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Jennifer Buck

19 June 2018

Delicious and very accommodating for my gluten intolerance. Some of the best steak I've had in a long time! Also, fresh cotton candy


Jayson Massa

16 June 2018

Super trendy hip joint with good enough food. Service was surprisingly good too. Good looking people all around. Fun for groups trying to have fun


Ricky Detagle

10 June 2018

Everything from the crispy lobster tails to the dessert donuts were fantastic! Our server Max was very friendly and professional. If you want a lounge vibe with great food, this is your spot....well done STK! More...


Katie Nelson

13 May 2018

Fantastic. The service was great and food was amazing. Was a bit surprised when the restaurant turned into a loud nightclub around 7:30-8.


Manuel Garcia

6 May 2018

BEST Overall Experience at any Steakhouse I've dined. From the Manager Emil to the Bar Staff Robert. Steak was perfectly prepared and creamed spinach was flavorful. Our epic experience was finished with an Awesome Sweet potato Glazed donut , Gifted to 7s for our Anniversary. Outstanding Experience. More...


Pete Costanzo

30 April 2018

Good food at very high prices, your in Vegas so hit the tables first and hope you hit it big so that dinner bill doesn't sting as much, we had first hand service and a great time


Rick Culleton

14 April 2018

Very good food and great service. Did comes out fast!


Brian Wroblewski

28 February 2018

This is my favorite steakhouse in Vegas. Even though it is quite pricey, the food and service are spot on. Not only is it a great place to bring a significant other, but it’s perfect for entertaining large groups or clients. Try the beef tartare. It’s unbeatable.

Out of the 12+ times I’ve been here, I’ve only ever had one steak that was cooked wrong.


Casey Weisbach

28 January 2018

Amazing food and great service. The atmosphere is trendy. Not ideal for kids. Order as many sides as you can. The cream corn is amazing. Price for 2 with drinks and tip was over $500 so don’t plan on spending under $250. Great times and will definitely visit again. More...


John Tatone

23 January 2018

Do not come into STK thinking the white table cloth should be as hard-pressed as your pleats... because there is no white table cloth... and you shouldn't be showing off your pleats. STK is fun, exciting, and delicious. It's lively and active. But you will hate this place if you don't simply walk in and go with the flow. If you complain about the music, the darkness, or the edgy plates, then STK wasn't for you in the first place. But for those of us looking for something new in the steak-house paradigm, then STK is here to deliver. Pop bottles. Cut some flank. Laugh loudly. Mingle. And tip well or gtfo. More...


Ryan Diegelmann

18 December 2017

Nice atmosphere and the food was good but waaaaay overpriced for the quality and quantity. The filet was really good by the truffle fries were not good at all. They were really thick cut like fish sticks and they had no flavor. Not a bad place overall but for the money I had higher expectations. More...


Jose Salazar

29 October 2017

I was invited by a friend to have dinner here and it became one of my favorite restaurant in Vegas. Their bread is a bomb to start with a pesto dip. The rib-eye steak is perfectly done and the mac and cheese on the side is so good. Ambience is very trendy. More...


Kyle Chestnut

22 October 2017

I can assure you that the other couple negative reviews you read were simply catching the wait staff on a bad night, and that happens in big business from time to time. My wife and I were a part of a large party who dined on 10/18. Our service was nothing shy of superb. We were offered drinks within minutes, and served a short moment to follow. And before any drinks expired, the staff was already back asking if we needed another! Our dinner was prepared perfectly, as ordered, and was high quality. Several smiling faces from the wait staff made it all the more pleasurable. To say the experience was outstanding would be a sincere understatement. Kudos to the manager(s) that have made this a place that we will most definitely frequent each time we return to Las Vegas, and we will recommend it to our friends as well! More...

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