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Golden Hill, California


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Masha S.

29 April 2019

Shawn has a very insightful approach to teaching. He helps you learn the tools to dive deeper into you life and to get over the barriers that prevent you from going into the direction you want. I am constantly amazed at the amount of knowledge and depth of experience that Shawn shares at his workshops. If you think you know it, wait... there is always more. More...


Christine M.

29 April 2019

Shawn is amazing, simply amazing.  He's funny, wise, down to earth, welcoming, caring, frank, and genuine.  He has made me smile, laugh, cry, and ponder the mysteries of the universe and myself for days on end.  You never know what will unfold when you walk through that door, but it's always a journey.  I can't recommend it enough. More...


Tziporah K.

2 August 2018

If your seeking an environment to show up exactly as you are in the moment and be welcomed fully, you have found the place at Tantra Quest. I have found over and over again that Shawn holds such high integrity and presence in his offerings/work that it invites me to drop into feeling safe, open, vulnerable and authentic for what transformation, information and transmissions that want to come through. The way Shawn passes on wisdom reminds me that Tantra is something we have the ability to live and breathe everyday in every way. I leave feeling a new level of joy, openness, clarity and connection to life itself which acts like a domino affect on all my choices and relationships. Highly recommend even if you don't know exactly why you are going. ;) More...


Maureen M.

26 April 2018

What an enjoyable experience today was at Tantra Quest. Signing up and showing up, without really knowing what it was that I would get, I received exactly what the universe had in store for me and I could not have asked for more! Shawn is such a gentle, loving, knowledgeable soul and really helped me understand what Tantra really IS. He helped me clear some old energy that was keeping my flower from fully blossoming! I'm looking forward to what that new space will bring into my life and am very grateful for the experience with Shawn in assisting me on the journey! Thank you! More...


Katy B.

14 April 2018

Rather than jumping right into a rating after my session, I wanted to give the energy time to work so that I could leave something deeper than the usual enthusiasm one would have after what seemed like a great session. I'm glad I waited because the few days after my session were nothing short of miraculous. Not only did I feel lighter, freer and clearer than I have in years, I was guided so deeply inside of myself to unravel some truly core things that had run my life for a long time. With one epiphany after another and the quantum shifts that accompanied them, I am left with a sense of being home inside myself like I never have before. I had wanted a session with Shawn for several years but the timing never lined up. I understand now why the timing worked out as it did. I needed to be really ready for major breakthroughs that would start to send the trajectory of my life in a new and renewed direction. I am eternally grateful and am excited to start working with Shawn/Tantra Quest on an ongoing basis. I have already recommended him to several friends and loved ones. Thank you! More...


Melissa M.

23 March 2018

I don't know how he does it but not only does the grass look greener and the sky bluer but my whole body feels ALIVE!!! Sounds, tastes, emotions and textures all feel heightened. My level of self love went through the roof and I am finding myself rolling w some pretty big punches with newfound ease and grace. Thank you Shawn!!! More...


Jessica P.

25 January 2018

Had my first session with Shwan today. He was highly recommended by another healing professional of mine. The experience exceed any expectations! He has a wealth of information to share in the Tantric Arts and very intuitive to fulfilling your intentions. A true healer and teacher! More...


Ronda D.

16 December 2017

So grateful I found Tantra Quest! Shawn is such a gentle soul. I felt completely comfortable and at ease with him and would highly recommend his services as well. Very knowledgeable! Thank you Shawn! Ronda More...


Josue Silva

1 August 2017

This is a really pretty house in my opinion


Stephanie S.

16 May 2017

You are just an Angel on this Earth Shawn.  Thank you.


Nicole N.

22 December 2016

Shawn is one of the best teachers I've ever had because he empowers the individual to answer their own questions.  Just one session with him can be more transformational than multiple sessions with someone else.  He is all about people walking their own path rather than following someone else's agenda and the work that he does helps people to understand more what is right for them. More...


Hisa I.

8 September 2016

Wow!What a wise and loving man!He affirmed my natural self and supports me in letting go of the conditioned self which I was twisting and shackling my humanity to fit with.A magical guide to original reset.


Laina T.

17 August 2016

I lived five years in India and  received a lot of knowledge and had many spiritual experiences. Shawn brings spiritual knowledge to earth in a very practical way. I had a two hour mapping session with him.  He brought clarity where there was confusion, and gave me a completely different approach to my meditation which is taking effect and bringing me a lot more grounding, centering, and focus.  I went in with the desire to get clear about my relationships and he helped me way beyond that.   I would highly recommend having a session with him. I feel my session with him has completely changed my spiritual life for the better. More...


Clarissa B.

27 January 2016

I've studied Tantra since 2003, and sought a teacher/guide for many years, but never found someone who felt right. I've mostly come across "teachers" who professed Tantra but spoke mostly of sex, or teachers who actually seemed to understand the whole of Tantra but had ginormous egos. When I met Shawn, I knew he was the one because he is so humble, and he goes straight to the truth; the beautiful, terrifying, liberating Truth. In my 18 years of awakened journey I've developed a sense for made-up magic, versus the Truth that brings me home; a sense for people who want to support me because I pay them, versus people who desire to help others become whole for the sake of love. Although I am only able to work with Shawn from afar via video chat, every session is deeply meaningful and spurs yet more transformation. If Shawn has come into your awareness, congratulations. You've won. I most lovingly encourage you to say yes to the gift.----Above review was written in January 2016. As of today (December 2017), it's still true. All of it. More...


Eddie D.

18 December 2015

Shawn is a gifted and compassionate teacher and healer who doesn't take himself too seriously, which is really nice in this kind of work.  He is sincere, funny, down to earth, and carries a breadth of wisdom, teachings, and life experience to draw upon.  His work provides a comfortable catalyst for others to move without fear toward their dreams.  I speak from firsthand experience here.  Shawn is a loving healer, and very easy to talk to.  If you are thinking about scheduling a session I would encourage to go for it!  You won't regret it.  Shawn is great, and I'm very grateful for his service. More...


Suzie A.

1 September 2015

Shawn is a gifted teacher & holds a very strong space in which one can share their story. He is able to reflect back the energetics of what is underneath the words thereby shining light & awareness of what  is occurring. I was able with his skilled guidance to uncoil a very ingrained pattern in a relationship that was causing me great distress. He does not tell you how or what to do, but rather opens your eyes to making a choice that supports your energy,consciousness & well being.In gratitude,S.E.A More...


Paul L.

27 August 2015

Shawn Roop is one of the smartest people I know. His esoteric knowledge is vast. His ability to draw from multiple disciplines is both delightful and surprising. And like any good magician he excels at reconciling paradox. Working with him has been life-changingly helpful as I forge my own mystic path. More...


Mariko 真理子 P.

4 August 2015

Shawn is knowledgeable, captivating, contemporary, accessible, practical as well as having skill in not holding back about the truth that you need to hear, but with compassion and humor!  He weaves the ancient Tantric philosophy with contemporary life in the Neo Tantra world and also seamlessly tailors his words and lessons to whoever is in front of him.  He is an AMAZING teacher and life coach.  I first met and connected with his light in 2006 when he presented at a conference I was attending in Las Vegas, we coached me on the phone from Hawaii where he was living, gifted me a few articles and recordings to read.  Fast forward to 2014, I am now one year into a path to being a Tantra practitioner myself.  I enrolled in his 60 hr Tantric Life Coaching training program in 2014 in beautiful downtown San Diego.  He held a small intimate class of students for 10 days lecturing and giving us new tools to add to our individual practices.  I usually get antsy and need to leave the room, go outside, stretch, be in the sun, or cut class to get coffee etc in these types of long lecture courses, but Shawn Roop held us all wide eyed and taking notes in his living room/classroom with his teachings and skillshares and it was the most invigorating and educational experience.  It truly helped me become a more rounded Tantra practitioner, giving me "hands off" energy healing tools, coaching tools and more.  I cannot recommend taking one of his courses/classes or hiring him as a personal coach.  I owe him a lot for helping me along my path.  He is so giving and loving, but SAFE and respectful which is of utmost importance to me.  ALSO-I am grateful that he is financially accessible to those that are not able to pay the rates of a lot of coaches out there.  He has a pay what you can Friday coaching offering, which has a long wait list, but well worth the wait.  I also was able to take this 60 hr course on a scholarship rate.  The journey to being a full fledged practitioner comes with its obstacles sometimes, and I am SO ETERNALLY grateful that Shawn has given me access to the skills to expand as the Universe will allow into my practice without making money a barrier between what I have been able to receive from him.  He is a gift. More...


Jen L.

26 June 2015

Shawn's range and capacity as a guide and practitioner is exceptional.  Whether you are going to enrich your life experience, cultivate and deepen your relationship to self and others, release old patterns/trauma/belief systems, expand spiritually, explore the wisdom of the tantric lineage,....time with Shawn is deeply serving.  He is wonderfully relatable and dynamic.  He meets you where you are and invites forth the highest part of you. More...


Kristina M.

4 March 2015

If you want to be fully empowered, find your purpose, heal from relationships/past trauma, find out what's holding you back from creating the life you really want, etc., Shawn is your guy! If you want to truly learn Tantra, look no further. I've done a 9 day Tantric Counselor Training Course with him, and 1-1 coaching. Totally transformed my life from it. You've found a rare gem. Enjoy. More...


Annie R.

4 March 2015

Shawn is amazing and holds such love space when working with you and all your old stories that are holding you back. I have been working with Shawn for some time, and the transformation for myself, has been so wonderful. He so supports you in facilitating a  more empowered life and thinking.Shawn is truly a blessing, and I am so grateful to have found this amazing teacher, I highly recommend Shawn for his deep, deep wisdom and his gentle way of helping personal transforamtion More...


Julie M.

3 March 2015

If you are interested in learning more about the rich teachings of Tantra, I highly recommend Shawn Roop. He is very knowledgeable about these ancient teachings, yet shares them with you in a way that you experience your own "aha" moments that are profound. Shawn is very personable and is committed to people having access to living a life well lived & has a very loving, yet straight forward way of having you look at what may be in your own way from having the life you want. I've experienced incredible breakthroughs & transformation in sessions with Shawn. If that is what you are looking for, then I highly recommend him. More...


Marc A.

17 February 2015

It's apparent that Shawn is dedicated to the work of helping people loose the old stories that we tell ourselves so we can grow individually as well with our chosen partners. He isn't your typical counselor trying to get you to return time after time and shares exercises that will improve your most important relationships, especially the one with yourself. He is deeply aware of the human condition and the challenges of navigating a peaceful and productive life. I highly recommend him to anyone who is challenged with either their romantic relationship or their relationship to their chosen profession. More...


Tracey L.

19 July 2013

Shawn is amazing! I've worked with him in private sessions and have been to many of his fun classes/workshops. The work that ive done with him over the years has enriched and expanded my life to new levels! I've seen other counselors, coaches and have done allot of personal growth work but Shawns patience, understanding, kindness, wisdom and deep commitment to helping me move mountains out if my way has yielded increduble resuts for me! He keys into such depth and subtly with regard to life issues and gives a whole new way of approaching them. He is graceful, but will challenge your tired old stories that may be keeping you stuck in a place that doent serve. I would highly recommend Shawns work for your own growth. He does classes weekly on all kinds of fascinating subjects. The philosophy from which he works is Tantra based but he does not teach or work with the kind of Tantra that the media and your friends are talking about. He guides from the deep, rich philosophy and wisdom of Tantra.......it's like nothing else I've even considered and its a game changer! More...

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