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Vertical Venus Pole Fitness

Glen Ridge


Vertical Venus Pole Fitness

Glen Ridge


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Lesley Schofield

5 August 2019

Since going to Keba’s classes I have never felt stronger or better about myself. Love the classes and the care and attention given to each participant.


Adina A.

18 March 2019

I would recommend for people wanting to learn pole dancing or wanting to improve. There is a mix of experienced and less experienced dancers and specific classes for everyone.


Margarita F.

19 March 2018

The beginner class needed to be more focused. I have been to several other studios, and these places offer  specific drill routines. Each member gets to practice sufficiently several  routines so that the member feels that they learned something. Secondly, the poles are not wiped down each time  the poles are being shared. For sanitary reasons, the pole needs to be wiped before  member's take turns to share the pole. More...


Elisa Villalobos

16 February 2018

MaKeba and VV are so fun welcoming! They range in levels and style and everyone will feel at home! The space is beautiful, intimate with the lighting and decor setting the mood for Pole! This will be my studio every time I’m here! More...


Lala D.

3 January 2018

I didn't realize how bad this was until I brought up the nerve to try pole dancing at another studio and to my surprise actually had fun. My friends and I bought a groupon for Venus for a few classes and after one class never returned. Save your money! I'm definitely not the type to waste a Groupon but this was just a bad experience.We found this place to be extremely judgmental and unfriendly to beginners. They only have two poles and there were at least 7-8 girls in the class. What's the point of trying a new thing like pole dancing if the instructor is judging you? She couldn't hide her face expressions. The whole thing was just uncomfortable. More...


Rosario Z.

28 September 2017

We went to a class today.... 8 of us girls from the office. Had a blast!!!!!  The instructors were fun, patient, and sooo helpful. We were of all ages and body types n they made us feel comfortable. More...


Darryl Ervin

16 April 2014

Awesome !!!!


Smaranda Savarino

11 January 2014

Warm, private, catering atmosphere with knowledgeable, personable, professional instructor. Awesome experience, I would recommend to any lady wanting to learn while doing a fun, exciting workout with friendly, motivating support. Great way to build confidence and bring your sexy goddess out!! More...