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I am an ACE certified trainer and nutritionist and started training clients in 2010. I do private in home training (mobile training). I bring any equipment you will need, and train clients in strength, flexibility and endurance training depending on your personal goals.


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1 July 2019

Good , Fun Workouts. She has these cool no repeat workouts that will have you sweating her videos are never dull or boring. Always look forward to her videos. She’s also always smiling puts you in a good mood. I also really enjoy her warm ups and cool down Stretches . Your whole workout is all in one Video More...

13 October 2018

This lady puts together some tough, solid workouts!

17 March 2012

In 2009 I began having lower back problems stemming from being out of shape. I recognized that I needed to change the way I took care of myself. Working with my trainer has helped to change my life in recovering from my lower back pains. The workouts that they have designed for me have strengthened my core and lower back, and helped to give me confidence in returning to an active life. I always look forward to my sessions with my trainer, because while they are challenging, they are also a lot of fun! More...

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I listen to what a client's goals are to make sure that they are getting what THEY want. Most of my clients are women in their 40s to 60s with goals varying from building strength to improving balance. I design and customize workout routines based off of these goals. Because I specialize in mobile training (in home training), I also hold them accountable by showing up at their doorstep on days when they may have wanted to skip the gym.

Consistency is number one for sure. I will only start with a new client if I'm sure we will be able to make our schedules compatible. Designing routines that are safe is another one. Nothing prevents consistency more than an injury, so I always make sure my clients are performing exercises for the fitness level they are currently at.

I have met some of the most amazing women! I love helping my clients become healthier and stronger.

I started Vivid Training because I prefer to do my own training at home. I've always enjoyed working out, but I never liked going to a gym for my workouts and I knew there were other women that would prefer the privacy of in home training.

There is nothing more convenient than having your trainer show up at your doorstep for your workouts.



Improving strength using dumbbells, medicine balls and body weight.

Low impact training using barre routines, body weight exercises and physio balls.

Improving balance through stability training.

Cardiovascular training trough LISS (low intensity steady state) and HIIT training (high intensity interval training).

I'm a certified nutritionist, so I help clients with weight loss goals or just general nutrition.