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Full sized gym, no contract necessary.


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I have been a National level bodybuilder and Strongman. I have been training for nearly 20 years. I continue to expand my education to give my clients the most effective up to date information to assist them in reaching their fitness goals. I have trained all levels from fitness, weight loss, body building competitor to Olympic trial athletes.

Work and discipline. No secrets. I will make sure to help you be efficient in your work. Suffering doesn't equate to results, doing what is necessary does.

Constantly trying to get better at my trade. In the last 2 years I have added body tempering ( used by the top pro and college sports teams). Certified in Kabuki Movement Systems (KMS). KMS makes you anti fragile and adds 10% to your lifts. Learned from the world leader in back health. Studying Dynamic Nueromuscular Stabilization (DNS)- DNS is based in developmental kinesiology. Certified in the Vertical diet.

It has been a lifetime dream of mine from childhood. I have a passion for helping people.

My experience. I have 27 years of competitive experience and 18 years of personal training experience. I played football up to the college level and a little semi pro. I have competed in bodybuilding and strongman earning a top 10 placings in both. I have trained an athlete to win a national championship in Armed forces body building. I have trained a state champion power lifter. I have trained an athlete for the Olympic trials taking her from the 300's in country to 6th place. I have helped a stroke victim who was suppose to never use her arm again lift a 25lb dumbbell in that arm and continued to build dexterity in it. These are a few of examples. I take pride in meeting people where they are and helping them reach the goals they want.