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Phoebe M.

31 May 2019

Well, this was the best and worst decision we've ever made! Went in here to get a birthday cake for my husband, and it did not disappoint! After the first slice, we went for forks instead- was that good. Super moist, not overly sweet  problem is- we have almost finished it, less than 24 hours later. More...


Elizabeth S.

15 March 2019

Went to Blue Cake on a whim after hearing good things about their strawberry Petit fours. Decided to try out vanilla cupcakes and thought they were delicious!! The cake part was moist, fluffy, and tasty; all I want from a vanilla cupcake! Even better, their customer service was great. I managed to park in a weird spot during rush hour and the lady at the front walked outside to help me (thank you!!). Overall, a great experience and will definitely return for additional cupcake flavors! More...



8 October 2018

Beautiful and tasty cake! Very reasonable prices and easy to work with.



3 September 2018

We LOVE our cake! Not only did it look amazing! It tasted great too! It was moist and very flavorful!!!


Kimberly M.

7 June 2018

The Blue Cake Company is truly amazing!!! They made my Law School Graduation Cake. The details and design of the cake was phenomenal. Also, the flavors were great! The icing was their strawberry buttercream with strawberry cake which was delicious and the top tier was italian cream cake (also delicious).  I most definitely will use them again for custom cakes in the future!! More...


Sarah Beth

26 February 2018

My wedding had a chocolate stump grooms cake, almond flavored 2 tiered wedding cake, and 3 sheets cakes of chocolate and almond! They were not only beautiful but tasted amazing! I will continue to use them for birthdays, anniversarys, etc! More...



12 February 2018

I ordered my wedding cake from them, it was wonderful. When ordering the sales person was really nice and responsive. I didn't have much of an opinion about what the cake should look like before I went in, but by the time I left I had everything figured out. And it tasted amazing. Get the red velvet with cream cheese frosting. More...


Gina P.

26 October 2017

The cake was beautiful and tasted good! We paid to have them deliver it to our venue and it looked like it got a couple hits but we angled the cake where you couldn't see them unless you paid close attention.


Rebecca K.

21 June 2017

These people can do anything when it comes to decorating a cake. Also, I often take the my boys here after school for a surprise because their petit fours are amazing. There are so many flavors to choose from. The cakes are a bit pricey but well worth the money. More...


Velma D.

19 June 2017

I'm fairly new to the area, so I didn't really know of any good bakeries to choose from to make my daughter's baby shower cake. My boyfriend had gotten my birthday cake from here and it was adorable, so this is where i went for the shower cake. I gave them an inspiration photo and they did a great job. It was pretty simple, so I didnt expect them to really mess it up. It was ready when they said it would be and they instructed me on transporting and storing it until ready to eat. The flavor was great and I received several compliments on how pretty it was. It seems a littlw pricey, but the quality is worth it.  I'm looking forward to using them again. More...


Shannon M.

4 May 2017

I love this bakery and the cakes they make, delicious petite fours. never had a bad exp here ever.



26 September 2016

Absolutely loved both cakes we got for our wedding, german chocolate and carrot cake. Thoroughly enjoying the extra we had. Blue Cake was a delight to work worth and answered all of our random cake related questions promptly. More...



21 April 2016

They were wonderful to work with and the cakes were delicious! Only wish we could have had more than just the one slice at the wedding! :)



18 February 2016

I have ordered several cakes from Blue Cake and they have always been exceptional. Beautifully decorated, delicious and very helpful staff!



20 January 2016

The Blue Cake Company is an absolute delight. They are the best. I arranged cake tasting for my in-laws and they fell in love with the place, the people and the cake. Katie is amazing. I live in Colorado, so she made me a box of sample that my mother-in-law brought with her when she visited. I ended up going with a chocolate strawberry combination three-layer cake. Everyone loved it! More...


Mike T.

11 January 2016

Just wanted to say how impressed we were with The Blue Cake Company. They were professional, friendly, responsive and above all talented. We couldn't have been happier with our wedding cake. Highly recommend! More...


David G.

23 December 2015

Before giving too much weight to the bad reviews posted before mine, look at all the negative one-star reviews those Yelpers dish out and you'll realize they're nearly impossible people to satisfy. My first introduction to The Blue Cake Company was through my workplace, which orders petit fours for employee birthdays each month. These decadent little cakes are the most awesome confections you'll ever put in your mouth. I always thought that Gigi's Cupcakes were the best things ever (and they're excellent, mind you), but Blue Cake's petit fours leave Gigi's in the dust. Besides the treats from work, I've ordered a dozen petit fours for my family and again today brought home two dozen for Christmas gifts. I have yet to try anything else from their menu but can only imagine that anything from there would be delicious if it tastes anything close to what it looks like. The menu is a little on the expensive side for me, so this is only an occasional treat (Gigi's wins the price round!), but if this was any cheaper I'd end up with diabetes. . More...



11 December 2015

In August, we were putting together a wedding at the last minute and The Blue Cake Company really came through for us! They put together a lovely cake and delivered it with just a few days notice. The cake was just lovely and when we though it needed more height, they lent us a pedestal, free of charge. About a year and a half ago, we had them make us a custom groom's cake for my other son's wedding. They actually made an amazing replica of a photo of Yoda we found online. These bakers are professional, very creative and generally awesome. I highly recommend them! More...



6 December 2015

Sweet people! Their cakes are wonderful!



16 November 2015

Loved my wedding cake! It was just what I asked for and perfect.



17 October 2015

Tasted great! Design was beautiful



29 September 2015

I got a wedding and grooms cake from them. The cakes were nice, just wish we hadn't gotten so much of it!



30 July 2015

They were able to deliver with 5 days notice and delivered on my vision over the phone for my cake. It was soooo beautiful and delicious



19 June 2015

Katie was super friendly and cheerful. Not only did they make my cake look amazing but they also made it taste amazing.



20 April 2015

The color of the cake was off. We requested a petal pink (color from David's Bridal) ribbon around the cake. They did not request a color swatch and the pink turned out to be a hot pink which we did not see until they set up the cake on wedding day. However, the cake was delicious and every bit was eaten so in the grand sceme of things it didn't really matter. I was just slightly disappointed at first site. Partly my fault for assuming their petal pink was the same as mine and not providing a swatch, but they also never asked for a swatch to match either. More...


Julie H.

29 March 2015

I just used Blue Cake Co. to make my son's first birthday cake which came with a complimentary smash cake. I gave them some inspiration photos and bullet points of characteristics that I wanted the cake to have. The cake exceeded my expectations in adorableness. It was so precious and cute when I saw it, it brought tears to my eyes. My son really enjoyed his little smash cake and all of our guests asked who made it, not only because it was adorable, but delicious too. I will absolutely be using Blue Cake for all our special needs. I'm sold! PS- I also liked how at the time of pick-up the cake was presented to me not in a box. The employee showed me the cake then talked about storage and took special care in wrapping it. She even carried it to my car. More...



22 March 2015

I've used this company since they opened their doors about 9-10 years ago and they are amazing!!! They are so talented and can do ANY kind of cake and they have the most amazing flavors and cupcakes!!! I will continue to use them and they are truly awesome people!!! Prices are great for what you get for sure!!! More...



23 January 2015

We knew we didn't want a traditional wedding cake, and we found exactly what we were looking for the first time we tasted the chocolate petit fours from Blue Cake Co. at a bridal expo. So good. We ordered over 300 petit fours, in every flavor, plus an 8x8 square for our cake cutting. Every flavor was amazing, but my absolute favorites were the chocolate and the strawberry. They looked great on a tiered stand and were super easy for guests. The price was about what we would have spent for a traditional cake. They were delivered on time (to Hot Springs) in great shape- everything went perfectly! More...



27 December 2014

We ordered a small 3-tier cake and a half sheet cake for our wedding. Both looked and tasted great! I went with my husband and his parents for a free cake tasting, and it was a fun and delicious experience. Ordering was fairly easy and we got a contract right away. With the "kitchen cake" as part of our order, everything came out to be a lot under budget! They provided the cake stand for a deposit fee (or credit card on file) and I made my own cake topper. More...



22 October 2014

Though we had some issues with them contacting me back at first, Steve did get things sorted and was very on the ball afterwards. Our groom's cake was very unusual but they nailed it. It was delicious and looked exactly right. The wedding cake was good, not as good as it was when I tried it before and it did not look like I expected. We'd discussed real flowers and fake wheat being on the top of the cake and all that was on it was fondant sunflowers. Steve went so far as to tell us he'd grow some darker colored sunflowers himself to put on the cake, which obviously didn't happen. It was pretty, but it wasn't as beautiful as we'd discussed. I was really sad not to see all of my wedding colors on the cake like we'd talked about. More...



8 July 2014

Great cake maker overall, the only issues we experienced were that they were not as diverse with their choices of flavors for the groom's cake and they did not provide a box for the cakes for us to use after the reception so that it would be easier to carry.



3 January 2014

The cake, though pricey, was DELICIOUS!!! It looked exactly like we wanted it to!!! Definitely worth the price!



4 August 2013

The blue cake company. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!! After reading the review of one of our customers I felt I must respond. We deeply care about all of our customers and know that we are privileged to be able to do what we love as a living! Any complaint we get we take very seriously and go way above and beyond to fix or compensate for any problems that may arise as a result of our business. The smallest mistake can lead to thousands of dollars of loss profit. But, upsetting someone is far more troublesome. We become friends with our customers and want only to make them happy! Feed back is extremely important to making a business better, negative or positive. *******losing an order and not refunding 200.00 !! Please beware of false statements******* with any complaint we hope we have the chance to offer refunds and then gift certificates to welcome them back at our cost! 100% money back for any problems that arise due to our fault. More...



9 July 2013

They were great. They did my cake in a short amont of time and it taste great.



29 May 2013

When it's good, it's very, very good, but when it's dry, it's horrid. And sometimes it IS dry. Consistency in the products in the ready-made case doesn't seem to be a problem, though sometimes I get ahold of a cupcake that's older than the rest. It happens. But when you spend so much for a full cake, you expect it to be as moist as the one you got before. That's when ice cream saves the day! Still, I do love the over all flavor of their vanilla cake. More...


Katy J.

9 April 2013

Cake is so GOOD!. The decorators do a fab job and the cake is so GOOD! You can actually watch them work. The only downside is the owner: when he's having a bad day it shows. When he's tearing down an employee my heart just goes our to her. The Tres Leche is outta this world, and the petite fours are a dream. Go when traffic's not heavy because the place can be a nightmare to get out of at lunch or around five. More...



28 October 2012

The Blue Cake Company is the BEST in Arkansas! They not only look amazing but they taste awesome! Everything they do is from scratch! Our cakes were so beautiful and creative! The staff is so much fun to work with! I will be getting all my cakes from Blue Cake and you should too! More...



6 September 2012

The blue cake company made both the bride and grooms cakes for my wedding. The brides cake was a five teir, and beautiful. It was half vanilla, half red velvet and it was really the best cake I have ever had. The grooms cake was a 3D cake that was chocolate with chocolate frosting and it was so delicious. I would recommend them to anyone for weddings, birthdays or any other special occasion. More...



16 August 2012

We couldn't have been happier! Ellie and Amanda are wonderful to work with. They enthusiastically embraced my daughter's unique and eclectic ideas for her wedding cake. The result was amazing, beautiful, delicious and just what we wanted! Two thumbs up Blue Cake! Great job girls! More...



7 May 2012

Best Birthday Cake!. They made my daughters birthday cake and it was exactly what she wanted and so good! Ellie helped her come up with the design and had a lot of good ideas. It was a chocolate and vanilla cake with chocolate filling (dark chocolate, ganache?) and white chocolate buttercream. Not too sweet and the chocolate was so yummy! We had also got a strawberry lemonade cupcake and a passion fruit coconut cupcake when we ordered- awesome! More...



7 May 2012

Really friendly and enthusiastic place! They were very creative, and patient (it took over 20 minutes to design my cake!) And it turned out great and tasted so good too! Love, love, love this place! More...



11 January 2012

Been craving this. I had one of their petit fours not too long ago, and i've been meaning to go get a ton of them to snack on. it was one of the richest desserts i've ever had. i'm drooling just thinking about it :) More...



21 October 2011

Blue cake made my wedding cake and the cupcakes for the grooms cake. I carried a picture of the exact wedding cake i wanted and they did an amazing job! It looked exactly like the picture! The wedding cake and cupcakes were probably the best tasting cakes i have ever eaten. I've had multiple people from my wedding comment on how great the cakes tasted. Alot of people have really pretty cakes that taste bad, but mine was delicious! The delivery and set up was wonderful as well. They were very professional and helpful in helping me choose flavors and colors too. I would definitely recommend them to anyone getting married or needing a special cake! More...



4 July 2011

You are missing out!. Blue cake co is the best cakes I've had in Little Rock. People like community and silveks, which both are made from prepackaged mixes and the buttercream is from a ten gallon tub, I was once a cake decorator in my younger days and I can taste the difference between a fresh whipped buttercream and one from a tub. Blue cake has reignited my love for cake! Don't miss the candy bar cakes and the homemade red velvet. More...



13 October 2010

The cake was absolutely gorgeous! The professionalism was unmatched. We were unsure what we wanted, but they were very helpful to us in making our decision....and the cake was as delicious as it was beautiful. More...



27 May 2009

Amazing service, beautiful product...you cannot go wrong with this bakery.



14 August 2008

I believe this would be a great place to get your wedding cake from.



21 April 2008

We ordered our wedding and groom's cake from the Blue Cake Company. The cakes looked and tasted good, but she was a little late to arrive and get them set up. Other than that, it worked out fine. More...



29 November 2007

Blue Cake Company cakes taste great. They are beautiful too. The people there were very easy to work with!!!! And the cost is VERY reasonable!!! My one complaint is that the colors looked a little different on the actual cake than I was expecting based on the picture we were mimicing. It was still great though! More...

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