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McKenzie C.

11 September 2019

Went for brunch Sunday. Had an excellent meal on the patio. Delicious salmon Niçoise salad. Table mates had fish and eggs Benedict. Everyone enjoyed their meal.  Service was crisp and professional.  We will be back! More...


Kristi M.

2 September 2019

Enjoyed the atmosphere! Food was what the name is with some added flare. Can't wait to come back


Joseph J.

1 September 2019

Here visiting from out of town... very happy we stumbled across this little jewel food is amazing and the service was exceptional. Great patio seating too. Highly recommend. More...


Tyga M.

8 August 2019

I have yet to be disappointed when it comes to the food here. They offer a variety of dishes, ranging from sandwiches, entrees, all day breakfast dishes, and daily specials. My go-to is the shrimp and grits, which is topped off with andoulle sausage, jalapenos, relish, and gravy. My dad opts for the bison sliders - two may not seem like it's enough, but they're 4oz patties and it comes with a side, so the dish is filling. Everything I have had here has had really good flavor and been plentiful. They have been know to slightly change their menu every now and then, so perhaps don't get too attached to anything! While the service is nothing exceptional, it's not worth it for me to rate down due to such when the food is consistently good. I enjoy coming here and I'm not afraid to try any dish that catches my eye that day. More...


Leigh W.

25 July 2019

We had a really enjoyable experience here (excluding the hostess who lacked all personality and couldn't even say hi).  We ordered the Breakfast Tacos (House braised pulled pork, flour tortillas, salsa verde, queso fresco, scrambled eggs, avocado). It came with 2 tacos that were Super tasty and fresh. It lacked a little zing and so I asked for some hot sauce. We also ordered the Low Carb Veggie Scramble (Two eggs scrambled with seasonal vegetables and sprinkled with feta cheese.) nice fresh veggies- good hearty breakfast. An extra little side of something would have been nice with the meals (fruit, potatoes, toast or something).  Drip coffee was good. Our server was nice and attentive, never had an empty glass. Would recommend to anyone for brunch. We'd assume lunch and dinner would be enjoyable too. Again, only complaint was the Eeyore hostess. More...


Eleanor B.

11 July 2019

DELICIOUSSSSSS always one of my favorite spots to go to while in KC have a great breakfast and lunch menu!!! The mac and cheese is DEVINE!! especially if you add bacon to it bacon added to anything is a winner for me!! This time though I tried their omelette which was VERY filling a little bit on the greasy side though for me but I do love their potato fries, they don't skimp on them at all!! If you like bigger potatoes this is your cup of tea but if you like more of that more crunch than potato ratio I wouldn't recommend!! Their drinks however are pretty pricey almost $10 just for their Godiva hot chocolate sadly I will have to pass there but will be back for some mac and cheese of course!! More...


Monica E.

1 July 2019

I absolutely love this place.. the only draw back is the coffee.. Being a coffee lover, the coffee they offer is extremely bland. I added a side of Greek yogurt to my order and I wish it was listed as sweet yogurt.. not what I wanted or expected. The yogurt tasted more like fruit dip than Greek plain yogurt. Other than the coffee and Greek yogurt, the food was great. I did not get an opportunity to take a picture because I ate it too fast. I ordered peach compote Belgian waffles.. which they were sold out of the peach compote.. (Super disappointed) The waffles were crunchy, just the way I like them. The portion is enough for 1 person, and no leftovers. The waffles did come with bacon but I gave it to my friend because it was not crunchy enough for me.. but this was my mistake, I did not ask for crunchy almost burnt bacon. I was here for Brunch and they were completely packed, thankfully I made reservations. Even though they were packed, the service was great and the teams were attentive. It does get loud so beware if you want a more secluded place. More...


Amanda T.

8 June 2019

Been coming here for years. Gets better with every visit. Delicious food, amazing patio, great service.


Garrett M.

26 May 2019

There are not many times that you will eat food which changes your perspective. This is that place. The last time I ate here was in 2008, and we had a chance to try it again a few weeks ago. The coffee is brewed so perfectly I didn't add any sugar or creamer. The bacon was crispy and the breakfast potatoes were something I told my friends about. The cocktail selection is also impressive, more today than it used to be. I highly recommend making a reservation, as it can get busy on weekends. More...


Cherie D.

26 May 2019

The first place we hit when we are in Kansas City is The Classic Cup in Country Club Plaza. We always eat on the deck. The food is always good! Every time! The service is also top notch! The atmosphere is relaxing and and the view across the Plaza is amazing! More...


Ron W.

17 May 2019

My lovely companion and I were in town for business. We decided to walk and find breakfast. Glad we found the Classic Cup. The outside dining area was nice. The street isn't so busy that it would be a distraction. The staff was cheerful and welcoming. My companion chose the Migas, one of two TexMex items on the menu. She said it was delicious. I chose a low carb scramble. It was packed with vegetables I wouldn't normally associate with a breakfast dish, like carrots and broccoli. It was really good. The eggs were fresh from the farm and very tasty. Great atmosphere. Great service. Great food. More...


Don W.

25 April 2019

This was a spur of the moment lunch stop.  Overall, the food was good!  Indoor and outdoor seating was a good option.  Good local brews!  I recommend the chicken pita with fries! More...


Brigid F.

24 April 2019

This is a place I really enjoy bringing friends and family to.  It has a relaxed atmosphere and options on the menu for everyone.  The service is always on point and the new American brunch is really delicious.  It's a great option for affordable plaza dining. More...


Tom V.

9 February 2019

With a great sidewalk seating area, a tremendous enclosed deck space, replete with an umbrella per table, Classic Cup offers plenty of angles to the Spanish-style architecture that is the Plaza. A small-ish waiting area nudges you up against the bar (not a bad place to be) if you have to wait for a table.Breakfast fare is very good overall - the classics are here, such as multiple Eggs Benny, a couple of omelette options, even a Hot Brown for all you Southerners. I opted for the Garden Omelette, which was fairly fluffy and was blanketed over a nice veggie medley, beyond the usual 'veggie' array of a diner (read: not peppers and onions). French chefs are tested on their aptitude for making omelettes, as a true artist knows that the egg curd has to be whipped to a froth and cooked low & slow. Classic Cup gets an A- on this effort, good but not amazing (it WAS busy, so a kitchen needs to turn out plates!). This was a date brunch, and she selected a special item titled 'Breakfast Sliders', which were a melange of shredded brisket/pork with a cranberry reduction. She deemed them amazing, which made the Cup a talking point for a return date (thank you, Classic Cup - she's awesome, so I'll take all the help I can get).I added in a pre-brunch Bloody Mary, which was just a classic Mary, not any of this chain bar & grill shrubbery growing out of a glass of tomato juice. Spicy mix, plenty of vodka, and a pair of green olives - just like they teach you at mixology school. Top-notch bar work!While I've been to the Cup for an afternoon or two to nosh on some appetizers, the cold weather has caused me to lose track of those specific experiences, so I'll be back when these arctic days are past us and the sun shines down on Kansas City. I'll update when I do.Prices are reasonable for the Plaza - you know you're on the Plaza, right? - and parking is no different than any other place in the same area. With a sturdy menu littered with classics and favorites augmented by creative daily options, Classic Cup will not leave you disappointed. More...


Beth P.

27 January 2019

No complaints here. Service was fast and friendly. Pancakes, french toast, sausage, and bacon were all very tasty. This place was bustling yet relaxing on a Sunday morning. My guess is it's one of the top breakfast places on the plaza. Prices very reasonable. Would recommend! More...


Ceanna C.

3 January 2019

I have been here a couple times for happy hours and brunches. I enjoy the food and drinks but some items are overpriced. The breakfast plate with eggs, meat, potatoes and a biscuit is my favorite item. The menu is a bit odd and select in choices. Being a picky eater; I didn't have many choices. However, There is a sides list with eggs, toasts, avocado etc. so you could put together a meal you like if you needed to. The mimosas are boozy so you basically get what you pay for. It's a quaint little restaurant with outdoor seating. I love the back patio when it's nice out. They also have delicious coffee. My server, a few times, did not seem very happy to be at work and I felt rushed but otherwise; everyone is friendly! Ask for Mia. She's great. More...


Mark S.

2 January 2019

Four for lunch. Very good as always, a favorite in KC on the Plaza.  Lunch/brunch on the weekends. Good service, fun watching the going's on outside while dining.


Devan C.

1 January 2019

I love The Classic Cup. It's a cozy little restaurant with great brunch or lunch. I've had many things on the menu and definitely recommend the crabby Caesar and I most recently enjoyed the salmon burger (although the French fries that came with it were just average). Their eggs Benedict is good too. It's just a cute and fun spot to meet friends for lunch. I've had their chocolate cake before and loved it, but on my visit yesterday is was over cooked and a little burnt tasting. I don't know what happened to that batch, but whoops. More...


Faith T.

27 December 2018

This is my favorite restaurant in all of KC! Perfect place for a light brunch, romantic evening out, or a Bumble date! The classic cup is, well, a classic!


Shelby W.

28 October 2018

I think this is the best weekend brunch in Kansas City. I absolutely love the Turkey Hot Browns and the Biscuits and Gravy. If the weather is nice, they have lovely patio options that make you feel like you're on vacation. However, the service is all over the map. I had terrible service for years, and the last few times I would say it's been at least decent. I also would not recommend it for dinner. The food isn't as good as it is for brunch. More...


Mike P.

10 October 2018

Great atmoshpere always, good breakfast food(Migas)  and decent service. Always worth a trip, just always looking for that outstanding experience I get at other Plaza restaurants, some day, some day ;)


Chuck W.

23 September 2018

Excellent place on plaza breakfast.   Good food.  Great outdoor seating and table service.  The front desk and seaters, however, need some work; they are crabby.... when you request a specific table location... two days running.  We come here to sit outside on the street, not where they feel like putting us. More...


Michele H.

8 September 2018

A friend and I ate there on a Saturday morning. We were able to get a table outside on the sidewalk. We had a very nice experience. Our waitress was funny and our food was excellent. I got the Hot Brown. It had a huge amount of meat and kept me full most of the day. The potatoes and bacon also was very good! More...


Angela K.

29 June 2018

We had the wine flights, baked goat cheese, zucchini fritters, and a large Caesar salad... all of the food was fantastic! The baked goat cheese comes in marinara with a whole roasted garlic clove and this dish was probably my favorite. We also got a red and white sangria. I think the red was better than the white but both delicious. Also our server Christine was really nice and attentive. I'll be back More...


Flyer 7.

17 June 2018

Great little cafe.  The service was excellent.  Our waitress, Lisa Mann, did a wonderful job.  She kept our drinks full while providing just the right amount of attention.  I had the Beet Arugula salad with added chicken. Highly recommend. My wife had the turkey club sandwich.  No complaints from her.  She enjoyed the fresh turkey on a warm croissant. An added touch was offering us water to go on a hot day. We really appreciated that simple gesture. More...


Nicole M.

2 June 2018

Not a fan of the Dutch babies (advertised as fluffy pancakes but were more like thick crepes) but still very good breakfast spot. Also, it ced coffee is just hot coffee poured over ice. More...


Stefanie L.

27 May 2018

Love this restaurant. My husband and I ate here twice while we were in town. The turkey omelette and the ham omelet are fantastic. I actually added jalapeños to the ham omelette to give it a little spice. If omelettes aren't your thing they have traditional egg plates or pancakes. Everything is a good size and reasonable priced. They are kid friendly if you have little ones! I would definitely recommend stopping in if I'm the area! More...


R J.

11 May 2018

Good place, reasonable prices considering the area and decent food.  Fun place, but not for a real meal..more of an afternoon "take a break for a snack" place.


Hannah B.

28 April 2018

Service is always outstanding. Food never wows. Ordered the low carb scramble- eggs were very good but the veggies were all undercooked.


Michael S.

1 April 2018

I prefer my pancakes like Jane Seymour: Dutch and baked. Bet you didn't know that country TV sweetheart Dr. Quinn (aka Medicine Woman) grew up in the Netherlands. You probably also didn't know that Kansas City's Classic Cup Cafe is famous for its oven-baked "Dutch" pancakes. These Dutch Babies come with a huge pile of fresh Fruit, a sprinkling of Powdered Sugar, and a pair of Bacon companions. Underneath all of it, you'll find a thin Dutch Puff (aka German Pancake). I'd recommend more pancake and less toppings, but it's hard to not roll away from a Dutch Baby full and satisfied.If you prefer your pancakes like Kelly Clarkson -- American and thick -- then order Classic Cup Cafe's "World Famous" Buttermilk Griddle Cakes. Two strips of Bacon also accompany these warm discs of breakfast joy; however, I'd prefer them more like me: even thicker and fluffier.Classic Cup Cafe was busy, but with a little patience we made it to a sunny seat on the patio. Wear sunscreen if you plan to eat outdoors. Our server was friendly, but way too busy to spend much time getting refills or extras.If you don't want Dutch or American, go with a Breakfast Quesadilla (only available on the weekends). It's stuffed and cheesy. Kind of like this review. More...


Dave R.

14 March 2018

Always a delightful dining experience The chicken pot pie was excellent Service was attentive


Cecilia R.

4 February 2018

Cute Cafe on the plaza with good food and excellent service, and I mean Excellent.Not kidding, I was sitting beside a very difficult table, and the service kept up their smile and courteous demeanor. Even though the customers complained loudly from the beginng to the end of their meal for no real reason (who gets made for being offered water too frequently?... the server came by at appropriate times since she would give me refills the same time). For that, I give Classic Cup a 5 star.PS: the pacific northwest benedict is a nice light breakfast option if you like salmon More...


Miel H.

28 January 2018

Great spot. Feels good to buy local on the plaza where there are so many same corporate places. However there is room for improvement a bit on the food and on customer service. Never had a truly amazing experience in either category.  But I enjoy it overall and will be back. More...


John H.

19 November 2017

Very flavorful, fresh tasting brunch. A group of 4 of us went on a Saturday morning (with a reservation) and they were quite full and busy with a couple of large groups and the rest of us at smaller tables. The egg entrees were the favorites.Two in our group got the Plaza Platter - one opting for just egg whites, and they chose for their respective sides ham and bacon. The meats had a good smoky taste, the eggs were well prepared, and the biscuits were very good. Another in our group got the Low Carb Scramble, which was nicely complimented with a fresh variety of veggies. I opted for the Gyro from the list of specialties for the week. it was served in a fresh pita and had tender sliced lamb, but the lamb didn't have a lot of flavor, and the tzatziki sauce was a bit bland. It was OK, but I'd opt for another selection next time. The fries were very nice and crispy. Two in our group got drinks - one a Mimosa which was tasty and the other got the Tale of Two Cities, which he very much enjoyed.Service was fine, with the servers constantly on the run, and the food does come out very fast. More...


Kathleen M.

21 October 2017

I have only been once but the one time I went my food was incredible, the waiter was friendly and the bathrooms were clean!!!! The only reason I took off a star was that the food took what felt like forever to come, sure the waiter saw us right when we sat down our food took a while, but I have to admit it was pretty busy! It also felt really smooshed so I felt like when I used the restroom I was walking way too close to other tables!  Other than those two things the staff was great and friendly and the food was delicious and I can't wait to come eat here again maybe at a less busy time!!!!!! More...


Libby S.

19 October 2017

Not only was it the perfect day on the patio, with delicious food and drink, but I had the BEST customer service experience happen to me. My expensive (and new) gold earring fell through the crack of the patio - underneath to a 3-foot crawl space. At first the waiter did NOT sound hopeful... he said they had lost many credit cards down there. But, he talked with another employee and they were able to take up a couple boards and get my earring back!! They saved the day. It was so kind of them to help retrieve my earring that was special to me. Thank you! More...


Elizabeth T.

16 October 2017

Went here for the first time this weekend and I loved it! The brunch was great, I had eggs Benedict which I tend to judge a restaurants brunch based on the quality of their eggs Benedict, which they succeeded in. The ambiance was great and really comfortable. The lighting was perfect the location is right on the corner so the sun hits right in and warms the place. They've got a front and back patio which is awesome especially for brunch. The staff was friendly and quick to get our orders out. The portions were great along with the prices. Sophisticated experience with comprobable prizing. More...


Paige W.

16 October 2017

I went here unwillingly after seeing the rating on yelp. However, we had great service, all of the food was good (cheese plate and peppercorn steak), and everything came in a very timely manner.


Cynthia C.

27 August 2017

I have to say I'm a little biased towards this restaurant because it is next door from my place of work and I go there almost every day. I've had their brunch and it's amazing, their happy hour takes the cake. Seriously. For $4, you can get a chicken breast sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and an amazing honey-mustard sauce. FOUR DOLLARS! Their bruschetta is crazy tasty and is also cheaper than a Big Mac!Their entire staff from hostess' to bartenders to servers to management takes the effort to make every guest feel like family, not just a meal. With a seven-day a week happy hour, amazing sangria, above and beyond staff, and an amazing menu with delicious food, you can't get any better on Country Club Plaza than Classic Cup. More...


Mike C.

6 August 2017

No complaints. Party of 6 and everyone enjoyed their meal from the biscuits and gravy to the omelettes. Would definitely go back when visiting city again. Place gets crowded so go early.


Hilde M.

30 July 2017

Food and service were great and they are dog friendly! Brought water for my pup and everyone made a point of saying hello to him too


Melisa A.

8 July 2017

If you're a hot natured person, you will sweat here like we did, but the food was good. Small portions. Tried the tacos and the green chicken chili soup. The soup was very mildly flavored but I really enjoyed it. The young wait staff was nice. Would visit again. Great for an on the whim lunch. More...


Paula R.

17 June 2017

We enjoyed our meal. The crabby Benedict was quite tasty. Our service was okay, not great.


Lanette S.

5 June 2017

Highly recommend reservations for the weekend brunch! We had reservations and were seated promptly. The server was attentive and the food was wonderful! Highly recommend!


Naveen P.

31 May 2017

This place is one of the best locations in Kansas City. It is on the Plaza and with the seating outside you can eat and watch the Shoppers walking down the sidewalk. I've been here twice once getting the spicy shrimp pasta and another time getting bison burgers. The appetizers are pretty good as well. I've had their hummus which is good but is a little salty. I give the food of four on five stars but the location is what pushes it over the edge. I've also heard that there breakfast and brunch are really good they have not been. Will definitely be going back to try it. Their menu is Continental but leans more towards Italian food than anything else.... More...


Denise E.

25 April 2017

I've been to the CC a few times and I have enjoyed the food and the service was good. We had a little bit of a wait both times but it wasn't ridiculously long. The only downside is the lack of space, there are too many people in such a small space. However, everything else was good! More...


Michael K.

17 April 2017

Took my young daughters for Easter brunch. Made reservation online with Yelp and even though we were early they seated us right away. Service was great and had a nice afternoon with my girls. More...


Amy R.

10 April 2017

This was a great place for a leisurely weekday lunch. We sat on the street side patio on a beautiful sunny day. I had the chicken pita which was fantastic.


Michael R.

28 March 2017

Very nice drinks and dinner. Friendly and efficient staff. Food is dependable. Missing the table cloths.


Dorene G.

22 March 2017

This was a last minute lunch for my husband and myself. We googled it and the fact that it had soup is what really enticed me to want to go there.  When we got there we were seated by a really rude hostess. Seriously, no eye contact and her body language and wording kinda made me want to leave. We stuck it out because it was super crowded and thought everyone can't be wrong.Our waiter in the other hand was totally awesome!!!  He was super pleasant and very informative. He took our drink order and came back just in time for us to order, we were so in synch. We ordered the bruschetta which was really really good!  My hubby got the Cuban with fries and I got the lamb gyro with soup. We were a little shocked that the Cuban was not flat but my hubby said it tasted pretty good. The fries were just regular fries. My lamb gyro was a little tough, I think the meat was frozen and they thawed it out and over heated it or microwaved it because there was just too much uniformity to the meat and parts of it were super hard. Honestly, I could bang it on the table. The flavor was ok though. The soup was awesome!!!!!  I wish I would have ordered a big ole bowl of that instead. It was the bacon, potato, and green bean soup. Super flavor there. Get it if you have the chance. Yummo!!!  Overall, thus little place was really nice and even had a fireplace going. Very quaint. Except for the hostess and the tough meat I will definitely go back. More...


Sarah S.

20 March 2017

Always a Classic!...great food, drinks, ambiance and service!...Perfect for people watching and enjoying a new spin on favorite food choices!...the salads are cold and refreshing and the quiche was hot and the ingredients perfectly paired and seasoned!...lovely time as always! More...


Allie T.

5 March 2017

I wish I could give a half star to equal 4 1/2 My mom and grandma visited me this weekend and we came here for Sunday brunch before they drove back home. The food was great with one exception. My mom ordered the Plaza Platter and her biscuit was cold and really hard. She did ask for another and promptly received a softer warm biscuit and all was good. I had the breakfast quesadilla, the eggs are served on the side so it is really just a chicken quesadilla with eggs. It was delicious none the less. Cannot remember the name of my drink but it was basically a mimosa with St Germaine and I don't know if I can go back to regular mimosas now! More...


Samuel T.

27 February 2017

We had a good experience, the service was pleasant but a little slow. The meal was excellent but the coffee was average.


Solomon K.

10 February 2017

I dont understand why this restaurant has lower reviews. Every time I've been the food has been fresh and plated well. The service is good for the most part. The only reason is the for one less star is the price of the food. I feel like as though you can get better options for the price, but that's the plaza! More...


Katie M.

8 February 2017

Excellent breakfast. Lots of spins on traditional breakfast. I had the 'Migas and it was fantastic. We will definitely visit again.


Denise E.

29 January 2017

For breakfast or brunch, this is THE place to visit on the Country Club Plaza. We were there for breakfast today, along with another couple. Our server was polite and attentive and brought us hot coffee soon after we were seated. While the other three in my group enjoyed a Bloody Mary for a morning cocktail, I opted for the "Indian Painbrush" ...... champagne with grapefruit juice and chamomille liquer........ a unique, but tasty version of a mimosa. For the entree, I chose the classic eggs Benedict which was presented fresh, hot and delicious. Another in my party ordered the same, while my husband had the traditional Plaza platter (eggs, biscuit, sausage). The fourth member of our group had the Dutch babies, and ohhhhh, that looked amazing! I will order that next time. We all agreed that the reason The Classic Cup has been in business so long is because they deliver a quality dining experience upon each and every visit. Highly recommend! More...


Sarah T.

26 December 2016

Classic cup is a Kansas City staple! I always go for breakfast or brunch and I've never been disappointed. It's pretty basic breakfast fare and the coffee is average, but being right in the plaza coupled with the cozy atmosphere makes for a great spot to people watch and enjoy a tasty meal with friends.


Annie R.

30 November 2016

This place looks fancy from the street, I avoided it for years of living in Kansas City, but it's actually reasonably priced and a great, charming dining environment! I've only eaten food at brunch, but their eggs Benedict are delicious! Sometimes their hot and sticky French toast is over done, but when it's not, it's the best darn thing you ever did taste! Be careful though, they like to tell you that you can substitute the breakfast potatoes for fruit but they neglect to tell you it is a $5 up charge... More...


Kari H.

13 November 2016

Loved the atmosphere and our waiter was excellent.  The food was exactly what we were looking for on a Sunday morning.  The omelettes were great, the grits were delicious also!


Maggie M.

11 November 2016

Classic Cup Cafe is the perfect spot for a breakfast date!!!! The portion are rather large, so it is truly a "you get what you pay for" kind of cafe. The prices are fair for the quality and quantity of breakfast items received. The egg sandwich with home fries was delicious! The combination of egg, cheese, bacon, and sauce drizzled together is a melt in your mouth delicatessen! The sandwich is served with home style potato fries that are equally delicious! In case that wasn't enough food, I was lucky enough to sample the Classic French Toast which certainly lives up to it's name! With three large slices of French Toast and a whole side of syrup, any individual is lucky to try this yummy treat! Proudly serving Roastarie Coffee, the Classic Cup Cafe also means a mean mocha latte, perfectly pairing with any of the menu items! I absolutely love my trip to Classic Cup and I look forward to returning! More...


Corrie R.

4 November 2016

Excellent food and coffee! Caprese sandwich was amazing, salmon salad fabulous. My fruit cup even had almost no melon! No melon! Service was good and the coffee - oooh the coffee. Love this place. Coming back for breakfast tomorrow. More...


Austin H.

30 October 2016

Food is amazing. I'm from the south and enjoy homemade grits. Hands down the best grits I've had in KC since moving here.


Clarice W.

11 October 2016

REVIEW FOR BAR/DRINKS ONLYI can honestly say that Classic Cup is the first place I've actively enjoyed on the Plaza (yeah yeah, hate all you want) - probably because it doesn't have a very "Plaza-y" feel to it, especially the patio. The patio is tucked away in the back away from all the crazy Plaza traffic, so tucked away that I've passed by this place multiple times without ever noticing it. If it's a nice enough day to sit outside they have several refreshing, morning/afternoon appropriate drinks.Bottom line: this is the place on the Plaza to go when you don't really want to be on the Plaza. More...


Nicki F.

1 October 2016

Very cute cafe. I got their gnocchi. So good! And we had a group and they were all still very efficient. They also had quite the variety of Irish coffees!


Q U.

19 September 2016

Five of us went there for dinner on a Wednesday evening. We ordered a variety  of food and drinks. I ordered the shrimp and grits, this was really good comfort food. They even had a vegetarian dish, which I was told was excellent. The food looked good and tasted even better. Good portion, not too big so do not expect to have leftovers. The food arrived on time. We enjoyed the service, the staff were polite, speedy and helpful. The only criticism was the fact that they charged you a 18% gratuity for a party of five. I would have left 20% if I was not pre charged this gratuity. All-in-all quite a nice place go check it out! More...


April K.

3 September 2016

The Classic Cup has become a go-to for me because of the consistently tasty food, friendly service and great location. We've come here for brunch, restaurant week, date night, dinner with friends in town, dinner with the in-laws, you name it. There's something for everyone here. I've enjoyed pretty much everything I've tried here for brunch, lunch and dinner but typically try one of the specials, usually fish. I am always happy with my selection! Last week was a stuffed trout that was rich and delicious. I get the salads often too, which are wonderfully huge and full of flavor. Also, you can't beat the plaza location with parking right behind the restaurant! More...


Alexis S.

11 August 2016

Great experience at this restaurant! Stopped by while visiting from California, food was great (the table ordered the Cubano sandwich, crab cakes, and a salad). One of the owners came out to give the table suggested stops to get the full Kansas City experience! Great food, friendly staff, and fun atmosphere! More...


Lita K.

9 August 2016

Classic Cup is classy! Nice, comforting decor - trendy, clean but not cold by any means. I enjoyed a business breakfast (5 of us) and easily carried on with our presentation in conversation volume.  No issues! Food was simple, nothing outrageously complicated just good breakfast in a classy spot in the Plaza. More...


Stan D.

30 July 2016

Loved the stuffed salmon and Alexa the bartender. Everyone here is super friendly, and I was so relieved I found a non chain in The Plaza.


Lucas S.

19 July 2016

Wonderful ambiance, fantastic patio dining, and wonderful tasty menu. This café has it all, all down to the service. Your experience is amazing throughout the entire meal. Very large variety as well, so you will always find something that you will enjoy. Strongly recommend! More...


Richard B.

15 July 2016

Dependable, well thought out breakfast menu.  Excellent egg dishes, pancakes and smoked salmon on bagels.  Excellent server in Thomas.  4 stars all the way.


Scott E.

15 July 2016

Solid menu and a nice little place. It felt a little crowded as they are clearly trying to squeeze as much as possible out of what must be fairly expensive real estate. Can't blame them but worth noting. We brought both of our kids, both under two and we felt a little out of place. Probably it was the time of day and area but it seemed to be upper class over 65 crowd not interested in being interrupted by some 30 somethings and kids....it was a weekday afternoon so we probably should have been at work anyway! I had the Cuban sandwich that was very tasty with some excellent in-house sauce and completely out of character, my wife had a cheeseburger medium. I would have called it a medium well or even close to well but she didn't complain and finished the entire thing.  Pretty wide choice of menu items, a great outside seating area and meals in the $15 range. Worth a stop! More...


Jen D.

13 July 2016

Classic Cup has a great location on the Plaza along with a fantastic patio when the weather allows. Classic Cup is a great place for brunch or lunch, but most recently, I had the opportunity to have dinner here. I met up with a couple friends and started off with some wine. I was really impressed with the affordability of their wine list, and the bottle I chose was great! We shared the bruchetta for an appetizer, and it was good, comprised of tomatoes and fresh pesto, it was the perfect light appetizer. For dinner, I had the wedge salad with chicken. The server had no issue with making a substitution, sometimes this can be a problem, but not at Classic Cup. Also, the dill ranch salad dressing was awesome- it shouted "summertime!". I would definitely go back, especially during patio weather. More...


Stephanie S.

22 June 2016

We stopped inform our last day in KC. Overall, the breakfast was pretty good. The potatoes are thick and fried, the French toast was yummy, and the biscuits and gravy were tasty, too. Staff were also very friendly.


Brenda D.

18 June 2016

Great outdoor patio.  Wait staff is always friendly and attentive.  The Nicoise was great - hearty and healthy!  Pair it with a mimosa and you'll be a happy diner.


Yembur A.

30 May 2016

Sitting on the patio at Classic Cup and people-watching on the plaza was a KC bucket list item for me, and I finally got to do it this weekend! If the weather is nice outside, sitting out front is not an experience to be missed. I ordered the "Dutch baby," which the menu said was an oven-baked pancake, but it tasted like a giant croissant (not complaining). Overall the food is average, and the service is variable (our waitress was nice, hostess kinda snapped at me), so the main attraction here is the view. More...


Cory C.

30 May 2016

We grabbed brunch here today.  Our server warned us that their computer system went down---this was good for setting expectations, but the food came out in a normal time & no road bumps.We liked the outside seating in the back--I'm not big on sitting next to a sidewalk (at any restaurant)The food was good and the location was convenient.I liked my Salmon Benedict, holly on the side.   My wife liked her biscuits and gravy.  We liked our server.  You could tell she had more on her plate than normal.  She rocked it out.The only downside was the seating outside was a little tight.  I can do without overhearing three conversations at the same time.  Maybe I no longer have the patience for hung over 24yr olds piecing together their previous evening.  Actually, some of it was entertaining.   Had they removed the words, "like, um, so, ya know and whatever," they definitely wouldn't be able to complete a thought.  I digress. More...


Shelby H.

21 May 2016

This place was great! Wonderful to sit and eat on the patio while on a shopping break. Had an omelet which was very fresh and amazing. The Brie appetizer was also a must. The staff was friendly and attentive. I would definitely recommend this cafe. I only give it 4 stars because it lacked a gluten friendly options. More...


Neva O.

12 May 2016

Visiting in town. ..... This was fabulous. Great service, good food,.... Be sure to try the boulevard brews while in town.


Scott L.

17 April 2016

Good spot for breakfast, lunch or brunch on the Plaza, very good service and the food is solid.  The menu is classic and nothing really stands out but everything from the benedict to the shrimp and grits is cooked perfectly and has outstanding flavor.  The Cup is always reliable and is a KC staple. More...


Andrew J.

3 April 2016

Yum!!! The food was fantastic and great service. We both had the pacific eggs Benedict.


Ferzeen P.

26 March 2016

Great restaurant in the plaza area. Have been here for brunch, lunch and dinner and have never been disappointed. Their shrimp and grits is amazing! Probably some of the best in the city.  The service is wonderful. Everyone here is attentive and friendly.  If you're going for breakfast/brunch you're better off going later in the day or make sure you have a reservation for the morning, since the line can be out the door! Will continue to come to this KC gem! More...


Palmi H.

19 March 2016

My husband and I ate Friday lunch it was good waitress suggested the mushroom ravioli was was wonderful my husband had the gnocchi he loved it the only part that was excellent was the hostess she was not friendly at all


Robert H.

29 January 2016

My wife and me stopped here for brunch. Only our second time on the plaza area and first time at this restaurant. She had the pancakes (they are huge btw)nd bacon and said they were fabulous.  I had the turkey omelette (turkey, avocado, feta chz) and it was probably one of the best omelettes I ever had. The portion sizes are large and the price very decent. More...


Jillian C.

26 January 2016

Nice location. Good food. Decent wine glass mimosas, of which we had several. The selection of GF options was a tad lacking, it felt like, but I still found an omelet dish that I liked. My companions raved about the eggs Benedict they both ate. Bottom line: fun, semi fancy pants place to go for a spontaneous brunch. More...


Danny S.

25 January 2016

As part of my 2016 Resolutions, I am trying the Whole30 eating plan where you basically eat whole foods and get rid of anything that is processed, deep fried, full of grains and dairy. It's not for everyone, but I wanted to give my body a good rest. If any reviewers are familiar with the Whole30, there are LOTS of restrictions on some of the foods you find in the restaurant. I stopped in at the Classic Cup on 1/23/16 for a breakfast meeting. I made the reservation with OpenTable (extremely convenient) and was as immediately. I had looked into the menu for breakfast to chose a simple Western Omelet. It provided the most protein, lots of veggies and I could sub in fruit for my side. My server, Eli, was very attentive and extremely helpful when I asked questions on how it was made. He was more than happy to check with the chef and even offered some suggestions on things to substitute to help satisfy my needs! I really appreciated his help and would definitely recommend that he be your server! I'm sure I will be returning again for another breakfast meet and will most likely sit in his section. Thank you to Eli and the Classic Cup for being understanding, courteous and extremely helpful. More...


Lavita G.

16 January 2016

Great lil breakfast place!! They take reservations, but we were seated very fast! Our food was out in about 5 minutes!! I like be back my dish was delicious!!!


Kyle R.

29 December 2015

This place never fails to disappoint.  The service is fantastic and the food is always delicious. The only con I would have to mention is that it can be a little pricy. I always make it a point come here when in town and will continue to do so. I recommend it to everyone. More...


Mashka I.

18 December 2015

The best dining on the Plaza in KC. Starting with a menu of classics and seasonal delicacies to an extensive wine list to sumptuous desserts, the Classic Cup makes a mark as one of the only independent restaurants remaining on the Plaza. It is most surprising in being as excellent for breakfast as for dinner, though the ambiance and clientele change based on time of day. It's a wonderful place to enjoy a meal solo, as a couple, or small group. Be advised that the bar is tiny, but that there is seating indoors as well as on the two patios, one on the sidewalk and the other behind the restaurant. The sidewalk patio during a spring or fall day is ideal for feeling the bustle of a city. Some favorites on the regular menu: crab cakes, mussels, salmon nicoise, rack of lamb, grilled duck, and veal cheek. For breakfast, the plates are filling and artful. Bon apetit! More...


Katie W.

8 November 2015

Excellent meal, great server, nice outside seating.  Must stop on Kansas City restaurants.   Even though I don't get here often I do get their special blend of coffee from Roasterie.  One of my favs spots in KC.


Gerald D.

22 October 2015

My wife and I had the very best dining experience EVER! A Classy Place with great ambiance for a romantic evening dinning opportunity. The staffers were exceptionally accommodating, the menu was uniquely extraordinary with unheard of options and affordable selections, nearly too many to choose just one. Not to mention, John (Manager) and Jacob (Wait Staffer), really know how to turn up the heat for eats. What else is needing to be said...except that the Rack of Lamb is to die for! Thanks Classic Cup, I'm now my wife's greatest celebrity! More...


Kelsey D.

12 October 2015

It was a beautiful day and we were able to sit out on the back patio for breakfast. I had the eggs benedict and he got the pancakes. The food was really good and the portions were generous. Awesome home fries. The service was excellent and we would definitely return the next time we're in KC! More...


Neeca B.

12 October 2015

Lots of places on the plaza have good food but not as many also can claim good patios. They have a patio that is front and center to some of best sights and sounds the plaza can offer. Downside is it can't seat large parties, inside yes. Well as large as this nice little spot can handle. Another patio on their back deck is larger with larger party options. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner all have delicious options. Definitely a favored spot for a date. The ambiance is simple, tasteful and classic. The space is longer than it is wide with a long bench along the back and tables. A nice big fire place gives it a cozy feel by day and sultry by night. Evening Wine and dessert on the front patio always encourages great conversation. It's plaza pricey, think 10-15 for breakfast and 20-30 per person for dinner. Their is free parking but be prepared to walk and allow for the extra time to do so. More...


Eyvette L.

7 October 2015

I love this place, it's AWESOME! I love sitting out side enjoying the view! Country Club Plaza.....AWESOME!


Cristi G.

23 August 2015

Pork tacos, yum! Great flavor. The salmon salad did not disappoint either. Great place for brunch but serves all meals. Good menu selection.


Moira R.

30 July 2015

I went here for brunch on a Sunday with my mom and sister. We made a reservation for 10:00 am and were promptly seated when we arrived, and were given the option of whether we wanted to eat inside or outside (we went with inside thanks to the heat). This seemed to be the perfect time to eat here, and I would recommend making a reservation, because there was a sizable wait when we left a little after 11:00. The inside isn't very big, but they have a small patio in the front and a large patio in the back, as well. Our server was very friendly, although he didn't seem particularly knowledgeable about the menu (he had to check on a question we asked, as well as a pretty basic question the table next to us asked). We all ordered their drink special, a lavender infused vodka lemonade, which was very refreshing and had a great flavor. To eat, I ordered their Hot and Sticky French toast which is served with two slices of bacon and scrambled eggs. The French toast was coated in a caramel sauce and was incredibly rich and delicious. The bacon here is also fantastic! The scrambled eggs were pretty average, but added some nice protein to an otherwise carb and fat laden meal. My mom ordered the Dutch Babies and I tried her meal. This dish was overwhelmingly fruit, so it would be a good option if you want a relatively light meal with a little pancake thrown in there. We ended the meal with their bread pudding, which was excellent! This is a great brunch place with fairly reasonable prices (most dishes are around $10). The patio would also make a great place to sit and people watch when the weather is nice. More...


Noah B.

26 July 2015

The Classic Cup is just that - a classic. I have been here for brunch, lunch, dinner, and drinks and each time was a pleasant experience. My most recent visit  was for Sunday brunch which was incredible. The restaurant was busy and without a reservation I waited about 15 minutes for a table for two out in the front patio - not too long in my opinion given the number of people waiting. I had the Smoked Turkey Hot Browns and they were delicious. Bacon was cooked perfectly, the English muffin was toasted and was the perfect bed for the turkey and cheese. It was busy so the waitstaff's attention was more limited than usual but on this occasion I was happy to sit and converse with the company I brought anyhow. Will definitely be going back! More...


Hayley M.

18 July 2015

Unfortunately, it rained overnight and we were not able to take advantage of outdoor seating so it was packed. I ordered the frittata which is made with pasta. It was delicious, although I would not have chosen pasta for breakfast had I known. Lots of cheese. The coffee was great and service was was superb. I will be back but will order lighter to start the day. I felt like I had brunch with the couples on both sides of us because we were so close. More...


David M.

8 July 2015

We had breakfast as a family on the day of my son's wedding.  Great choice and we weren't disappointed.  The french toast, rich caramelized buttered french baguette, is AMAZING!  My wife found the pancakes very fluffy and tasty. We sat on the patio and had a great time.  Wonderful service.  I recommend! More...


Nathan M.

29 June 2015

French toast and smoked turkey hot browns are great! The staff was friendly, and it is in a nice location.


Michelle P.

20 June 2015

We had a really delicious breakfast here on a Saturday morning. We definitely came at the right time (earlier) because we were seated immediately but those arriving much after us had to wait. My husband had an omelet and I ordered the pancakes which is their "speciality." Both were good and our daughter enjoyed sharing. The wait staff was accommodating in bringing out our fruit plate earlier than the rest of the food so that our daughter could start eating and not be a total crab. Would definitely come back here again if I were staying in the Plaza. More...


Thomas A.

2 June 2015

Wow!  Great experience!  I haven't been here in a while and my besties took me to breakfast. I love dining on the Plaza like this, watching the people, enjoying a savory cup of Joe and casually dining with good friends on deliciuos food.  One of my besties had the French Toast and I had a bite of it.  Superb!  I had the breakfast pork chop with ttwo eggs over medium and potatoes.  Fabulous and generous portions!  This is a nice place for friends to meet or for bringing a special someone. More...


Phoenix A.

30 May 2015

Good breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Love the outdoor sidewalk patio.  A fun local place on the Plaza.


Jason G.

27 May 2015

Just read what Adam S. Wrote about this place, he's spot on.  But if you don't know who he is I will indulge you.  Sit outside on a gorgeous day and you will see what makes this place great. I have a feeling that the inside is cramped when the weather is bad.Order the coffee for sure. They even trust their patrons with a French press.Also order the smoked turkey hot Browns. They will over feed you here so please please please come hungry.  I don't eat much pork but order something with bacon. It's thick and ever so delicious. The staff is generally friendly, a little frazzled at times. More...


Adam S.

26 May 2015

This review comes in the afterglow of a post-race breakfast on their sun drenched patio on Memorial Day where everything was perfection.I'd had Classic Cup a couple of other times and wasn't blown away. One time, it was in the middle of a July heat wave and the A/C was struggling to keep everyone inside sane, including myself. This Memorial Day experience came with a fellow group of runners after a run at nearby Loose Park. I was worried it would be packed, and while busy, the gigantic back patio opens up a lot of seating. The menu here is expansive, and it didn't take me long to figure out what I was gunning for; Smoked Turkey Hot Browns (English muffin topped with smoked turkey, tomato, a sharp cheddar cheese sauce, and bacon and eggs.) This ridiculous amount of food came in handy as I was starting to get pretty hungry.They also have delicious coffee here, although I'm not sure what kind it is. Just a good quality, stronger end cup of black coffee.The lunch menu here looks good too, and I saw several others settling in for a bit of day-drinking as this would be a hard spot to beat for that. Glad that I got this positive experience to reintroduce me to it, and I'll definitely be back before long. More...


Tony Z.

23 May 2015

Food was great, atmosphere was great. Server was very nice. I would recommend this place to anyone. Would love to try the brunch sometime.


Eric J.

3 May 2015

Exceptional service and very nice eating area off the street. I had the special which was the pork and morels.  Sauce was to die for.  Desert I had was a chocolate expresso crem which was also fabulous.  Beautiful night in Kansas City:) More...


Heather W.

18 April 2015

Great breakfast.  Love going during the week to rub elbows with the busy business types.  Husband likes the lox and bagle and I enjoyed my eggs and potatoes.  Coffee is very tasty.  I go here every time I visit from out of town.  Do be aware; menu is a little tried, don't expect a breakfast revolution just very classic dishes. More...


Deborah L.

11 April 2015

.Amazing service and great food. Terrance was fantastic waiter. They made our outing memorable


Katie W.

7 April 2015

Favorite breakfast and brunch location close to home. Inside, back deck and front patio seating. Great for people watching. The French Toast is to die for! Classic eggs Benedict is my favorite standard breakfast and they do it just right. Nice weather on their back patio while sipping coffee is something I often look forward to! Save yourself time and just park in the garage around back. More...


Mrinal P.

4 April 2015

Not much options for vegerations in dinner but their sweet pea/ mushroom ravioli and kale salad are worth every dime.. great wine selections, tasty soup and scrumptious in-house bread roll that they serve... Best of the services and classy ambience make it all together a very fine dining experience! For nonveg try their popular French delicacy 'Foie Gras' in appetizer. Spicy shrimp pasta and smoked trout were awesome too... More...


Nicole H.

10 March 2015

Wonderful breakfast!  Their french press coffee is spectacular. I also had a scone, which was the best I've had,  and my husband had some french toast.  It looked delicious.  Simple dining,  but also upscale.  Excellent service! More...


Jennifer A.

9 March 2015

I hate to come here and leave a bad review for a place I love, based on one bad experience, and i normally wouldn't but the service was so bad this time, I had to. First, let me say, I love the huge back patio, its the perfect place for lunch on a nice day. The food is always so good, this last time I had the chicken risotto and it was delicious. Their bread pudding is also superb.  Now....we sat down on the patio in the front. A waitress brought us waters and said someone would be back in a minute. We waited about 20 minutes, still no one else had come by. There were about 3 other tables seated outside and they got checked on several times while we were waiting. We were about to get up and leave, when a waiter and waitress came outside and argued (within hearing distance of us) about who was going to take our table. I don't know why no one wanted to serve us, as it wasn't really that busy and one of them easily could have used the time spent arguing to come over and at least take our drink orders.  It was beyond rude and off putting.  They argued for a few minutes, then both went back inside. Another 5 to 10 minutes passed and eventually a waitress came out and took our drink and app orders but it wasn't either of the waiters that had been arguing about who was taking the table.  I'm still giving it 4 stars, because every other time I have been here the service has been great and the food is great. But if this were my restaurant, this kind of service would not be tolerated. It was beyond bad service, it was straight up offensive. More...



26 February 2015

Excellent chicken risotto!  Chicken exceedingly tender and delicious.  Risotto simple but wow.  Flourless chocolate cake may be the best I've ever had!


Ann W.

17 February 2015

I have been to The Classic Cup many many times over the years and it will always be a staple of Plaza dining for me. They do a really nice brunch and when the weather is warm, sitting on their patio for brunch is one of my favorite Plaza activities. At our last visit, I indulged in one of their lunch specials which was duck ravioli. It had the perfect balance of flavors and just the right amount of cheese. Sometimes, ravioli dishes can be overwhelmed by too much cheese or sauce, but this dish was just perfect. Their menus are interesting and diverse and they generally have some really nice specials to choose from as well. They're also fairly veg friendly.Service here is always fast and friendly. Sometimes, they can be incredibly busy on weekends, so be prepared for a wait. More...


Claire N.

17 January 2015

Cute little place for lunch! Cozy atmosphere! The service was great. I ordered the fish stew. It was surprisingly good. It was a bit spicy, buttery, and very lemony. I liked it a lot! The toasted bread went great with it. The only complaint was that I wish they didn't make it too sour with the lemons, but instead, provided a side of lemons so I could make it how I wanted it. More...


Tess S.

13 January 2015

I love The Classic Cup! Great place to take a date or to have a business breakfast. Cozy atmosphere. When I was little my dad used to take me here for a "special" breakfast of pancakes and hot chocolate. Seriously best pancakes I've ever had. An oldie but a goodie. More...


Lisa C.

11 January 2015

I love this place! I really enjoy breakfast especially on the weekends. Even when the place is crazy busy, you can sit, enjoy your food, read the paper and take your time. They have some great special items on the weekends like Dutch Babies that I wish I could get every day!! They keep some things on the menu all the time but they change things regularly so you can find a new surprise every time you go there!! More...


Valetta M.

21 December 2014

Incredible food at reasonable prices! Quaint, super selection on the menu and our breakfast came out within 10 minutes even though it was packed. Delicious too! We had the Northwest Salmon Eggs Benedict & Ham, Cheese Fratatta. Super fantastic! ! More...


Laura F.

19 December 2014

This place really makes me nostalgic. I came here first when I was interviewing at UMKC. I clearly remember how amazing the eggs benedict was and how awesome the french press coffee was. It was the first time my boyfriend had french press coffee and he was really impressed. So I made a point to come back when I moved here after I got into UMKC. I was with my whole family who helped me move in. I got the eggs benedict and french press coffee again, and it was amazing again. I also remember the service was very good both visits. I will be back the next time I want a nice breakfast in The Plaza. More...


Michelle F.

7 December 2014

Have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. We put our name in at Houston's and the wait was 45 mins so we decided to venture out into the plaza. My husband and I are huge foodies and have to admit, down right snobs when it comes to a good meal. The bread was so fresh and soft, wouldHave recommended it be warm but it was still delicious. I ordered the spicy shrimp pasta and my husband got the rack of lamb. The food was hot when it arrived, perfect medium rare on the rack and the pasta and shrimp were cooked perfectly, super spicy but excellent flavor. Service was great, nice ambiance and very attentive. Definitely would eat here again and recommend if you are visiting the Plaza. More...


Terri M.

22 November 2014

Tried a sample of new holiday drink, "no name #5". I'm not a whiskey drinker but this concoction by bartender John is fabulous. Creamy, a little spicy and so good! Holiday  in a glass! More...


Julie S.

12 November 2014

Stopped in here for a late lunch. The food was outstanding. We had soup, salad, and the hummus appetizer. Everything was surprisingly delicious, the hummus dip especially so!


Gina M.

22 September 2014

We got out of the heat of the plaza art fair to grab a drink and a bite to eat at The Classic Cup Café.  We were seated right away, which was nice!  The ambiance is nice, dimly lit and you get to watch the people walking by outside (part of the fun of being on the Plaza, right?!).  We ordered hummus as an appetizer and I had red sangria to drink.  The hummus was quite good, though a bit heavy on the garlic.  The sangria was delicious (they claim it's 'famous' so it should be great, right?!). My friends ordered a few mixed drinks and said they were incredible, claiming the Classic Cup makes an excellent cocktail.I ordered Seared Wahoo from the 'specials' menu, and it was absolutely delicious.  It was served with green beans, wild rice (I believe it was) and a yummy cream sauce.  I don't usually do carbs or cream sauces, so found the dish to be a bit on the 'heavy' side for me so I got a take home box and it made for an incredible lunch today!  My fiancé ordered the full filet, which he found quite good, though he tends to have a larger appetite so wished for larger portions on the sides.Overall, we enjoyed our experience at The Classic Cup Café and wouldn't mind going again! More...


Mike F.

4 September 2014

Great Salmon salad. In town on business and my dinner meeting canceled last minute. Dreaded "party of 1".  Great service friendly but respecting my space. Locally owned too.


Manda D.

2 September 2014

Amazing atmosphere and pretty good food!  A nice weekend breakfast/brunch place.  The hummus was super tasty, and the brunch menu was good but not mouth watering.  We will definitely go there again! More...


Sara B.

18 June 2014

Fabulous patio and a great way to relax and enjoy a night on the plaza. This place hits all the right notes for an evening with friends. Not too fancy, not too casual. Great food, not too pricey. Suggestion: keep the drinks and conversation flowing and enjoy an evening with friends. More...


Jeremy K.

21 February 2014

This place was recommended to me by the obviously brilliant woman sitting next to me on the plane. I was traveling solo so I sat at the bar. John, the bartender, took excellent care of me. He recommended the rabbit and risotto ragu as an app and it was excellent. The tenderloin medallion with blue cheese butter and Brussels sprouts was also outstanding. Good whiskey selection to boot. I was told this is one of the last locally owned (non-chain) establishments in this area which is always a plus with me. I highly recommend!!! More...


Ana P.

19 February 2014

Bread pudding and garlic cheese grits made for a perfect breakfast. The house coffee was on the weak side but overall it was a great experience.


Romain C.

6 February 2014

This is probably the 3rd or 4th time here. I like coming to this place since they have a nice outdoor eating area on the Country Club Plaza main strip, great to people watch. It's also down the street from my hotel. It happens to be a rainy day. The awnings doesn't cover much of the end tables so I resat myself by the window. It was a quiet night, glad that they don't close too early. I seem to eat late because of work. The beer selections were ok, they have their local beers. I got that Tank 7, which was ok. They didn't have the dark beers that I like. For my meal I got the lamb soup and bison burger. The lamb soup was great and the bison burger was ok. I didn't have much of an appetite but if I did, i would've ordered the other entrees! Maybe next time. I know I have a lot of ok's here, but I am a fan. More...


Brandon A.

5 February 2014

The best restaurant, to my knowledge on the Plaza. Great menu. Not over-priced by any means, but it's easy to run up a large bill if you aren't conscious of budget. That is because they offer many, many very tasty sides (not to mention drinks) on the menu.I have eaten at the Classic Cup well over 30 times for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with parties ranging in size between solo and 6. Never disappointed.Only downsides would be that they're always either crowded or totally packed and it can take some time to find a parking spot, depending on day and time.  Good problems to have, from their perspective. More...


James H.

21 January 2014

Pretty good for a late breakfast. It was a little pricy. The mimosas were wonderful. They were large and had a lot of champagne.


Cynthia B.

11 November 2013

Oh my, this was fine. Started with bloodies (sadly, they don't make their own mix but they were OK) and cronuts. I find cronuts way overrated, but these were three tasty little bites.Our server was super-accommodating and friendly. He recommended the pork chop over the steak and let me sub the cheesy mashers that come with the steak for the fried potatoes that usually accompany the pork chop. Pork was moist and delicious, just perfect. Eggs poached just right. My friends had the garden omelette and the pancakes ... both were outstanding. This is a great choice on the Plaza. More...


Collin P.

7 November 2013

I've been a big Classic Cup fan for a long time now. Before moving to KC I would make sure to stop here either just for a drink or for dinner. If you're on the Plaza, skip all the chains and go to Classic Cup. In summer they have a great terrace. Winter, try to sit by the fire... it's way more cozy! I've enjoyed both dinner and lunch here. Brunch is also tasty. More...


Matt F.

22 September 2013

This place rocks for breakfast! Inexpensive and good basic with eggs bacon etc. We didn't try the pork chop but looks great. Biscuits and gravy available too Great atmosphere! More...


Krista B.

18 September 2013

This is a nice place for brunch, the service is always good and the food is yummy. The location is wonderful and it has a nice atmosphere.


Lauren F.

4 September 2013

Great atmosphere makes for a great spot for breakfast/brunch on the Plaza! I had the chance the try the Sicilian Omelet, the Pacific Northwest Benedict, the Hot and Sticky French Toast, and one of their specials that was an omelet stuffed with turkey, bacon, avocado, and onions and topped with a chorizo and pepper sauce. Everything was just as good as it sounds! The french toast is made with sliced sourdough bread which makes it very light compared to pancakes. I really loved the Sicilian Omelet as well...tons of sausage and a very tasty tomato sauce. Would definitely love to return next time I'm in KC! More...


Bradley S.

25 August 2013

Loved the sticky French toast. It's different than your normal every day French toast.  The Classic Benny was delicious as well. Wish I could come back but I'm only visiting. More...


Dot H.

21 August 2013

Love the atmosphere AND food. The sidewalk seating area is wonderful, the inside is smallish and cozy however the back patio leaves something to be desired. Last night I had the swordfish with soba noodles special and it was fantastic. Another in our party raved about the pork ribeye and another enjoyed the spicy shrimp pasta. The bread pudding was quite good and even piping hot, something that seems to be a problem at some places. The pancakes in the morning are great, not sure how they are different but they actually have flavor. More...


Dan J.

12 August 2013

Nice menu.  Nice Atmosphere.  A bit pricy for what you get but it is on a high dollar corner on the Plaza.  I will continue to come back.


Dave C.

30 July 2013

This has been one of my Plaza go-to places for decades - in general, I don't walk away disappointed. With cool enough Sunday morning temps (cool for July anyway) I figured sitting at a table on the Classic Cup back deck with my Kindle and an order of eggs benedict would be a great way to start the day. The Pacific Northwest Benedict sounded interesting, and as it turns out, it was. I must admit I'd never had salmon on eggs benedict before, I quite enjoyed it. However, the side of breakfast potatoes that accompanied wasn't really presentation worthy. The serving was skimpy, and looked to be what was left over from earlier in the morning - not something that had been prepped fresh. (I did arrive 1/2 hour before brunch ended, but still, I expect more from Classic Cup!)The best way to round off a  Classic Cup breakfast on the deck is by  adding a press-pot  of coffee made with Roasterie beans - the morning was darn near perfect. More...


Lindsey D.

10 July 2013

During a recent trip to Kansas City, we wondered around the Plaza one morning looking for a breakfast spot and immediately consulted Yelp to be our guide. We walked past The Classic Cup Cafe, saw the raving reviews and decided to set up shop on the patio for a morning meal. I really enjoyed the environment. When walking inside, you are greeted by a bar (morning Mimosa anyone?) and indoor seating, but the patio is what really stood out for me. It was a beautiful morning so we waited the extra couple minutes to dine there. Once we sat, I watched plate after plate pass me by with delicious food. I ended up ordering the Dutch Babies which is an oven baked pancake topped with fresh fruit and powdered sugar. I must admit that the fresh fruit and powdered sugar was the best part of the meal for me. I enjoyed the pancake as well and it felt like I was eating dessert for breakfast! While we were eating, I had buyer's remorse when I saw my second choice pass me by for the table next door: The Turkey Hot Browns, sliced smoked turkey piled high on English muffins, topped with sugar cured crisp bacon and sharp cheddar cheese and two eggs served any way, plus home fries. Sounds gluttonous right? Sadly, I didn't get to try this menu item but it just motivates me to return in the future and dine on the world's heartiest sounding meal. More...


Susan T.

10 July 2013

I am a big fan of the Classic Cup Cafe. I went in for a mojito tonight, just to sit and relax outside on the sidewalk cafe portion of the business. Seating outside in the back  or inside is really nice, but with the heat today, the front was the better location.My waiter was really friendly, and let me know that they had a mojito with ginger which he promised would be great, and it was. Fresh mint and  limes in a large glass with white rum on ice. I'm not sure if the ginger was in ginger ale or not, but it was delicious. After a while, I caved in and ordered the Bison Sliders. Three sliders were topped with smoked Gouda cheese, lettuce, and a spicy-sweet jam (peppadew). I have brought my out-of -town guests here before and am happy dining solo as well. I have had lunches and dinners here and I want to clear up any misconceptions that they are just a coffee shop. They offer the full fine dining experience.Addendum:Since I wrote the above article, I have returned to the restaurant. (8/14/13). I'm adding the photo of the mussels I ordered on that visit. They are listed as an appetizer, but often I make the appetizer my main dish. Butter, white wine and a broth, made them wonderful. More...


Kris J.

9 June 2013

Love this place! It has been a favorite for years. Love their salmon and risotto, any of their salads and always finish with their warm bread pudding with fresh berries and caramel sauce!  Great ambience inside and outside sidewalk tables or on the back deck! More...


Sadie S.

21 March 2013

We had breakfast here recently. I usually don't frequent in the winter because it has such a great patio. But it was really cozy and a great place to enjoy a late brunch.


Hillary C.

13 February 2013

I love this place.... Best brushetta ever ordered their seafood soup I ate all ....this place will not disappoint!!!


Stephen H.

3 February 2013

So I've been to Classic Cup a bunch of times but I've never written a review.  This is odd, given that its patio is one of the best on the entire Plaza for people-watching.  But recently I found out that they have a pretty awesome breakfast also.Joined a friend for breakfast and had a turkey hot brown, which is a variation on a Louisville dish.  English muffins, lightly toasted, topped with sliced tomatoes, eggs, turkey, and gravy.  Really great and quite different.  It's a bit Dennys/Le Peep service-wise during Sunday breakfast, which I attribute to the sheer volume.Worth a visit for breakfast - but I would push to wait until it's warm and you can sit out on the front patio and enjoy the best part of this restaurant: the people-watching view. More...


Courtney G.

21 January 2013

Good place for brunch.  If the weather would have been nice the sidewalk seating would be perfect, otherwise the inside is pretty small.  The decor is charming and upscale, very chic.  They do either need to expand the inside or take out some of the tables because it was hard to get into our seats because the table behind us was so close.  The service was fine, not great, and one of our meals came out wrong, but other thanthat it was good.  I had the special omelet which had pulled pork, cheese and a fantastic sauce on top, but there was so much pork in the omelet that it overwhelmed the other flavors.  The pancakes are great, definitely order at least one.  We also had the corn chowder soup and it was delicious.  Our friends ordered the breakfast pizza and toasted browns which they both enjoyed.  Mr. G should have stuck with his first choice (breakfast pizza) but decided to be surprisingly spontaneous and order the special which was a breakfast burger with an egg on top and side of cheese fries, but he was quickly disappointed when the burger came out sans the egg and he didn't get cheese fries, but breakfast potatoes.  It seemed like they just put in an order for a burger and the order was just wrong all together.  He eventually got the egg and the cheese fries but at that point, I think he was just drooling over our friend's breakfast pizza, cursing himself for not going with his usual.  You can easily split most meals and save some money, they give large portion sizes. More...


Matt E.

23 October 2012

I can count on one hand the number of times I have eaten at Classic Cup, but every time it's been a great experience. It's a great place to have a breakfast meeting, made evident by the number of suits. I have never seen this many suits before 8 AM in my life! It's a room full of powerful people having power breakfasts. Reflecting the no-nonsense nature of the experience, the menu isn't exactly creative. It's standards, done well. I think it's designed so that you can order w/o even looking at the menu. I almost always get the eggs benedict, and they're a fantastic, super traditional example of my favorite breakfast food. while I like that so many places have tried to make a twist on the eggs benny, sometimes you just want an English muffin, ham, egg and hollandaise. Every bite is delicious.Service is friendly, but not intrusive. They know you probably aren't there for a leisurely breakfast, and they act appropriately. Things come swiftly, coffee stays full, and they are quick (sometimes too quick) to clear off your plate. It's not a place I personally would go for a weekend brunch, but for breakfast meetings, it's the standard in KC. More...


Kevin S.

5 August 2012

Sunday brunch on the back deck. Although brutally hot, the service was amazingly calm and collected. Cheers. Note-I called first thing in the morning to make reservations for later that same day, but was told they don't accept same day reservations. Odd. Never heard that before.


Lori H.

6 July 2012

Great place for breakfast.  Both my order and my husbands were exactly as requested.  The coffee is quite good and the service was perfect.


John V.

1 July 2012

Awesome food!  Custom roast coffee for Classic Cup made by Roasterie that is to die for!  Desserts are wonderful and staff is always very courteous!  Great for brunch, lunch, and early dinner.  I personally love this place for coffee and dessert.  Great decor and ambience! More...


Jimmy N.

17 June 2012

The Classic Cup Café is one of my new favorite lunch spots on the weekends.  This is a great place to relax, have great food, and exchange your week's highlight with your friends or significant other.  If you prefer a really quiet place, this isn't the café for you.I'm going to rave the Duck Risotto at this place.  The duck is pan fried, served over risotto, drizzled with duck broth, and a hint mango/cranberry/blueberry sauce.  If you haven't tried duck before, this is a great place to try it.  However, it's going to set that bar really high. More...


Juna D.

24 May 2012

Great food and French press coffee. Sitting outside was pleasant in the cool morning. Friendly service. The breakfast prices are better than lunch or dinner.


Shaelyn R.

4 April 2012

This place is fantastic.  I went here with a friend for a sunday brunch and it was superb.  Get the french toast.  It was the best french toast I have ever eaten.  If you don't mind a little bit of a wait you should definitely check this place out.  Coffee is outstanding as well. More...


Timothy U.

18 February 2012

Excellent food all around! Went to dinner and had the Mahi Mahi dinner special. Service and staff was great, food was excellent, fresh, flavorful, and the atmosphere was relaxed and inviting. Decided to check out the brunch due to numerous folks raving about it. Thank goodness I listened because brunch was outstanding. Had the hot brown. Opened faced turkey sandwich served on toasted english muffins, tender turkey, fresh tomatoes, and a cheese sauce that I could have licked off the plate. Will definitely return. Great place to get your grub on. More...


J A.

10 January 2012

I'm always up for trying a place for breakfast, since it has some of my favorite foods.  Though I normally try to avoid the plaza mostly because of the crazy parking and always feeling slightly out of place there.  The Classic Cup is a cute little place.  We were meeting some friends for breakfast on a saturday around 10 and there was a line to get a table, though we didn't wait very long.  One of my favorite sauces from culinary school was hollandaise and i'm always keen to try eggs benedict at a new place.  Theirs was just downright amazing.  It was deliciously buttery and tangy like a hollandaise should be and definitely made my day.  I did try some biscuits and gravy and found it too spicy to enjoy thoroughly.  The only reason i'm not giving them 5 stars was our server, she was nice but didn't listen very well when we were ordering.  Also the space between tables could have been greater.  It was slightly cramped, I kept elbowing the chair behind me.  All in all, I would definitely return here for the eggs benedict.  I'd recommend it to anyone. More...


Toni M.

30 December 2011

Alan found this on Yelp and having Joi give it 4 stars didn't hurt a bit.  We checked out of our hotel thus morning and are moving to Bob and Lois's house for the remainder of our stay.  Alan had a 10:30 meeting w/ family financial advisers and we wanted to have a good breakfast beforehand.  This was just a couple of blocks from our hotel.We walked in and were seated immediately.  The restaurant is long and narrow w/ a wall of windows facing the street.  It takes up almost half a block, I think.  There is a bar where you enter.  Floors are hexagonal clay tiles.  Beautiful.  Tables and chairs are comfortable.  The menu is varied and interesting.  Alan and I both ordered the French omelet w/ bacon, spinach apples and brie.  He had his as a scramble.  We both had them w/ two eggs rather than three.  They were accompanied by breakfast potatoes and a biscuit.  We ordered a fruit bowl and Alan Had a latte while I had tea.Breakfast was excellent.  The combination of omelet ingredients was tasty and the quality was high.  The bacon was crisp and fresh.  The potatoes were perfection, crispy and greaseless, w/o onions, peppers or anything else, just the way I like them.  Alan, who likes the other stuff added to his, liked them as well.  The biscuit was good but no exceptional.  I was brought a large basket of assorted Harney and Sons teas.  Alan liked his latte, which was refilled w/ decaf.  Service was physically adept, but a little inattentive.  Prices were reasonable.  The restaurant was full by the time we left.  We would go back. More...


Lannette G.

27 December 2011

How is it that after living in the Plaza for 3 years, not once did I visit this place. Now that I live in the burbs, I long for the days I could just walk downstairs and have the plaza as my playground, and by this, I mean I could have the Classic Cup as my personal Kitchen. I went on a Sunday, it was cold outside and people were all cramped up by the bar. But this did not stop people from coming in? Nope, people just kept climbing over each other until someone got seated and then there was a temporary moment of elbow space....but this only lasted seconds, as more people would come in. Why would all these people wait and stand for 25 minutes, just to eat brunch? I was very skeptical about the whole thing. However, two mimosas later, we were seated.  I looked around at other patrons dishes and was very impressed. I actually didn't order by looking at the menu, I just pointed at plates as they passed by, I'm pretty sure this action of mine must violate some etiquette rule somewhere, but who cares I did it anyway."French Toast for me please, and something made out of Turkey deli for the Mr."Once we received out plates, it was definitely worth the wait. The food was fresh delicious, and we ate it all, not one crumb left (which violated yet another etiquette code, that states always leave something small on your plate, so you don't show signs of being a orphan anne while out to eat), o well, it was to good to leave anything behind. I'm going back, I'll make sure to keep you all posted, on my next adventure at the Classic Cup. More...


David D.

29 November 2011

The Sunday brunch simply ROCKS!  It is a little expensive, but worth every penny!


Jimmy H.

4 November 2011

I have never had a bad experiance at The Classic Cup and I eat there whenever I am in the Plaza. The Creme Brûlée is the best I have had! The duck and lamb is Devine. The lunches are reasonable and fantastic. Everything is amazing here! More...


Nicole B.

24 September 2011

I love to sit outside and people watch.  But if it's not sitting outside weather, the inside is still comfortable and inviting.  I've been for Sunday brunch and lunch.The Sunday brunch is out of this world.  I've tried the Florentine Ham Frittata and as delicious as it is, there is just too much food!  There is no way one person can finish it.  I've also had the Smoked Turkey Hot Browns.  Still a lot of food but not as much as the frittata.  I loved the hot browns even though I think I gained 10 pounds after eating it.  For lunch I've had the Sesame Oat Chicken Salad which was just so so.  It wasn't bad, but there wasn't anything special about it either.  I've also had the Chicken Pita, which I enjoyed much more than the salad.  Service can be very slow, but the food is good and the ambiance is even better. More...


Sarah R.

25 August 2011

Amante rocks. And that's all I have to say about that, as I didn't eat here. But he chatted with us and gave us tips on where to find organic/natural foods in the area. He was a wealth of knowledge!! Great personality and very patient too. thanks, Amante!! More...


David H.

16 August 2011

I have yet to have a bad meal in KC!  Had a great daily special here (peachy pork).  Service was good and the food was extremely good.  Very fresh, not overpowering with the seasonings with the pork and very fresh fruit and veg.  I learned from a coworker that on Sunday brunch they invite in local culinary students who provide innovative dishes.  I think this is a great idea and have never heard of it before.  Ate outside on the deck which was comfy.  If you are in the Plaza area, try this out for lunch! More...


Stephanie S.

13 August 2011

Noms, this place is amazing. And for the meal you get is really reasonable!! I had the goat cheese ravioli and it was delish! Everyone else really loved their meals, including the surf salmon, chicken on risotto, burger, and swordfish. Sound amazing? There's more. The beer flowed like wine and the wine was wonderful. Desert oh noms, we had bread pudding, cheesecake, carrot cake and a chocolate espresso mousse, all were wonderful! I hear lunch is much cheaper and just as delicious, so we WILL be going back here. Service was amazing, too! More...


Clifford S.

10 August 2011

Solid breakfast place before the Cubs game, we even saw other Cub fans and no one got any abuse.  (We made the mistake of going out for breakfast in Cub gear in St. Louis once and got all kinds of crap.)Good omelets, good coffee, good toast and great service with no abuse from the other customers.  Typical of the weekend we had here when we came to see the Cubs mainly lose to the Royals.The restaurant and the city performed better than my team. More...


Alex S.

24 July 2011

This sidewalk cafe was always something I'd stroll past on my days at the Plaza, but recently a friend and I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately it was one of those lovely 100+ degree afternoons that Kansas experiences every summer, so we didn't get to sit outside. The waitstaff was very attentive - the restaurant was very quiet when we went in so our waiter was actually bordering on stopping by too often.The bread was an interesting half-and-half of dark rye and white. We split an appetizer, a trio of hummus, bruschetta, and artichoke dip. We waited a little too long to eat and ended up stuffing ourselves with our appetizer, which was unfortunate because our entrees were delicious as well.My friend ordered a summer pizza, which was topped with tons of fresh vegetables, including a delicious heirloom tomato. I got gnocchi with tomato basil sauce as my entree, though it was intended to be a (somewhat odd) appetizer.At the end of our meal we were glad we had stopped in - the Classic Cup Cafe will definitely be an option during future visits to the Plaza. More...


Daniel H.

19 July 2011

I ate dinner here with my friends because two of them were moving away so we all wanted to chill together before they left.  In addition, they had a coupon thing they wanted to use.  This was located in the middle of the Country Club Plaza and parking wasn't a problem.  I ordered the Classic Burger with Swiss cheese and the Southwestern Cheddar Chicken Soup.  We waited awhile before the appetizers came out which were the Hummus and the Asparagus Bake.  The Hummus was pretty good while the Asparagus Bake just tasted okay to me.  After we finished our appetizers, it took a really long time before any of us received our food. The Classic Burger was pretty good but it would've been good if there was a little bit more sauce of some kind on it.  The Southwestern Cheddar Chicken Soup was small in terms of portion but very delicious.  It was a warm soup not like the Tomato Gazpacho that everybody else ordered which was a cold soup.  We were in the outside seating area and there were a bunch of bugs that kept bothering us every now and then.Pretty good food here and I will probably come back in the future. More...


Carrie T.

12 July 2011

This restaurant in the Country Club Plaza is a fine establishment.  Very good service, ambiance, and good.  Sit outside to watch The Plaza bustling on a summer day.  It's lovely.We went here around lunchtime and were happy to find breakfast items on the menu.  The menu is very creative even though you can tell their range of ingredients is relatively limited.  They really do great stuff in combining items.  Try to order the house bread -- it's a marbled rye and white and it's so good.  I ordered a veggie sandwich on that with tomato gazpacho soup and it was such a perfect summer lunch.The omelettes are good and their home fries are beefy and crunchy, just like home fries should be.  All in all, a solid restaurant. More...


Lisa Y.

7 July 2011

One of the best brunch/lunch spots in Kansas City! Affordable menu, though dinner is a bit pricey. Their chicken pita was the best I've ever had! Better than what I had in Greece! The service has also been consistently good. Overall, a great spot to take family or friends to enjoy a delicious, fresh meal on the Plaza. More...


Kyle V.

28 June 2011

The Duck Breast was great.  Service was also good, my only complaint is that since they do so much outdoor seating even the inside of the restaurant is warm.  But I would recommend this place, unless you don't like heat or lots of light as there are many windows. More...


Kathleen M.

25 June 2011

KC scores with our first real meal here!Great food - outstanding" Eggs Benedict and a All Berries Fruit Bowl that was worth every penny of the $8.00 we spent.  Great coffee, cute ketchup cups and good home fries.We are in town for the Cubs game and although we had a hot dog at the park last night this was our first chance to try Kansas City Cuisine.  Home run!Our table was kindof odd- right next to the divider which hid the cold air return and kitchen entrance so one person froze and one person got a fairly unappetizing view but once we switched places, we could deal with it.  Our waiter was a bit shaky and the Host a bit cranky so without those aspects, this would have been a five.KC - Kool and Cooler so far! More...


R H.

17 June 2011

We have breakfast/brunch here every time we are in town.  The Griddle Cakes are outstanding, as is there Eggs Benedict and the Iowa Country breakfast.  Also, very good coffee and Bloody Mary's.Review based on 5+ visits More...


Jim F.

29 May 2011

My wife's family is in KC and we've hung out at the Classic Cup numerous times.  Yes, it fancies itself a bit posh, but the food has always been very good.  If you can score a table on the front patio, the people watching is some of the best in KC. More...


Farheen Q.

23 May 2011

This is the second time I've been here. Great place for Sunday Brunch. They have a varied and changing menu, good mimosas and wine. Love the outdoor patio seating in the back, very relaxing. Most recently I had the soup and salad -- ceasar salad and green chili chicken soup. Both yummy. The salad was like no other caesar salad I've ever had. Very spicy and seemed definitely like homemade dressing. I really liked it, and devoured it. My companion had the salmon eggs benedict, which he really liked. Prices aren't cheap certainly, but mediocre for a cafe on the plaza and for the portions. My soup and salad was only $8, but most of the rest of the menu is at least $10-12. Service is quick and helpful. They serve brunch til 3pm and after that a "mid-day" service which is mainly soups and salads. More...


Matt U.

14 May 2011

If you're looking for a Sunday Brunch to end others, this is your spot! We were sent here by a KC native and it was straight up one of the best breakfast experiences we've had in a long time!  The place was packed at 11 on a Sunday morning, but worth the wait and things moved surprisingly quickly.The Misses had the bread pudding special with a side of bacon. ATTENTION - THEY HAVE THE BEST BACON WE'VE EVER TRIED! I enjoyed the Smoked Turkey Hot Browns and it was nothing short of incredible. Effectively eggs benedict with turkey and some sharp cheddar. One of the few meals recently that found myself chewing longer to enjoy the flavor! The coffee was quite nice and our waiter was excellent - just the right amount of attentive and made some good recommendations!This would be our breakfast spot if we lived in KC. More...


Deana J.

17 April 2011

Location, location, location!  And what a perfect location this is, especially if you, like me, enjoy people watching, while seated comfortably sipping a libation in the fresh air, sheltered from the direct sun, and immersed in the ambiance that is the Country Club Plaza. We started with the Trio of appetizers.  Bruschetta, Hummus with warmed pita, and Spinach and artichoke dip with bagel chips.  My entre was as lovely to look at as it was luxurious to eat. Duck breast served over a butternut squash risotto with a port wine reduction. My husband, and people-watching kindred spirit, opted to dine on the Chicken of the Woods. A perfectly roasted chicken breast, succulent and tender, served with mashed potatoes and a pan sauce with mushrooms. 5 star food served in an open air environment....that is if you get lucky enough to procure a seat on the front patio.  There is also outdoor seating on the back deck, shaded with umbrellas for comfort.  Spring screams for alfresco dining, and The Plaza is redolent with tulip, pansies and hyacinths.  Don't miss this spectacle, food or flowers. More...


Anastasia U.

24 February 2011

Another great restauarant in the Kansas City area and in the Plaza.We ate the goat cheese appetizer and I believe the hummus as well. Both very good. I ordered pork for my dinner which is not the norm for me, I am picky about pork. It was delicious!!!During the warmer months you can sit out side by the sidewalk, which is always nice. More...


Jason B.

5 January 2011

Love this place.  My wife and I have been going to this place for years, and it has never let us down! I just had an amazing experience here last weekend, great food, great service, great atmosphere.  Please keep doing what you have been doing for years! Thanks! More...


Jason M.

23 October 2010

Best griddle cakes on the planet. Though service isn't above average, is quaint and in ideal location in close proximity to shopping.  Food is consistently good.  Especially the breakfast menu. More...


L. D.

20 October 2010

Had a very nice dinner on the back patio.  The braised pork was good.  Nice place to have a meal.  My only problem was having my entree brought to me to quickly.... can I at least finish my salad first? I would visit here again.  Topsy's popcorn place right next door has killer Caramel Corn !! More...


Carla G.

14 October 2010

Went to breakfast here today with a group from work.  I had the Iowa Country Breakfast.  I am a huge fan of breakfast and this one did not disappoint.  The eggs were scrambled to perfection, the home fries were crispy but not overly cooked, the biscuit was fluffy and there was plenty of butter and jelly.  And the BACON was perfect.  Nice big thick slices and cooked to crispy perfection.  The best breakfast I have had in a long time.  The coffee from the Roastaire was fresh and pleantiful too.  Our waiter even provided us to go cups for the coffee.The atmosphere was good for conversation for the six in our group and the others in the resturant were either Plaza business types or people just reading the paper on a leasurely morning.I will defintely be back and I do want to try lunch here. More...


Inessa F.

18 September 2010

A wonderful place for both lunch and dinner, with great ambiance and good food (a rare combination).  I have visited for a lunch and an early dinner on a suddenly-rainy afternoon, with my sister in town for the weekend; both times we had yummy food, pleasant and non-intrusive service, and just a really nice, easy, pleasant experience.  The outside seating is awning-covered, and great for a warm day; inside seating has great dimmed lighting, beautiful bar, and a wonderful feel for a date night or a cozy dinner with a friend.  The food is fresh and delicious (anything involving mussels, or cheese, or any tomato-based ingredients is good).  Highly recommended and really a classic place (har har)! More...


Brian C.

6 September 2010

Every now and then it turns out being a judgmental bastard has a down side.  Years ago I wrote off the Classic Cup due to an absurdly bad experience that could have resulted in a report to the health department if I had wanted to make a bigger thing of it.On an absolutely gorgeous evening I was in search of a place to enjoy a martini outside, and decided to stop in to have a drink on the deck.  After all surely the bar would be ok....  As it turned out it was top notch.  I was really impressed with the staff.  Despite being a busy Saturday night the hostess was very attentive.  Following up with people to let them know the status of their tables.  The server knew the menu and provided solid recommendations for both food and wine.  The kitchen was not setting speed records, but it was a great night so I was not in a hurry.The menu may not be up to snuff for hard core food snobs.  It will never be a RM39, Micheal Smiths, or Le Fu Frog, but they were clearly making a real effort, and scored an impressive execution.  All in all it was an enjoyable evening in a perfect setting, with some nice wine, above board food, and pleasant atmosphere.Sorry I blew you off Classic Cup over one bad day.  Please forgive me. More...


Candice M.

21 August 2010

The private cellar was absolutely perfect for the rehearsal dinner for my son's wedding.  I had never been to KC so it was a bit of a challenge to plan the party for up to 80 out of town guests. Stephen handled all the details and promised that no one would leave hungry unless they chose to.  The appetizers kept coming and achieved what was promised.  The room gave us the right size space and atmosphere where all the 70 guests could meet each other and mingle while drinking wine and beer.  They were very accomodating to those guests who requested other beverages, as well.  All this and great service within my budget made what was at first an overwhelming undertaking the best place I could have chosen for this extremely important event. More...


Joi B.

19 July 2010

I am not the type to "do" lunch. For me, lunch is a brief affair, held between coffee and dinner. That said, sometimes meetings have to be held, or friends have to be met or you're in the middle of errands and suddenly you feel famished.I "did" lunch at Classic Cup the other day and it was a really perfect place for such a thing. On a day that isn't over 100 degrees, I'd love to sit out on the sidewalk café, which made me feel a bit homesick for New York. That said, the interior just spiffy.I had a vegetarian sandwich, Mr. Green Jeans (slightly odd name) with  asparagus, brie, tomato, lettuce, sprouts and some phenomenal tasting pesto. This was the perfect sandwich for a sweltering summer day. I had fries on the side and they were seasoned in a way that meant for no extra splash of hot sauce or salt from me (a rarity, I assure you).Service was sometimes a bit overbearing, but otherwise excellent. Four of us were having a meeting and we kept being asked if we wanted to order. As I'm sure lunch meetings are not an anomaly there, it was a bit off-putting, but not a huge issue. I can also see that the waitstaff might be concerned that we had to get somewhere else in a rush (I used to work lunch rushes in Midtown Manhattan so I know how it goes).Although there are a few veg options, I wouldn't mind seeing a few more. Soy milk in coffee drinks should be pretty standard nowadays, but they don't have it here.Small stuff. My sandwich was delicious and I loved the environment. I'll be back. Maybe I had aspirations to be a gal who "does" lunch all along. Who knew? More...


Jessica S.

15 July 2010

A storm prevented us from eating breakfast here, but lunch certainly did not disappoint! I shared the Killer BLT and, boy, was it killer! Holy crap, I didn't know it was possible to have "the best BLT I've ever had," but I think I did! It's made on toasted French bread, with Killer tomatoes (get it?), delicious bacon, fresh lettuce and the right amount of mayo. It's a large serving, so I'd say share it.  Get the fries with it--they're delicious as well. Right amount of salt, right amount of crisp, right amount of delicious.The burger with blue cheese looked smothered in blue cheese. I'm not a huge enough of a fan to enjoy it on a burger, but I will say it looked pretty darn good.Shared a few desserts as well. The creme brulee, the molten chocolate cake and the raspberry cobbler. All were delicious. I'm usually a huge creme brulee fan, but that was probably my least favorite of the three.  I think the cobbler was my favorite.Also ended with coffee, which was of course very delicious.  Our service was pretty good, especially for a large table.  The interior was adorable and I loved it. I agree with the reviewers here who said the bathrooms were not spectacular. Whatever, I wasn't there for that. Maybe just send someone in there to pick up a bit of the trash. If you need a respite from shopping, or you're still in sticker shock from being at Halls, have lunch here! More...


Jessica L.

12 July 2010

I've been there for brunch  many times. I'm a huge fan of the Turkey Hot Browns!  I generally sit outside because they have nice patios on the front and back of the restaurant.This past time I was there I was forced to sit inside due to some storms in the area.  The food was still fantastic, but I could not help but notice that they need to improve their housekeeping.  For example, I was seated next to a window- upon first glance I thought the blinds were gray but then I realized that they were bright white- they just had that much nasty crap on them that they looked gray.If they clean the place up a bit, they get five stars instead of four! More...


Jessica S.

6 January 2010

I know, I know. Another 5 Star review. And I'll admit, maybe sometimes I'm going overboard...I'll have to review my own reviews to make sure I'm doling the stars out fairly. But Classic Cup, oh how you deserve these 5 beautiful red shining beacons of hope. And flavor. And presentation. And variety. And everything that is good about dining out.Seriously people, come to Classic Cup hungry so you can order 3 different things off the menu like my girlfriend and I did the day of New Years Eve. I was surprised when we came in for lunch and it was packed but after opening up the menu and salivating at the very thought of any number of their entrees in my mouth, well, it wasn't really all that shocking that they were busy. I won't go into detail (mostly because I can't remember it all since my mind was going in every direction) but I remember being pulled immediately to the a special of the day "Flat Iron Pita" made with steak, and then to the salads, and then back to the special, and then to the entrees, and oh, look! the appetizers are fabulous, and wait, dessert! and oh, no, I like that sandwich there....If you could follow that run on sentence then good for you but that's seriously how I felt looking at their menu. Eventually we decided to split the appetizer trio where we delightfully tantalized our taste buds with the most heavenly hummus (served with pita bread), a large piece of bruschetta (served on a warm, soft bread), and an artichoke spread dip that I would die to learn how to make (served with full-sized bagel crisps!). We also split the regular gnocchi dish. Sigh, just like Italy. HOWEVER, and I say this with all due respect to the chef (because I clearly love your restaurant) but what the hell were you thinking with that tomato bisque? It was like slurping on salsa. There was chunks of pureed tomatoes in a tomato broth without much flavor at all. I almost sent it back but didn't want to piss off our server, who by the way wasn't the sweetest little thing in the whole wide world but also wasn't a total turd so I'll give her that much. But yet despite both of these factors, CCC still gets 5 stars from me. Next time I'm in KC with the KU kids you bet your sweet ass I'm headed back to the Plaza just to hit up this place. More...


Sandyann G.

4 December 2009

The view through the window is what convinced us to try this place for dinner.  It was a chilly night and the fireplace sucked us in but the food was even better.  I ordered the Spicy Shrimp Pasta with a herbed chevre-lobster cream sauce topped with parmesan cheese.  For once something that had 'spicy' in the description was right on target.  This dish is very good with just the right amount of heat.  There were a large number of shrimp in the dish too...not just two or three.One of my dinner companions chose the special of Beef Tenderloin Medallions and shared a bite.  Wow!  I am not a meat fan but this was very tender and tasty.  Seriously this stuff did not require a knife.  Prices for the food are reasonable and I managed to stay within the days expense limit for this meal. More...


Shawn B.

30 August 2009

You haven't tasted KC until you've had Classic Cup - a long standing KC icon. Gourmet everything morning noon and night. Go there just for desert and sit by the fire or along the sidewalk. You'll be back for everything else. More...


Marissa M.

29 August 2009

This is one of my favorite places to go to when visiting Kansas City.  The thai chicken pizza is excellent.  They have a nice wine list.  I have also used them for catering for a bridal shower and it worked out great. More...


Greg S.

17 August 2009

One of my favorite places in Kansas City. Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner, although I nearly always order the tomato basil gnocchi off the appetizer menu. The first part of the year they have their annual wine sale, where you can get a wide selection of their (huge) wine list for just $1 over cost. Add in the large back deck, and the fact that it's one of the few independent places on the Plaza, making this a place you've got to try out. More...


Allison L.

11 August 2009

Couldn't really do much shopping when it was super hot and humid outside.... so I decided not to pick any restaurant chain and walked in to a local place for lunch.Many selections for lunch.... from sandwiches to steak and pasta... I ordered the lamb kabobs, that was very good.The wait staff was very friendly too. More...


Chuck K.

25 July 2009

Stopped here for lunch while visiting Kansas City for a wedding. The shaved pork sandwich was good, the wait staff was friendly and sitting on the back patio was relaxing, even in the summer humidity.


Betts C.

3 March 2009

I have grown up with the Classic Cup, stopping at least once every time I'm in KC. The location on the plaza is great, and perfect for lunch or brunch and then shopping. The breakfast menu daily is great, and the weekend brunch offers even more really good, traditional but well-prepared options.The bloody marys are brunch are worth their weight though. It's delicious.The lunch menu has great offerings and good portions. The dinner menu is superb, and the daily specials are usually worth a try. Save room for dessert; the options are endless and delicious. Perhaps my favorite is the warm chocolate fudge cake. I realize that a molten cake with raspberry sauce is pretty ubiquitous at this point, but this is the best I've ever had. The bread pudding is also amazing.Also, their coffee is from the local KC brewery. It's phenomenal. More...


Kate V.

1 February 2009

Yummy, upper-mid-range American food. Try the 11-layer lasagna or any of the gnocchi dishes. Desserts are dreamy and the salads are HUGE. Indoors and front patio are calm and classy; outside seating in the back is relaxed and fun with a separate bar. More...


Kelsey C.

30 January 2009

Great waffles and great service. It is pretty reasonably priced for the Plaza. I liked the classy atmosphere- I'll definitely come back for dinner and to browse their wine selection.


Amber D.

23 November 2008

Quaint and darling, this cup runneth over with wines, mixed drinks, sandwiches, soups, and a substantial enough menu to make me long to come back when in the state again.  This is one of those places with small tables and big windows, crowded seating that doesn't feel at all crowded.  Call it public intimacy if you will.  Problems?  Some... service... not the most attentive bunch in the world, but it looked a little busy so I can overlook that having only been one time in.If you're visiting KC from out of state, like me, do a little shopping run in the plaza, and definitely make this place your brunch. More...


Mykie D.

18 November 2008

i've always been a fan of classic cup for the location, atmosphere, classiness and the SHRIMP CHEESY PASTA! OMG! That's the best thing on the menu and everytime I go there, I order that same dish. It's nice to sit on the patio in nice weather and embrace the beautiful plaza and all of its hustle and bustle. i would recommend it. i also like the mixed greens they use in their salads and their ranch is creamy and delightful too More...


Colleen O.

15 October 2008

TRIVIA: did you know when Tom Hanks comes to Kansas City, he likes to eat here? I knew that, and I don't remember from where. But anyways, that impressed me - that a big Hollywood legend likes The Classic Cup so much to come here on the rare occasion that he's in town.Whenever I dine here, rarely as well for some reason, I enjoy the food and the elegance of the restaurant in general. It's simple and I like that in a place - it doesn't try to cram gourmet down your throat. In the summer, I opt to eat either out on the patio deck or on the front terrace (where you'll enjoy your food as well as the many passer-bys ogling it.) I was taken here for a surprise birthday dinner and had the best time. Our waitress was adorable and sweet. When I asked her for 'some fries and ketcup' she looked at me puzzled and brought out a plate of three individual fries accompanied by a huge canister of ketcup...huh? We laughed about it and she corrected the order. The fillet was excellent, and my friends enjoyed their different meals. The menu is diverse - you can find something appetizing for all different pallets (I love gourmet, nice restaurants, but get irritated with the lack of options, is that just me?!).The mark of many of my favorite restaurants is the creme brulee, my favorite dessert - and of course they did it right. I refused to share with my friends. So that's my experience, I hope to go back soon and see Tom Hanks...but somehow, I doubt it. More...


Quinn H.

10 September 2008

I always love coming here during trips to Kansas City. There's a great little patio area to  people watch! When we lunched here after my brother's grad school audition (he got in, so now I can eat here WAY more often) he let me try his escolar and it was wonderful. Their hummus is a little spicy, but still yummus. More...


James C.

7 June 2008

It seems like this place inspires a lot of hot and cold with people, and I thought surely with my luck this place would have alienated me with it's "the place to be" quality.I was, so far, wrong.I like breakfast.  It's the rarest meal of the day for me, as school and work combine to make an impenetrable fortress of not eating it.  Even on my free Saturdays, it took an effort of Iron Man (had to use a reference the kids nowadays would get) proportions to get there by 10:30 when they stop serving it.It turns out it was worth the wait.  I like the location, and it comes to find out that there's a secret open deck behind the restaurant that is much cooler than sitting and watching people come out of Sharper Image or some junk.  The biscuits and gravy were indeed good, and the prices surprisingly cheap.  The waiter seemed friendly enough, and refilled the drinks.  And the hostess was a tattooed Asian with a see-thru shirt.They thought of everything! More...


Erin M.

19 December 2007

HUMMUS.  Get ready to die.  Also a big fan of the Mr. Green Jeans sandwich.  I sadly have to knock a star off because the waitstaff has always been polite but a little...off?  Maybe that's just me.  If a guy took me on a first date there he'd win lots of points but...wait, I'd have to find a guy first.  My roommate is more than happy to step in as a lunch companion!   And we do often. More...


Rhett H.

29 September 2007

Breakfast:  Pretty great.  Not over the top amazing, except for the biscuits and gravy.  While they give you potatoes on the side, if you can finish it all, you are a glutton--there is just no two ways about it.  I can honestly say they have the most thick gravy of B&G I've seen in a while, and the biscuits are not bad either.  Really spectacular.  I mean, I wake up in the morning thinking about these things.  To have these B&G overtake some sort of sleep function has to important right?In addition, the coffee is pretty spectacular.  A special blend from the local Roasterie (yelp review: yelp.com/biz/roasterie-i…) goes down pretty smooth.  In addition, they use local Campo Lindo eggs (campolindofarms.com).  Last but not least, they offically have amazing scones.  They only have 'plain' and chocolate chip.  Well, the plain is so amazing, I can't really see a need to add chocolate to it.  I'm no choloholic, though, so keep that in mind.  At any rate, it's an amazing scone. More...