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Jack Potts

6 September 2019

Awesome product I can even use the harness while skiing ! Great product recommended for all athletes!


Patricia Shavelin

23 March 2019

Application for all ages, size & intensity set by self determination. It has been a long tedious winter. Need fresh resolutions.


Cheryl Harvey Hill

31 October 2018

This is such an amazingly simple tool for folks who want to stay healthy. The person who created it, Frank Calvin, doesn't just talk the talk... he walks the walk, and has done so on countless videos and posts to both his "Rubberband Gym", and his personal page on Facebook. You can follow the 70+ years old developer of the "gym" on his FB page on almost a daily basis. His invention is admirable and his journey continues to be inspiring. More...


Marwan Alie

4 July 2018

Great product !!


Jackson Ruane

14 January 2017

Three months post ACL surgery and today I feel like I made more progress in an hour than three months of physical therapy. This training is safe, functional, and efficient. More...


Mitchell D. Seawood Jr.

9 February 2015

Great company run by an even great man doing better for others all around the globe.

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