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The Escape Bus is a Southern California mobile escape room for
birthday parties, corporate team building, and more.

Our 30ft Bluebird has been converted from a passenger school bus to a multi-room escape experience equipped with state-of-the-art tech and unique puzzles that break the traditional escape game mold.


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Megan M.

8 March 2019

The staff, Stephen and Alex, were amazing and super nice! They relieved any anxiety/stress pent up before we entered the escape room. The escape room itself was very interesting. Having finished it, I can say that it was difficult in the moment but easy enough in some respects that my family and I could complete it within the time limit with only 5 minutes to spare. HIGHLY recommend this place! More...


Scotty T.

8 March 2019

I really enjoyed the experience. It's an express escape room, so the three of us only had 15 minutes to solve it. The theming was fun, though I think if there were a bit of hydraulics to make it seem like the bus was actually moving, it would be even more immersive. One thing I appreciated was having stickers on things that we weren't supposed to interact with; in other escape rooms, I'd worry I was about to break something expensive while searching for a clue. All in all it was fun and I'd do it again. More...


Ora Bishop

4 February 2019

Best built escape rooms! The right amount of challenge and no one was every just fully idle the whole time.


Lou D.

24 December 2018

Super fun!  we've done quite a few escape rooms.  this room was unique in every way.  the staff was courteous and friendly.  they were helpful but didn't give away to many hints.  we've been back to try the other rooms available and had the same fun experience. More...


Craig H.

12 August 2018

Had the Escape Bus come to our house for my daughter's 16th birthday and was not disappointed.  Communication prior to the event was great with Carson, who worked with me on the number of participants and length of the game. On the night of the party Jonathan and J.J. showed up on time, set up and began the games quickly.  They made the games fun and everyone enjoyed themselves, including my my daughter's grandmothers who are 80 and 85.  If you are looking for that extra something for a party, you can't go wrong with the Escape Bus More...


Robin D.

3 August 2018

Great experience! Great and helpful staff.A super great time. 4 of us lock in a bus heading for prison. None of us had ever done an escape room before. The pre puzzle was solved in minutes... we had it made...not. The Bus of ominous, the puzzles complex, the clues were all there, but we had to find them. As each puzzle was solved (with a little help from the great staff) it encourage us for the  next one. We knew we were close as time was running out. Whew!!' More...


Kelly G.

29 June 2018

The Escape Bus came to our resent Regional Training sessions at the Hilton Garden Inn in Irvine. Our managers had a great time with Carson, Tyler and the entire Escape Bus team! At the end of our sessions we surveyed our team to get feedback about the experience and 100% of our managers said that the Escape Bus experience exceeded expectations! And as a event planner the ease of having the bus come to us made it that much easier. Outstanding value! Thanks Escape Bus Team! More...


Tiffany T.

27 June 2018

We went to the Secrets to Suburbia escape room for my birthday and really enjoyed the room.  It was more like clue than an escape room per se but it was a blast. We enjoyed the puzzles and finding out who did it.  We are excited to come back and try the bus! More...


Scott Calonzo

7 June 2018

Super unique experience. Carson and Tyler at Escape Room were the best and help us make our corporate event super impactful!


Anthony P.

5 April 2018

My son and I have done multiple escape rooms and this was by far the best balance of fun and challenge.  We did the coffin escape which was really cool and I highly recommend it for a solo experience.  Then we did the escape bus which had an awesome theme and the perfect balance of fun and challenge.  It was just the two of us which made it tough.  You need at least 4 people to do this one but they helped us out with clues and made it fun.  Both are very unique and unlike any other escape room which was great. More...


Tianna H.

3 April 2018

Shot out to tyler for helping me and my team out didn't escape but it was so much fun!!


Elle I.

2 January 2018

The most unique and SUPER convinient escape room so far.  It's a bus, it's mobile, they come to you!  Great use of technology combined with more traditional locks and puzzles.  Excellent for large groups! A 40 minute game and also a 20 minute game.  Tyler was great to coordinate and explain events details and Ernest was a gracious host, he made the day.  Was a new years family gathering for young (12 yrs) and old (70+). Highly recommend!!! More...


Oscar C.

20 October 2017

The Escape Bus came to my work yesterday 10/19/17. I have been wanting to go to a escape room so the fact that the escape bus came to us was amazing . It was a fun time , the 20 min game was definitely challenging and fun . It was a great team building exercise for the company and definitely something I am going to do again with my own family . Thank you for the experience . More...


Trent P.

19 October 2017

An absolute blast. A lot of thought goes in to keep the pressure building. The puzzles are fun and the interactive/personalized element is a great touch. I strongly recommend it!


Frances W.

18 October 2017

Great fun! Totally worth it. The team building is quite interesting, you realize where you excel and where you need to improve- while having a good time. :)


Alece O.

18 October 2017

This was a great team building activity and I had a lot of fun on this very creative bus!!


Ian H.

18 October 2017

Super fun! This escape room comes to you. Very cool story to this one that puts you into character to complete the puzzles. A bit of action hero at the very end. More...


Nick Soares

18 October 2017

My company ordered the Escape Bus and my goodness was it a good decision! Its been weeks since we have done this and the office is still buzzing about it. You will not regret it!!


Christine L.

14 October 2017

I've played both Escape Bus & Dead Ringer. This is one of the most innovative companies in the industry. They really think outside the box. I enjoy their unique games. It's refreshing to play escape games that are so different from the rest.*I've played over 300 escape games nationwide. More...


Neil A.

6 October 2017

Had the pleasure of doing The Escape Bus with my fellow coworkers and we had a blast! The whole experience made you stop, think and listen to one another. The game was well thought out and really made you use your head. Great team building experience! I would definitely recommend! More...


Morris A.

17 September 2017

I loved the room and I loved that they pulled right in front of my house. My guests enjoyed the bus so much! Jonathan was also very flexible with the time and was able to extend for another hour to get more guests through. Thank you guys so much!


Morris Anderson IV

17 September 2017

The Escape Bus added so much to my 30th birthday party. You guys stayed for the long run and I appreciated that you were flexible. It was definitely worth everything dollar spent to have you! My guests loved the experience! The story and elements of the game were outstanding, especially for having it crammed on a bus!!! I can't wait to catch what you do in the future. More...


Adam M.

10 September 2017

So glad they were in the area. Puzzles matched the theme, the GMs were very nice, and the entire experience was well thought out.


John L.

6 September 2017

If you are looking for a great team building event of just looking for a great experience with a large group look no further. Tyler was fantastic and everyone had a blast. Best of all, they come to you wherever you are. More...


Allen S.

6 September 2017

We participated in this adventure as part of our corporate strategic planning session and team building activities. What a blast! The activity was well thought out and thematic. It made you think and communicate with your team members. Tyler was very thorough in his directions and post game explanation. If you're looking for a great way to engage your team, the Escape Bus is a great option. What's more, they are mobile and will come to your location. More...


Andre G.

10 August 2017

We booked the Escape Bus for a work team building exercise with our leadership team (36 people) to kick off the year. It was INCREDIBLE! We divided up departments so our teams were cross sections of all departments. The following day we debriefed lessons about leadership and the organization. It was powerful as there were strong lessons regarding teamwork, communication, strategy, strengths, trust, and being willing to take risks and fail. Only two of our six teams escaped.  Everyone is still talking about it. Thanks, Jonathan! You were so great to work with! More...


Saxon C.

31 July 2017

I got to experience the Escape Bus at Midsummer Scream 2017 and it was so much fun! A clever escape game that had a fun storyline and exciting tasks/ puzzles that keep you engaged the whole game! Jonathan and Tyler were really enthusiastic and really added to the overall experience. I definitely recommend booking this escape game for parties or corporate events! Such a great idea! Great job guys! More...


Sheryl B.

31 July 2017

Having played 104 rooms thus far (Escape Bus being said 104th room) it is becoming less frequent for a room to REALLY wow me. I've been close to playing this room in the past, but had not become a reality until Midsummer Scream 2017! I finally got my chance! I experienced their 15 minute version (compared to the normal 40 min version) and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Sure, I would have loved to have played the full version, but it did not miss a beat in this condensed version.The technology, the immersion, the flow, the adventure was breathtaking. I couldn't help but pause from time to time to bask in the awe of satisfaction of the things I got to experience in this room. It fits 6 people max and I got paired with strangers (this was the case for the convention experience since they needed to get a lot of people through the bus in one day). Made some new friends, but are now hanging out locked away forever in Fletcher Penitentiary. The owners and operators are fine young gentlemen who are the masterminds behind this masterpiece. Thank you Tyler and Jonathan! I will definitely recommend this as a FANTASTIC idea to rent for any event you can think of AND they drive to you! Catch them if you can! More...


Alarisse Lam

24 May 2017

Amazing founders. The bus was incredible. Inspiration from Budapest.


Anna R.

10 April 2017

We booked the Escape Bus for a company team building event - and everyone loved it.  It was fun, challenging, and had everyone laughing and cheering after escaping.  We cannot thank the "Game Masters" enough for such a wonderful experience. More...


Chris N.

16 February 2017

Challenging, fun, and entertaining - overall a great team building experience for our corporate event. The best part was they came to us and set everything up for our convenience. I highly recommend!


Cindy W.

15 February 2017

Super Fun! We were a group of four and were paired with another party as it was a busy night for the bus and the combination of the two groups working together was great!!!  Met new people, used our brains, joked with Tyler and had a great time. Give it a try! More...


Sara M.

12 February 2017

Taylor was great! The entire experience was fun from beginning to end! We had 10 people in our group and we spilt into 2 teams of 5. Taylor took the time after both teams went to discuss each teams' strategy and an analysis on how each team worked together! We all had a exciting time. More...


Tom R.

18 January 2017

Best escape room in OC! Great production, effects, technology and original story. Tyler was super friendly and if you get stuck, he'll help you out with clues. If you're in OC and into escape rooms, you gotta get on the bus! More...


Betsy G.

17 January 2017

I booked The Escape Bus for my son's 13th birthday party at our home.  It was an amazing and awesome adventure for the boys, they were still talking about it hours later!  Tyler and Jonathan were great, and they were able to make adjustments so it worked well for the younger age group.  We divided into two teams, the 1st team escaped with 30 seconds to spare and the 2nd team didn't, although they gave them a few extra seconds/minutes to allow them to escape.  Also, the 1st team was able to watch the 2nd team on video which was very entertaining!The bus is actually super high tech, challenging and the music and sound effects added to the entire experience.  My son has been to a couple other escape rooms in Orange County, and he rated this experience well above the others.  I highly recommend this adventure, and would like to use it for a company team building event in the future.Tyler and Jonathan were super helpful, professional and so easy to work with, what a great experience for all! More...


Linda G.

8 January 2017

I recently experienced the Escape Bus at a friend's daughter's 21st bday party!  Loved how the bus was just waiting at her home and we were able to just hop on board.  It was definitely challenging to try and get out (actually we didn't make it out in time) but it was so entertaining.  Definitely recommend this as a convenient, fun way to entertain guests or to bond as a team.  Thank you Escape Bus for a great time! More...


Michael G.

5 January 2017

I booked the Escape Bus for a team building exercise at Culver Studios and it was a huge hit! The whole company loved it and Jonathan was very entertaining as the MC. He seemed familiar though...I may have seen his face on a calendar from somewhere.I can't recommend the Escape Bus enough. It's extremely well designed, challenging enough, and a ton of FUN! More...


Tony D.

23 December 2016

Did this a while back when they opened their first weekend. The entire concept of an Escape Bus is absolutely unique and awesome! The owners and designers make REALLY great use of the space they have and I was totally immersed into the game that I forgot it was even a game! Highly recommended, you gotta try this one out if you want a unique and unforgettable experience. More...


A C.

4 December 2016

Ok, this is COOL! Honestly, I had no idea what to expect when the escape bus was parked outside for my company Christmas party.  Once you're inside, you forget you're in a bus. The lighting, music and feel inside is mysterious (not scary) and solving the clues to "break out" was no easy task! (We had a little help with a two-way radio talking to Tyler, haha) Very creative and fun! We had teams and the team that broke out in fastest time won a party giveaway. Something fun and new - not only for young folks, but older folks and company parties can use it for team building and camaraderie- it was fun!  Highly recommend! Tyler and Jonathan are great More...


Ashton A.

2 December 2016

I was able to have The Escape Bus crew come help me with a team building event for our company's outside sales team meeting of 40+ and were very impressed with their operation. Very well done, very professional, very fun and engaging and provided a perfect opportunity for camaraderie and team building. I would recommend them to anyone that is in need of a great addition to their sales meeting. More...


Jalyssa E.

4 November 2016

so fun!  didn't escape...but totally doable.  just pay attention to what's in the room!


Julie S.

16 October 2016

My husband, daughter and I found The Escape Bus at Oozefest.  We have tried other "Escape"  types of entertainment, and agree that The Escape Bus is our favorite.  I don't want to give anything away, but the puzzles are very well done and in solving different clues we were able to utilize the different skill sets of people in our group. It was a lot of fun and I think that the Escape Bus works well with all ages.  We escaped with about twenty minutes to spare. More...


Michelle Deets Haynes

4 October 2016

Great story line and effects! So glad we did this. We've been to a few other escape rooms and this was a great experience.


Tyler Rockwood

25 September 2016

Awesome time. Super cool bus that gives a real immersive experience, we really felt like we were escaping. Well made, and highly recommended.


Shelby Barone

10 September 2016

Perfect family outing! Our family of five love an adventure & that is exactly what we got with the escape bus. The experience had our kids working together to solve the clues to the mystery with this interactive experience.


Kim Crawford Zepezauer

10 September 2016

I'm not sure which was more delightful, playing the game or imagining being part of an elite hacker consortium. I got to enjoy both on The Escape Bus! What a thrill ride (sans actual traveling)! Loved the inventive mystery and brain-twisting puzzles to work out, all presented with a purposeful urgency to escape. The. Bus! More...


Shelby B.

9 September 2016

"It was AWESOME!" Was my kids exact words after getting off the bus. I did the experience with my three kids, and we were immersed into a world full of action, adventure & excitement as we attempted to find the clues to escape the bus. I recommend this experience for 3-4 people & teens/tweets will love it!!! My kids were talking about how much fun they had until falling asleep. If you're looking for something different & fun to do with your kids - give this a try More...