to form around the base of the toilet, or the toilet keeps flushing on its own. Huge waterbills. I realize I should have called for help sooner and I'm glad I called this company. My father was a contractor and showed us how to do a lot of general home maitenence, so I would like to think I am fairly handy and I can usually figure out how to fix a problem. Not in this case. They sent (Izayus) out to diagnose and help us out. Love this guy! The house had undergone some renovations and the toilet wasn't seated correctly and some other connector part didn't fit. He found the problem and fixed it. Cleaned and sealed everything up and did a wonderful job. I have used this company on several occasions. They are my go to guys. Thanks (Izayus)! More...


Cliffhanger C.

14 January 2014

Fast service.  Rey was really nice and professional.  He helped retrieved a washing machine drain plug from a toilet, unclog the bathtub drain, change a water bib, and unclog the grease trap.  He didn't hurry to finish the jobs and he did a great job.  Definitely will call this company back again for future problem. More...


Robyn H.

3 December 2013

Long story short -  Professional, great service, and great business ethicsI've used Water Quality Plumbing twice now. The first time was for a clogged pipe and the plumber was able to fix it so quickly he asked if there was anything else we needed done since we were being charged for the full first hour anyways. He ended up talking us through a few things we should do (ie. empty water heater) to avoid possible future problems.Recently my trash compactor started to leak. I called on a Tuesday and they said the first appointment was Friday. The next day, they called to say they had a recent opening that day if I was available which I was. Note: The people you call, or that call you, are always nice, responsive and very professional. The plumber (Robert) came out to fix my trash compactor and quickly realized I needed a new one. Unfortunately he had installed the last one he had on his truck the day before so he told me he could go get one but would have to charge me for the time it took to go out and get it. At first I was a little disappointed that he didn't have one on the truck as when I called I mentioned it was my trash compactor that was leaking but I wanted to get the repair done so said it was fine for him to go get the part and charge me for the time. Robert ended up getting back with the part pretty quickly and still had 15 mins before the "first hour" was up. He even said "If I can get this in within 10 mins there will be no additional 1/2 hour charge". My focus was on getting the job done right versus quickly so I didn't pressure him but Robert came through and got it installed in 10 mins, just under the hour mark, and therefore there was no additional charge. I realize the above is just good business ethics, but it would have been very easy for Robert to take a little extra time getting the part or installing it so that I would be charged an extra $55 (1/2 hour) but he didn't and that was much appreciated and will keep me as a loyal customer. More...


Ben C.

27 November 2013

Last Sunday had an emergency with my H20 heater.  Was delighted that WQP could send someone within 2 hours.  Rick was terrific, he pointed out the problems, discussed alternatives and made suggestions.  I never felt pressured or "sold to" and ended up replacing the 15 year old H20 heater.  A quick churn through Google told me that the price for installation and and the heater itself were right in-line with expectations...would use them again for certain. More...


Sabrina J.

12 November 2013

Water quality plumbing is really terrific!  They accommodated my rushed project and showed up on time each day. These guys are ethical. They don't overcharge for additional hours and easily installed my new hybrid system. More...


Sammi M.

5 November 2013

We Love Water Quality Plumbing!! There is no other company we trust more with our rental properties! Very fast with scheduling appointments. They have honest, thorough and responsive plumbers on their team. Well done!- DWM PROPERTIES More...


Eric W.

20 October 2013

I called water quality to install a water softener this weekend. From first contact to concluding the installation my experience was A+!They were prompt to answer my phone call and very kind and helpful. They sent Jason to my house for installation. Jason was extremely kind and extremely informative. Water quality and staff are very professional and I absolutely recommend. Going forward they will handle all of my plumbing needs. Thank you for the great work!! More...


Fair R.

11 October 2013

I can't write a review on their plumbing, but I can say something about the ethics of the owner, Marty.  I wrote a review on one of his competitors that wasn't ethical and Marty called me out on it.  He was very polite but forceful in making sure I didn't continue doing such things.  So I will bet that all the good reviews are written by actual customers and that Marty cares what people say about his company.  Which means I would do business with him if I needed a plumber in the area! More...


david l.

5 August 2013

Called on them based on yelp reviews.  I had a low pressure problem with hot water in my house.My serviceman, Jessie, was fast and friendly.  He diagnosed the issue within 15 minutes, explained my options and his recommendations, and was out of the house in less than an hour.  Our hot water is running great and we are a little more educated about what to expect in the future and what we might be able to do to prevent it.These folks are highly recommended. More...


Ed T.

14 July 2013

I used Angies List to find a highly rated plumber nearby. Called Water Quality and set up an appt.Angel called 15 minutes prior to arrival. He listened carefully to our request to replace 4 hose bibs. He accomplished the whole job in under an hour. It was quality workmanship and very cleanly done. He then listened and diagnosed an irrigation valve problem for future repair. The price was reasonable for services rendered. We are pleased to now know where to turn for a reliable plumbing service. More...


Chris J.

30 June 2013

We had used the company once before for some clogged pipes and had a good experience, so when our rental house reported clanging of the pipes I called them.I have a full time job, so anything like this means I have to miss work to met and pay the plumber. The first time I called we set a time and a date. The way WQP does their scheduling is like the cable companies, you can request an afternoon or morning time slot. I requested a morning time slot. The morning of the scheduled visit I waited by the phone till 9am then called asking when they would be out. The told me between 10-Noon, I requested that they give me a call 15 minutes before they arrived so I could meet them on site. Noon came and I called again, was told they were running behind and would be out there ~1pm. I told them I couldn't wait that long having already missed all morning of work, so we rescheduled for the next week. I was a little annoyed, but stuff like this happens sometimes. The next week, I had a morning schedule again, this time they called me before 9am (I didn't have to call) and the plumber showed up around 10 (right when they said). His name was Sean. He was very friendly and quickly identified that the pressure regulator was the culprit. He was able to adjust it so the knocking stopped, but explained that it was only a matter of time when this fix would knock too and I needed to replace. He explained all the details of how the regulator I had was undersized for the house, showed me the one he would put in. Gave me a price quote. Unfortunately he didn't have enough time that day to fix the issue, but would have to come back another time, but would credit me 45 minutes of this trip for the future trip. Since my tenants were happy the knocking was gone and there wasn't an urgent need. 30 minutes later I was on the phone with the office scheduling to have "Sean" come back and that I needed a morning slot.When the new day for my appointment arrived, I waited till 9am and hadn't gotten a call, so I called the office. I was told that I had an appointment between 2-4pm because that was when Sean was on. I told them that wouldn't work, I had taken the morning off of work for the appointment and when I booked it I had specifically requested a morning appointment. They told me I could have a different plumber come out before Noon or if I wanted Sean I could wait till 2-4. I told them them I needed a morning slot and couldn't take the whole day off of work for this repair. I was now a little annoyed and felt a bad trend in the scheduling. Noon came and no plumber, I called the office again and they said they were coming between 2-4, which is what they said I had requested. I was furious to say the least. After I explained yet again how I had already taken a whole morning off of work and how I had already missed another morning of work, because the plumber got too busy - I was now out a whole day's worth of work with no permanent fix. They offered to rescheduled, but I told them thank you but no I would be seeking another more reliable company to fix my issue.I was fuming. On the drive into my job the owner (sorry I can't remember his name) called me personally and apologized. Explained how this never happens and that customer service was very important to them. He probably spent 10 minutes on the phone with me. I told them that I really appreciated him calling me, but that I was pretty mad at the moment and that if I decided to use them again I would call in a couple of days.If there is one thing I know is true is everyone makes mistakes, and that life is about how do you deal with them. I really appreciated the owner calling me back so quickly to apologize. After a few days I decided I would give them a 2nd chance. This time I got the first appointment in the morning and they give me a discount on the work, which I really appreciated and was something I recognized they didn't need to do. Sean was the plumber and he was great. Explained everything he was doing and the finished work was very clean. I don't expect to have any issues with the regulator for another 10 years at least.Despite the troubles I had (the reason for the 4 stars instead of 5), I feel they really proved they were a customer service oriented plumbing company (which can't be said by many) and I will continue to use them again and recommend them to others. Although I will be very careful and clear when making my appointments with the office. More...


pat s.

26 March 2013

This is the 4th time that we've used this company and we have been really pleased with their work. Jeff was here today and did an excellent job finding the source of a leak under the house and fixing it on the first try. We wouldn't use any other plumbing co. More...


Sarpreet G.

26 March 2013

These guys take care of business - super efficient, and do what they say they are going to do.  We had a pipe burst in a bedroom and they took care of it very quickly.  We brought them back to install a water filtration system, and they took their time to provide us enough information to make the right decision.They will be our standard go-to from now on. More...


Ganesh V.

25 March 2013

Excellent service! I had our 2 floor home repiped (copper plumbing). I was dreading cost overrun. But, Marty and his crew finished the task right on budget. The crew (repipers and sheetrock contractor) knew what they were doing and kept us abreast of progress. Work was of high quality. Marty also arranged for the inspection and asked for payment only after the inspection was complete. Marty runs a solid operation with qualified workers.I would not hesitate to hire Marty and his crew for any other job in the future. More...


Lesley J.

17 February 2013

Highly recommend Water Quality Plumbing! We bought our house recently, and had no idea what is going on when our sewage backed up and the toilets not able to flush water any more. Our house starts to smell, and it's long weekend as well. I searched on yelp, found a couple of companies with good review and called, but a lot of them were either fully booked or not working during weekend. And I called Water Quality. The operator told me someone would call me back in 20 minutes, and Oscar did call me in time, and arrived in 2 hrs. He resolved the issue smoothly with a reasonable charge, and gave us good suggestions about what's going on and how to prevent it. We are very grateful for their in time service, they saved us for a smelly long weekend! Highly Recommend their sevice! More...


Shawn H.

4 February 2013

Had a clogged line somewhere.  Called and made an appointment for later that afternoon.  She gave hourly rates upfront ($110/hr) and $15 travel charge.  Plumber was later than I'd hoped, but within the window.  He quickly went to work, unclogged the line, and even reinstalled the toilet for me.  Went above and beyond by coming back later after another job to "finish" the toilet job by caulking it to the floor (he'd had a different color caulk in his truck originally, so he had to stop by OSH). More...


Aubrey E.

18 January 2013

Did a wonderful job!  Fixed my problem right away.  Also, they were able to do same day service which made my life a whole lot easier.  I am looking forward to working with them again to install a new toilet and garbage disposal! More...


L G.

15 January 2013

Had them replace a leaking pipe beneath the kitchen sink. I really enjoyed working with the plumber as he was knowledgeable and personable that I also had them run a gas line from our garage to our backyard for our BBQ grill.  The guys were great!  Punctual, competitive, and skilled. More...


Jason R.

7 January 2013

We selected Water Quality Plumbing for a Copper Repipe in our 35 year old house. It was not an expense we were looking forward to and we were nervous about having big holes cut into our walls but we were a bit tired of rusty water and decided it was time. After receiving a couple of estimates, we decided we had to go with WQP due to the outstanding Yelp reviews. It was the right decision. The guys were on time every day, everybody we dealt with was curteous and professional, and the work was top quality. After painting the sheetrock, you can't even tell anything happened. If you need a plumber, call these guys. You'll sleep better knowing you had quality work done. More...


Lee T.

7 January 2013

Marty and his team were great.I had them run a dedicated gas line for a stove. They were flexible on pricing as well as scheduling. They also have a great office team as well, Jeni has great customer service. She was very responsive to my emails and communicated my requests to the service team. More...


Riis C.

3 January 2013

Our sink backed up and we needed someone to fix it. I saw what I could do myself on the internet, and decided that I'll make my money doing what I do best (which is not plumbing) and they can make their money doing what they do best. I spoke with one of the family members/owners who was personable, calm, and professional. The fee structure was explained on the call, so I knew what I was getting into. In a few hours, Chris showed up with a good attitude and the know-how to diagnose our problem and clear out the sink. He gave us some advice about keeping it clear in the future, charged $125, and we were done. We recently used another very fine company, but they weren't sure when a service person could come. We really needed this work done as we were off for a few days and would be at home. So Water Quality got the call, and they got a new, long-term customer! More...


Kevin H.

18 December 2012

I had a slow leak coming from the Water Heater. Called for an appt and they were able to come out on the same day. I called later afternoon 2:30pm'ish and the technician (Jeff) arrived at my place 1 hour later. He confirmed the leak is coming from the water heater as expected and began work on it. It only took him an hour to replace the thing and by about 4:30pm the pilot light was lit and I was only hours away from hot water. I recommend this company because they are responsive and definitely knew what they were doing. They were accommodating, being able to squeeze me in so late in the day. Thanks Jeff! More...


Lawrence L.

25 November 2012

Same day service for my tenants who had a very bad leak from the water heater.  Honesty is a priority for this company since another quote from *Affordable Water Heaters and Plumbing Inc* said the part was only special ordered and I had to replace my entire water heater!  Water Quality Plumbing saved the day, came out the same day, replaced only a very small part ($35) and of course labor to install.  I went from having to spend $3000 for a new water heater to only spending a little over $100.  Thank you again Water Quality Plumbing as you guys are my new plumbers and will be for our Condo Association. More...


susan r.

23 November 2012

Mark just came out and fixed ALL my plumbing problems!  He was very pleasant but also so competent!  He came to fix one problem and then I said, and how bout this and this!  He fixed them both.  THANK YOU MARK!  WQP is lucky to have you!  You will be the guy I call in the future!  Nice to have a plumbing company you can TRUST!  They also did my water heater, water softner and plumbed it in Sept.  They did a great job with that too.  That was Jason!  Also so nice! More...


John L.

21 November 2012

My sister experienced a pipe leak around 11pm 2 days before Thanksgiving, and needed a plumber to come out ASAP. She called 5 or 6 different places that advertised 24 hour emergency service, but all of them either did not pick up the phone or advised her that they would be unable to come out until the following morning. With an active leak, that simply would not do.Oscar of Water Quality called us back and told us that he'd be over in around 40 minutes. True to his word, he arrived within that time period and proceeded to replace the part that had failed quickly. He also helped us with drying out the area beneath the sink to ensure that the cabinets did not sustain too much damage.We were so thankful for oscar's prompt and professional service and are glad that he was able to take care of the issue so promptly! Thank you, Oscar and Water Quality Plumbing!FYI - they charged us $165.00 for the first hour plus $20 for the trip charge, plus the cost of any parts. More...


Eric N.

19 September 2012

In the past two weeks, I used Water Quality Plumbing twice.  Their estimates were very competitive, they arrived on time, completed the work, cleaned up, and charged me for the actual time.  The quality of the work is excellent.I have at last found a plumber that I can recommend. More...


Emily D.

5 September 2012

-Reliable, quality work-Guys are easy to have in the house-Available in a pinch!I'm a brand-new homeowner, haven't even moved in yet. I'm giving my mom and mother-in-law a tour early Sunday morning in August. I open the bathroom door and there's a puddle... Oh no! Welcome to homeownership... your sink is leaking. Mike came on a Sunday, happily explained what had happened and what he was doing to fix things up. When the kitchen sink started leaking a month later, we had Sean and Oscar come out on two different trips. They were friendly, professional and great about advising us on what to do. I haven't compared their prices with many others, but they were cool about trying to save us time and money. More...


Eric L.

29 August 2012

I'm an engineer so I'd like to think that I can fix anything. However, a recent leak in my home had me scratching my head for days. I eventually gave up and called Water Quality Plumbing to troubleshoot the issue. The company was familiar with my HOA and ended up working directly with our property manager to handle the problem. Within 2 days, they found the leak and fixed the broken pipe inside my wall. Although they left a big hole in the building, they did what was necessary to fix the leak and I'm thankful for that. I will be using Water Quality Plumbing again for all my future plumbing needs. More...


Chad S.

15 August 2012

On time, work done professionally, fair rate.  Mark was great.  Well done water quality!!


Dave C.

9 August 2012

These guys just put a water softener in my house.  The price was right and the work was done perfectly and quick.  The thing I loved the most was that I never felt like I was talking to a used car salesman, and there was none of that up-selling or overcharging that I have experienced in the past.  These are down to earth people running an honest business, and my house is much better because of it. More...


Hariny K.

8 August 2012

We had our water heater installed and overall i'm satisfied with their work. Mr Marty, the owner was very honest and out front. He explained me about the types of water and what suit us best based on our budget. He also gave me a very good estimate compared to other plumbers who quoted a bit higher. i really like the honesty in him. The reason i gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because the plumber the sent us to replace the water heater, did not even bother to explain us about the settings or how to operate it. We are first time home owners and we basically have no knowledge about these things. When i asked the plumber few questions, he did not answer me properly. that was a bit disappointing. i think his name was Isaias Peni.Few days later we had some problem on how to ignite the heater because the water was not getting heated. so we called water quality plumbing and they sent another plumber whom was so helpful and explained us very well about how to operate the heater and also told us some tips on how maintain the life of the heater by draining the water every 4-5 months. The tips he gave us will be  very useful for future. Overall i am really satisfied with Water Quality Plumbing and i highly recommend them. Just make sure they send you a good plumber to do the job. More...


Knut V.

2 August 2012

I called to ask for a garbage disposal installation. Mary answered and explained that when you added their travel charge (apparently Fremont is outside their usual service area) it would cost me more to use their company than if I got a local Fremont based firms name off of Yelp.  Talk about honest and helpful!  Not to mention plain old NICE!i More...


Michael M.

6 July 2012

5 stars for Water Quality Plumbing. I had an issue with my garbage disposal in my townhome so I decided to  use yelp to find a good plumber in my neighborhood. What I thought was awesome was they answered the phone by the third ring and the was able to give a roundabout number for what it was going to cost. Now I thought the problem was just a few bolts that needed to be replaced but when the plumber came he kindly showed me that the disposal was rotted and had holes in it. Another awesome part of this service was that they had the same exact disposal unit on the truck so there was no need to for them to leave and come back.  Now I looked on line and they up charged me a little on the disposal but really it was worth the convenience. All in all the job took about an hour and that is about how long the lady on the phone told me it was going to take .Thanks for great service.  Just as a funny side note. All plumbers should wear overalls. Just sayin.... More...


P R.

11 May 2012

Very happy with their service.  Gave me a good rough estimate over the phone.  Oscar came out and did a great job.  Saved me $100 compared to a competing bid.


Elisha B.

18 April 2012

Water Quality plumbing is the best, simply because of their professional and honest approach. I work in the water industry, and I have seen many plumbing companies come and go, but Water Quality is still around because of their top customer service and delivery of quality services. Looking for any service provider can be difficult because you never know what you will get.. this is not the case with Water Quality. Top service every time, prompt and on time, and always a friendly ear to ask questions to! More...


Biggie V.

14 April 2012

They have ruined all other plumbers. I wouldn't dream of calling anyone else. Jeff was so nice and very professional. He went above and beyond, working fast and throughly. He replaced our toilet and fixed our disposal, fixing little things to make the repair better.I highly recommend! More...


Robert H.

11 March 2012

It was after 5pm on a Friday evening, my wife called me to tell me water was coming through one of the ceiling light fixtures downstairs.  Somehow, the bathroom upstairs was leaking water from the toilet.  The water in the toilet was down really low, and the reservoir was full with water and yet the floor was covered in water...  So I went Yelp, and found WQP and called them because the reviews sounded promising.  Since it was a Friday after 5pm, I wasn't sure what to expect.  Someone picked up after the third ring, took down my info and told me Chris would be calling me shortly.  He called, told me he had another customer ahead of  of me but would get to me as soon as he could.  $180 to come this evening, or $125 to wait until Monday. He did tell me over the phone I could print out a coupon to save 10 bucks online which was helpful.Bottom line: Very professional and courteous.  Turns out my toilet is old, and got clogged, I could have fixed it myself if I'd had an augur at home. Live and learn.  I will buy an augur from Home Depot to have it next time in case my toilet gets backed up again.  I'm only giving them four stars because it really sucked to have to pay 170 bucks to have some come to the house to unclog my toilet.  Seems excessive, but like I said, I didn't call anyone else to be able to compare prices. More...


Tuan T.

5 March 2012

I called them in the morning at 8 am for my leaking hot water heater. The plumber showed up at 9:30 am the same day and started the installation. Richard was efficient, clean and friendly. I highly recommend them. Great prices as well! More...


Kim A.

27 February 2012

I contacted WQP to inquire about an in home est. (After obtaining a few of those) and spoke with Marty Sr. He was very curteous and ask me a few basic questions and gave me a firm quote on the work I needed done, right over the phone (Water heater replacement).  His friendly knowledgable demeanor was very reassuring.  I love the idea of American made products and I love and highly support 3 generation family owned businesses but he also gave me a quote of $500 less than the lowest quote I had gotten.  I called around lunch time and he assured me he could have someone out within an hour or two, which was more than reasonable considering I was still waiting for an additional in home est.  Within half an hour I recieved a call from Jerry, who was also curteous and knowledgeable informing me that he  was minutes away.  When Jerry arrived he was very professional, knwledgeable and pleasant.  I showed him where the unit was and within an hour and a half I had a full on water heater complete with Hot water... These guys are awesome!!!! All that was missing was a super hero cape!! Thanks Marty Sr./Jerry you really saved the day!!! I will deffinetly recommend these guys to everyone I know who has plumbing needs and will use them for all of my future plumbing needs as well.  Very deserving of a 5 star rating.  You Guys Rock! More...


Norm n.

24 February 2012

Just got a repipe done by WQP. We went with them after getting an estimate from another company that was significantly higher for a PEX repipe. [WQP only does repipes in copper]. The representative from the other company gave us a hard sell. Marty Jr. from WQP was much more professional, didn't do any sales pitch and gave a much better price for copper, nonetheless.I was a bit wary of the process, as I have a toddler running around the house. But the plumbers that came did a neat job on the pipes [according to the building inspector] and were pretty sanitary in their work. I expected to look at the old fixtures and pipes they ripped out laying around, but they had already been taken outside. The plumbers were very punctual in arriving and leaving for work each day. It took the better part of a week to complete the job, but it's certainly better taking more time, than doing a "one-day" hack job. There was a small plastic part that was broken on one of the fixtures that was installed. The plumber said another person would bring that part the next day when the final work was done. Generally there's a 90% chance the next person wouldn't have the part, or wouldn't know anything about it. But I was pleasantly surprised when he did bring the part. That shows good attention to detail. The building inspector also mentioned that some companies overlook the electrical grounding aspect of a repipe [which WQP did not]The sheetrocker did a good job. In the bathroom, you couldn't even tell the wall was cut into, which I suppose, is the sign of a good sheetrocker.Highly recommended! More...


Russell V.

23 February 2012

You're only as good as the employees you hire. Water Quality's plumbers (Sean and Chris) are the best! Nice, personable, knowledgeable and focused on getting the job done right. Thank you for all your help! Highly recommended. More...


R L.

20 February 2012

Excellent service. Honest, prompt, and reliable. They installed our water softener and have fixed a few other miscellaneous plumbing issues over the years. They have provided consistent customer service over many years. More...


Roger W.

20 February 2012

Water Quality did a great job on our home repipe.  Marty was professional concise in describing requirements;process;company background, etc.  Offered the best price of three estimates obtained.It was a four day job from beginning to end.  They did a complete copper repipe and new water heater replacement.  We were never without water during the entire period except for a few hours on the last day as they switched over the water to the new copper pipes.  They restored Sheetrock to ready to paint condition and even replaced ceiling popcorn.  Would highly recommend to anyone. More...


K M.

17 February 2012

I purchased an Aquasana Whole House Water Filtration System from the manufacturer in Texas.  So when it arrived, I needed someone to install it.  Problem was that the water main was at the front of our house and our garage had not been plumbed for any plumbling.I called Water Quality Plumbing.  They had to go under our house - which was a challenge because of multiple remodels and a maze of old substructures under there - and run pipes from the main, to the garage and back.  They also had to make sure that none of my 5 outdoor faucets were running through the filtration system.Their men were well spoken, clean with their work, communicated what was happening and did an excellent job.  Jason did the actual installation of the system and I am now up and running in less than 2 days.  My down time for running water was minimized by the men running parallel systems until the actual hook up.Wow - something that you don't always find in the construction type business.I would DEFINITELY recommend these guys - matter of fact, I am scheduling them to come out to fix some other plumbing issues that we have. More...


t t.

25 January 2012

I have used Water Quality Plumbing twice now and they do not disappoint. First time was during our move into the home and the inspection report called for some fixing of the pipes in the crawl space plus there was some leakage in a tub. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 was the plumber forgot to include a new plug for the bathtub after he was done with his work. So they had to come back to do that another day. But in general, he was very friendly and professional.Second time happened just recently when the 30-year old water heater decided to spew water all over the laundry room and I came home to a small flood. Flustered and annoyed, I called the company up and was promptly greeted by the professional and helpful voices of their customer service reps (one of them is Mary). They were very straightforward in the cost of replacing the tank and even reminded me that there was a Yelp special to save some money. They were able to remove my old heater and put in a new one on the same day. Jerry helped me with this and he was courteous (didn't step into the house at all even though he was welcomed to - stayed in the garage/laundry area) and made sure he didn't make a bigger, wetter mess while removing the tank. There's a 6 year service on this water tank and so I could call them if I need additional assistance.This water heater is more energy efficient and I get hot water so much faster now - wooohooo! These guys will have my business for a long time to come. More...


Hanson J.

14 January 2012

The old faucets going to my laundry machine started leaking one evening, and no amount of coaxing with a wrench would convince it to stop.  I called at least 5 different plumbers with high average ratings on Yelp, and Water Quality Plumbing won my business for a few reasons:1.  The folks who answer the phone are friendly, helpful, and actually answer the phone when you call (this is important when you have a leak).2.  They have more than one plumber on the team.  I spoke with a few nice folks when I was calling around, but nobody could get to me by that afternoon.  The Water Quality Plumbing folks were able to get someone to me within an hour!3.  Their cost estimate was clear and on the lower end of all the plumbers I called.Chris arrived with a smile and a big truck.  I didn't know what was in all those compartments, but that truck definitely looked well-equipped.  Chris was friendly, personable, and skilled.  He knew just what to do, and before long he was cutting out the drywall (he made sure to tell me first) and exposing the mess of a plumbing job that the previous owner had done.  Thankfully it was just the stuff behind the laundry faucets.  Chris worked quickly and everything was done in less than an hour.The cost of the work went up only because of the additional parts and material.  Chris got it all done within the hour and it was clear that he wasn't trying to stall for time.  My first experience with Water Quality Plumbing was excellent, though I hope I won't need them again soon.  :) More...


Jonathan H.

3 January 2012

Water Quality Plumbing did a great job replacing a broken water heater. They worked with the manufacturer to get the replacement done under warranty without me needing to do paperwork, did the work the same day I called, and were very fair on the service charges.


Sasha M.

27 December 2011

On the recommendation of a friend I called Water Quality Plumbing. Our water pressure in the house had slowed to a trickle. We put off getting it fixed (one of us is out of work) because a different plumber said the issue would take a re-pipe and we could expect to pay $2k to do that. A different plumber replaced the valve into the house saying "it was old". $300 later we still had lousy water pressure.Finally we couldn't stand it any more and decided to check out our friend's recommendation. I left a message over the holiday. They called me back promptly when they got back in office (it wasn't an emergency so I didn't ask for the roving plumber to come by). After listening to my symptoms over the phone Marty walked me through finding the valve to my water softener. He explained that even though I wasn't using it the water would still be flowing through it and over time they break down. I got off the phone, blew off the thick layer of dust and found the valve. I turned on the faucet in the garage and got good water pressure. I then check all the other faucets. A miracle! Here is my point. They could have sent some one out, charged for a house call and gave me some bogus diagnosis without really looking into the issue (repipe, valve change) but they KNEW what the problem was and told me how to fix it over the phone. What do we have? Experience and honesty! I will be calling them back for my next plumbing issue. I can't tell you how much their courtesy meant to me. I will be a repeat customer for sure! More...


Diana h.

17 December 2011

Two thumbs up for Water Quality Plumbing!  I came home from the gym today and found water pooling on the bathroom floor.  Being totally clueless about these matters, I sort of panicked.  Then I decided to Yelp for a plumber and came across Water Quality Plumbing.  I read some of the rieviews and decided to call.  The dispatcher sent John to come to the house, but before coming to the house I spoke with John and he told me that he will have to charge time and half because it is a Saturday.  I said, "ok, it's a Saturday and I can't have the leak continue".  He said he will be over at a certain time and like clock work he  showed up at said time.  He was able to diagnose the cause and fixed the problem right away.Then, I asked for the real damage, the monetary damage.  When he added it up, I was really plesantly surprised that I was not overcharged.  John was very professional and fixed the problem in a timely manner. More...


Mimie L.

22 November 2011

Being a new homeowner means having to pay for house problems yourself. Arggh!When I started checking on yelp for an on-call plumber for our toilet overflowing with our washing machine water, Water Quality Plumbing came up.Called them last Saturday night around 8:30pm and the answering service said that John would be calling us back. He called within 5 minutes and fortunately my husband and brother in law were able to figure out that it was our sewer line that was clogged. They managed to drain it, but our toilet still wasn't functioning. We said we could wait until the morning and John said he'd be there around 8-9am. Sunday morning comes and John calls at 7am. Thankfully we're early birds and John was able to fix the problem within 50 minutes. The price was less than I was expecting, so that's a plus. Whew!! I'll know who to call if we have any other plumbing issues. (knock on wood!) More...


Melynn A.

8 November 2011

I called Water Quality Plumbing on a Monday afternoon, and they actually answer their phones! No "leave a message recording," a real live office person with knowledge!I gave a quick description of the problem and was told that they could handle it and would call me Tuesday morning between 8 and 9 am to give me a window. PLEASE NOTE:  This was simply a misbehaving toilet, NOT an emergency.They called me right around 8 am on Tuesday morning with a 1/2 hour window!!! Between 9 and 9:30 am. Promptly at 9 am John arrived, fixed the problem, and had all the necessary parts with him.Professional and efficient! I am thrilled to have found a plumber that I can count on. Will absolutely call them again! More...


Andrea M.

10 October 2011

I have used Water Quality Plumbing and Serv All at my home and through work - I am a Property Manager. Marty and Jason are both terrific and the firm does good work, which they stand behind. My experience with them has been GREAT! More...


Steve S.

23 September 2011

Despite my wife's best efforts to transform me into Bob the Builder, it's just not happening the way she imagined it in her dreams!Had a leaky shower head recently, and got all the parts to fix it at Home Depot. Only... it didn't quite the work the way it was supposed to after I had replaced all of the parts. So, called Water Quality Plumbing on a Tuesday morning at 7:30 am. At 9:15 am, John arrived at the house. He was professional and efficient. By 9:45 am, problem solved!Reasonable prices, and very fast, dependable service. I will definitely be calling them again in the future. More...


Joey P.

7 September 2011

Water Quality Plumbing is the best plumbing company I have ever used. They show up on time, have great pricing, do honest work, and the customer service is amazing. I'm a local Realtor and I use them on all the properties I represent and I recommended them to all my clients. They are very professional and it shows why they have been in the business for 40 years. I highly recommend them. More...


t p.

7 September 2011

My old water heater started leaking on Labor Day weekend, so it was time for a replacement.About 9-10 months prior I had called Water Quality Plumbing to look into installing a whole house water filter for my townhome, specifically one that could filter the water before it went into my heater, as my heater was getting sediment build-up, in addition to deteriorating just from being about 20yrs old.  Marty came out, did a thorough look at the situation and after some discussion we concluded there wasn't nearly enough room to install a filter where I needed it, and it would've cost too much (a lot of custom carpentry) to do so.I was so impressed with his professionalism and the fact that he came out, spent a good hour or more of his time (for free!) to give me some solid advice on not only the filter, but other plumbing related questions about my water heater, etc... that I kept his card, vowing that when my heater finally died I'd be calling them.Almost a year later, I noticed the water heater was leaking, so I called Water Quality Plumbing on Monday (Labor Day) and left a voicemail.  I also popped Marty an email.The next day first thing in the morning they called me up, the following morning John T. was out installing my new heater, and he did a really professional job.  (I had some special requests: putting down a metal plate I bought to distribute the weight a bit on the wooden stand, spraying Thomson's Water Seal, adding a pan with drain for when the new heater starts leaking in 20 years, etc.  He did them all real well, as he would if he were installing the heater in his own home.)In short, every single person I interacted with was professional, courteous, knowledgeable and honest.  Their service was quick, and the pricing was quite reasonable too.If you've got a plumbing job that you want done right, with no hassle, by an honest company, give Water Quality Plumbing a call.  I'm glad I saved their card for nearly a year, and I'll still be hanging on to it for any future plumbing needs. More...


Matt D.

24 August 2011

The very best plumbing company I have ever dealt with.  The other night my drains stopped working, after searching the normal trade skill review sites and yelp I called up Water Quality. It was already late in the evening and the answering service stated a plumber would call me right back.  5 minutes later John called me up, verified my address, clarified what issue I was having, and said he would be right over.  He also went over the charges to make sure I didn't get any sticker shock at the end.When he showed up he took a look around and then we hunted for our clean out.  The only one was in the far back corner of the house so that's where John attacked the clog. After a good amount of snaking (which included a run back to the office to get an extension to his snake) he informed me that my issue was more serious and the clog too far from the clean out to correct with what he had on him.   He charged me only for the time he was working on the issue and then said I would be getting a call the next day to go over what our options were.I ended up speaking with the owner, a very nice guy (he called while having guests over at his house), who went over the options John had covered. Long story short I needed to have a clean out placed within 6 feet of my property line so that they could get at the clog better and also meet city requirements in case it turned out to be an issue with my main dropping into the sewer.  I was given a bid that seemed very reasonable and work started.  The main drain was found quickly, so quickly in fact that I was told my price would be going down!  How many times have you had anyone tell you they're going to charge you less then you agreed to All in all this is a very pleasant company to deal with. All the plumbers I dealt with were courteous, friendly, and hard working. I would not hesitate to use them again and i will be recommending them to my friends. More...


K C.

25 July 2011

Last month, I had Water Quality re-pipe my house with copper, replace the water heater, install a water softener, and put in a sewage cleanout. I was very happy with the timeliness and quality of the work. The re-pipe crew, in particular, did a great job and was very tidy. The guy who did the sheetrocking was not as fastidious, but I was still satisfied with the final results. There was always someone on site who spoke English, and the office staff was friendly and responsive.Be aware these guys are pretty busy this time of year. If your job is not urgent, as mine was not, you may have to wait a few weeks for a re-pipe.The only reason I did not give them 5 stars is that there were some stupid mistakes around the inspection (unrelated to the quality of the work) that caused 3 iterations on the final inspection, at least one of which could and should have been entirely avoided.I would definitely do business with Water Quality Plumbing again. More...


Darrin J.

15 July 2011

Called Water Quality Plumbing yesterday to fix fill valve on my toilet (e.g. took a long time for tank to refill) and the very efficient and pleasant getting my information for a service call the next day. Said somebody would call around 8:30 in the morning to arrange a 2 hour window and that they would do their best to match our request of AM versus PM. The next day they called at 8:20 and said somebody would be out at 9:00 and they showed up right on time. Chris, the plumber, was very personable, very efficient, and left the bathroom as clean as when he showed up. He was in and out in no longer that 20 minutes with a service well done. Price was reasonable and especially liked that they didn't seem to gouge us on the price of parts. Bottom line, I would use them again and can recommend them to others use. More...


Terence L.

7 June 2011

I had a problem with my water heater. I called them in the morning, they were polite, super responsive. They found that the required parts were still under warranty and went out of their way to get out to my place quickly and their communication was fantastic. I highly recommend this company. Fantastic. More...


Tyler B.

2 June 2011

WQP has shown that good old fashion friendly service goes a long way.  Jason was right on time and installed the reverse osmosis system super fast! He's a real pro and nice to chat with as well. Finally we have healthy drinking water that actually tastes like water. More...


Justin J.

13 May 2011

Only plumbing company I trust with any and all my plumbing needs. Bought my house a year ago and had a new sink, garbage disposal, water line to the fridge and all the piping underneath my sink put together by them. Did an amazing job, no issues still to date. My next project is a new water heater and possibly installation of a water softener and I will definitely be using them.  Very friendly, no rip offs or hidden fees, all around great company with great employees. More...


Ryan B.

12 May 2011

Amazing customer service,quick and fair $ for plumbing/repair and re-pipe.  great family owned plumbing company for all plumbing wants/needs. Highly recommended!


Ed B.

5 May 2011

I had Water Quality install a gas line for my fireplace and to my patio for a BBQ.  They helped size the line, knew code as to where to place shut off valves, and accurately drilled through a thick brick chimney to place the gas line.  They checked their work, cleaned up, very happy.  Recently had them back to do the same at my in-laws house - different guys, same great job. More...


David B.

25 April 2011

Update: I've increased my rating as the team at Water Quality contacted me as a follow up and came out at no charge to check out the leak. Their technician quickly determined the cause and had it repaired in short order. I'm happy with how things finally turned out.Original Review:Initially my experience with Water Quality went well. I called them just over a year ago to do the plumbing hook up on a new kitchen sink. I was told they would send out their best installer for this kind of job. They came out and did what seemed to be a fairly decent job. But last night I noticed the seal at the bottom of the sink to the drain is leaking. I talked with Water Quality this morning and they said it was past warranty as they only provide a 30 day warranty of these kinds of jobs. They offered to send someone out at their regular rates (which seem on the high side to me) to fix it. But I can't see having them come back to fix a job that failed about a year after their best installer did the work. It seems ridiculous to me that they only offer a 30 day warranty for hooking up a kitchen sink.I'm definitely looking elsewhere More...


K P.

14 April 2011

Called these guys because of a stuck faucet valve in a difficult to reach bathroom sink. Jeff showed up on time as promised; he was courteous, knowledgeable, and managed to fix the real problem with my sink, which was a seized ceramic cartridge (WD-40 plus elbow grease).He did this in under an hour plus I got the yelp discount -- I would definitely call them again. More...


David T.

19 October 2010

Honest plumbing company. Had the main water line from my meter to the house replaced. They worked very quickly and satisfied with the work. Marty was nice and I would do business again with him. I have already referred one person to Marty who needs to do the same job. More...


S T.

8 October 2010

Our old steel pipe underneath our lawn connecting to the water main started to leak due to rusts in the pipe.  My husband shut off the water main to stop the leak but it means no water in the house.  We needed someone to get the problem fixed right away.  We called several companies the next day.  We knew this was going to be expensive so we go several bids.   I saw Water Quality Plumbing on yelp and gave them a call.  We chose Water Quality because they were responsive, professional, and gave us a competitive bid.   They responded right away.  Marty came out and provided very helpful explainations of how the pipes would get replaced as well as our options.   They started the job the next day as promised.  On the day of the job, I was concerned that the job would not get done in one day and Marty came out personally to helpout until the rest of his team showed up.  Not only did they complete the job in one day as promised (which means we got our water back that night), they came out the next day to honor the warrenty when my toilet's tubing got plugged due to some reminants of the pipe replacement.  I highly recommend them and would use them again. More...


L V.

9 August 2010

All of a sudden my kitchen faucet wouldn't turn off!  I searched Yelp quickly and found them rated as one of the top rated companies.  The receptionist was very nice on the phone and was able to schedule someone to come out right away.  He came quickly and figured out the problem.  He even found where to turn off the water to the house, as I actually didn't know!  He worked quickly to fix it.  Another plumber had to come with another part and even though I was told he would come within the hour, he actually came as the first guy was leaving.  Everything is great now! More...


Michael L.

30 July 2010

very pleased with their performance and proffesionalism.  Jeff arrived when they said he would and got right to work.  i had a kitchen faucet and hot water dispenser controler replaced.  both were done and work great.  while working on it jeff saw that the drain hose from the garbage disposal was cracked and replaced it for me.  everything works great  would highly recomend them More...


Martin C.

21 July 2010

Water Quality Plumbing recently replaced our old galvanized pipes with copper plumbing for our home. They are awesome!  They will go the extra distance to make sure you are satisfied and they take the time to explain the whole process.   Their prices are very competitive. More...


D K.

25 June 2010

Found them through Yelp! Got to speak with Marty on our concerns, stretched flex line on the water heater. He gave us the estimate and honored it. Mary scheduled the appt, they were on time as promised, quick and efficient, answered all my questions. Tabatha was very accommodating with the invoice. She had to revise it for us 3 times, but never grudgingly at all! Very pleasant. $15 off thanks to Yelp! More...


Enzo I.

17 March 2010

I have used water quality for numerous projects,  bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels and service work.  They have always come met my deadlines as well as provided quality work.  In comparing other companies that I have used the major difference was the quality of work.  Some companies try and cut corners but not Water Quality.  The one drawback I must note is the new construction crew I have noticed can be a bit slow.  I think this is mostly due to the fact that they are so thorough. More...


Leila S.

17 October 2009

This is the 2nd time I called them for a plumbing emergency.The first time was amazing.   I was getting sewage up my showers.They came out fixed that stoppage, fixed another in the bathroom and replace the innards of one my toilets for a little over $200.The 2nd time they fixed a clog in my kitchen sink.   Rather than uncoupling the joint they cut the pipe and reattached.  They guy said it was a more reliable way to do it since re-attaching joint doesn't always work.    I'm not sure he didn't just take the fastest way out. But.. he was quick and my problem was solved. More...


Russell D.

5 October 2009

I suspect Water Quality Plumbing gets 75% of it's business from referrals and has a 95% customer recommendation rate. They have figured out that to compete against the big franchise plumbing companies they just need to provide quality work (they're confident enough to offer a 20 year warranty) with excellent customer service. I have an 35yr old townhouse which had its pipes laid through the concrete foundation. The hot water line broke somewhere down there, so we had a water emergency. WQP were recommended to us by a contractor we trust and they worked out really well. Their solution was to avoid touching the foundation and to re-plumb the house through the dry wall and ceiling. They prioritize such jobs and started the next day, and were complete in 3 days including the dry wall repair. They coordinated and managed the city permits and made life as easy as possible for us. Their crew were over and above courteous and careful of the fact they were in someone's home. Even with a bunch of dry-wall cutting they kept things clean. More...


Alexis M.

4 September 2009

I hired Water Quality to re-pipe my house on the recommendation of a friend, and in general, I'm very happy with their work. The guys who did the pipe work were terrific - on time, and everything was so clean at the end of the every day. I was also really impressed with how small the holes in the sheetrock were. Very professional. However, the guys who did the sheetrock replacement were less than tidy, and the texture matching was so-so. Water Quality also needs to improve communications with their customers. I had to call them several times to ask what the status of the job was (that's the reason for 4 stars instead of 5). I really couldn't tell when they were actually finished until they asked for payment. If I had it to do over again, I would happily hire them to do the pipes, but I would have someone else do the sheetrock. They really know pipes! More...


Tom H.

28 April 2009

Fast response, courteous service, and work done quickly with little or no mess.  What more can you ask for from a plumber?!?  Oh yeah, and the price was very fair.  I will definitely use them again and would not hesitate to recommend them to friends. More...



20 April 2009

We have used WQP several times for emergency situations. They have been great about getting to us before the end of the day and then fixing our issues quickly and for a reasonable cost. I will definately use them again, hopefully next time for something planned More...


Kiersten L.

25 February 2009

I originally found Water Quality Plumbing through Angie's List. They have taken care of everything from hooking up the water line for my fridge, to fixing calcium deposit issues in my shower. They bend over backward to work within my schedule constraints and show up when promised. Every person they have sent out has always offered extra helpful information as to how I might fix and issue by myself. For example, CLR to clean out shower heads. In each visit they took special care not to damage the surrounding areas of the work. In the shower, they moved towels and rugs so they wouldn't get dirty. For the fridge, they put down plastic mats not to damage/scratch the wood laminate flooring. Unfortunately for weekend and after hours, they charge time and a half. However, they do offer discounts for Angie's List members, a great deal. I was happy to find out the do external plumbing as well, and look forward to hiring them to do my backyard sprinkler system. More...


Margi T.

20 February 2009

When our 22-year-old hot water heater died this week, Water Quality Plumbing took care of us. My father-in-law recommended this small business and I'm so glad he did. The guys from WQP are very, very professional and trustworthy. You know when a repairman walks into your house and puts booties over his shoes before setting foot on your carpet that you don't have to worry about your house getting destroyed during the work. And our hot water heater is at the top of a carpeted staircase, so I really appreciate the extra mile they went -- putting down water-proof tarps, wearing booties, being very careful carrying the old water heater out and the new one in. They explained all of our options -- pros, cons, prices -- and the restrictions based on new code laws, where our water heater is located, the age of our pipes, the size of our pipes, the city's water quality, etc. We also got some tips for how to get the most years out of our new water heater. WQP definitely has the customers' best interests in mind. And I appreciate it. Not to mention, I will never under appreciate hot water again. More...


In C.

6 August 2008

This is a great company.They have done the following work for me since 1999!Re-Pipe the house (copper repiping).Water Main replacement.Installed water heaters, water softner, water filter etc.Installing Natural GAS lines, earthquake shut off valves.Multiple "Clogged drain visits".In addition to doing paid work the company proved itself to be a good "Corporate citizen" by doing FREE work for a community service project.I would not hesitate to give them more business. As a matter of fact they are going to be more work at my house this week.The only reason I did not give them 5 stars was that they could use better quality shut off valves when repiping. The valves were brass but with plastic turn handles. These handles break when you most need them in an emergency to shut off the water. More...

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