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Valhalla Bakery

Orlando, Florida

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Valhalla Bakery

Orlando, Florida


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Ana Gregoire

28 May 2019

So good I almost got worried it wasn’t still vegan, you couldn’t even tell! They have seriously mastered vegan baking I was amazed.


dani o

23 May 2019

This place has great beers to pair with your food and desserts.


Ana-Clarice Rios

23 May 2019

Pretty good dessert Bakery, it bothered me a little that they gave me the wrong items I asked for I did not realize until I got home, it was very busy and maybe hard to hear. A bit pricey in my opinion. Interesting spot to visit, nice outdoor space. More...


Sierra Bradley

23 May 2019

it was so fresh. i will be back with my friends. the prices are fair for the quality of food. they have so many good reviews for a reason.


Shayna Aberg

23 May 2019

Every time we visit Orlando this market is our first stop and we always load up on sweets! I don’t think I’ve had a single thing from this bakeshop that I didn’t like. Everything tastes amazing, looks great and is very well proportioned for their prices. The s’mores bar and the coconut cream mini pies are my favorite but honestly everything is great! My only complaint is that they’re not closer to me and don’t deliver to out of state customers! (First world struggles)This is a must stop! More...


Brent Bryant

16 May 2019

Food was super flavorful. It has a nice interior.


Joshua Kaminski

30 April 2019

Neat spot with some sweet deserts. I ordered every donut and happy for some good ingredients, however the frosting is super super sweet. Place is pretty busy and cost is pretty high. Design is very fun and inviting with industrial/eclectic/vibrant vibes. :) More...


Nichole Mendez

31 March 2019

Amazing vegan comfort food & sweets! Great quality and I always end up wanting more! Highly recommend to everyone, you don't have to be vegan to enjoy these delicious treats!


Kaycha Baez

1 December 2018

I just LOVE Valhalla Bakery! I drive about 40 minutes from time to time “just because” they are so good. Their donut flavors are unique and delicious. My favorite is the Strawberry’s and Sprinkles and the Very Berry. & Their CAKES!!! If you have not given them a shot, you must! They are so beautiful and so delicious. I have ordered “The Never Nude,” “Cookies N’ Scream” and their “Luscious Lemony Lavender” (held the lavender) and they were show stoppers. I would not disclose where they were from because you say “Vegan” and they rub. But once they got a taste and loved it, they were surprised! If You have not visited Valhalla Bakery... what are you waiting for, GO! More...


Natalie Fisher

1 November 2018

What a cute place! Pretty patio in the evening decorated with lights. The bakery is nice with a bunch of yummy options from which to select. Very large portions. 100% vegan. Doesn't taste weird. The staff is friendly and helpful. Will be returning. More...


Iron Warrior

8 July 2018

For being vegan, the baked goods and food is pretty tastey. I tried a half dozen sweets, the tart and the strawberry donut were the top contenders. The Buffalo Mac N Cheese and the Grits though, easily took first place in my book. A very mixed crowd, lots of fairy hair and septum rings, not everyones scene but pretty laid back overall it seems. More...


Danielle Locke

29 June 2018

Wonderful experience. I am not a vegan but the food had the strong potential to convert me! It was busy when we visited but the service did not disappoint. An array of desserts and fresh food to choose from. I tried one of the cupcakes and it was the best I ever had. DEFINITELY will schedule a cake sampling for our upcoming wedding. The atmosphere was welcoming to all. The age group of patrons when we visited ranged from toddler to senior citizens and there was something for everyone. More...


Impeccable Gentleman

3 June 2018

This is one of my favorite vegan spots. It's a small boutique that shares it's space with Dixie Dharma. They're always changing their items and they're always delicious. The service and atmosphere is great. More...


Nelson Martinez

23 April 2018

This bakery features a creative assortment of decadent pastries that can stand up to the very best non-vegan baked goods and are portioned for sharing. The staff are passionate about food, friendly and welcoming. Whenever we’re in Orlando we always load up on goodies. Sadly, there’s usually not much left to share by the time we get home. As an amateur baker, I’m both delighted and jealous! More...


Daniella Pozzo

10 April 2018

We ordered the cupcakes for our April wedding from Valhalla Bakery - best decision we could've made! Crystal was a pleasure to work with and was so creative in designing cupcakes just like we asked for! The cupcakes were delicious, made in time, and our guests loved them! Thank you, Valhalla! More...


Elena Soltau

9 April 2018

It was my co-workers birthday and I wanted to pick up some baked goods to help celebrate. She is vegetarian, so I wanted to make sure I bought cookies she could eat. Valhalla Bakery was recommended to me. I bought sugar cookies, chocolate chip, and chocolate chip with salt. They were all delicious! And, the employees were friendly and helpful! I appreciated everything about this experience. More...


Daliann Lopez

4 April 2018

The Lemon Blueberry "Cinammon bun" is to die for. And the Tiki Tako was delish.


Maddie G

26 March 2018

Best vegan bakery I've ever been to! I've ordered several specialty cakes and they are always better than the last. Everything from donuts to brookies to yolos are perfection. The one tip I would give is that the cake slices are usually better than the cupcakes, in my opinion. More...


John Dougherty

25 March 2018

Absolutely love this place! The doughnuts are great, but the chocolate dipped brownie is my new favorite. The service team is top notch.
This place is a must stop for us every time we are in Orlando!


Marcello Di Santo

19 February 2018

Not just a spot for vegan baked goods, I made a stop at Valhalla Bakery while in Orlando to grab a bite to eat and loved absolutely everything I tasted! Filling and decadent with a hint of healthy, I not only loved the food but also dug the atmosphere and vibe. It was pretty busy and though there was a long line to order we got our food in good time. With so much to choose from we had to try many of the sides along with our mains, The Orange Bird and Carolina BBQ Pulled Jackfruit. Both were fun and delish and we added collards, mac cheese, brussels sprouts and cheesy homies, which were also all tasty and filling. From the bakery take out coolers we took home a chocolate cake that we devoured later that evening, so good. The staff were just as fun and kind as the menu I should add so 5 stars all around, a must stop for plant-based food and hungry tummies, vegan or not! More...


Michael DeGruchy

27 November 2017

So I came to this establishment just thinking it was a donut place. I was not aware of the ice cream or other treats. I also didn't know it was vegan. My friends informed me of this after we had left. I got a half dozen donuts and they were amazing. Honestly I am angry that I didn't get any ice-cream because I am lactose intolerant and with it being vegan I would love it. So needless to say I will be stopping by every chance I get. More...


Lylah Chaokhio

25 November 2017

I really love it here! It's very limited of course and small but they have really good donuts for a big size. They're also extremely fluffy. What's good that they do on their Instagram is that they make daily posts of what donuts they have available. I do wish they had more because on some days they don't have it such as the lavender chip. Times are different such as Saturday being open until 9 and some other days until 7. Either than that, its my first time trying vegan donuts and I was very pleased More...



18 November 2017

I feel like I've died and gone to Heaven. This place is absolutely spectacular, the donuts are large and filling but it doesnt make me feel gross and stuff ya know? The ONLY issue, is it is a far drive for me, a 45 minute drive. I wish they had more locations, but perhaps I will move closer to this joint :) More...


Christopher Atkinson

12 November 2017

Just to clear up a few things, I didn't enter the location. I just ate some donuts out of the box that was at the apartment I was in. I will update my review as soon as I do enter the location, interact with the employees, and sample more flavors.

But in the meantime, I love that they're squares. I don't know why I love that, but I do. It's so kool. I got to try three flavors, the Fruity Pebbles, the pumpkin pie, and the chocolate chocolate glazed.

The chocolate chocolate glazed was very good. It was slightly cake-y, but moist at the same time, and the glaze was super decadent. The pumpkin pie was a lot better than I was expecting it to be. I'm a chocolate fiend when it comes to donuts usually. But this was so good! It tasted like a pumpkin pie, and it got the job done without any filling inside. So nice.

The Fruity Pebbles one was my favorite. The donut itself is so nice and moist, and the Fruity Pebbles on the top of the donut added a nice crunch to the whole thing. This donut also had a cream filling that was obviously supposed to be the "milk" of the cereal dish.

The thing about that faux milk, and the thing about all of these donuts that's different is that these donuts had really good flavors, but they're not too sweet. The sweetness of these donuts are toned down a whole lot compared to other donuts I've encountered. It was really nice. I plan on coming in when I need my next donut services.

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