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Heather Shannon

29 April 2019

Stephanie is very knowledgeable and really cares. She took the time to understand the problems my dogs were having and walk me through the first steps of resolving the problem, so I have some steps to take before we even have our first appointment.


Katey Durbin

1 October 2018

Love this place! I’m a veterinary student who adopted a puppy (best and worst idea, I know) and wanted a training facility that could help us prepare him for getting his Canine Good Citizen cert. They love all breeds and are willing to talk with you about your own goals for you and your companion throughout your experience with them. Can’t speak highly enough about our first class experience with them! More...


Zachary Crutcher

3 July 2018

Super friendly and knowledgeable instructors. My wife and I have had some bizarre questions and they have always offered advice and techniques that truly work! I highly recommend starting with the puppy kindergarten and follow through with the grammar and high school classes. You will be happy with the progression and all your pup has accomished. More...


Jim Duca

29 May 2018

Wags all around!


Emily Zimmatore

29 May 2018

Darlynn is amazing! We had her come to our home to help us help our dogs adjust to a new cat. She helped us more than words can describe and did so with knowledge, wisdom and humor. I highly recommend!!!


Madilyn Beers

29 May 2018

what are your volunteer options here?


kevin graves

29 May 2018

We love Stephanie!


Elisa H.

13 March 2018

I you are looking for serious one-on-one training for you and your dog then look no farther than the Right Paw. I have trained more than one dog at the right paw and always with great results. As with any dog training you have to put in the time outside of class to get the results you want, but you certainly will have all of the right training to follow while you work with your furry friend. If you are looking for results, the Right Paw is the place to start. More...


Sue J.

31 May 2017

The Right Paw is fabulous! We have tried other dog training facilities over the years, and they are hands down (or paws down?) the best! I brought my dog aggressive Golden there for a tricks class and in addition to learning some awesome tricks, learned how to recognize when my girl was feeling stressed, warning signs that she was going to go after another dog, and most importantly how to prevent her from attacking other dogs. She improved so much! We brought our other dog there starting at 8 weeks old. After dealing with our dog aggressive female, we were hoping to avoid any issues by starting our other pup in classes right away. We enjoyed puppy kindergarten so much that we then took the next class in the series...and the next...and the next! Wally is a model dog thanks to the Right Paw! I have never had such a well trained, obedient dog! After completing all of the basic obedience classes offered at the Right Paw, we continued on with Rally-O classes and Therapy Dog classes. Wally is now certified through TDI as a therapy dog and has visited local nursing homes and hospitals. The Right Paw is fantastic! The trainers are great! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for classes (group or private) for their dogs! More...


John Z.

31 May 2017

My wife and I met with Darlynn from Right Paws about a problem we've had introducing our dogs to a new cat.  She is very knowledgeable about animal behavior and psychology and in an hour provided us with great insights into our behavior and how that affects our dogs.  Also, she is very personable and a pleasure to work with.  Based on our short session with her, we have signed up for some classes to get a better understanding on how to effectively interact with our dogs. More...



29 May 2017

Really really nice trainer


Debbie Rosebrough

29 May 2017

I highly recommend training with Kim Brewer at The Right Paw. Kim trained my dog, Charlotte. But not only did she train Charlotte she also assisted me with making sure that I followed through with the training at home. Dogs are just like kids, give them an inch and they will take a mile. Kim was very patient with Charlotte and I was amazed at how quickly Charlotte was able to respond. Charlotte is not overly friendly to people and it takes a long time for her to warm up to a person. But she was able to warm up to Kim pretty quickly. Give Kim a call and make an appointment to talk with her. You won't be disappointed. More...

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