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Joey Shimm

28 February 2019

As a longtime client of Socrates Tsamutalis, I have always had full confidence in his ability and desire to fully serve my income tax preparation requirements. Not only is he incredibly bright and well-versed with the most current tax laws, he is also very personable and caring. He takes the time to listen to my inquiries and responds clearly and thoroughly to any question I may have. Even during busy periods, he always promptly returns my phone calls.I feel very fortunate to have come across Socrates Tsamutalis as my accountant and would recommend him to anyone seeking an accountant with full knowledge of the profession and unwavering integrity. More...


Phillip Kravtsov

28 February 2019

I've been a client of Chris and then later his son Socrates for 5 years now. I run an extremely complicated business in the cryptocurrency sphere that no other accountant was willing to take the time to fully understand. Tsamutalis & Company was always there when I needed. Sometimes it even meant hours on the phone with me to fix my mistakes. Highly recommended. Hire these guys for your tax needs and sleep comfortably at night. More...


Wendy Gamez Sosa

31 October 2018

Great client attention. Socrates is really professional and efficient. Highly recommend.


jpiccini jpiccini

31 October 2018

I am a lawyer in Northern New Jersey. I highly recommend Tsamutalis & Company for any CPA/Accounting/Bookkeeping/financial advice and guidance work. They have worked with a number of our clients very successfully! Best, Jeremy. More...


Stephanie Zecca

31 October 2018

Efficient,effective, and fast. You call or email with a question you get immediate service. Prompt, quick, polite, and great to work with professionally. Our accountant retired and we transitioned over to Tsamutalis & Co and we are pleased to have the same level of service.A CPA that is second to none!!!! More...


Mr. Cory Nieves

31 October 2018

The customer service is phenomenal. They go the extra mile, and treat you like family. They also love MrCorys Cookies


James Armstrong

29 May 2017

They are more than just an Accounting Firm. Socrates took the time to actually educate me on Accounting, Taxes, the IRS and ways to better plan and prepare for the future of our children. He spent countless hours ensuring my family and i were well prepared when most other firms only care about moving on to the next case. He genuinely cares about our best interests and will always deliver a premium service to his clients. More...



19 March 2017

I had a pleasure of having a tax consultation with Mr. Socrates Tsamutalis. He was professional yet friendly, and very knowledgeable. Also he answered all of my questions without rushing it. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs help in tax-related areas. More...


B. Lau

7 October 2016

It's family. As an independent business I am grateful to have found T&C they are trustworthy, efficient, well versed in the complicated world of accounting and bookkeeping, and give me the best peace of mind a business owner can have with their books. Also, I love knowing that the Tsamultalis family from to father, son, and daughter are all a part of the company. More...


Katherine Kane

11 April 2016

Socrates at Tsamutalis & Sons has been such a pleasure to work with. As a small business owner, I regularly have questions that come up about my accounting and bookkeeping. Socrates is always available to help, and takes the time to walk me through any questions so that I fully understand the issue at stake. Having Tsumutalis & Sons handle all my accounting and bookkeeping under one roof has really streamlined my work flow and given me invaluable peace of mind that all deadlines are being met with thorough and accurate work. Highly recommend. More...


Domenick Tibaldo

30 May 2015

I have known and been working with Chris, Dana, Soc and staff for many years and they are extremely professional, friendly and provide very sound tax and business advice at a reasonable cost. I have referred them to others and have heard nothing but glowing remarks. I would highly recommend this CPA firm to anyone looking for professional, quality, sound business and tax services. They are first rate and take the time to make all clients feel welcome. More...


Joseph Borsellino

30 May 2015

I engaged Socrates to prepare and file my 1040 during this past year. Being a CPA working for a large public accounting firm, I do not have the time to prepare my taxes each year. I have full trust in Socrates's skill and professionalism. As a CPA, I would expect a high quality of work since I am skilled in this area. Without a doubt, Socrates provided a high quality level of work when preparing my return. He is proactive and very responsive with his clients. His added insight for individual tax assists me in managing my individual tax position and strategy each year. I have happily become a repeat client, and recommend my fellow colleagues, friends, and family to employ his services. More...


Alex Dillon

2 February 2015

As the Chief Investment Officer of an emerging convertible arbitrage fund, I knew I had to be very diligent when it came to selecting the right CPA firm to represent my fund. After considering several big 4 firms, I came to the realization that I needed to be with a boutique CPA shop lead by someone who truly understands the intricate and complex strategies and portfolios my fund uses on a daily basis. I was originally referred to Socrates Tsamutalis through a mutual contact. After sitting down and helping him fully understand the direction I was driving my fund in, I knew that he and his partners were the right team to help accelerate our growth. Now in our second year of business together, I feel very confident in saying that I made the right decision, and my fund could not be in better hands. I look forward to growing our professional relationship and continuing the development of creative ideas with Socrates and his CPA team! More...

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