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Superior Consulting Solutions offers business and consulting services for Business Owners, Executives and Senior leadership. We can provide a number of services with regard to starting, managing, and growing a business. Here is a list of our services below:


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Jamey R. Belyea

27 August 2018

Eric is not only a great leader, he’s also an amazing Mentor. I was blessed to have Eric be my mentor and with his coaching techniques, it allowed me success that has been ever lasting! Now, I have become the mentor to others and I am now passing on my coaching as it was taught to me. Thank You Eric! More...

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I am most excited when helping companies realize their full potential. The growth and development that comes from taking an operation from failing or sub-par and making a successful organization is the most rewarding an fulfilling experience I can appreciate.

I have worked in the corporate environment for almost 25 years, during those years I helped a few of those organizations grow from smaller start-up operations to grossing over $100 million in annual revenues. Starting early on in my career in the sales field, I realized I enjoyed helping others realize their full potential both professionally and personally. That passion grew as my responsibilities grew and as I made it to the executive levels of leadership my success compounded as the teams I sourced and developed allowed us to achieve amazing goals.

My passion is in helping leaders, teams, and organizations, achieve similar amazing goals.

Along with my 25 years of corporate experience, I have also started, owned, and or operated 11 different businesses, each business taught me more about running a business as well as how my success in the corporate environment helped prepare me to run my own businesses and ultimately, the collective knowledge was quite significant. I can offer a number of services to an organization, from someone just starting out with a team of one, to mid-sized operation trying to leap to the next level, and to the established organization looking to shake things up or turns things around. I have done just about all of it in my career and best of all, I have a huge resource of clients and potential business solutions to help your organization no matter where you are, or where you want to go.