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The Tesla Group gives consumer lifestyle brands, health/wellness, fitness, and home accessory brands an electric shock to traditional PR, Event Planning and Marketing needs by providing clients with electrifying strategies, global thinking, and creative brand development.


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Emily Splichal

30 May 2015

I've worked with Ahlilah and The Tesla Group on/off since 2009 and absolutely love their vision, creativity and professionalism. In addition to assisting with several large media events, The Tesla Group has been my brand publicist. From media kits to photo shoots Ahlilah and her Team have a keen eye for marketing, brand development and execution. I highly recommend The Tesla Group! More...

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The relationships we build, the people we help and the fact that we're not just a team, we're a family with a common goal of going beyond just generating results for clients but for striving for long-term success.

I wanted to put an electric spark to traditional means of marketing and pr for businesses. I wanted to build long-term relationships with clients and see their businesses grow. The way we work is unique. We focus on accentuating the client's “fine points” in order to implement thought leadership, expert positioning, and strategies consistent with the client's brand to effectively target its audience.

We have proven track record of success. The Tesla Group infuses your business with a greater pulse. In other words, we're the "sparked" vehicle that strategically moves your message into the hands of consumers, businesses and the community! As a consulting, experiential marketing and public relations agency in New York, with strong ties to London, we are public relations forecasters. Not only do we know the trends, we partner with companies to create them; that’s why our forecasting is solid.