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Thai Massage Pro

Whitney, Nevada


Thai Massage Pro

Whitney, Nevada


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Cathy J.

21 October 2019

Holy Hannah Montana, that was the craziest massage I have ever had, in all the right ways. I tweaked my neck and they got me right in. Was a tad hard to locate so know they are behind the Olive Garden in that shopping center. The lady who greeted me was sweet and very welcoming. She started my massage because they were a tad short staffed until Gail, my actual massage therapist, could come in. Gail is AMAZING. She massaged, she stretched, she tossed me around like a rag doll. I'll be back asap! More...


Britt J.

30 September 2019

Very nice spa.  Request Miki if she is available.  Excellent massage.  I have gone to her before she moved over to Thai Massage Pro and recommend her very highly.


Vickie D

29 September 2019

Wonderful massage! We had a couples massage.


Samantha B.

12 September 2019

Nikki (I hope I spelled it correctly) is amazing!!!  I feel so relaxed and my body feels so much better than before I went.  I highly recommend!!!


Jophiel Silvestrone

8 September 2019

Nice massages


Just Me

8 September 2019

Nice place and very friendly staff. Thank you so much Nat for the great work. My body is very relaxed. I'll be back#


Frank Berumen

28 July 2019

Great massages


Georgiann D.

22 July 2019

I now know why yelpers give this place 5 stars!Great massage at a reasonable price.After calling Thai Massage Pro for a same day appointment, I can share with confidence that I will be back.The massage I received is best classified as a really deep, deep, and deep tissue massage! This wasn't your typical easy pressure Swedish massage--if that's your thing, this might not be the place for you. Although I should state I'm sure you can tell your massage therapist you want really soft pressure? I imagine they would happily accommodate you. But, why, would you ask for that in a Thai Massage place? Speaking of the place, it was clean and quiet. Calm spa type music filled my private massage room.I had one of the best massages I've ever received, and I think you will, too!Give them a try! A+ all around. More...


Kate O.

15 July 2019

Really wonderful experience. The cost was so affordable given the other prices I had seen close to the strip & downtown. We walked here from the cactus garden, an easy 10-15 min walk.The staff was courteous and incredibly skilled. I normally don't enjoy Thai style massage but the combo of hot stone with thai massage was amazing! We had a couples massage and the staff was very skilled in adjusting to our individual comfort and feeling for physical feedback if our bodies tensed up with certain moves. I really enjoyed the expert skill and perfectly firm gentleness of my masseuse. Wish I lived near here so I could go back often! More...


Usamat Hadfield

13 July 2019

Nice clean professional and great massage


Kelli J.

29 June 2019

My massage was with Anna and it was amazing. I highly recommend this place and I will definitely be back.


Kelly K.

28 June 2019

Been here twice and they are super accomodating with last minute appointments. The lady masseuse was super catering to my problem complaints and made me feel amazing afterwards.


Arman Cagle

29 April 2019

Miki Kaewta is an awesome masseuse. I have been going to different massage places around town and I like this one the best. Everything is professional at this location which is a must for me (I don't want happy endings). The rooms are clean and the staff is friendly. I would highly encourage Miki as a massage therapist next time you go there! More...


Ben S.

31 March 2019

I am a repeat offender. Went last night again, almost a year later, for a deep tissue massage and was folded over and twisted in ways I didn't know were possible. Anna is truly amazing and found very not in my body, from my forearms to my shins. I can't say enough good things about this massage salon! If you like deep tissue massage go see Anna, you will not regret it! More...


taylor brooks

30 March 2019

This place is awesome, super freindly staff and the massage was fantastic. We did the couples massage it was the first time either of us had a massage. They made us feel super comfortable, were very polite and professional. Definitely would recomend recommend and will be going back! More...


Arleen Eblacas

6 March 2019

Gail was awesome. She found and worked on all the tight knots. My body felt tight and stressed but the massage, stretching and sauna I felt like a new person. She even went an extra 15 min because I needed it. Thank you Gail I will see you next week. The rooms are clean. Authentic. More...


rachael alexander

28 February 2019

Love it!!


Ana G.

31 January 2019

I'm in town just on a short visit, and I lucked out with scheduling a same-day massage with Anna. It was the best massage I've ever EVER received. I didn't realize how out of whack my neck and back had become, but Anna noticed pretty immediately that there was a need to address a lot of tightness and knots. She paid close attention to how I was tolerating the pressure throughout, she asked for my feedback several times, she was attuned to when I was able to tolerate more compression and stretching, and she totally customized the session to address my issues. It's worth noting that Anna is also so friendly, pleasant, and reassuring. Great experience and SO MUCH MORE than a basic massage! More...


Diego Soule

29 January 2019

WOW awesome massage by Gail. She has real strong hands and a technique that pinpoints the problem areas. I really loved the Thai combo massage. I already scheduled for next week for some more relaxation. If you like deep tissue than you have to try the Combo! You will not be disappointed. I will eventually try all their modalities. I am glad I tried them out and I would see them regularly since I do the sauna next door at Elevated. The owner of Elevated said they did great job on her but I was hesitant until I decided to go. I am glad I did. Go check them out! More...


Nui Nil

26 January 2019

The best massage in usa I love thai massage pro so much


Diego S.

24 January 2019

Unbelievable MassageI regularly go to Elevated Sauna next door and would see their sign and I finally looked them up on their website and read about Thai Massage and called up & was recommended a Thai Combo Massage.  My doubts were ultimately cleared after having this massage!  Gail was fantastic, she found the knots & worked them out, what impressed me is that she focused on what I needed to be worked on rather than to go through the motions.  I am going to cancel my massage membership I currently have and start coming here as a regular.  Don't get me wrong, my massage at the membership is great but this type of massage is just elevated to a higher degree to what I really need for relaxation.  It was a deep massage that hurt but at the end was very relaxing. More...


Melinda Golez Bueno Dait

20 January 2019

Love this place I highly recommended


David M.

19 January 2019

The massage I received was incredible, the technique they employ was one of the deepest and comprehensive massages I have had the pleasure to receive. No appt. required at Sunset location! More...


Jaymarie R.

17 January 2019

Today was my first time trying this place and let me just say I AM SO HAPPY I DID!!! My husband and I were attended to right away, we felt comfortable and relaxed. Everything thing about or massage was calm, relaxing and felt so good! We will definitely be returning. Thanks you guys are so caring and accommodating! More...


Chad G.

16 January 2019

Anna hands down is the best Thai massage therapist around. She's mean as hell if you're looking for a deep effective massage conducive to weight lifting, sports injuries, muscle fatigue etc. She's very knowledgeable and is happy to share insight while working on specific areas. On the other hand if you're looking for a "feel good" massage look no further than Anna as well. She's very effective however your request may be. I've now been going to Anna for over 4 years and I can honestly say she's completely healed  a severe case of tennis elbow, improved flexibility, and has me operating like a new engine. Worth every penny! More...


Mark D.

9 January 2019

Just got back from an awesome Thai massage.  Serious stretching and deep deep pressure.  I prefer as deep as it can be.  They always do a great job here.  I highly recommend Thai Massage Pro.  You will never regret it More...


Ikaika Brown

30 December 2018

Seriously best place to go for tightness and overall massage maintenance. Been going to their other locations for years now and do not intend on going anywhere else (unless they open another one) Anna is very tiny but do not underestimate her small stature, you will feel like a bungee cord when it’s over and a million bucks!


Rngox A.

23 December 2018

Love this place! First time coming here after a recommendation from a friend who has been coming here for over 4 years.Highly recommend Anna and her team. If your really need work done and can handle a great massage, they will do it! They stretch you out and make sure you handle the level of pressure. Very clean and friendly. I think I'm going to be a regular here. Such a great experience the first time! More...


Ray Mendoza

30 November 2018

They are simply the best. Anna in particular who is also the owner tells funny stories and she is a master in removing knots with precision. She adapts her style to your needs. I am a repeat customer ever since I found them. Highly recommended! More...


Raymond M.

22 November 2018

They are simply the best. Anna in particular who is also the owner tells funny stories and she is a master in removing knots with precision. She adapts her style to your needs. I am a repeat customer ever since I found them. Highly recommended! More...


Biz T.

21 November 2018

All I can say is Wow! I have had plenty of massages before however non compared to this one. It was like an amazing healing session, with all type of techniques that were amazing. You must experience this one of a kind massage, you wont look at the old regular massages the same again. I will be back. (also very reasonably priced) More...


A.B. H.

1 November 2018

I truly wish I could give Thai Massage Pro a much higher rating than 5 stars! This establishment goes above and beyond to EARN 10 stars out of 5!Have you ever experienced a massage therapist who cures your physical, mental and emotional ailments every single time? Have you ever experienced a massage therapist who heals you in such a way that you come to see her less and less over time with consistent visits? I'm a professional athlete (former classically trained dancer), and I had never experienced a massage therapist like this until I found Anna Hadfield. I haven't let her go since.I greatly appreciate how Thai Massage has repaired, healed and protected my body from several threats to my physical well being over the years. I love the feeling I feel in my body after a Thai massage. I feel completely renewed and tingly-bubbly all over. I usually feel much lighter as if a huge load was taken off of me. And all around PEACEFUL in my mind and body and soul.Anna Hadfield is a natural born healer. This woman's hands and feet are gifts from Heaven. Every single move she makes is precise and purposed. Everything she does is in service to her clients and employees. And she does it full heartedly. I've been coming to her for about 5 years now for Traditional Thai Massage where there's never been and never will be any funny business going on. The integrity of this company is so high and rich, you can feel the essence of the Thai spirit upon entering the beautiful, clean space. The energy is bright, pleasant and soothing. Rey is another favorite massage therapist of mine!!! I've only experienced her once so far, and my experience was that this woman is magical. Her strength with her agility is quite a beautiful match. When she walks on my back, I imagine a massage fairy floating along my back in perfect synch with the movement of my back as well the accompaniment. The good thing is- YOU'LL BE IN GOOd HANDS WITH ANY THERAPIST, because they are all trained by the best of the best, in my opinion.Now go treat yourself to a wonderful massage! You're so worth it! And you'll be happy you did :-))) More...


Tanya S.

19 October 2018

Felt stressed and in pain! That was nothing Gail couldn't help! She was great!! I loved how wonderfully professional she was! I would definitely recommend this place! More...


Nicole D.

11 October 2018

My new favorite place! After an hour session, I feel like a brand new person! The place is nice and clean! Staff members are very nice and welcoming. It was my first time coming here, and I highly recommend it! My boyfriend and I did the couple's massage (deep tissue) and they warm your body up before they used oil. They do this by standing on your back and it's life-changing! All I heard is "Crack crack crack" yeeees! it felt so liberating They also offered hot stones too (felt amazing) ! I asked for medium level and it was just the right amount of pressure. Will definitely come back soon :) More...


Julie Kubicki

15 September 2018

Amazing staff and service! I left as a whole new and improved person after getting a Thai massage.


Dustin E.

25 August 2018

Wow! This place is legit! Authentic Thai massage. If you've never had it, you're in for a treat. It's deep tissue for sure. They walk on your back, legs and such. Not just walk, but dig in. It's divine. They say walk ins welcome, but I had to come back. I'd advise calling ahead for an appointment. Really a clean, pro place. I'll be back. Had a great experience!! More...


Usamat Laboonma

18 August 2018

The beast Thai massage in town professional staff


Tara C.

10 August 2018

Honestly one of the best massages I've had in quite some time. They are also very affordable & we felt we received more than our money's worth. We were able to walk in without an appointment & they took amazing care of us. This is definitely my new go to spot! More...


Jayma Melroy

3 July 2018

Pameka was my massage therapist and she was fantastic! She has Very strong hands and the deep muscle work was just what I needed.
New location in Henderson is very clean, quiet and convenient . I will make this my regular massage location moving forward.


Eddie Y.

23 June 2018

I have been following Anna for more than 5 years in many different locations! I'm so happy that she opened the Thai Message pro. She is simply the best Thai Masseuse I have ever had. She has so much experience in this field and not only in Thai message but in all styles. She understand the human anatomy and is professionally trained. Especially, she simply just care for the customers. I highly recommend this place, they are true professionals. Unfortunately, I moved to California, but I make sure to see her every time I come back! More...


Kendell Gruendell

14 June 2018

Pamika was intuitive, strong & talented


Colin C.

7 June 2018

I did something unfortunate to my back this morning in the gym. I spent most of the day grimacing in pain. So I decided to get a massage on my way home from work that was in the proximity of my house. I located this establishment as it comes highly reviewed on yelp. I walked in at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The place is well taken care of but not super fancy.I have had probably somewhere around 100 massages in my days and the one I got today certainly ranks among the top three. Parmika was absolutely awesome. I requested a deep tissue massage and that's exactly what I got. She was very strong and very thorough. She massaged my deltoids, forearms, glutes and hamstrings more thoroughly than they have ever been touched. I have officially located my permanent massage therapist in Vegas. I will certainly be back to see her and I suggest you do the same! More...


Marina M.

19 May 2018

First time getting this type of massage, it was intense but very well worth it. I can only handle the intensity maybe once a month sit every other.


Ken H.

13 April 2018

I have had numerous massages throughout the years & have many back, neck, and leg problems. Without a doubt this was the best therapeutic massage I have ever recieved.  They are very professional here but still are friendly and made me feel relaxed even though this was my first visit here. But definitely not my last. More...


Steph K.

26 March 2018

Love this place. It was very clean and nice. The massage therapist asked all the right questions in regards to problem spots, areas to concentrate on, and issues (such as bad backs). They were all also very personable, and made me feel extremely comfortable. Perfect Thai massage with foot and deep radius techniques and hot stones. Took all my tension and stiffness away. Extremely skilled massage therapists.A great place! More...


Thomas C.

25 March 2018

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, best message I have ever had! The staff is so welcoming and attentive to everyone's needs. They made my family and I feel very relaxed and comfortable. The massage itself was incredible. Relieved a lot of stress and tension. The facility was clean and inviting. I cannot say enough of how impressed and thoroughly impressed I was. I loved every minute of that massage and the atmosphere! More...


Carl V.

23 March 2018

Best massage I've ever had. I have been suffering severe back issues for a while now and this definitely helped. I highly recommend. Great atmosphere, service and location. I will be back. More...