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Willow Glen, California


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Nancy Redding

14 October 2019

I have been doing Pilates with Elizabeth for over 2 years now, and highly recommend her studio. It is a great workout from a dedicated and extremely knowledgeable instructor. The atmosphere is light and congenial, but the Pilates is serious. Elizabeth is excellent at individualizing instruction as well. Overall, a great place! More...


Stacey Jo H.

30 January 2019

Had one private session with Elizabeth and she rocked my world.  I immediately saw the value and it was clear that this piece of equipment was an ALL IN ONE GYM.  I realized I could perform these exercises for the rest of my life.  Pilates would help me strengthen, tone, create length, and most of all keep me mobile and feeling good in my body.  I actually grew 1 inch in height!  I loved working with Elizabeth and enjoyed private Pilates so much that I became a Pilates instructor. Elizabeth changed my life path from one of stress and immobility to one of happiness and a life full of physical activity!  FOR THIS, I THANK YOU ELIZABETH!!!! More...


Carol Beebe

29 May 2017

Caring instructors who will customise your class


Doris A.

23 January 2017

I highly recommend Tru-Balance and Elizabeth because my weekly Pilates sessions are helping me so much.  Besides many years of pilates teaching experience, Elizabeth never stops researching and incorporating new knowledge.  Thanks to her excellent knowledge of the body system and the targeted exercises according to my needs, my back pain, foot pain, and other weaknesses of my body disappeared fairly soon.  She also has a very nice personality and the sessions with her are truly enjoyable. It is impressive how she can handle the different regimens for me and my man simultaneously without loosing her excellent attention to fine details of our movements.  She also added Seimei to her program to assist the body with healing, which she applied to my broken collar bone, and Mindfulness Meditation which rounds up our Pilates session so nicely. More...


Ruth D.

8 March 2016

Elizabeth Cassidy is the gifted owner of Tru-Balance Pilates studio in Willow Glen and she is at the top of her game.  Not only is she experienced because she has worked in the business for more than 20 years but she also understands the mind, body rhythm as applied to Pilates. She is very knowledgeable, personable and passionate with strong work ethics and high standards. She obviously enjoys what she is doing and always has a very positive attitude. Get ready to be fully engaged when you are training with Elizabeth. She takes charge and leads the way to a great session. My back problems are a thing of the past due to the core exercises on the reformer. I am also stronger and feel great thanks to Elizabeth and Tatiana. I highly recommend Ms. Elizabeth Cassidy and Tru-Balance. More...


Jami D.

12 January 2016

I've been taking classes at Tru-Balance Pilates for well over five years. Elizabeth is such an knowledgeable and attentive instructor, it's clear right away that she loves what she does. She pays meticulous attention to form, and ensures her students progress based on their goals. Her depth of knowledge on body mechanics never ceases to amaze me either. I've come in with nagging pains she has helped me to resolve simplify by adjusting my posture or assisting to release a tense muscle pulling my hips out of alignment, just as an example. I've had two children over the years while taking classes at this studio, so I have also experienced firsthand the benefits of Pilates leading up to giving birth (took classes into my 33-34th week of pregnancy) as well postpartum. I highly recommend this studio, I seriously miss class when life gets too busy. More...


Silvi L.

15 February 2014

Tru-Balance is a great place to do Pilates. Elizabeth, the instructor/owner is knowledgeable, personable, and professional at all times.Elizabeth makes me use the time effectively and I can see the benefits of working out with her. I've been going to her studio twice per week for the last 9 months and every time is different because she takes in account how do you feel and which areas of your body needs help.I highly recommend Tru Balance! More...


Rhea I.

31 July 2013

For the last 9 months I have had Pilates sessions, both private and class, with Dixie. I have not taken her Pilates Instructor training, but I have trained in two other types of bodywork, which gives me some insight into Dixie's deep understanding of the human body, how it moves, and how it is meant to move--and the insight from her dance and bodywork experience that permeates her work. In classes with other students, I witness Dixie's ability to address each person's body and their level of understanding of movement, their own body, and the Pilates exercises.I feel unbelievably fortunate to have come upon Dixie as a Pilates instructor. After a hip replacement, I had some persistent alignment issues that did not allow me to be as active as I wanted to be or to build strength in that hip effectively. Individual bodywork sessions would improve things for a while, but I knew I needed someone to help me build strength and alignment in this hip through insightful, experienced, and safe on-going instruction. Dixie has been that person! I am in my 60's and am now in the best shape I've been in in years. Since activity and well-being are so important to me (including being able to get back to kayaking and dancing with ease), it's been a real gift to be recovering/developing coordination, spatiousness, and strength, as well as getting new clues about how to move and what to watch out for with my too-flexible joints. I tell my friends I feel like I'm cheating because all this comes from sessions with Dixie that are totally fun. Amazing that you can get an intense and educative workout punctuated with spontaneous grinning! I will be moving out of the area in a few months, and I'm 'threatening' to videotape one of my sessions with Dixie to take with me. Pilates will, henceforth, always include for me her oh-so-encouraging voice and her superb imagery for visualizing the movement in an exercise. More...


Margot N.

14 May 2013

This is an amazing Pilates instructor training program. I have learned so much about the human body, how and why Pilates works the way it does, and the anatomy and kinesiology behind all of the exercises. I can't imagine a more thorough approach to instructor training! You start with Pilates fundamentals and history, a thorough review of anatomy and muscle function, and then move into the exercises themselves, covering each one in depth to understand optimal form, which muscle groups are working, and how the exercises can be sequenced for an optimal workout. Embody Pilates' approach is grounded in scientific principle, a keen understanding of the human body, the instructor's experience as a dancer, choreographer, and Pilates instructor. She is a terrific teacher - deeply knowledgeable, tons of real-world experience, and the ability to work with each student 1:1 using language, coaching, cueing, and instructions we can all understand. If you want to become an instructor, or if you just want to know more about Pilates and deepen your practice, I can't recommend Embody Pilates highly enough! More...


Addi M.

27 August 2012

I hope it's not an exaggeration when I say that Elizabeth has really changed my life.I'd worked retail for 2 years.  2 years on your feet on concrete floors in terrible (but company required) footwear can do really awful things to your ankles, knees, and - as I learned first hand - hips.  A recurring pain in my sacrum finally peaked to the point where I would even get dressed without suffering, and my doctor suggested I try core strengthening exercises.  My mom has been seeing Elizabeth for years, and I was ready to commit to get better.  I'm only in my mid-twenties!  I can't let my body feel like this!Elizabeth has done more than help me get better.  She helped me assess that it was not only a weakened core that played a part in my hurting back, but also my excessively tight leg muscles.  On days when I'm really in agony, she helps me adjust and keeps the exercises to within a safe zone.  On days when I'm feeling good, she challenges me.The group classes are really fun; everyone gets along and really supports each other.  When I first started, the other students would help me when I was feeling lost.  I've been feeling stronger, which is a plus, but I'm also much more in tune with my body and I can tell now when the hips are feeling a little wobbly.  Being able to read these signals has been paramount in my healing.I would recommend Elizabeth and Tru-Balance to ANYONE who is tired of just dealing with the aches and pains and really getting down to the root of it.  I made the commitment and love every class I take. More...


Ilya N.

21 February 2012

Tru-Balance is so good, i started with a one-on-one and then worked out in the classes. it have been everything i wanted in a work out. Small class size, and very personal. if you are just starting off or have been doing pilates for years this is the place!!! More...


Cass T.

5 February 2012

This studio is the perfect combination of competent instruction,  comfortable equipment, and a great user community.  There's nothing snooty or inaccessible here -- it's friendly, all levels are welcome and co-exist nicely in a variety of convenient class times.  Owner Elizabeth brings great depth of experience and flexibility into her practice-- seamlessly engaging everyone in each class to achieve their own goals and yet participate in a shared experience. This place has plenty of laughter, a caring vibe and a lot of long-term and returning students as testament to its value. More...


Jaime L.

12 January 2012

Elizabeth is a thorough instructor who gives you all her attention. She gives a thorough assessment and works out a plan to fit your needs. She has worked with me for over five years and I would recommend her without hesitation.  She has helped me strengthen my core and my lower back stiffness has all but disappeared.Guys, you got to give it a try. More...


Julie M.

20 October 2011

Elizabeth is the shiz.  This is the second Pilates studio I have gone to and is definitely the better one.  Let me preface by saying that reformer classes in general are not cheap, and this one is a bit pricier than my old place.  My expectations are pretty high as a result, since two classes here are almost equivalent to my monthly family membership to the Y.  Elizabeth knows her stuff and is great about acommodating the various experience, fitness, and comfort levels of the students in each class to ensure that everyone gets the appopriate workout.  She has been very good about helping me to continue to participate with my growing belly and associated limitations, which, let me just say, is no small task.  I look forward to every class, and know that it's going to be worth it even on the days i can barely drag my ass there.  Solid. More...


Kellie C.

7 January 2011

Tru Balance and Elizabeth are the best! Not only do you get a great work out but its fun too!  I have never stuck to an exercise routine before and I have now been going here for a year and a half.  I highly recommend Tru Balance for anyone looking for a great work out that is fun! More...


Gagan T.

13 September 2010

Absolutely love going to Pilates with Elizabeth at this studio! She has lots of knowledge, is very professional, and has an enthusiastic, friendly personality. Elizabeth always makes sure you are getting a complete workout, have a healthy body, and are seeing results (I get regular body measurements from her). I have seen actual results in my body improving in the last year -- stronger muscles, lower body fat, healthy body feeling. I would highly recommend you try this place out! More...


Kristopher M.

21 June 2009

Elizabeth is one of the best pilates instructors I've worked with in my life.  Her attention to details helps maximize the benefits while preventing injuries from occurring.  I highly recommend pilates at this studio. More...


Anna M.

27 February 2009

I had a back problem for 8 months and saw an orthopedist, tried acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, cortisone shots and nothing worked.   The pain was waking me up every night, so I was desperate.  No one could pinpoint the problem, other than some "bulging discs" and I am not ready for surgery!   A friend suggested pilates but I was doubtful.  However, I was running out of options, and after 2 private lessons my back pain disappeared.  I still cannot believe it.   Elizabeth, the owner (upbeat and encouraging) concentrated on strengthening my back and my abdominal muscles (which had been vacationing for 10 years after having kids!)I stopped pilates after a while and back came the pain, so it's now a regular part of my life.   But, I have to admit, it's relaxing and I really enjoy talking to Elizabeth, who is knowledgeable and a fun gal!   My recommendation - give it a try - it's saved me from miserable ongoing back pain More...


Jennifer E.

24 September 2008

this is my first pilates experience and i love it so much. the only problem is that i can't afford to go more than once a week because it is quite spendy. i did my research and tru-balance is very comparable to other studios nearby. and quite frankly, has a better energy and more of a warm feel.i had two private sessions with elizabeth, the owner, who is an incredible instructor with an infectious energy (julie is the instructor of the class i go to now. she is equally as knowledgeable and fun). i started going to the 530 am class (i'm a freak who gets up early, i can't help it) and i couldn't love it more. i am learning so much including some exercises that i can do at home and just being more aware and mindful of my body (if i'm slouching, clenching my jaw, etc)...not to mention the kick-ass pilates arms i'm getting.i have had neck and back injuries as well as frequent migrane headaches and i can honestly say that even just once a week (combined with other healing methods) pilates has helped reduce my chronic pain and headaches. More...


Michele M.

3 April 2008

Elizabeth Cassidy and her training staff are absolutely the most professional and knowledgeable instructors I've met.  Elizabeth takes a client's whole lifestyle into account, and keeps you accountable!I have been a client at Tru-Balance for 6 years, and I highly recommend Elizabeth. More...

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