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Ben Jarosz

7 June 2019

Tortuga Marketing is the best in the game when it comes to video marketing! They know and connect with the ins and outs of their customers and deliver a product most other companies cannot.


Melody M Cubillos

15 February 2019

Luis, Melissa, Prashanth & the whole team are great!


Brad Minsley

8 December 2018

Tortuga effectively acts as our IT department. They mange our Google for Business system as well as our PPC campaigns. They help us make buying decisions on hardware, software and are there when we need them when we mangle something... I highly recommend them- I have peace of mind knowing they are there for us and keep things running smoothly. More...


Brad Minsley

28 November 2018

Tortuga is like a tech swiss army knife. We have effectively outsourced our IT to them... they do everything from manage our Google For Business system to our PPC campaigns to even recommending computers, software and hardware. It provides great peace of mind knowing they are there to keep things running smoothly for us. More...


Guillermo Cerezo

8 November 2018

Did some amazing graphic design and marketing for our team.


Samuel Feinberg

8 October 2018

Brilliant designs. Timely Responses. Extraordinary service. Tortuga Marketing is a versatile company that has offered great value to our company. They helped build our website, create business cards and produce marketing materials for a very affordable price. Talk to them if you are in any way hesitant about the quotes on their website. Again, contentment and satisfaction have characterized the aftermath of our work with Tortuga. Connect with them for all of your marketing needs! More...


Christina Mills

24 August 2018

I'm so well pleased with Tortuga Marketing luis worked so hard and put forth his effort in all he did with making our business cards and logos. I couldn't ask for anything better with the excellent customer service you perform luis I thank you so very much for working with my husband and I...I could say more but I'll let the next person get the chance to express themselves about Tortuga Marketing...luis you're the best. More...


Eric August

8 August 2018

We have been extremely pleased thus far with Luis and his team's service. Their knowledge and creativeness is impressive. They took our almost non-existent social media marketing to new heights.


Glenn Astolfi

8 August 2018

Our company has seen our volume grow from the marketing plans put together by Tortuga. They have made monthly changes to our website that is driving traffic and resulting in more sales.


Tyler Moyer

8 August 2018

I worked with Tortuga to put together some promotion videos for my company. Luis and his team really went above and beyond, not only deliver great content, but also helping develop the creative process and perfecting the brand message. Looking forward to the next project! More...


Neal Isaacs

30 May 2018

Tortuga has run a PPC campaign for me and produced some high quality videos that I'm proud to share. They always goes above and beyond in customer service. I'd highly recommend him!


Kelly Ann Smith

23 September 2017

I’ve had the privilege to work with Luis of Tortuga Marketing on many projects. He is a pleasure to work with and always provides superior work.


Vennita Frazier

22 September 2017

Tortuga Marketing is awesome!!!! They will make it happen!!!!


Timothy Penenburgh

22 September 2017

What can I say more than has already been said!! The innovation and expertise is unmatched. Tortuga will always be my go to for any project. Keep blowing them away!

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