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East Bridgeport, Connecticut



East Bridgeport, Connecticut


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Miriam Melissa Hernandez

14 November 2019

Dan is really passionate and loves what he does. He makes your workout efficient one hour goes by so fast. 5 stars for Dan. highly recommended.


Shirley Palacios

27 October 2019

Such great trainer . Different exercises everyday.


melissa rua

21 September 2019

Great prices and the trainer really takes his time to personalize your exercises to what your goal is


tony vasquez

2 September 2018

Very good personal trainer


Andres Silva

14 April 2018

Anyone looking for a change? Don't be shy Vaskezfitness will take care of you the right way. Why go to the gym and do routines that you may not be doing right? Dan Vaskez will have you satisfied all you have to do is put in work guys! More...


Amanda Peña

13 March 2018

Such a great trainer, really motivates you to keep pushing through your workouts.


Azucena Jarrin

23 December 2017

A la distancia NOS MANTENEMOS PERFECTOS CON VASKEZFITNESS, saludables y en estado físico excelente GRACIAS por compartir tus videos. FELCITACIONES


Magdalena Palmer

19 October 2017

Thank you Dan, your willingness to work with my schedule, and help to achieve my physical goals must be publicly recognized. Continue being the best at what you do. Feeling accomplished...Thanks again Coach Dan! More...


Raúl Bustos Montero

11 October 2017

I believe this is a necessary effort to help development heald of people. Congratulatios Tony.


Juan Pablo Constante

22 June 2017

Great ingenuity and efficiency to make the best possible 1hr workout. Exercises are fun and never the same, but they always target the right areas. Coach Dan really knows what fitness is all about. More...


Melissa Rua

6 May 2017

Dan is great , he has a passion for helping people achieve the body they want and is with you every step of the way. He also works with your schedule which is wonderful. Would recommend!