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Steve Shannon

29 October 2017

Bob was a great steward through the process and 5 years later, the house is doing great. The designer-builder concept worked well for us with a single point of accountability. Karen, the architect, was solid as well. More...


H Gilhooly

12 October 2017

We built two homes with Structure (in 2005 and 2008) and had a really good experience both times. As we tell people, it went so well the first time, we decided to do it again. The home building process can be overwhelming and frustrating if you don't have the right builder. Structure was organized, walked us through the process in detail, was mindful of budget discussions, and (most importantly) committed to quality work, in terms of their own team and the subs they hired for particular aspects of the build. We would highly recommend Structure Home to anyone looking to build a home. More...


kristyn romans

5 October 2017

Structure Home receives our highest recommendation. They finished our new construction home on time and on budget. What more could you ask for in building a home!

This was our first experience building a home from scratch. Their detailed planning process upfront was one of the biggest attractions for us. It almost seemed too good to be true, except it checked out with their references and also our own research on their company.

Before construction began, we had routine meetings so that once they broke ground, almost every decision needed by us had already been made. We all have heard horror stories about "change orders" during construction driving up prices. Structure cares deeply about the client experience and worked hard on the front end to minimize the chances of change orders and delays.

They have a well-oiled machine. Their people are incredible. We found their sub-contractors cared immensely in their work quality and their efficiency. Since they have long standing relationships with their subs, their subs knew how to work in a timely fashion and as part of the team.

No construction project with so many moving parts goes completely seamless...although our project was pretty close to it. However, more importantly, when we had issues, Structure took the time to listen to us and understand our position. They ALWAYS did the right thing and most times went above and beyond our expectations on a resolution.

Long after we moved into the home, we had several days of heavy downpours. Structure surprisingly stopped by just to make sure everything was okay. They voluntarily inspected the roof, windows, and other areas were water could seep in. Everything was A okay...how many contractors would do that?!? When we had questions post-construction, they have been super-responsive and helpful EVERYTIME.

While we could go on about our own building experience, sharing our perspective as a neighbor to their construction projects is important too. See, after we built our home, they have built two more homes on our street (very common for them). Our street is very narrow and we have had issues with other contractors on our street. Throughout the 12 - 13 months of construction for these Structure Homes, we did not have one problem. Absolutely incredible! Our neighbors have told us the same too.

There is no doubt that if we build another home, we would use them again. They have a great value proposition especially for a busy homeowner whose expertise isn't home building and design. They introduced us to an architect who was a great listener and designed the house we wanted compared to other architects who proposed designs that didn't connect with our wishes. And, their interior designer recommendation would be hard to top as the MVP of our project...she and the supervisor of our project were spectacular!!!

If you are considering Structure Home for your project, look no further! We enthusiastically recommend Structure Home.


Orit Ravid

2 October 2017

We built our home with Structure Home 2 1/2 years ago. Our experience working with Bob Kleiman and his team was exceptional. After meeting with a few contractors, the decision to hire Structure was an easy one.
First, we knew several people who had built with Structure, and all had extremely positive experiences, which is so rare when you’re dealing with construction. Everyone else I have spoken with about their construction projects has horror stories, often relating to costs going significantly over budget, and their projects not being completed on time. There was such a contrast between the experiences of Structure clients, and those of anyone else we spoke with. Structure has an excellent reputation of integrity, ability to stay very close to budget, and keeping to schedule. They lived up to their reputation, and did not disappoint.
Another thing that impressed us in our initial meetings with Bob, was his vision and ability to see things outside the box. We were working with an odd shaped lot, with an undesirable slope. No other contractor we met with had the vision Bob had for working with the challenges of our lot, and we couldn’t be happier with the final result.
We loved working with Bob and his whole team. Working with their designer Jill throughout the process was invaluable. She has a great sensibility, listens to what the client wants, and doesn’t push her ideas on to you.
Our supervisor Joaquin was there with us every day along the way and always had a calm demeaner and how can I help attitude that was truly sincere. He stayed around to help after the project was done and was always immediately available to answer any question we had and help with any request we made.


Steve Y

19 September 2017

People are surprised when we speak so glowingly of our contractor, but Structure Home has really acted as our partners instead of just our contractors in designing and building our home. The construction is the highest quality and their follow-through is amazing, even years after the project is completed. They really listened, then made great recommendations and guided us based on what we were looking for and their years of experience. Our home was finished on time and their attention to detail really shows. (We've been through all the same contractor nightmares that everyone has...until we used Structure Home). Their professionalism, response time and quality of work is the best. Even the neighbors have complimented us on how thoughtful and tidy the Structure crew was during construction of our new home. More...


Sarah Beach

13 September 2017

As a showroom sales consultant for Ferguson plumbing, appliance and lighting gallery in the Woodland Hills location, Structure has been a constant client of mine for the past 3 years. We've worked together on 15+ houses during that time, and I have always been impressed with the level of detail and professionalism shown by all members of the Structure team in every interaction. They are set apart from other builders in the area by this dedication to their craft, but also because of the utmost integrity that they conduct all of their business with. I'm proud to be one of their preferred suppliers and appreciate all that they do to go above and beyond for both their clients and for their vendors, they are a delight to work with and I know we will have many successful projects together in the future. More...


Michael and Deitra Rosson

11 September 2017

Structure Home is excellent at scheduling the process, staying ahead on decisions and delivering on time. From plans to finished product our project went seamlessly. We found their entire team to be extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. The final product is exactly what we envisioned, within budget, and the overall experience exceeded our expectations. We would not hesitate to recommend Structure Home and we look forward to working with them again in the future. More...


Greg Pimstone

11 September 2017

Structure Home built our house two years ago. The process was seamless from architectural design through construction. In my view, there are basically four aspects to a successful build: (1) quality, (2) professionalism, (3) cost control, and (4) timely project completion. As to quality, our build was completely custom; we knew what we wanted, and the quality of the build was terrific. All employees and subcontractors were professional and worked together incredibly well. One of Structure's great strengths is that it excels at taking much of the cost guesswork out of the project, fixing a higher percentage of the build than most other firms. They also work with the client to fix a completion date, with penalties if they do not meet the target. The house was built quickly and costs were explained up front with almost no surprises. In short, Structure excelled in the four areas we were looking for. We could not be happier with our house and Structure Home. More...


Erin Walsh

8 September 2017

From start to finish, our experience building our family home with Robert Kleiman and his high-quality team of professionals at Structure Home was absolutely positive and streamlined. We have been in our home for the past year and a half and could not be happier. I would highly recommend Structure Home to anyone interested in building their "forever" home! More...


Kenneth Loughran

8 September 2017

Exceptional service, follow up, knowledge. A pleasure to deal with. Beyond that they are fair, have integrity. Structure built three homes for my partner and me in 2013-2016. I would highly recommend Structure and would use them again. More...


Michael K

7 September 2017

Bob Kleiman and his team at Structure Home built our family a gorgeous home to our specifications and, as is exceedingly rare for a builder, ahead of schedule and on budget. Structure's knowledgeable and responsive group of project coordinators, architects, designers and subcontractors expertly guided us through concept and design to budgeting to execution. We were thrilled to move in, and we are still loving our home 7.5 years later. Thank you Structure Home! More...


Brad Knyal

7 September 2017

My wife and I had a great experience with the entire team at Structure Home. I would recommend them to anyone looking to build a custom home.


Shawna Knyal

7 September 2017

Structure Home was a professional, experienced builder. We were very happy with our new build and all the expertise and efficiencies their team brought to the process.


Rod Marvin

7 September 2017

Structure built a beautiful, full featured 5,000 sf home for us in 2006 and to this day, there has not been one significant issue. No leaks, no breakdowns, no flaws. Contrary to horror stories one hears about other contractors, we remain friendly with our primary contact, Bob Kleiman, and the job foreman, Brian. We are very happy in our home and feel secure the home is well-built inside and out. More...


Jill Wolff Interior Design

19 August 2014

Working with Structure Home has been an honor and a pleasure for over 15 years. As an Interior Designer, I can say that their attention to detail is unparalleled in the industry. From the first meeting with our clients to the last, Structure creates an environment where everyone feels supported and taken care of. This process, or "Journey" as Structure calls it, keeps the project moving at a very quick pace which everyone benefits from. The proof is in the pudding; A Structure Home is beautifully designed and built to the highest standards. The photos say it all....they are quite simply "The Best." More...


Boulevard Tile and Stone Inc.

4 November 2013

Structure Home builds beautiful custom homes and they are always a pleasure to work with I would recommend them if your looking for quality and precision.


Steve S.

7 February 2011

Structure built our home in Beverly Hills approx. 3 years ago.  Our experience was a totally positive one.  At the end of most such projects homeowners usually hate their contractor (or worse are in litigation with them).  Not the case with Structure.  They were always professiional and honest in our dealings with them.  More importantly, they built our dream home for us using top quality materials and workmanship.  We can't recommend them more highly. More...


Natalie L.

17 September 2010

Structure Home is a high end custom home builder focused on the communities of Brentwood and the Pacific Palisades.  they are extraordinary in their commitment to serving the client from concept to completion all under one roof.  Co-Founders Mark Sapiro & Robert Klieman have taken the well proven systems of the big builders an applied them to the custom home building experience.   They provide a complete, creative and ultimately satisfying home building experience! More...


A Google User

17 September 2010

Structure Home delivers where general contractors fail. They are on your side from the day you arrive with magazine clippings to the day you move in. This custom home builder connects you with top architects, engineers, designers and sub-contractors then manages with skill, the budgets, schedules and construction of your dream home. No sleepless nights, no mysterious charges, no delays.
I'm sincerely impressed and Ive been in the home building business a looong time.

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