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Jamie Hunter

9 October 2018

Highly recommend working with Oliver! After barely making it to the gm for over a year, Oliver helped me get back in shape and looking like an even better version of my old self. In just 2 months, I was surprise by how much fat I had lost and muscle I had put on. I finally was looking tone and feeling stronger. I've been training with him for 4 months now and am really happy with my progress. He offers a wealth of knowledge, has a great demeanor, and is willing to be flexible to work around my busy and always changing schedule. If you communicate with him, he knows how to help you reach your goals. I'm constantly learning new things from him, which is important to me since the same routine can get boring or stagnate your progress. Our sessions are more than him telling me what to do, he provides an education of each movement's purpose, which has helped me train better on my own on our off days. The right technique and approach make all difference to seeing results, which Oliver is pro at. I went in with blind trust when signing up with him, and training with Oliver was a great choice. Highly recommend working with him! Definitely worth thee investment of your time and money. More...


Chris Jones

9 October 2018

Boz is the man. He's taken me where I need to go. He's always there to push me one step further and has definitely gotten me the results I wanted when I started training with him. Great guy all around. Fun to train with. And results!! More...


Douglas Connell

9 October 2018

The most amazing experience !. Oliver Bozzi is the best trainer I've ever had. When we started I had trouble lifting a 45lb bar. Today all my lifts have gone up 3X . I highly recommend the #trainwithboz program to anyone who seriously wants results , and at the price he charges it's unbeatable. More...


Ray Taylor

9 October 2018

Oliver is a first class personal trainer. He takes your weight lifting training and nutritional plan very seriously and will keep you honest. If you are truly trying to make a difference in your life, Oliver is a great motivator and will help you achieve your goals! More...


Rick Michael

9 October 2018

Oliver Bozzi is a dedicated and high spirited trainer and friend of mine, who always strives to bring me the best possible workout experience. He has taught me thoroughly on safe training technique, as well as been there for me with any questions I may need guidance on. In training with him I have gone from knowing nothing about training myself to feeling like the gym is a playground I can manipulate and have safe fun with. I have and would always recommend him to anyone interested in working with a trainer. More...

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