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We're a highly-qualified, professional photography company servicing community and schools for over 3 decades. We're known for our quality, patience of our staff photographers, generous packages, affordable school prices, competitive fundraising programs, 24x7x365 friendly E-mail Customer Support.

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grace fraser

29 April 2019

Well done AMC It was a pleasure working with your team this past 2 wks ...The team to our school was AWESOME!!..We are a school with special needs children and they were so patient and kind..Thanks again Olga, Nelly and Archie...well done More...


Hina Zafar

29 April 2019

It was a great experience having AMC photographers at our school for picture day. The photographers were very polite, fast, and understanding.


Stef Rod

29 April 2019

I would like to say that this is an amazing company the PTA/parents pick this company because amazing deals and packages. Also the kids in our school are special needs children and they worked fabolous with us and them to get their beauty smiles for their pictures. I would like to thank Nelly, Archie, Olga and Danny for everything you guys did for the children and having the patience ans understanding we need it for our school. More...


Bunny Hill

29 April 2019

We just had Olga and Ruben help us to take school pictures in our LIC site! We also had Nelly and Archem in our Brooklyn site. All of them are very efficient, kind, and they take time for each kid to ensure they have the best smiles and poses! Ask for Olga if you want to take school photos or newborn photos - five stars! More...


Charmaine Jean-Baptiste

30 March 2019

Our school just finished a photo shoot with AMC Photo. Nelli and Archi were the best and we had a great time. This was our first time using this company and the photographers were professional, flexible and veeeerrrry patient with the students. They accommodated our last minute requests and were pleasant and kind. We can't wait to see how our pictures turn out! More...


Guesnerth Josué Perea

30 March 2019

We hosted AMC Photo for our first ever school picture day and they were phenomenal. The communication before the day was simple and clear, materials to promote picture day came with enough time to be promoted to families and the staff called to confirm a few days before. On the day of, Nelli D. and Archi were a great team. Nelli was great taking class photos and making all of the students comfortable and Archi was friendly and peaceful and relaxed students for individual photos. All in all, we were very pleased with their service and look forward to having AMC take our photos again next year! More...



30 March 2019

Student at high school for violin and dance and I really like the senior pictures. I recommend the company for other schools. I really like telling And artem a lot. Very helpful and friendly. More...



29 January 2019

Olga was very sweet and made sure we looked nice in our photos. She instructed us on what poses we should do and fixed my hair to make sure it wasn’t messy. The pictures came out very nice and Olga made me feel beautiful More...



29 January 2019

Olga was extremely kind and helpful. She did not make me feel self conscious but really pretty in my pictures. She helped me pose and look my best self in my pictures as well as tell me nice things. She did her job with kindness and grace and I am thankful she was my photographer.


gina borta

29 January 2019

Olga was very sweet and genuine when she was taking my pictures. She kept giving me compliments that boosted my self-esteem. She made me feel like a model. Also, she was very patient and made sure to take her time to get a good picture. More...


Anna Ren Lin

11 July 2018

Thank you for the nice pictures! They came out so nicely. Two teachers who used to work for another preschool could not stop making praises about the portraits and class pictures when we received them. They showed me the class picture they took from the previous preschool. Compared to theirs, ours are bright and clear (similar prices, too!) One teacher even asked me about where your company is so they can get family pictures. All except for one parent love the pictures. That one parent regret for not ordering a class photo.
Picture Day was very organized. Some parents were worried that the kids wouldn't cooperate because they are too young (2-4s) and very active. But the photographer was very professional in working with kids. They had fun and posed for the pictures. The only thing is that a few children were not looking at the camera on the class picture, but I see that happen every time. I don't usually write reviews but this time I did because you deserve it. Thank you again.


Collin Waheed

14 May 2018

I go to school at new dawn charter high school and thank you so much, It was very fast & they were very helpful because I wasn’t really prepared at all... everything was set up nice! THANKSS More...


Mayra Diaz

26 April 2018

Great experience with AMC. Our school, parents and students are so please with the photos! The photographers went above and beyond to make sure they got every shot! Great service, we will definitely book again next year. Thank you! More...


Maria Chu-Delosreyes

25 March 2018

AMC Photo takes wonderful pictures! My kids' preschool, Forest Hills West School, used them for school photos. They take multiple shots of each child so that you have several pictures to choose from. I miss the high quality of their photos now that my kids have moved onto elementary school. More...


Denise Fairman

15 February 2018

We just finished picture day and I am ecstatic! Tatiana and Artem managed to get fantastic shots of even our infants. The packages available were awesome and so reasonably priced. I would recommend this company to anybody needing photos. More...


Sophia Pentoliros

6 February 2018

I have been working with The School Photo Company/ AMC Photos for the past 2.5 years. They are a wonderful company. My school is located in a low income neighborhood and this company offers affordable picture packages that look great! Also, the photographers work so well with my students (high school). Today we had Artem and Tatiana and they were patient and professional. THANK YOU so much to the company and the photographers! More...


chesvon Mc

13 January 2018

If anyone is looking to take great school photos, contact The School Photo Company/AMC Photo. Their photos are picture perfect. The quality of the pictures are amazing. I have used this company for many events over the past 20 years and the quality of service are GREAT! !!! Once again, The School Photo Company/AMC Photo Company as made me HAPPY! !! More...


E'Shauna S

13 January 2018

This is the best photo company ever! They have done all my photos since the age of 4 and each one is perfect. I recently took my senior photos with them and they came out amazing. Also all the employees are very nice and respectful. If you need to take pictures,then you should contact AMC Photo. More...


Debra Rowen

12 January 2018

My husband and I were so happy with the pictures of my son at his school. Great quality and David was so easy and patient to work with. Thank you for giving us beautiful pictures to remember our son's Kindergarten year. We look forward to having the School Photo Company take more pictures of our son. More...


Wendy Murphy

15 December 2017

We had Tatiana doing retake photos and she was wonderful!!! Thank you for having such a great photographer with such a nice demeanor. Kids loved her while taking pictures. More...


St Elizabeth Catholic Academy UPK

13 December 2017

It was an amazing experience with such kind and dedicated photographers. Working with 4 year old students is not very easy BUT I must say the students pictures came out wonderful and smiles galore. Parents, staff and administration were very happy. We look forward to seeing them next year. Thank you! You deserve FIVE STARS. More...


Anita Ramsay

7 December 2017

We are a preschool and we have been using David and AMC school photos company for years. David is very professional and his team are great with the children. David is very accommodating as well to the many request that our parents my have . They offer many different background along with many different packages to meet our families needs. David and his niece were very patient with our students and students went out his way to make sure that the children were smiling while taking their images. He was never in a rush and work with each to make sure they felt comfortable. We would love to have the same time again. More...


Nelly Martinez

19 November 2017

I had a pleasure and wonderful experience! As well as my kids they were excited and comfortable. My son was fussy but he worked well with my son and managed to get my son to cooperate and take beautiful photos of my children and me. Thank you so much for a amazing experience. More...


Olga Camacho

18 November 2017

David was our photographer today at ps47 . I’m very content with all the pictures he took today they came out great.also David was great.thank you!!!!


Eriks Rivera

30 October 2017

This photography company is excellent. David took pictures of the children in the early head start program. He was very professional, patient and kind. All the children and parents loved him. The pictures he took came out BEAUTIFUL!!!. This company also has very nice photo packages. I would recommend this photo company to everyone. Our thanks to David.
P.S. - David was a great photographer because he was patient with the children especially being that our children are very young. He was really good with trying to get them to smile.


charles brown

26 September 2017

The were very polite and efficient. They made sure my pictures came out nice.


Heather Clarke

15 August 2017

This photography company is excellent. David took pictures of the students in my daycare for Photo Day. He was very professional, patient and kind. All the children loved him. The pictures he took of my students came out clear, sharp and beautiful. This company also has very nice photo packages. I would recommend this photo company to everyone. Our thanks to David and his staff. More...


Cynthia Manning

16 June 2017

We as a school have worked with this Company for many years. Beautiful pictures, provided the photos and packages in a timely manner. The photographers are extremely professional. Our school highly recommends School Photo Company. More...


Lisa Lau

12 June 2017

Wow... the student's pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! There was a few where they looked like real models. We can't wait to have you again for the next several years.
P.S. - David was a great photographer because he was patient with the children especially with trying to get them to smile.


Betiqua Cuspert

21 February 2017

I loved my child's school pictures this year! They did such a good job. It can't be easy trying to photography multiple students in a short period of time and still get a great photo each time. Some how they achieved it thou. My child in particular is one of those kids that when you make him pose for a picture he puts on this awkward cheesy smile. Its hard to get a natural smile from him sometimes. His pictures last year in another school was like this. Soo frustrating which is why I chose a minimal picture package this year. However, AMC was able to get a natural smile from him. I love them so much I want to get more! More...


Sassy Hercules

19 January 2017

My Family used the School Photo Company for Family Day Pictures at My Grandson's school. The photographer was very friendly, courtesy and very customer service oriented. He took great pictures and made the other family member feel welcomed and excited to see the poses. The pictures that we received in the package that was selected was clear, bright and glossy. I would definitely use and refer family, friends and co-workers to take their photos with The School Photo Company. I had a great experience! More...


Paula Giglio

13 January 2017

We have used The School Photo Company for 20 years and we are so happy with them. Not every company has the detailed attention in customer service that the School Photo Company has. They also are very friendly and handle each student with warmth and care. The results are in the beautiful pictures that they make of each student and class. They have a streamline system that enables us to function as a school even on photo day. If you are looking for that personal touch, caring people, and good results then call them. We have been very pleased for 20 years. More...

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