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B B.

3 September 2019

Absolutely beautiful and stunning studio with hardwood floors and every other amenity you would love in a studio! Being new to San Diego and finding renting space very expensive, I cannot express my thanks enough to Jaami and her husband for offering this studio to artists at affordable prices. If you are looking for a place to play, create and dream, this is the place to do so! Thank you so much Jaami and Angel for your generosity and kind spirits! More...


Shirley Z.

28 August 2019

I have been renting one time rentals from the Dance House since 2018. The owner is Jaami is very pleasant to work with and the space is just perfect if you are looking for a space to practice dancing. Highly recommend anybody who still likes to practice dancing to check this place out. I know they also hold many genres of dance classes as well. :) More...


Roseanne S.

25 August 2019

Rentals are very reasonable here. Also the classes are fun, informative and knowledgeable. I've taken hip hop and burlesque jazz. Theres all different levels of hip hop. If you would like to become a part of a dance team, check the website frequently for auditions. Jaami and Angel are awesome instructors. More...


Yesennia A.

13 August 2019

My son has been dancing at this location for a few months now and he is completely loving it!!!!! Instructors are very welcoming and encouraging,  which means the world to me as a parent. I highly recommend looking in to all of the classes that are offered! More...


Dwan Miller

8 July 2019

The Dancehouse has been a blessing for me these past couple of months, its a safe space for me to hone in on my skills and awaken my creative juices. I love renting space here The Dancehouse is now my sanctuary; it feels like home!!! More...


Dwan M.

7 July 2019

I've always loved the energy of The Dancehouse; Jaami and Angel have always provided a space that is very inviting.  Renting from them in both locations, I'm loving how they used the space in their now Point Loma location; easy access, great layout, and just overall an awesome place to be creative. More...


A J.

15 May 2019

Been working with Jaami and Angel the owners for many years now and have been most grateful for the quality of dancers and choreography they have provided for my live shows and music videos. I have also taken private lessons on stage presence and movement tailored for my needs as a performer. I have never seen two people more dedicated to sharing their love for dance and art with others. I have also rented out their facility for an event and you couldn't ask for a better deal they are truly about supporting other artists in their community. If you want quality care, commitment, and community  the DANCEHOUSE is the place to go for dance instruction and for hosting your next event. More...


Shaana Waali

3 May 2019

Friendly owners, reasonably price, clean studio and great location!


Adam M.

28 April 2019

Jaami and Angel are great! The Dancehouse has everything you'll need when renting to have a great time. Speakers are good and they've got fans all around in case it gets hot. 10/10 would recommend!


Julyanna R.

22 February 2019

Very nice floor, well equipped room, and owner is super friendly and answer all my question efficiently and quickly. There's parking spots available too, it's pretty convenient for this busy area.


Byran Roberson Jr.

7 January 2019

I've rented out the studio a number of times for group dance events, Love the seating area for folks that aren't dancing. Line and Partner Danced comfortably with 25-30 folks. Jaami and Angel are very communicative and make everything very simple! More...



6 January 2019

I've rented out the studio a number of times for group dance events, Love the seating area for folks that aren't dancing. Line and Partner Danced comfortably with 25-30 folks. Jaami and Angel are very communicative and make everything very simple!Just an FYI, parking can be tough. More...


Jaami Waali-Villalobos

18 December 2018

This urban and conveniently located studio is a fun place to dance and get away!!! Teachers and dancers are kind and welcoming, and the instructors are knowledgable and helpful. :)


Abigail Carroll

18 December 2018

Loved their options, great spot to dance as an inexperienced adult!


Marie Antoinette

11 December 2018

Angel and Jaami were each born to dance. Angel is organic, Jaami is fluid...and both are thorough about incorporating MANY styles, techniques and textures of dance. They are deeply entrenched in the dance community, professionals always. They both acknowledge the hierarchy of dance’s history and yet they never stop learning. As a dancer and a mother of a dancer, I HIGHLY recommend the Jaangel experience!! More...


Kathy Villalobos

8 December 2018

Everything!# Great teachers! Great full experience in dance!#


Cheyanne Abolt

21 October 2018

I currently rent space from The Dancehouse for our Existence Yoga Studio! Classes fri-sat and Sunday!! Jaami and Angel are not only some of the nicest people you will ever meet but they are also very organized with scheduling and calendaring, they have great communication if we have something that needs rescheduled, etc, they keep the studio very clean and orderly and they are constantly making the place better!! I look forward to sharing space with them for a long time to come!!! More...


Coco K.

6 September 2018

Thanks to Jaami and Angle for a great night. I hadn't danced in a while and was a bit nervous to jump back in. They made me feel extremely welcome and taught a great class. The studio is small and warm with amazing art on the wall from Jaami herself. I am excited to go back and lose myself in their classes for an hour. Merci Danke Gracias and Thank you! I'll be back! More...


Sally Sanchez

30 August 2018

Loved their options, great spot to dance as an inexperienced adult!


Mariah Mercedes Cattey

20 August 2018

I rented the space from the dancehouse for a summer intensive I was producing. The whole process was easy and Jaamie communicated so well. The space is absolutely beautiful. I love all of the artwork on the walls! Dancehouse will be my go-to whenever I need to rent space. Thanks, Jaami! More...


Juan H.

2 August 2018

The Dance House is one of the top dance studio and company we've had the pleasure to work with, hire and collaborate with. Their sense of professionalism, super down-to-earth mentalities and passion for dancing it's what puts them, and their team, on the top of our referral list. Jaami and Angel are AMAZING dancers and choreographers. Check out their Facebook pages and you'll see what I mean. Look them up Whether you're looking for Hip Hop, Polynesian, Ballet classes, a wedding dance, flash on choreography, or even Yoga, plus way more. Their new location in Point Loma is amazing and full of great vibes. Check out their website and new class schedule... plan what dance you would like to learn today. More...


Jackson Sydni

29 July 2018

Great space Jami is a gem


Rylan Rabanal

28 June 2018

Great place to dance at with others who are there to lift you up! Positive energy all around!


Chela P. Cruz

13 June 2018

Jaami and Angel are very friendly and accommodating to their renters. We love rehearsing at The Dance House. It is spacious and has plenty of mirrors!


Mica L. Myers

29 August 2017

Dancehouse is the best...amazing choreographers and affordable!!


Anavlis Pazmino

14 December 2016

The Dance House will host BodyBeaz Beyond Dance .. a place for quality Dance instruction & demos videos performing


Audrey Callahan

25 October 2016

I love this place!! The space itself is great and the classes they offer are great for beginners and pro's alike. Not to mention their super low rental rates for events or hosting your own class! 5 starts


Tanya Darden-Perry

29 April 2016

The Dance House is an awesome place to take dance lessons. Since taking dance with Angel and Jaami, my confidence has grown and my stress level has decreased. Come join me for a lesson. You will not regret this experience. More...


Alexia A.

27 April 2016

The dance house is a wonderful place to dance and meet great people! The owners are kind and generous. They create a relaxing and fun environment with their positive attitudes and incredible energy. I truly recommend this place


Tony A.

27 April 2016

I love coming here it's home away from home. If you ever wanted to learn how to dance or build technique just try it out. Jaami and angel are great with building and teaching technique and implementing foundation. You have to try!


Jaangel Waalilobos

17 July 2015

Well, I personally think Dancehouse is just swell. :) Crazy cheap and humble people.


Jason Queen

7 July 2015

A great place to rehearse with your crew!


Ciani P.

12 October 2014

A great place to learn hip hop whether your a complete beginner or an advance dancer. The Dance house has something to offer everyone.  It has a relax comfortable atmosphere that encourages creativity and positive energy. The instructors are very knowledgeable and patient. The dancers are friendly and supportive. There are lots of performance opportunities to discover here! Give it a chance and dance! More...


Diane Sims-vailes

1 June 2014

Number 2


Erin Holmes

1 June 2014

I was sooo entertained tonight!! Sara should win the lip sync!


Gabriela Medina

17 May 2014

A wonderful place to dance, to be yourself and meet awesome people with the same passion!!! I love this place full of positive vibes ^.^


Shane S.

21 January 2014

Jaami, among many other things, teaches choreographed dance to singers who want to hone their skills at dancing and singing at the same time.I really like how organic and "on the spot" she does everything.  Some people might think that rigid processes or ways of doing things would be best in most cases (I was one of those people).  However, she has so much experience that approaching her classes in a more free-style way allows for spontaneity and real-time improvement.  This enables her to teach at the level and progress of the student(s) in reality, as opposed to being limited by the "plan".This isn't to say that she has no plan or pre-thought class structure.  It just means she is fluid enough to take action on changing or improving things as the class progresses.  I think it is a strength.  Plus she is just badass at dancing and teaching dance ;). More...


Eric P.

14 January 2014

One of the best dance studio in San Diego the teachers are cool the people are cool & the classes are cheap too.


Audrey C.

14 January 2014

This place rocks!! The atmosphere is so trendy. It has a beautiful mural and red walls. Makes me feel like in some loft in New York or about to star in RENT :p  There's tons of space and mirrors too which is nice.I take a dance class for singers here (The Ultimate Entertainer Workshop) and Jaami has been phenomenal!! She's hilarious and really cares about helping you no matter what level you're at. She's able to break things down to the simplest form which is key for someone like me who is a beginner. She has us doing pretty difficult choreo that I never thought I'd be able to do (especially while singing!), but the way she breaks it down makes it work! Great dance studio, great instructor, great prices. 5 stars all the way. More...


Adio R.

14 January 2014

I had the great pleasure of dancing for Kruciaal Element for the last eight months that I lived in San Diego.  We did all of our rehearsals at The Dance House, and I would recommend the DH for anyone that's looking to either take a couple of classes and see what's up or get real serious and perhaps jump in and join KE.  One of the biggest things I miss about living in San Diego by far.Jaami and Angel are amazingly spirited people, and they just love what they do.  That attitude filters down to the classes they teach and the people they've touched. More...


Ryan H.

14 January 2014

I've thoroughly enjoyed this studio. Jaami and Angel are awesome instructors, so unique and versatile in their styles. They bring a positive energy and passion to dance. In addition, it is great that the new classes are bringing even more styles and flavor to the colorful palate that already exists. More...


Joel Garcia

13 January 2014

Great place to learn dance


Realtor Karl B.

13 October 2013

This is the perfect place to learn a new dance routine (even for beginners).Jaami is the perfect, happy-go-lucky dance teacher.You can fit at least 50 people in the dance studio upstairs which has mirrors.Prices are totally reasonable, especially for large groups.Jaami choreographed our secret flash mob routine for a wedding. Search youtube for "nancy and karl dance practice" and you can see our routine. Most of us don't have a dance background and this was only our 2nd practice. More...

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