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The Attic Doctors

5530 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim CA 92807

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The Attic Doctors

5530 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim CA 92807



The Attic Doctors started years ago while the owner Mark was a General Contractor and a C-20 Air Conditioner Contractor working with 6 Home Depots in the L. A. area. We were always trying to curb and control climate temperatures and mend toxic or contaminants found in the attic areas in the homes I was working on.


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Frank L.

12 August 2019

Doctor Energy Star did the attic cleanup and insulation replacement as well as the ductwork changeout for my friend and they were happy with the results. We hired Markâ s company and they met the expectations. Our attic is very nice and clean now with the new insulation. We did the radiant barrier as recommended and the house did cool down quite a bit when it is hot. More...


Anita G.

7 August 2019

Mark's team did an excellent job!  I was shown pictures of what my attic looked like before and after the job.  Of the companies I talked to Mark was the first to explain insulation in and outs and He did not push for what I did not need.  I would have given him a 5 right away but we had some electrical issues due to the way the attic fan was installed.  When I called Mark He responded right away and refunded electricians fees to us!  He definitely gets a 5 after the way he responded to the electrical issue. (Please Note that the electrical issues were due to old house and bad electrician prior any job).Overall Great job, customer service and value. More...


Micheal J.

3 August 2019

If you need to redo your insulation or Attic I definitely recommend calling The Attic Doctors. I had a few estimates from other attic companies but Mark truly stands out as skilled and knowledgeable owner. Not only did they have the most competitive price but did a through inspection. On the first the day they did a great containment covered the walls and floors of the access and my attic was spotless a ton of insulation removed! Since Mark is also an HVAC contractor they replaced all my air ducts and installed radiant barrier on the roof joist! They installed R-38 insulation which is pretty thick. I can feel the difference and my family is comfortable. A big shout out Mark and the whole crew at The Attic Doctor thank you Guys. More...


Marsha I.

29 July 2019

These guys are the best. I got an estimate the day after I called The Attic Doctors/Doctor Energy Star. The price was reasonable due to the difficulty of the job. Our home is old and the attic is extremely small. I couldnâ t get other people to give me a quote. The crew of 4 did an awesome job. Old insulation removed and new Indy installed. We also added an attic fan to help the air flow in the house. We will do the attic radiant barrier with them as well. More...



16 July 2019

I called this company for a simple quote or inquiry on their services. I got the most inconsiderate and rudest guy to answer the phone! All this guy kept saying is, "I don't do this, I don't do that."  To make matters worse he wouldn't even let me finish my sentences. Who would name their company Attic Doctors and not clean out attics? I've dealt with many home repair and remodel guys and can give everyone this fair advice, DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY! they are the typical, get you in, upcharge you later,  tell you this needs to be done and it doesn't types!Response to Mark's comments below: Oh please stop lying to the whole Yelp community Mark! You are now trying to back track your statements. Everyone, let this be an example of what type of demeanor and business this guy is running! More...


Riham Reda

3 April 2019

My neighbor recently did their attic cleaning and insulation removal & replacement. I got the Attic Doctors business card from them. I also need to redo my A/C system, and fortunately, Mark provided a reasonable estimate for HVAC work. They completed everything within three days. It was hard work, and I appreciate how they took care of us. We are very happy with the outcome. More...


Brian Wilbanks

23 March 2019

Excellent customer service! Honest and reliable company. Did everything I asked for my attic cleaning and insulation removal work. The radiant barrier worked very well for my house! More...


Mr S.

22 March 2019

Mark came by our home and gave us a bid to clean out our attic. It was no easy job. His crew came prepared and were very pleasant. I would recommend him for any heating and air project. He's professional and honest. More...


Soila Borders

21 March 2019

Our house is soooo much cooler in hot days after they installed the attic radiant barrier and Quiet Cool Whole House Fan!


Karen K.

24 February 2019

The Attic Doctors guys did a great job removing the old insulation in my attic and replacing it with new insulation. Mark gave a detailed quote and arrived with his crew as promised. They cleaned up afterward and left my home spotless. Great work! Would absolutely use them again. More...


Sean Wood

20 January 2019

We had other bidders for the attic cleaning and ductwork replacement work. Decided to work with the attic doctors and they were great! A punctual, professional and honest team! More...


Richard Rives

15 January 2019

Working with The Attic Doctors was the best decision we ever made! Despite the fact that their price was a little higher than another company, we chose to work Mark’s team. They are not a large company, and I like the attention I got from this professional crew. Took care of my messy and dusty old attic insulation and did a great job on the new insulation installation. Would recommend them to my friends! More...


Zeek M.

10 January 2019

Estimate: Free and prompt. Provided all the info we needed and they're professional and courteous.Price: I saved $300 over another company and got a better value than I expected. Quality of work: 5-star attic service provided. The clean out of the attic space was spotless. They sanitized the whole attic area and did rodent proofing. They used Owens Corning R38 insulation. It was installed by Earl, Bret and Nate, it looks super neat! The radiant barrier was not something we knew too much about but decided to do it after doing more research online. It helped curb the heat load in the attic.If you want to use an honest company to do your attic work, the attic doc is a pro. More...


Alena S.

24 November 2018

Christmas is coming and we finally got the chance to take care of our attic cleaning project. My kids complained about the bad smell in the house and we called the Attic Doctors to come by to find out the issue. Mark went up to the attic and did a thorough inspection. He took some pics for us and we were shocked to see the damaged ductwork, the old insulation, and dead rats! Couldn't believe those were from our attic! We planned to have another company to check it out, but after meeting Mark we made our decision on the spot. He is a really nice person and knows his trade very well. We had some bad experience with a few contractors before but we knew he was honest with us and tried his best to help us out with our situation. The bid was within our budget and we scheduled for the actual project date.They arrived with a big truck loaded with insulation and 2 big vacuums for the insulation removal. They used cloth drops and plastic drops to protect the floor and the walls around the working space. Really appreciate their attention to details. It was extremely important for us to make sure nothing gets damaged during the process. Earl was the crew lead and he was very fast and intelligent. Managed his team of 4 efficiently. They vacuumed out all the old insulation, disinfected the attic, sealed all the potential entry points for rodents, reinstalled the new quality pink insulation. Earl also did the ductwork replacement. They worked hard and finished the whole job in 1 day! So glad didn't try to do it myself! It was definitely not an easy job and we were very happy to see neat attic, brand new ductwork. No more bad smell in my house! Money well spent. I would recommend them to my friends and family! More...


George S.

22 November 2018

We have suffered the whole summer from the heat in orange county. Finally, we found the attic doctors to take care of our old, empty attic. We had zero insulation up there and it was very dirty. We chose the attic doc because they had a very good history and great reviews online. They didn�t disappoint us. The crew arrived very early and finished cleaning our attic installing new R-38 insulation within hours. They also installed a quiet cool fan in the attic. Now the house will not be so heated in the summer and will be warm during winter. Nice and professional people to work with. Will hire them again for other home projects! More...


Timothy M.

5 November 2018

The Attic Doctors by far is the best company I worked with in Orange County. They are very honest and no upsell at all. Mark always tried his best to explain our options and offer the best value service for us. They did prep cleanup for the new attic insulation. We had rodent before so he disinfected the whole attic thoroughly and the workers installed the new insulation very promptly. Since we are trying to make our home energy efficient, we also did the radiant barrier installation. That was a smart move. Totally worth the $. We noticed the temperature change and very glad to hire them to complete the job. More...


Otis P.

21 October 2018

Sent a quote request on HomeAdvisor and The Attic Doc responded back very quickly. From the bidding process to the completion of the job, it was amazing! I�ve worked with many contractors in my life, and not all were a pleasant experience. I have to say, hiring The Attic Doc was the best decision I�ve ever made. The company was very detail oriented: changing out our old ductwork and making it look neat and feel brand new which made me feel that it was good to hang out in my own house without worrying about the potential bad air quality. Thank you! More...


Theresa M.

17 October 2018

We needed to replace our old ductwork and insulate our messy attic because when we looked up there, it was dirty and stinky. Mark gave us a free inspection. He found rodent droppings in our attic. He also inspected for air leakage because we had tons of can lighting in our house. I was very impressed by his professionalism. The crew of 3 and Mark completed the job within 6 hours, and since then I have noticed the house temperature drop and it�s way more comfortable without using the A/C. Great people! More...


Josh L.

11 October 2018

After reading all the reviews, we decided to hire Mark�s team to finish my attic work, the ductwork replacement and the new A/C system installation. When I called them I didn�t know that they also provide A/C service. We got a package deal and the project went very well. Now the attic is very clean with the new insulation installed. A/C is up and running. Highly recommend The Attic Doctors to any homeowners! More...


Ann and steve S.

11 October 2018

Mark was licensed, insured and very knowledgeable about insulation and attic barrier options. Our existing blown-in insulation did not require removal so that saved money. His team worked fast, sanitizing, adding R-38 batting and fully covering the roof with radiant barrier. The crew came on time and left the area clean. We had other recommended bidders, but we are satisfied that Attic Doctors was a good choice. More...


Steve W.

9 October 2018

So glad to hire the attic doctors. They are very efficient and beyond professional. The crew of 3 cleaned up the whole attic and replaced with new R-38 insulation. Mark is very honest with us and we would have regretted if we chose another company who recommend doing blow in insulation. It is only a little bit more $, but way better value and cleaner result. Friendly people, fast work, they deserve a 5 star! More...


Frank J.

4 October 2018

I was looking for a licensed insulation contractor to take care of our attic insulation project. Found the attic doctors on HA. Mark answered the phone immediately and we set up an appointment for a free estimate. We had a great conversation and I trusted his professionalism. Their work was quality, professional and they cleaned up everything afterwards. Will use them again in future. More...


Douglas G.

1 October 2018

We purchased a brand new house and there was old blown in insulation everywhere. My wife has sever allergy and we had to remove all the blow in insulation and install brand new ones. The Attic Doctors gave us a free inspections and the estimate was reasonable. Their crew were very prompt, hardworking and professional. They cleaned up the whole attic and installed brand new batt insulation within 1 day. Mark and his team are so wonderful to work with. Highly recommended! More...


Daniel O.

29 September 2018

So I was looking for an experienced insulation contractor to do blow in insulation in the attic luckily we found The Attic Doc on Google, and soon after scheduled an appointment. Mark gave us a free attic inspection and sent back the estimate promptly. He advised us not to do blow in, it would be such a mess we would never be able to have easy access to the attic anymore! I really appreciate his honesty and professionalism, no upsell, everything was straight up. The crew of 3 did a very thorough cleanup and installed the new R-38 batt insulation. Everything went smooth, great service at a very reasonable price! More...


Bashar A.

5 September 2018

Mark was very thorough in his explanation and was very honest. He didn't try to up sell me on anything. What he quoted is what I paid him. I would definitely use him again.


David H.

22 August 2018

Mark, who is the owner of The Attic Doctors, came by our house to give a free estimate. He was very professional and super nice. We received a very reasonable quote for attic cleanup and attic insulation. When they came to do the work, they were on time and seemed to work extremely hard. I really appreciate that they tried to keep my home clean during the entire project. And they finished the job within 1 day. The attic is totally clean and with new quality insulation installed. I�m glad that I had the chance to work with them and will consider installing an A/C system with The Attic Doctors next year! More...


Winston S.

21 August 2018

Our attic is 40 years old and the old insulation needed to be removed and placed with the new insulation. Mark answered our phone call and set up an appointment very quickly. He did a thorough inspection, explained the best solution that would work for our house. He was super patient, knowledgeable and he tried his best to give us some effective options to clean up the attic and also resolve the heat issue coming from our attic space. They cleaned up the whole attic area, installed the new R-38 insulation and also installed a radiant barrier to reflect the heatload. Now our attic is clean and neat. But the most important thing is that we can keep the house cool without running the A/C constantly. These attic pros were the best! More...


Jessica Short

21 August 2018

Since it has been so hot in Orange County this year, I called the attic doctors to give me an estimate for my attic insulation work. The price was very reasonable and they cleaned up my whole old dirty attic, installed new R-38 batt insulation. My house is cooler and cleaner now. Highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to complete the attic work. More...


Lana Bellamy

18 August 2018

They are very professional and reliable. Thorough, on time, kept my house clean and completed the whole attic cleaning and installing attic bat insulation within 1 day. Very impressed!


Pippa Randall

14 August 2018

Best decision ever made to work with the attic doctors. They have a great solution to cool down the attic area. Happy with the result! Will use them again for another rental house energy upgrade. More...


Cowherd Davis

11 August 2018

If you are looking for an attic insulation pro, this company is the one. They are not a big company who won’t give you enough attention. Mark was very kind and he was really good at what he does. Explained the science behind everything, made sure I understand the process of the attic insulation removal, insulation installation as well as the duct work removal. Very Good experience More...


Lei S.

2 May 2018

professional, crew arrived on time and completed the job in one day, very happy with this company, over all great experience


Dave O.

1 May 2018

Had a good relationship with Mark Dawson. He is very responsive. You can email or call and he will answer. Had a very good experience.


Alice J.

13 May 2016

A+++ These guys are extremely through and professional. Explained everything and provided us different options. Their service and the equipment is the best! Very glad that we chose the service! Great people to work with! More...


a homeowner

21 October 2015

It took about three hours and it seemed rather simple but I was just watching from a far. What a difference since it has been replaced I can smell the clean air.


George W.

19 October 2015

These guys came in, very courteous and hardworking. They added a quiet cool system along with the venting .The attic was hot all the time and now it's very cool. They have done such a nice job and wife and kids are happy! Five stars service! More...


Chris P.

17 October 2015

The service used the top of the line equipment Trane, and I would recommend them anytime and every time! They were so clean, punctual and thorough as a professional company. They get my five stars thumbs up


Cindy M.

13 October 2015

They also installed a quiet pool system that works like a charm


a homeowner

26 November 2004

I am very pleased with my new central heating/cooling system. It runs quiet and keeps the whole house very comfortable. The installation was first rate from Service Air. Even the city inspector was impressed with the work! Respectfully yours, More...


a homeowner

11 November 2004

Did a repair job that other HVAC contractors could not figure out how to do. Good communication and timeliness. We would recommend this company.

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